What are the cameemoros for and what are their health benefits?

How many plants do you know that they bear fruits in the middle of the cold? Surprisingly, our fauna is also rich in these wonderful copies. A good example of this is the brilliant and precious appearance berry, which carries the delicate name of “Pantanos Mora”.

The name has Slavic roots and in Russian “Morkh” means “Ciénaga”. In other words, this plant can also be called “swamp berry.”During his long and fruitful human health service, he has received many different names.

Since ancient times, people have affectionately called it “Swamp Guardian”, “Arctic raspberry”, “GLOSHINA”, “Northern Orange”, “Real Baya”, “Ambar del Pantano”, “Arctic Gold”.

The amber berry comes from the Rubus genre, which in turn belongs to the Biological Family of Las Rosáceas. Externally, the plant is a low herbaceous outbreak with large toothed leaves. The leaves are dark green, sometimes with crimson motorcycles. Cloudberry’s fruits in full maturity are amber. Immature berries are reddish.

The swamps grows in the northern regions of Siberia and the East Extreme. In Russia, the berries are in Vladimir, Nizhni Nóvgorod, Vologda, Smolensk and other regions. You can find the tsar delicacy in the tundra and the polar polis, as well as in northern Alaska, Belarus, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland.

An interesting fact in Belarus, the cammonor appears in the red book, and in Finland it is considered so valuable that since 1999 his image was coined in coins of 2 euros.

According to an relative of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the cammonos and the blueberries were their favorite berries. There is a legend that says that, before dying in a duel, Alexander Sergeevich asked his wife for dried campers.

Chemical composition of mature camperos

Camemoro is not only a useful and tasty berry, but a true vitamin treasure.

The ripe fruit contains

  • saccharose;
  • proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • water
  • fiber;
  • Organic acids: citrus, phenolcarbolic and malic. Approximately 100 liters of cammonum juice contain 0. 74 g of citric acid and 0. 21 g of malic acid in predominant quantity.
  • minerals;
  • match,
  • potassium;
  • cobalt;
  • β-carotene;
  • iron;
  • pectin;
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, P, E, C, PP;
  • Fitocidas and flavonoids.

An interesting fact Even prolonged soaking does not reduce the amount of vitamin C it contains. After treatment, the berry retains at least 80% of the vitamin.

Camemoro properties

As already mentioned, the camemoro is incredibly rich in bioactive substances. The combination of vitamins, macro and micronutrients allows it to be used not only as food, but also to treat some ailments.

Thanks to its properties, cloudberry is widely used in modern medical practice and in the cosmetics industry, and is popular among people who are fond of folk medicine.

The “northern orange” has:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antispasmodic;
  • antiparasitic;
  • healing;
  • moisturizing;
  • astringent;
  • diuretic;
  • antidiarrheal;
  • restorative;
  • antacid and other effects.

The constant use of fruits, decoctions and infusions of cloudberry will help in the prevention and treatment of many ailments.

Useful and medicinal properties

The consumption of cloudberry fruits has beneficial effects on the body, both in adults and in children. They not only taste great, but also have a number of medicinal properties. The dried leaves are used as a diuretic, immunostimulant, and antimicrobial agent. The fresh leaves are applied to wounds, burns, purulent inflammations or cuts to heal them quickly.

Camemoro’s medicinal properties are so versatile and valuable that they have undoubtedly made it famous in the formulation of modern pharmacology and folk methods. The exceptional utility and value of the northern plant is due to its unique chemical composition. It’s like it’s packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals, macronutrients and vegetable acids.

What benefits do camemoros bring to women?

The cloudberry is called the “female” berry. Improves metabolism and normalizes the digestive system. The plant has a diuretic effect, which contributes to the active removal of toxic substances, excess fluid and toxins. This property makes it possible to combat excess weight and persistent edema.

The cloudberry has an excellent cosmetic effect. Creams, masks, mousses, shampoos, nail polishes and gels that contain it can be purchased in stores or prepared yourself.

Due to its vitamin E content, it is especially good for future mothers. Tocopherol favors cell renewal and improves growth processes, which is an important element for the correct formation of the fetus in the womb.

Pregnant women are advised to eat blackberries 3 times a week. You can drink a decoction of berries during a cold to reinforce the immune system. This does not lack importance, since taking antibiotics or antiviral medications is not welcome during pregnancy.

Important: It is possible to eat cloudberries pregnant women in the absence of individual medical contraindications. The gynecologist-obstetra should be consulted to clarify the recommended amount. Infant mothers should also consult their pediatrician.

Benefits for men

Although it is called the female plant, this does not imply that it has no health benefits. It reinforces the immune system, has a strong lymphatic drainage effect, normalizes blood cholesterol levels and restores the body after surgical interventions.

Men who go to the gym will be useful to eat 200 grams of berries after active training. The bio-component complex, which forms the swamps dwelling base, restores strength and activates metabolic processes.

Another advantageous aspect for men is that the “guardian” of the swamp helps fight erectile dysfunction, as well as to renew and improve the quality of seminal plasma. And as we know, the absence of doubts about male health is a guarantee of associal and mental tranquility.


The amber berry contains a significant amount of vitamin C. to avoid allergic reactions and (O) of another type, it should not give it to a child in its pure form before the age of 3. On the other hand, the cammonus can be prepared in Kissel, gelatin or compote, which are allowed to children from 1 year.

Puree with a small amount of berries can be tested in the diet of a 2-2. 5-year-old boy, adding it to a fruit puree. Arctic raspberries have bactericidal and antiparasitic effects. The extract and the fruit of the plant are used in the treatment of star and catarrhal stomatitis.

Damages and contraindications

Despite its brilliant flavor and its numerous beneficial properties, the consumption of blackberry fruits of swamps and infused drinks with the roots and leaves of the plant can be harmful to the organism.

Take into account a series of contraindications:

  • Susceptibility to allergic reactions. The swamps of swamps are similar to raspberries, not only in appearance, but also in the possibility of side effects. As a general rule, if you are allergic to raspberries, the reaction to the “royal berry” will be the same.
  • Varicose veins. People who suffer from varicose veins or thrombosis of the lower limbs should not consume this herb, since blood clotting increases.
  • Hypotension
  • Obesity.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases. Camemoro consumption is prohibited from people with gastritis, gastric ulcer and diagnosed duodenal ulcer.
  • Liver and pancreas diseases.
  • Large diameter urinary calculations disease.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding (with caution, after consulting with the doctor).

Application particularities

Incredibly, there are many advantageous characteristics in the application of the “Pantano Guardian”.

  • All parts of the plant (fruits, roots, sepals, leaves) serve as a useful source for the preparation of medications used in complex therapy of many diseases.
  • Its rich flavor makes it suitable for various uses. Fresh berries are ideal for preparing jellys, juices, liquors, jams, broths and also as a good complement to meat or fish dishes.
  • In combination with honey it can be used as a tonic.
  • In case of infestation due to the miter of the scabies, the berry juice is applied in the affected areas of the body. The juice has soothing and regenerating properties.
  • Representatives of northern ethnicities use berry in the treatment and prevention of scurvy. The blackberry sheets of the swamps, pr e-traced with fish oil, are used as a kind of dressing that helps stop the blood, clean the pus wounds and cure the cuts.
  • It is necessary to moderate the use of extracts, extracts and extracts.

Important: The uncontrolled use of medicines, whose base is included, can cause damage to the body.

Uses of plants in traditional medicine

Camemoro is an incredibly useful plant. An interesting feature of this plant is that all its parts serve to use and elaborate “natural medicine”. The fruits of the North Baya are natural antioxidants, which help to restore and improve the cellular elements of the organism.

The wide range of beneficial properties of the plant became the reason for its inclusion in many recipes of popular medicine. Its leaves, roots, fruits and sepals are used to prepare medicinal decoctions, medicinal tinctures, general tonic teas and much more.

Immunostimulant tea

Camemoro tea is made with dried leaves already prepared. They can be made into a concentrated drink or added to black or green teas. The leaves combine well with other herbs and fruits, such as cherry, currant, raspberry or mint leaves, as well as orange peel, rose hips or jasmine flowers.

Preparing an aromatic and immunizing tea is very easy. You can prepare it by adding 2 teaspoons of crushed raw materials to a French press or 300 ml container. Next, pour fresh boiling water over it and wrap it in a hot towel. He insists that the drink must be at least 2-4 hours.

Caution. In 3 days, it is allowed to drink no more than 5 cups of cloudberry tea. A larger amount can cause an overdose.

anti-inflammatory decoction

An anti-inflammatory decoction is prepared with the dried leaves. It starts with boiling water. A boil of 250 ml is enough. Then add 20 g of leaves and wait for them to boil (about 20 minutes).

Put the pot over low heat and cook for another 20 minutes. Then remove, cover with gauze or a kitchen towel and leave to infuse for 45 minutes. Prepared decoction strain and take 1 hour before a meal to 100 ml. 2 times a day.


Take 40 grams of leaves or dry sepals. Pour about 300 ml of boiling water over them. Cover the container with a warm cloth and leave to infuse for 6 hours. Then strain and take a 100 ml antitussive tablet. 2 times a day.

culinary applications

A large number of dishes can be prepared with the “golden” berry. For example, with freshly picked fruit you can prepare healthy and tasty drinks such as:

  • vitamin cocktails;
  • juice;
  • liqueur;
  • tea;
  • compote and others.

Jams, jellies or preserves can be made with blackberries, as well as toppings, sauces or syrups. An undeniable advantage of the berry is that its multifaceted taste allows it to act as a good addition to curds, pies, poultry, fish and meat fillets, pancakes, yogurt or ice cream.

Russian cuisine is famous for its recipes for festive pastries with cloudberry filling. In Sweden it is common to make sour jams or add it to cheese, while in Norway it is used to brew beer. Finland is proud of its Lakka liqueur, made from golden northern berries. In Alaska they prefer to mix the fruit with reindeer fat and bake pies.


Cloudberry jam is an extremely tasty product, containing a large number of healthy ingredients. Berry dessert has a positive effect on the human body.

To prepare a classic jam, you will need

  • 1 kg. table sugar;
  • 1 kg. of amber berries;
  • 2 cups of water.

Attention. Excessive consumption of jam can lead to dehydration.

  • Prepare a large metal container, put the selected berries in it and fill it with sugar.
  • Without stirring, put it on the fire and bring it to a boil.
  • Remove from 3 to 5 minutes, remove and wait for it to cool completely.
  • Once cool, put the jam back on the heat, remove after 5 minutes and let cool. Repeat the procedure 2 more times.
  • Sterilize the jars, pour the cooled jam into them and store them in a dark and cool place.

Cloudberry jam is another tasty dessert that will decorate the table at any celebration.

To prepare 2 portions of blackberry jam you need

  • 1-1. 5kg. of freshly picked berries;
  • 1 kg. of sugar;
  • 30 g. jelly.

1 step. Take 1 bag of gelatin, pour it into a bowl and add cold water. Let it swell for 40 minutes. Next, melt the gelatin on a steam bath, stirring gradually during the process to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Step 2. Rinse the camemoros well before making them, eliminating the excess parts. Then spread it out on a flat surface and let it dry.

Step 3. Pass the berries through a strainer or crush them in a blender.

Step 4. Pour the resulting homogeneous mixture into a saucepan, add the sugar and put it over medium heat.

Step 5. Step 5. Slowly pour the diluted gelatin into the boiling mixture, stirring little by little. Bring back to a boil.

Step 6. Pour the contents of the saucepan into a glass jar or mould. Let it cool down and set. Then eat and enjoy!

cloudberry drink

The sweet and sour taste of the camemoro gives you the opportunity to prepare a lot of drinks with it. Smoothies, juices and soft drinks can be prepared.

Surprisingly, camemoros make excellent kvass. For this you will need

  • 1 kg of berries;
  • 5 liters of water;
  • 250 g of table sugar;
  • 4 grams of citric acid;
  • 30 grams of yeast.

Pour the berries previously cleaned and rinsed in a saucepan. Tighten well to get a homogeneous mass. Then put on the fire and pour boiling water. Take the mixture to boiling and remove from heat. Let stand for 3 hours. Then add the yeast, citric acid and sugar in the indicated proportions to the broth. Watch it in a jar and cover it with a hermetic lid. In 2 days the drink will be fermented and will give rise to a good kvas.


Elaborating blackberry for swamps is a very delicate process. The raw material for liquor must be mature and fresh enough. Introducing fermented berries in tincture can spoil it severely.

  • Rinse and fight 600 g of mature berries.
  • Then cover them with 150 grams of sugar and let them stand for 4 hours to release their juice.
  • Then, add 1 liter of vodka and leave it for a week in a dark and fresh place.
  • At the end of this period, strain the tincture through gauze and pour it into bottles.

Use in Home Cosmetology

As already indicated, the cammonus has magnificent cosmetic effects. It is very appreciated in the treatment of skin diseases and improves the state of nail and hair.

All parts of the swamps moura are suitable for use. Its leaves, roots and sepals are indispensable in the preparation of special beauty teas, and its seeds can be used to obtain medicinal oil.

The seeds are also used in exfoliants and peelings. The swamps of the swamps has a healing, ant i-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect, especially appreciated in the beauty of the woman’s skin.

To prepare a nutritious mask, you can mix the leaves with thick cream or honey. If a glowing effect is desired, add fresh pantanos moun berries, crushing them to convert them into pulp. Such treatment will leave smooth and soft skin.

If the hair suffers from excessive dryness or breaks often, the perfect method is to prepare a mask at home. Take 1 egg yolk, mix it with a concentrated decoction of the leaves of the plant and add blackberry oil oil. If it is not available, it can be replaced by bardana oil or coconut oil. Apply on humid hair and cover with a bath towel. After 40 minutes, you can wash the mask. The procedure can be repeated 3 times a month.

Safety measures

Despite the numerous beneficial and therapeutic properties, berries is not indicated for everyone. Before trying the product, be sure to check if the disease you have diagnosed is on the contraindications list.

Blueberries contain a very small percentage of glucose, so they are considered low in calories and are allowed for hyperglycemic patients. However, this only applies to fresh fruit. The consumption of jams, jams and other sugary sweets by the diabetics is extremely prohibited.

The desire to share something tasty and healthy with your son is a wonderful desire. But in this case it is necessary to gradually introduce the berry in the baby’s diet, and the first shot should not be prior to 1 year.

How to collect and conserve camoumus leaves?

When they are ripe, the cammonos are orange or golden yellow. Like all mature berries, they deteriorate quite quickly. Therefore, they must be collected when they are not yet mature and have a slightly reddish tone.

To transport the berries and keep their appearance, you have to know how to collect them correctly. First, all the collected berries are placed in barrels, then they are crowded hermetically and are introduced in cold spring water. To keep them for a longer time, there are also previously cold spring water in the barrels.

Camemoros collection is a laborious and thorough process. This is due to the natural habitat of the cammonus, which is not always easy to access. The collection time is during the summer months, specifically July and August. If they are not collected on time, they are unlikely to get home to home. On the way home they will become a solid and soft mixture. Therefore, the cammonos must be collected together with the leaves. Thus are preserved intact for a longer time.

Caution. Mature cammons should not be kept at home for more than 3 or 4 days. The storage place can be any fresh or a refrigerator.

As for the leaves, the collection process requires a thorough approach. Raw materials must be collected during the phases of sprouting or flowering. The first hours of the morning, when the plant is still dry and has had time to develop Rocío, they are considered a good time.

The leaves located in the roots and in the center of the stem are considered of good quality and suitable for later use. It is not necessary to start the young leaves. They do not contain any useful element, since they are not dense enough in nutrients.

The leaves must dry in a dark place. Fresh air must circulate in the room, but you should not receive direct sunlight. To dry them, the leaves can extend gently and uniformly on paper, a short distance from each other. It is also possible to form small brooms, which can be carefully tied and hanging.

Save the raw material in birch bark jar or canvas bags. When you savor the sweetness of the fruits of the northern amber, do not forget to thank nature. After all, his ability to benefit man has no limits. However, unfavorable environmental conditions and uncontrolled collection reduce the habitat of the cammonary, making it a weird and expensive delicacy.

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