What are the benefits of tea with milk and how to take it correctly?

Tea with milk is an easy drink to prepare. Many people prefer it to black tea for its softer flavor. However, the benefits of tea with milk are subject to intense debate. For example, there are debates about the proportions in which the ingredients, their temperature and what teas are the most appropriate to mix with milk. Let’s try to find out to what extent tea with milk is useful and if you have any contraindication.

Can I have tea with milk?

Milk tea can be taken by both men and women. The only absolute contraindication is lactose intolerance: in lactase deficiency milk consumption in any of its forms is prohibited because it can cause intestinal problems. However, in this case soy or rice milk can be used instead of cow’s milk.

It must be taken in the first half of the day. This is especially true for people with an excitable psyche. Drinking tea before bed can make it difficult to reconcile sleep, due to the caffeine it contains.

Caloric value of tea with milk (black tea and green tea)

The energy value of the drink depends on the amount of milk and sugar it contains. If a drink contains 100 milliliters of milk with a fatty content of 2. 5 %, its caloric value is 65-70 kilocalories. Each spoonful of sugar adds another 30 kilocalories. Tea has no energy value. Naturally, the more fat the milk is, the more caloric the drink will be.

The properties of tea and milk for the human body

When tea and milk combine, their benefits are mutually reinforced. That is why the drink brings many benefits to the body. But it also has some harmful properties and contraindications.


Milk tea has the following effects on the body

  • Strengthens bones and avoids osteoporosis. Calcium is better absorbed in combination with the te in. It is especially recommended for menopausal women, which due to hormonal changes increase bone fragility of the skeleton;
  • It has a positive effect on cognitive processes. Milk tea improves the ability to concentrate and memorize new material, quickly restores mental performance. For people who perform intellectual work, this drink can replace strong coffee, which has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the stomach mucosa. Normal black tea is contraindicated for gastritis: the teine that contains the mucosa. Therefore, people with gastritis can experience minor nausea after drinking a cup of black tea with an empty stomach. If the drink with milk is diluted, the negative effect on mucous membranes is compensated;
  • It helps avoid kidney and vesical calculations;
  • reinforces breastfeeding. Due to this property, tea with milk has been used for centuries by infant mothers who have problems with the quantity (and even the quality) of breast milk.

Damages and possible contraindications

If consumed in large quantities, the drink can cause damage to the body:

  • Milk casein can reduce the amount of antioxidants of the organism. And this causes premature aging;
  • If milk is added to tea, it loses its ability to delay blood vessels and reduce blood pressure;
  • In case of lactase deficiency, drink can cause indigestion, abdominal swelling, epigastric discomfort, diarrhea. To avoid these effects, lactose intolerant people can replace normal milk with rice or coconut milk.
  • People suffering from ferropenic anemia. Milk does not allow iron to be absorbed in the blood, so the drugs used to treat anemia will not have the desired effect;
  • people suffering from hypertension and have a history of hypertensive crises.

How to cook: recipes

The preparation of the drink seems very simple. Just prepare tea and add some milk. However, if you know some rules and secrets, you can enjoy even more tea!

To the English (classic)

Milk tea is a drink that came from Great Britain. It was this country that created the recipe that is considered a classic.

You will need 100 grams of tea in loose sheets, three tablespoons of milk and 500 milliliters of water. The first thing to do is bring boiling tea. Tea should infuse for 10 minutes. The milk is heated a little and poured into a cup. It is not necessary to take it to a boil. It is important to first pour the milk in the cup and mix it with tea. It is believed that this is what gives the drink its characteristic flavor. Dilute milk with tea and water (the latter can be omitted if a stronger drink is preferred).

With ginger

It is said that this drink helps get rid of the kilos of more thanks to the ability of ginger to accelerate metabolic processes. You need 2 tablespoons of infusion (you can take it black or green), half a glass of milk and some fresh ginger root slices.

Milk is taken to boil. Then the infusion and ginger are added. The boiling drink is carried again over low heat, five minutes after adding all the ingredients. This procedure is repeated 2 or 3 times to make it even stronger. The decoction sneaks. You can add sugar and spices to taste.

By the way, tea with milk and ginger not only helps to lose weight. It can be used to treat upper respiratory paths infections: it relieves inflammation and destroys pathogenic microflora.

With cream

Prepare tea at the rate of a teaspoon and a half by cup and one more to give strength. If you like stronger, you can use more infusion. Pour the infusion in boiling water when it has cooled and let it stand for two or three minutes.

Next, a teaspoon of fresh cream to each cup is added in cups. Add some cinnamon and the taste will be even more intense and spicy.

With salt and butter

Salt and butter tea is an integral part of the Tibetan diet. The taste can be unusual, but one gets used to the time. It is believed to strengthen the body, prevents infections and accelerates the recovery of serious diseases.

To prepare it, 150 ml of fat milk, half a glass of water, a tablespoon of concoction, a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of melted butter are needed.

Milk is heated over low heat. When it starts to boil, the infusion to the container is added. When it starts to boil, butter and water are added. Butter has to dissolve completely. Finally, salt is added to the drink. Then, the infusion of the fire is removed and sneaks. You can add some sugar or spices to know better.

What is the correct way to drink it and in what amount?

Tea with milk, whose benefits and damages are analyzed in this article, is contraindicated in certain health conditions. There are also a series of conditions in which its consumption must be minimized.

In general, it is not advisable to drink more than two or three cups a day. This is because the adult organism cannot absorb large amounts of milk. This can cause gastrointestinal problems, headaches and fatigue.

For some diseases.

Let’s talk about whether you can drink milk in some common pathologies.


Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. When pancreatitis aggravates, it is better to reject milk with milk: milk can worsen the disease, since the pancreas has to segregate large amounts of enzymes during its digestion. Outside an exacerbation the drink is not contraindicated. Naturally, you have to consult the doctor before entering the diet. Milk rich in fat should also be avoided in case of pancreatitis.


Collectitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder. As in the case of pancreatitis, it is not advisable to take large amounts of tea with milk outside the exacerbations. The usual milk must be replaced by skim milk or soy milk. For the rest, there are no contraindications for drinking.


Milk tea is useful in case of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach mucosa). The proteins contained in the milk help protect the mucosa from the aggressive effects of the tein. This drink is tolerated much better than coffee in case of gastritis. Its regular consumption helps prevent exacerbations and epigastric pains that are not uncommon in patients with gastritis.

Mellitus diabetes

Both for type 1 diabetes and for type 2, milk with milk can be consumed with a condition: if prepared with skim milk. You don’t have to add much sugar. It is better to replace it with a recommended sugar substitute for diabetes.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The drink is allowed during pregnancy. However, it can be consumed under two conditions:

  • You can only drink in the first half of the day, since, otherwise, it can alter sleep and cause a feeling of constant fatigue and exhaustion, which, in turn, will have a negative impact on the development of the fetus. It is important to remember that the woman’s body becomes extremely susceptible during pregnancy;
  • Do not have too strong tea: the proportions are reduced to half in the preparation.

Many doctors recommend this drink during breastfeeding. However, there is an opinion that the benefits of tea with milk for infant mothers are just a myth. There will be an increase in milk after drinking any tibia sweet drink. However, if a woman likes black tea, green or herbal with milk, she can consume it during breastfeeding.

For children

Children can be given quite well with milk. It is advised not to do it too strong and not give it to him at night. Of course, it is black tea. Instead, a Tisana with chamomile can help calm and prepare the child to go to sleep.

If your baby complains about stomach pains, head, nausea or vomiting after taking it, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor. The child may have lactose intolerance or food allergies.

Tea with milk is a healthy and tasty drink and practically has no contraindications. It helps to cheer up, can replace morning coffee and is suitable for both adults and children. Give yourself a cup of this aromatic drink and you will not be able to resist your subtle acid and dairy flavor.

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