What are the benefits of skirmish for male health?

The beneficial properties of skirmishes are known and used successfully from ancient India and China. The traces of the treatment of various diseases with the help of the decoction of the fruit can be found in written historical evidence and drawings, which were written before our era.

There is no more beneficial plant in our area for the body, rich in minerals, micro and macro elements, vitamins and acids that the body needs. It is used worldwide to cure various diseases and prolong youth.

Almost everything is used, from flowers to roots. The higher useful substances content is observed in flowers and fruits. But the first thing is the first, and let’s start with the interesting thing: what is useful?

Chemical and vitamin content

Let’s start with the content of a huge amount of vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the fruit. We are not going to talk about its useful properties, since we can write a lot about them, but keep in mind that vitamin C in skirmish is 50 times greater than in lemon fruit.

There is so much vitamin C in the skirmishes that a kilogram of fruit replaces 100 kilograms of apples. In some species, its concentration reaches 7. 1% of the weight of the fruit. No other plant, vegetables or fruit has such a high content of vitamin C.

In addition to record levels of vitamin C, skirmishes are also rich in carotenoids. Once in the body, these substances become almost instantly in vitamin A. There are also vitamins of group B, specifically B1, B2, B9. In less quantity, fruits contain PP, E, K1.

Fruits contain large amounts of magnesium, potassium and iron. Apart from these elements, there are many other micro and macronutrients, but to a lesser concentration. Fatty acids, a large number of different sugars and nitrogen substances are also present. In addition, there are cellulose and other beneficial substances in lower concentrations.

Properties of the Rose Moqueta for the male organism

The useful properties of this plant were identified a long time ago. The first from which their fruits began to apply is the stomach discomfort and diarrhea. This was discovered by the ancient Chinese. Hippocrates treated his patients with skirmish decoction for colds. Skills are indispensable for power and prostatitis problems.

Over time, the grass has been studied in more detail and a series of properties that have beneficial effects for the human body have been identified. However, in addition to its beneficial effects, it also has contraindications. Let’s take a closer look at the beneficial properties and consider in what cases it is better to refuse to take skirmishes.


The main beneficial properties of skirmish are their enormous content in vitamin C. The rose mosqueta effectively reinforces the immune system and helps to facilitate the course of most diseases. It supports well the inflammatory processes of different origin.

Increases the elasticity of blood vessels and veins. Its decoction and tincture help the body quickly recover from lon g-term diseases and surgical interventions. In winter, it is recommended to use Rosa Mosqueta products to replace the vitamins and minerals.

In addition to their beneficial effects on the immune system, skirmish have a positive effect on the digestive tract:

  1. The consumption of decoction before meals helps stimulate the production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes.
  2. For the gastrointestinal tract, the use of Rosa Mosqueta is indispensable during disorders, since it helps gently eliminate symptoms to complete recovery.
  3. Beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the kidneys and liver, as well as other organs involved in the digestive process.
  4. Able to successfully dissolve the calculations and the sand present in the gallbladder and the urinary bladder. It also acts on the calculations and the sand of the kidneys.
  5. Excellent to gently eliminate toxins from the organism. It also helps improve metabolism.

The decoction and infusion of skirmish has healing properties. It helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and increase coagulation at any age, while dilating blood vessels and fluidizing blood.

The beneficial properties do not end here. This is just a brief list in which the rosemake takes the palm.

Potential damage and contraindications

For a healthy body, infusion and decoction will not bring damage, but consulting with the doctor will not be more.

It can be damaged if there are these symptoms, exams of exams or diseases:

  • There are great stones in the body in the bladder, the gallbladder or the kidneys.
  • There is an increase in acidity in the stomach or an aggravated ulcer.
  • There is the possibility of blood clots.
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension).

This list is very provisional, since even with a closed ulcer can be treated with plant decoctions, but special attention should be paid to the dose and it would be better if it is reduced.

It is not advisable to use rose mosqueta decoctions in large quantities, since this can lead to an increase in gastric juice production, which can cause the appearance of gastritis.

How to correctly use Rosa Mosqueta products

The efficacy of the treatment of any disease depends on how an infusion of Rosa Mosqueta is prepared. Since the main medicinal component of skirmish is vitamin C, it should be remembered that all vitamins do not like heat treatment and are destroyed when boiling.

To preserve the most recommended therapeutic properties.

If there is no way to measure the water temperature, it is enough to remove the boiling water from the heat and let it stand for 4-5 minutes at room temperature. The proportion is simple: 1 liter requires 100 grams of fruit. Insisting a tool of this type is recommended at least 8 hours.

Infusions and decoctions can be used in different ways. It all depends on the end that is pursued. To combine a pleasant and useful after straining the infusion it is recommended to add honey to taste, as in a complex effect it is reinforced.

  • In the prevention of colds to drink 100-150 ml of infusion three or four times a day with equal time intervals.
  • If gastrointestinal disorders or other digestive problems bother you (except stomach acidity) – drink 100 ml for 30-40 minutes before a meal. This will also contribute to the elimination of toxins, which will contribute to weight loss and normalization of the figure. In addition, this takes help to increase bile secretion, but for this it is recommended to slightly heat the infusion before using it.
  • If your organism suffers from a metabolic disorder and has deficiencies of calcium and iron, drink 200 ml of the drink before bedtime.

Important: there is a little secret when it comes to taking the infusion, and that is that it is recommended to drink it with a straw to prevent dental diseases. This precaution is due to the fact that it contains many acids, which can affect tooth enamel by softening it. It is better to rinse your mouth after drinking it. But never brush your teeth after drinking it, as you risk damaging the integrity of your tooth enamel.

Recipes with rosehip to improve potency

The pure infusion with daily use is capable of prolonging male potency to an advanced age, but the best result can be achieved when the infusion is applied in combination with hawthorn.

To do this in the fruit infusion (200 ml.) It is necessary to pour a teaspoon of hawthorn berries, pre-crushed with a blender or meat grinder. Next, put our remedy in a water bath and boil for 10-15 minutes, and then insist until it cools to room temperature. Strain it and drink it. The course can be stretched for a month, and in 2-3 weeks repeat. The first results should appear after 2 – weeks of reception.

The second recipe will suit fans of red wine. The preparation is not too complicated. The ingredients and amounts are as follows:

  • Prepare the infusion with a thermos and hot (but not boiling) water. To do this, let the boiling water brew and pour 50-60 grams of crushed berries per liter of water and insist at least 8 hours.
  • Strain and add red wine one by one.
  • Honey is recommended around a tablespoon per liter (but more is possible).
  • Chopped or ground red pepper at the rate of one teaspoon per liter.
  • Leave to infuse in a dark and cool place for about 2 weeks.

This remedy is considered one of the best. It is recommended to take about 50 ml per quintal of weight strictly before breakfast. But it is possible to slightly exceed the dosage, the main thing is not to abuse it.

Rosehip recipes for prostatitis

There are countless recipes for decoctions and infusions made from rosehip. It makes no sense to list them all, but when you have prostatitis, you need to pay attention to the specifics of the disease, namely that it is treated for quite a long time.

Therefore, we recommend the following very simple, fast and easy to prepare recipe: pour 10 grams of crushed berries with a glass of boiling water without cooking and leave it in infusion for an hour until it cools. It is better to do it in a thermos. It sneaks and added 2 teaspoons of natural honey. It must be taken in the morning and at night for at least 2 months.

For greater efficiency, treatment with the help of traditional medicine and special medicines is recommended. Rosemake is effective as prophylaxis, but more intensive treatment for existing problems is necessary.

Remedies with rosemake for prostate adenoma

With adenoma of the prostate it is a recommended recipe: 50 grams of berries pour a liter of cold water and put in a water bath for 10 minutes. After removing and letting cool to room temperature.

Strain and take three times immediately before meals. You must take 70-80 ml for at least 3 months. To taste and increase useful properties you can add some tablespoons of honey.

Skown and harvest

With adequate collection and storage, skirmishes can keep all their healing properties for more than 2 years.

To achieve such results, you have to

  1. Collect the berries before the first frost. That is, until the berries are exposed to frost. But it is important to let them mature completely. It is better to collect them at the end of October or after the first frost. But it is important not to ignore this point.
  2. They can dry at room temperature, but they must be well airy. In fact, it can be said that it is intensive. It can be quickly dry in an oven, but the temperature must be maintained minimal so as not to lose the most precious vitamins and minerals.
  3. If it is blackened or carboniza, it has lost half of its vitamins and minerals.

The collection and drying process must be carried out with great care. Remove the berries more frequently and do not allow mold or fungi to form.

Conservation period and storage conditions

The storage conditions do not require much attention, but the best place to save them is in a tightly closed container, preferably glass.

They can be stored for several years. To prolong your useful life, keep them in a dry and dark place in a tightly closed container. It is best to divide the existing fruit into several containers when preparing it for storage, to prevent oxygen from penetrating the total mass when taking a small portion.

With a single infusion of skirmishes, masculine health can extend considerably, improve the quality of life and maintain a normal level of performance to old age.

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