What benefits apple seeds from the human body?

They say that “an apple per day and you will not need a doctor” will be justified if the entire fruit is eaten, including the seeds. The tiny hidden seeds in the heart of an apple have the power to prevent many diseases.

The main function of apple seeds is reproduction, but for the human being they are also a source of many micronutrients necessary for health.

Seed composition

The composition of the almond is dominated by fatty acids formed mainly by volatile components, with a predominance of linoleic acid (51. 2%). They are followed by palmitic acids (10. 5%), linolenic (5. 6%), stearic (4. 3%) and oleic (4. 1%).

The seeds contain vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, polysaccharides, tannins and tonsil.

Nutritional value

Apple seeds are rich in proteins, food and lipid fibers, which constitute their main nutritional value.

Vitamins and minerals

Despite their tiny size, apple seeds contain an impressive amount of nutrients: vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals 100 g of apple seeds
Vitamin C 6 mg
Match 720 mg
Potassium 650 mg of potassium
Magnesium 510 mg
Calcium 210 mg of calcium
Iron 110 mg

A little about vitamin B17

It is very common to hear that apple pickles contain vitamin B17. The truth is that this vitamin does not appear on the list of the 13 substances universally recognized as vitamins for the human being.

It was invented in 1952 by Dr. Ernst Krebs. More specifically, the laetrile created based on the tonsil, a natural poison that is found in the grains of certain fruits, including apples. Theetrile is a concentrated, purified and sem i-semica form of the tonsi l-produced in the laboratory. Until some moment, it was marketed in the United States as a cure against cancer.

But how did the Laetrile become vitamin B17? As the US Department of Health did not approve its use for fear of mass poisoning, manufacturers decided to declare the dietary supplement.

It was no longer marketed as a cure against cancer, but as vitamin B17, although there was no such thing officially. Krebs believed that all cancers were caused by vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin B17. The official medicine never recognized the laetrile as a cancer medication, since its effectiveness had not been confirmed.

The studies carried out in rats showed good results, but these were isolated and were not confirmed in repeated experiments. The defenders of this therapy affirm that the laetrile only destroys cancer cells, while the healthy remain intact.

Be that as it may, vitamin B17 has never been scientifically recognized, and many consider Krebs a charlatan. But there are also those who see in the point of view of official medicine a desire to please the pharmaceutical industry, which earns millions with cancer medications, a disease feared all over the world.

The properties of apple pepitas for the organism

Apple pepitas have immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, tonic, ant i-inflammatory properties, participate in the regulation of metabolism in the human body.

The benefits

  • Apple seeds are rich in iodine, which is absorbed by the cells of the thyroid gland to produce hormones.
  • Potassium contained in the seeds normalizes the rhythm of the heart and regulates the water balance in the body.
  • Folic acid is necessary for the hematopoyesis process. Prevents the development of anemia in children.
  • The consumption of apple seeds has a positive effect on the skin, teeth and strengthens bones.
  • According to Eastern healers, apple seeds help increase children’s growth: they stretch faster.
  • The consumption of sunflower seeds improves digestion. This is due to its beneficial components, including fiber.
  • The grains kill the germs of the mouth and eliminate the foul breath.
  • They clean the liver and intestines, thus releasing the toxins organism.
  • Apple pickles reinforce memory.
  • Thanks to the tonsil of its composition, apple seeds reduce blood pressure, reinforce immunity and have an analgesic effect.
  • Another potential benefit for the health of apple seeds worth mentioning is the high level of Florizina, a flavonoid with ant i-aging properties.

Florizina also reduces blood glucose levels.

Damage and dangers

When the seeds are consumed, a characteristic bitterness is felt in the mouth that demonstrates the presence of tonsil, an organic compound classified as natural poison. The content of this poisonous substance in a gram of apple seeds varies from 1 to 4 mg. However, the amount of cyanide extracted from apple seeds is much lower.

Cyanogenic compounds are produced by plants to protect themselves from insects. In order for the tonsilin to be toxic to the human being, it must come into contact with digestive enzymes, which only happens if the seeds chew in the stomach.

Cyanide is not bioaccumula: it is completely eliminated from the organism through our natural detoxification pathways. Before it is neutralized in the liver thanks to the surrounding enzyme, which is found in healthy cells.

This enzyme captures cyanid e-free molecules and makes them harmless combining them with sulfur. This chemical reaction converts cyanide into cyanato, which is a neutral substance and is eliminated from the organism with urine.

Not only an apple, even half a dozen apples with nuggets do not have enough toxin to be harmful to health.


As with any product, even at first glance the most harmless, there are also contraindications for apple seeds. They include:

  • Allergy;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the components of apple pepitas;
  • Hypotension

Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases should consult their doctor.

How many apple pepitas can I eat up to date?

There is no strict limit, provided that reasonable limits are not exceeded. It is not the apple pepitas that hold the record of quantity of tonsil, but the almonds, the wild blackberries and the grenades.

The almonds are used a lot in pastry, with the bones of the cherries the famous oriental spice, the Mahleb, and there is no better treat in August for the children of the town than the mature wild blackberries. And without warnings.

Moderation is good in all things, and large amounts of apple pepitas, if they are not mortal, can cause some discomfort. It also depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and its reaction to this or that product.

You can start with only five a day and it is best to never cross the danger line. The sensitivity towards your body and sel f-control will allow you to determine an individual dose. It is very important to observe how you feel after consuming the seeds: has you caused any change in your state, nausea, vomiting?

  • A smell of bitter almonds in the mouth
  • a tingling in the throat;
  • dizziness;
  • excessive salivation;
  • Vomiting

To experience the effects of the natural tonsilin poison it is necessary to eat many apple seeds.

Important: A dangerous dose is greater than 150-200 seeds.

Special Uses of Apple Pepitas

Pepitas can be eaten with the fruit or

  1. Boil some hot water and, after a brief infusion, drink it like tea;
  2. They are used as a food additive: Add the crushed pepitas to fermented drinks (kefir, yogurt) or food.

In popular medicine

In traditional medicine, apple seeds act as a basic and additional component of popular health recipes.

  • Pour 10-15 seeds in 200 ml of boiling water, 20 minutes, drink as a tea for fatigue, to improve digestion. Such tea is good for those who want to lose weight.
  • Take half a teaspoon each of ground apple seeds and black cumin in a small amount of water to regulate blood sugar in type 2 diabetes.
  • During the time of colds and epidemics, add apple seeds more often to meals and drinks as a preventive measure.

In cosmetology

Apple seeds have a high content of fatty acids: they favor collagen production and improve the appearance of the skin. Consuming the seeds nourishes and regenerates the skin from the inside.

Apple seeds can also be used externally preparing a skin gel. Pour a handful of the seeds into a glass of cold water and leave it for a day. Apple seeds have gelling properties: after one day, the liquid of the glass will become a thick substance similar to a gel.

The gel must be kept in the refrigerator and the liquid must be sneaking to eliminate the seeds. Apply every night on clean skin. The skin will be soft and clean after these procedures. The gel can be added to facial masks.

Apple seeds are an excellent complement to UBTAN, cosmetic remedy for oriental beauties. Equal proportions of dry herbs are taken, apple seeds are added and everything is moved in a coffee grinder until it turns it into dust. This powder can be used as an exfoliant. It has an exfoliating and nutritious effect.

In kitchen

In cuisine, apple seeds can be a full ingredient on any dish.

Bread and pastries

Recently, the idea of eating healthy has become increasingly popular. People prefer the white bread made with integral or rye flour with various seeds and other healthy accessories. Apple seeds are a dignified and important ingredient in this type of bread, together with the fennel, linen, pumpkin, etc.

And in the famous apple cake, the pulp can be used together with the seeds.


The seeds can also be used in the elaboration of desserts: gratin, homemade sweets, Halva.


From apple seeds a refined flavor oil is obtained, ideal for seasoning cold salads.


Crushed seeds are ideal for light salads based on green leafy vegetables and vegetables, seafood and chicken. The nut and spicy seed flavor with a slight bitterness adds a new note to the salad and makes it even healthier.

How interesting! In Italy they make an alcoholic beverage with apple seeds: a delicate Licor Amaretto. Pepitas, duly dried, are the protagonists of the drink that is appreciated throughout Italy.

How to keep apple pepitas

Pepitas must be intact and healthy, without mold or spots. They must be extracted from the heart of the apple, dry and save in a paper bag. Over time, grains dry and harden, so they cannot be chewed.

Therefore, before using them, they must be crushed or grind them in a coffee grinder. Dry grains can also be crushed previously and keep powdered in a hermetic container. Whole grains are also suitable for preparing tea.

Apple seeds, like any other seed, contain a vital force or energy to give rise to a new life. This energy helps increase the number of healthy cells and resist disease.

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