What are the health benefits of lemons?

Everyone wrinkles before the mention of this fruit, and how not to wrinkle: an incredibly acidic fruit that everyone has tried at least once in their life! Lemon has always been the best remedy against colds, effective and fast.

But many people have excluded it from their diet for its unbearable flavor. However, before giving up him, we should make sure to know all the benefits that lemon has for health.

Composition of the lemon

Citrus fruits produce an essential oil that contains aldehyde (3-7%), the main constituent being the thermogenic limonene (approx. 90%). The oil contains fellanden, methylheptenone, dipetente … The lemon pulp is necessary for the production of citric acid. Lemon seeds contain fatty oil and a bitter substance.

Caloric value per 100 grams

Vitamin content

It is no secret that lemons contain health benefits and vitamins similar to those of other fruits. Thanks to their vitamins, lemons are an effective means to combat viruses and help the body overcome colds (flu, throat pain) in a very short time. The lemon contains:

  • A;
  • B1;
  • B;
  • B2;

In addition to all of the above, lemon contains iron, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and other minerals. But the most important factor that explains the most effective benefits of fruit is citric acid. Clean the human body of toxins, improves digestion, increases appetite and blood circulation.

But these substances are not contained in the pulp, but in the peel.

What influence does lemon have on human health


  1. Improve the immune system. Lemon favors health in general. Lemon tea has been common for a long time, the best popular remedy is currently considered to help fight colds. The consumption of citrus pain is allowed for throat pain, eating lemon regularly will not only help fight viruses, but also protect the organism from subsequent diseases.
  2. Reduce fever. Lemon and tea are recommended not only to cure, but also to lower fever. Quickly eliminate fever.
  3. It helps to promote a repairing dream. Mixed lemon and honey will provide a repair dream.
  4. For brain activity. Lemon is good for activity and brain performance. Through your consumption, your memory can improve dramatically.
  5. Scientists have shown that lemon reduces the risk of cancer. It reduces the appearance of cancer both in women and men.
  6. In winter, the body runs out of vitamins because it is not easy to find healthy and tasty fruit during the cold station. Lemon can help with the lack of vitamins.
  7. Limon juice cleans the liver after prolonged treatment with medications, hepatitis, after smoking and after drinking alcoholic beverages for a long time. It also helps eliminate kidney stones.

Possible damage and contraindications

Although lemons have many positive qualities, like other fruits, they have contraindications that every person must know before consuming them.

The lemon should not be consumed by those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, more precisely:

  • Gastritis;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • stomach hyperacidity;
  • constipation, stomach acidity.
  1. The abuse of lemon juice, which is used as a mouth rinse, contributes to the destruction of the dental enamel.
  2. It is forbidden to drink lemon juice without diluting. It has a very aggressive medium that can even ruin a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Do not rinse your mouth with lemon juice without diluting, otherwise it can cause burns in the mucosa.
  4. The lemon should not be administered to children under 2, its mucosa is still very delicate.

Special uses

In popular medicine.

The use of lemon is very versatile. In both popular medicine, as for cosmetic purposes and in domestic issues, people have found the use of lemon. It can also cure many diseases: rheumatism, worms, malaria, etc. But more preference has been given to the treatment of bronchitis:

  1. You have to remove the shell from the fruit and chew it.
  2. Then you have to take a kilo (it can be less) of lemon, grind it along with the pulp and pour honey. The remedy will help improve the functioning of the heart.

In cosmetology

This product contains a necessary treasure that will keep you young and beautiful. The properties of lemon are good for the skin of the face. By containing lemon juice, it helps skin to achieve a bleaching effect. It can be used to remove spots, black points, acne and other inflammations. The citrus also narrows and cleanses the pores and dries the skin.

In the kitchen and diet

The lemon diet has a frantic demand among the thinning ones. As in the lemon diet there are no restrictions, with a little effort, lemon can help lose five or six kilos. Acid improves digestion, increases the production of saliva and gastric juice, and this helps to better absorb those substances that could not be absorbed before. The lemon diet will not give you give up your usual food. Note that the diet should not include foods that reduce the effectiveness of the diet:

  1. vegetables, fruits;
  2. meat, pate;
  3. Rice, bread.

In the kitchen, lemon has also caught the attention of many housewives. Because of its unusual flavor, it brings spicy and originality to the dishes. The lemon juice is squeezed and used in marinade, sauces, pastry or desserts. The fruit pulp is added to cakes and desserts in a dry and fresh form.

But smart housewives have also found uses for citrus at home. Lemon juice can help eliminate smells of the washing machines or clean microwave and ovens.

How to choose a lemon?

Perhaps the only criterion worth considering is the cortex. This will give us a clue about the freshness of the fruit.

  • The crust must have a bright yellow tone, indicating that it is mature. A little ripe fruit has a matt layer in the cortex and one that is already mature has a slight shine.
  • Defects. If there are scratches, blackened points and black spots on the surface, it indicates that the fruit has been frozen. If you want a lemon without bitter taste, avoid strange spots.
  • The smell of lemon must pray through the skin. If it does not smell, it means that many chemicals have been used in their cultivation.
  • A fruit with smooth and fine skin means that it contains the greatest amount of nutrients.
  • If you squeeze it and do not bounce, it is a lemon too mature.

Take note. Sellers are often passed by reading the lemons in opaque packaging, so that the customer cannot know if the product is rotten or not. This is done to sell poor quality products more quickly.

Storage methods

If the lemons are not stored well, they can have an unpleasant taste if they are not saved in an appropriate way:

  1. It is forbidden to put the fruit in the freezer.
  2. The lemon must be stored on the lowest shelf.
  3. It is not advisable to leave the lemon cut or peeled more than 24 hours.
  4. To eliminate the bitter from the lemon, add it in boiling water for a few seconds.
  5. An immature lemon will not mature in the refrigerator, so keep it at room temperature.

An apparently current and familiar product has so many advantages. The presence of lemons should be in all homes, because nobody knows when this unusual and useful fruit will need, which will help you in various domestic tasks and in the kitchen.

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