What are the benefits of nuts for the health of men and women?

For centuries the tree of life has been called to the walnut. Its nuts contain a huge amount of essential minerals, minerals and oils. Although more than half of its volume are fat, almost all of them unsaturated, useful. In this article we will consider: Nuts benefits and damages, the calories of the product, its use in various spheres of life.

What is a nut and what looks?

The nut is a member of the Nogales family. It is originally from the Caucasus and Central Asia. He lives about 1, 000 years. It reaches a height of up to 30 meters.

It has a wide and extended glass and a large number of branches that branch at right angles. The trunk reaches 2 m in diameter. The root is strong and extends to 20 m. The root system reaches 7 m deep. The tree seems powerful, quickly recovering from frost. The bark is light color and the leaves are composed, with 5-9 elongated leaves. They are very scented.

The tree blooms with small green flowers. Your description is quite complicated. For example, male flowers bloom in the form of rings. The female flourish alone or in groups of 2-3. The first are found in the armpits of the flowers. The former are found in the armpits of the leaves, the second are formed at the top of the annual branches. The tree has large fruits with a thick and green fibrous cortex. Inside there is a bone with 2-5 incomplete septa. When the ripe fruit, the bark is split in two, releasing the bone. Within the bone there is a edible grain.

Chemical composition and caloric value of nuts per 100 grams.

A nut contains about 16 g of proteins, 61 g of fat, 11 g of carbohydrates, 6 g of food fiber and 4 g of water. It does not contain trans or cholesterol fats. You can consult the micro and macronutrients that it contains with the help of a table.

Potassium 441 mg
Match 346 mg
Magnesium 158 mg
Calcium 98 mg of calcium
Manganese approximately 4 mg
Zinc approximately 3 mg
Sodium 2 mg of sodium
Iron More than 2 mg
Copper about 2 mg

Nuts also contain amino acids: serine, cystine, asparagine, glutamine, valine and phenylalanine. Some people may have a question: how many kcal are there in a nut? In 100 grams of product there are 655 calories. The caloric value of an average nut without peel is 30 kcal.

What vitamins contain a nut?

The nut contains vitamins A, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9.

The properties of the nut

The benefits of health nuts could continue for hours. Surprisingly, despite its high fat content, its consumption reduces blood cholesterol levels around 10%. They are recommended in the treatment of atherosclerosis and avitaminosis. The fiber they contain favors intestinal function. Therefore, they are very suitable for people prone to constipation.


Nut oil is used during the recovery of surgical interventions and serious diseases. It also helps in cases of chronic hepatitis and acidity of gastric juice. It is used as antihelmintic. Oil has antitumor effects, protects against carcinogens, increases the resistance of the organism to radiation.

Nut oil has great success in the treatment of skin diseases. Accelerates wounds, cracks and sores. It has good effects on psoriasis, eczema, furunculosis and varicose veins. It can be used as a tan potentator.

The daily use of grains increases efficacy and accelerates metabolic processes in the body. Proteins that contain normalize intestinal flora eliminate dissbacteriosis.

For the women

The grains will be useful for pregnant women. They eliminate the risk of congenital anomalies of the baby, contributes to the formation of the fetus according to the term of pregnancy. During this period, nuts will help reduce the probability of depression and alienation in women.

It is also recommended to take them during menstruation. The blood hemoglobin level will increase, lumbar and abdominal pain will relieve. A few eaten fruits can suppress dizziness and apathy.

Women appreciate nuts for their ability to

  • prolong youth
  • detoxify the organism;
  • eliminate congestion;
  • Accelerate the thinning process.

It is recommended to include nuts in the diet of women with menopause. They normalize the emotional and hormonal background, reduce the number of hot flashes, have a beneficial effect on health.

For men

The regular use of nuts with honey will have a positive effect on male power. It helps increase the amount of sperm, which increases the possibilities of conception. Nuts are used in the treatment of prostatitis.

Dry fruit jam increases resistance, restores force after training. The proteins it contains help increase the muscle mass more quickly.

For children

Doctors recommend giving nuts regularly to children living in cities with high levels of radiation. They are also good for thyroid diseases, anemia and avitaminosis. The usefulness for schoolchildren is that the fruit improves mental work, calms the nervous system.

Damage to the body can bring nuts in the case of excessive use. They can cause inflammation of palatine tonsils, lead to the irritation of the mucosa.

They can also cause allergies if eaten. It does not eat dark or gorgeous fruit. They contain a poisonous enzyme that can affect their health.

Nuts should not be eaten with irritable intestine syndrome. They are rich in fiber, in which case the situation can worsen.


Nuts should be excluded from the diet of people with allergic reaction to proteins. In some cases, they can cause an anaphylactic shock. It is convenient to refrain from their consumption in overweight people, since these fruits have a high caloric value.

Acute pancreatitis is an absolute contraindication. The fat contained in the grains triggers the sel f-instrument of the gland, favors inflammation. In this case, nuts will not do any good, but only damage, no matter how much they eat. After eating nuts you can experience pain and nausea and develop diarrhea. A small amount of the contraindicated product is allowed only in the stable remission stage of chronic pancreatitis.

How to choose the right nut

If the Greek fruit is not peeled, it must have the entire shell, without cracks or holes. Then, it must be stirred slightly. The damaged product will emit a sound similar to that of the rattle of a child.

If you decide to buy a bare product, you should pay attention to the color of the fruit. The young nut is light color and the skin is thick and smooth. The smell is pleasant and nut. Old nuts are characterized by an oily surface, an acre smell and a withered grain. Try to eat the peeled nuts as soon as possible. In contact with the air they acquire a bitter taste.

At what age can children get nuts?

Pediatricians recommend not giving nuts to children before 3 years. This is because a very small child can be choked with the fruit. In addition, being a fairly heavy product, the baby’s digestive system cannot endure it.

As these fruits can cause allergies, you should give them the baby little by little. You have to give the grain in the morning, after crushing it. Then, you have to observe how the child feels during the day. If you do not flush, your teeth do not come out or do not make stool, the next day you can give it a little more. The rule for the child will be the number of nuts that give him in the palm of his hand. Its overabundance will cause weight gain.

How many and how often nuts can be eaten

Nuts should be consumed daily. The daily rate for men will be 7 whole nuts, for women – 5. You can eat a maximum of 100 grams per day. This equals approximately 15 nuts with shell. For pregnant women, the optimal dose will be 2-3 grains a day. To facilitate their digestion, they must chew well.

Application particularities

Nuts are used in almost all areas of life. Due to their chemical composition, they are used in medicine, cosmetology and kitchen.

In medicine

In traditional and popular medicine, nut remedies are very popular. Grains, leaves, peels and sepals are used. Nut oil is very popular in traditional medicine. It is used to treat otitis media and conjunctivitis.

Prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Nogal helps in the treatment of diseases of blood vessels and the heart. The substances that contain reinforce the walls of veins and arteries, eliminate harmful cholesterol and normalize the functioning of the heart.

Standardization of intestinal peristaltism

Nogal helps fight constipation due to its high fiber content. The decoction made with the green shell has been used for centuries as a remedy for stomach discomforts. Grains mixed with honey and figs should be consumed regularly to normalize intestinal function. In France, an infusion of leaves is taken in case of gastritis and digestive disorders.

Inflammatory processes of organic origin

The infusions and decoctions of leaf and fruits are very popular in popular medicine. They are used in the treatment of boils, eruptions with pus, acne. In inflammatory throat diseases, preparations based on the tree bark are used. Walnut oil is used in the treatment of middle ear inflammation.

Strengthening of general wel l-being

Great benefit for the agency will contribute the fruit combined with green vegetables. The latter increase the therapeutic and nutritious effect of the former several times. They fill the vitamin body, restore the saline levels of iron and cobalt.

In cosmetology

It is an indispensable ingredient in many cosmetic products. The cosmetic milk prepared based on it closes the pores, makes the skin softer and more silky. Its ant i-inflammatory property helps eliminate all kinds of skin rashes.

In kitchen

Nuts have great value in the kitchen. They are used to make nut jam, grains decorate sweets, are added to candies and bakery products. They are often added to the first dishes and fresh salads. Some housewives put them in vegetable stews. Nuts are used to stew meat, make meatballs and meat cake. They are also used a lot in dressings.

Why do I want nuts

If you want nuts constantly, it is because the human body lacks vitamin E, fatty acids, magnesium and calcium. The body also needs them when fast carbohydrates predominate. Such diet leads to protein deficiency.

Why not eat many nuts?

The fats they contain can be very harmful to the liver. They can also cause eruptions in the mouth. But what happens if you eat many nuts once? The lower effect is a slight stomach discomfort, in severe cases an allergy is possible.

Nut conservation

To preserve their nutritional and energy value, nuts should be kept without peeling for no more than a year. The conservation time of the bare product is 7-14 days. The only way they last longer is to freeze them in the freezer. They can be kept in the freezer up to 12 months. Save the nuts with shell in fabric bags, vegetable meshes or cardboard boxes. After the collection, they must be stored in a dry pantry or warehouse.

To avoid the appearance of mold, they can be put in the oven for an hour. The oven temperature should not be too high. Cooking will help eliminate excess humidity from the fruit and increase its conservation time.

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