What are watermellahs for?

A juicy and mature watermelon: what can be more delicious and healthy? A melon culture without waste, in which you can enjoy not only the pulp, but also of the rest of the parts: pepitas and bark. What are the benefits of watermelon pepitas, who should eat them and who is contraindicated? Let’s see it.

Chemical composition of watermelon seeds

Melon seeds contain many components necessary to maintain normal vital functions of the human body. Among them are included;

  • proteins, fats, carbohydrates;
  • A vitamin complex of groups B1-B9, PP, C, E;
  • minerals – sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, zinc;
  • biologically active elements.

The seeds are rich in carotene and amino acids, hemicellulose, which is a sem i-cellulose. They are quite caloric, but valued by their unique components and a special combination of trace elements, which is not found in other foods.

Can you eat watermelon seeds?

Watermelon seeds can be eaten. They are used a lot throughout the world, both whole and roasted fresh, as well as powder. The most useful seeds are considered to be slightly germinated, obtained by soaking. Subsequently they dry and have been in the oven. The result is a healthy and tasty snack.

Sandia seed oil, which can also be consumed by adding it to salads and other dishes, is traditionally used in cosmetology. The maximum benefit is obtained from the peeled seeds from the peel.

Sandia seed properties

Scientists have discovered many beneficial properties of a unique product in its composition. The seeds;

  • They are rich in protein, which ensure the formation and construction of the muscles;
  • activate the elimination of toxins from the organism
  • reinforce the immune system
  • They improve blood circulation
  • They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, which guarantees a balanced mood and a good dream
  • reduce pressure and cure hypertension
  • make the digestive system work properly;
  • beneficial effects on the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • reduce cholesterol;
  • Improve brain function, with beneficial effects on the ability to think.

Hemicellulose has a gentle effect on the intestinal mucosa, participating in the natural cleaning processes. Its effect is comparable to that of cellulose. Prevents constipation and helps eliminate toxins and decomposition products.

Note: Watermelon seeds are used for hypertension along with dust form. The harmless remedy will normalize blood pressure in a month.


Group B vitamins have a positive effect on metabolism, reproductive and cerebral function, improve the status of the skin and hair, normalize the nervous system. For a good immune system, the performance of many important organ systems need zinc, which is a lot of watermelon seeds.

Zinc is also good for the health of men, a beneficial effect on sperm power and formation. The selenium contained in watermelon seeds is good for the prevention of prostate adenoma and the maintenance of the normal function of the sexual system. Its benefits also include

  • The elimination of the organism’s uric acid
  • the prevention of eye diseases and the improvement of vision;
  • beneficial effects on the nervous system;
  • strengthening of metabolic processes;
  • antihelmintic action.

Attention. Due to its ant i-inflammatory properties, the seeds are widely used in popular medicine for the treatment of jaundice and hydropesia.

They strengthen the heart

The maintenance of the health of the heart and the normalization of blood pressure is due to the presence in magnesium seeds, which is an essential trace for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Without a sufficient amount of magnesium in the human body, electrolytic balance cannot be mandatory for the stable functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

The seeds of the succulent berry are indispensable for people with heart failure and arrhythmia. They have vasodilator properties. The protection of the heart is also in charge of citrulin, contained in large quantities in the seeds and reduces blood pressure. Regular consumption of watermelon seeds reduces the risk of heart failure, thanks to the presence of zinc, whose lack is observed in people with heart failure.

To reinforce immunity

Iron and magnesium, vitamins C and bet a-carotene are the main elements that reinforce immunity. They abound in watermelon seeds, which makes them indispensable at winter meals and during epidemics. A natural remedy is as good as a medication, will prevent you from contracting a viral infection and will make you feel very good.

For the male organism

Arginine amino acid is vital to maintain erectile function. Help in the treatment of acute erectile dysfunction and increase sperm production. Zinc has a positive effect on power, and its presence has a positive effect on the male genital apparatus and improves sperm quality. Sterile men have low levels of zinc in the body.

For diabetes

Sandia seed extract helps reduce blood sugar levels and accumulate glycogen, necessary for people suffering from diabetes. Prevent the development of type 2 Omega-6 diabetes, as well as magnesium, whose deficiency in the human body develops the disease quickly.

So insulin itself forms sufficient amounts of magnesium contained in watermelon seeds. Zinc, which has a positive effect on blood glucose levels, also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Impact on brain health

Once again the minerals necessary for human health – zinc and magnesium do their work and guarantee the normal functioning of the brain. They improve memory and prevent the development of dementia and sclerosis related to age. They have a positive effect on brain activity and favor the ease of learning.

Regular consumption of food with magnesium significantly improves the status of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Zinc lack causes brain diseases, schizophrenia, dementia and epilepsy. Niacin also plays a role in this regard, since it affects the health of the nervous system.

Improve the health of the digestive system

Watermelon seeds, regularly consumed, favor the activation of certain substances involved in the nutrient digestion process.

This improves the process of digestion and decomposition of food, and energy occurs. The lack of essential micronutrients causes dysfunctions of the digestive system and an increase/decrease in acidity.

For the hair

People whose organism does not present zinc and magnesium deficiencies have beautiful and thick hair. The inclusion of watermelon seeds in the diet prevents fragility and loss, provides the restoration of the hair follicles, the correct process of their renewal. These micronutrients are necessary for beauty, nail strength.

Clean and revitalizes the skin

The same minerals contained in the seeds of the juicy berry keep the skin in excellent conditions, effectively fighting acne and other skin problems. The active functionality of enzymes activated by magnesium delays aging and the appearance of wrinkles and enhances the fight against free radicals. The lack of magnesium and zinc causes the frequent appearance of herpes, acne and black points, allergic rashes, inflammations, dry skin and loss of elasticity.

Stir aging

The minerals and trace elements contained in the watermelon seeds slow down the aging process not only of the skin, but of the entire organism, positively influencing its operation. Cellular division and regeneration is accelerated.

Note: An effective cleaner for the skin of the face and the body is made of ground watermelon seeds mixed with cosmetic clay. The exfoliant does not traumatize the skin, clean it well and get rid of eruptions, get light skin.

Damage and contraindications

There are cases in which the regular use of sunflower seeds harms a person. The large number of calories does not allow delicate people with high weight and a tendency to obesity. Another peculiarity of the product is the presence of citrulin, which is contraindicated for young children, pregnant women and infant mothers. It is also dangerous for people with renal failure, due to the release of ammonia during amino acid processing. If there is no renal problem, the ammonia is eliminated with urine. However, if there are problems with the excretory system, the ammonia remains in the body and has a negative effect on the general state of the person.

The product should only be consumed in moderation, even in healthy people, to avoid an overabundance of omega 6 acid in the body. The presence of oxalates and fitines in the seeds prevents the absorption of useful and necessary minerals, so it is not a good idea to eat many. Patients with citrulinemia should completely give up this crispy delicacy.

How to eat watermelon seeds

Crude or fried can be consumed. One or two tablespoons of seeds a day will be enough. Do not swallow them, so the effect of their consumption will be minimal. The seeds must be chewed carefully and water can be drink.

In powder form – 3 teaspoons a day use the product for cholelithiasis and gallbladder problems. The powder is an excellent remedy against worms. To prepare the infusion, a teaspoon of the powder is mixed with a glass of milk and a glass of the mixture is consumed at least one hour before the main meal. The seeds also help with uterine bleeding.

Caution. The hard shell of the seeds can clog the stomach and intestines without any health benefits, so it is best to get rid of it.

How to roast watermelon seeds well?

The toasted and crunchy seeds are highly digestible and have a delicious flavor. After washing and drying them well, they are fried in olive oil in a pan or in the oven on a tray, adding a little salt or your favorite spices. The color of the final product should be a nice shade of gold. A tasty and healthy snack for the whole body is ready!

Watermelon Seed Tea Recipe

With fresh watermelon seeds, a tea is prepared that has beneficial effects on general health. Four and a half tablespoons of seeds are needed for eight glasses of boiling water and ground with a mixer.

Boiling water is poured over the seeds and left to infuse for about 20 minutes. Infuse with boiling water and strain for about 20 minutes, then infuse with a little more perseverance, and you’re ready to drink.

How to dry and preserve

Before drying, the watermelon seeds are washed well and spread on a cloth or paper in a thin layer. When the excess moisture has disappeared, you have to finish drying them on a tray in the oven for half an hour at 80 degrees Celsius. They are stored in linen bags or jars, like any cereal, in a cool, dark place, away from heating devices. Dried seeds are stored for a long time and are used as needed for food or to create folk medicine – a powder.

The seed is the germ of a new life, filled with a complete reserve of vital energy and incomparable human benefit. Watermelon seeds contain active ingredients that not only keep the body toned, but also cure many diseases.

Do not throw away this treasure when eating watermelon, it is better to use it for your own good. It is worth mentioning that Chinese spices that improve the taste of culinary dishes contain watermelon seeds, and Africans necessarily add them to soups.

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