What are the dangers and benefits of energy drinks?

Doctors are convinced that the body needs to sleep at least 8 hours every night to work properly. But with the current rhythm of life, not many people manage to follow this advice.

Not everyone can afford a good night rest, some people are working, others are enjoying. What helps them stay awake? Studies have shown that people who lead a nightlife drink energy drinks. What are the damages and benefits of energy drinks? Is it worth limiting your consumption?

What are energy drinks?

An energy drink is a carbonated beverage from high to high graduation that contains carbonic acid. Carbon dioxide bubbles allow the ingredients to absorb rapidly, providing a stimulating effect and retaining the product safely. It has a soft and durable tonic effect. Due to its high concentration of active components, it is recommended to play, practice speed and power sports, and helps improve attention.

How acts in the agency

The drink stimulates the human central nervous system, thus improving performance. Stimulates the senses and is suitable for those who lead an active life. It is also an energy drink like Panacea for students during exams, since it improves concentration and memory. Once you have drunk a jug, you will no longer have smell for her.


This vitamin and mineral supplement contains (carbohydrates, bullfighting, caffeine, tuarano, vitamins B, c). The components help correct metabolic processes, increase energy resources, improve the general state of the body and increase their resistance to adverse factors. The conclusion of the EFSA is: the ingredients containing energy drinks are safe for human health.


A caffeine injection is important for most people because it stimulates intellectual activity, increases cardiovascular resistance and accelerates metabolism. The manufacturers add this ingredient to energy drinks because it improves mood, reaction speed and attention.


Taurine is an indispensable amino acid for the correct construction of muscle tissue cells. Participate in metabolic processes, thermoregulation and stimulation of the nervous system. Under normal conditions, the body produces bullfighting, but it is lost in stress situations or when mental tension increases.

How can I replenish my body with taurine? Nutritionists recommend including foods containing taurine in the diet. These foods include fish, eggs, milk, squid, crabs, and meat. But if you cannot regulate your diet and you are about to participate in sports competitions or just to cheer yourself up, you should consume an energy drink to stimulate your body. There is five times more taurine in the drink than in the mentioned foods.


Traditional Chinese medicine claims that the ginseng plant prolongs life, gives strength and strengthens the body. It also serves as a general tonic for mental and physical tension. It is also added to foods and energy drinks. Small doses of ginseng can stimulate the central nervous system, increase blood pressure, and revitalize the body.

B vitamins

Energy drinks not only stimulate the nervous system, but also replenish the body with B vitamins. It is known that they have a positive effect on blood production, as well as on the biosynthesis of the protective covering of nerve fibers. But the lack of vitamins of this group negatively affects the skin, nails and hair.

Note. In the past, people thought that B vitamins could be taken in unlimited amounts, but scientists have determined that excessive intake of B vitamins causes skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, chronic abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and abnormalities. of liver function. Do not abuse foods and drinks that contain vitamins of group B: they are very harmful to the body.


Contained in various energy drinks, guarana has a fruity and sweet taste. Guarana powder contains up to five times more caffeine than coffee beans. A healthy drink based on this vegetable powder stimulates the nervous system and is beneficial for the body.

The extract of this plant is present not only in energy drinks, but also as part of sports nutrition. No wonder: the caffeine and theobromine present in guarana extract increase endurance and physical strength, as well as help you recover faster after intense training.


It is a natural white substance related to group B vitamins. It helps reduce excess weight and body fat, and helps recover after prolonged physical effort. Dietitians recommend taking an energy drink containing levochanitine in combination with exercise and a balanced diet.

What are the harmful effects of without alcohol energy drinks?

  1. Carbon dioxide is harmful to the body, causes flatulence, scholarships and swelling.
  2. Synthetic dyes included in energy drinks can cause allergic reactions, and their effects will also negatively affect renal and hepatic function. They can also cause hyperactivity and overexcitation, especially if they are consumed in excess.
  3. The caffeine that contains blocks the adenosine neurotransmitter, which acts as a fatigue detector in the body: and the brain simply does not receive the message that energy is running out. And the body works with piecework, which negatively affects the quality of life.

The consequences of its consumption:

  1. The liver, kidneys and respiratory system deteriorate.
  2. The immune functions of the organism decrease, which causes various infectious diseases.
  3. Exacerbation of chronic skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis.
  4. Cardiovascular symptoms also appear.
  5. Anxiety, depression, crying, irritability, emotional and physical exhaustion occurs.

Symptoms of overdose and first aid

An overdose causes a state of drowsiness associated with a depression of brain activity. The body begins to feel numb and sleepy and there is the danger of entering a coma. The speech slows down, the face becomes pale and a cold sweat appears. Vomiting can occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

Call an ambulance and do the following before the ambulance arrives:

  1. Shark the person by the shoulder, pat on his cheeks, ask him to answer questions.
  2. He strongly rubs the ears with the palms of the hands, press the nail against the base of the nail of the other finger.
  3. Have a lot of water.
  4. If you are unconscious, you knock the person on a hard surface and put on a roll of clothing under your back.
  5. If you start vomiting, make sure the person does not turn over their back.

Are energy drinks beneficial?

Humanity has been using natural stimulants. They make you feel better, they lift your mood, help you calm down and increase your physical or intellectual potential. Millions of people trust caffeine in the morning to give that push that takes them out of bed and invigorates them.

The sport has become a mined field of legal and illegal drugs and methods designed to increase the performance, resistance and strength of athletes. So why not sometimes resort to energy drinks? After all, they not only harm but also benefit the body.

How to drink them without harming health

  1. The manufacturers indicate the recommended dose on the drink label, so do not exceed it.
  2. If you have drunk coffee or tea, wait 3-4 hours before drinking the energy drink.
  3. Have you danced in a disco with an “energy drink”? Be sure to sleep well.
  4. Do you feel high voltage, accelerated pulse, irritability? Do not consume an energy drink.
  5. Energy drinks after training: Are they good or bad for your body? Your coach recommends consuming them only before the strenuous exercise.

What can you replace them?

Who of us has not experienced a feeling of weakness and lethargy in the morning? Not even coffee or the strongest energy drink will cure them. Energy products can help:

  1. Eleuterocococc tincture has a general tonic effect, improves performance and protects the body from various adverse environmental factors.
  2. The ginger drink has a powerful tonic effect. In addition, ginger drink has a positive effect on the brain, activating the centers responsible for cognitive abilities and memory.
  3. The germinated wheat is an energy generator. It is rich in vitamins and group B, as well as in magnesium, calcium and iron. In addition, the active principles of germinated stimulate the brain and nervous system.
  4. Integral oatmeal at breakfast increases energy for the whole day. We must also consume healthy fats in the morning; Olive oil, flaxseed oil, nuts and avocados are good sources. They also cause a wave of emotions.
  5. Yerba Mate is a natural source of energy. It has a high content of antioxidants and only half of caffeine that coffee, so proves this tea, is wonderful.

When a person is exhausted, he can use an energy drink to increase their energy levels. But if you can, natural energy drinks are a good way to encourage you without harming your health.

Expert opinion

Energy drinks are increasingly popular among people. And no wonder. They know very well, they are affordable and have an energizing effect that provides several hours of energy. Unlike alcohol, energy drinks do not cause addiction, do not cloud their minds and do not affect the vestibular system. After taking an energy drink, you will only feel vigorized and with energy. The main thing is to stick to a limit.

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