What benefits coconut water for the human body

Coconut water became known in our country relatively recently. Before there was only talk of this product. Now it can be found in recipes, masks, lists of the most useful products for the human body. Cosmetologists and nutritionists advise using coconut water for various purposes: from facial compresses to salads. The authors of many Internet blogs claim that coconut water is a “klondike” of useful elements and vitamins.

The product improves heart health, helps lose weight, normalizes acid-base balance and regulates blood sugar levels. The list could be endless. However, before understanding the benefits of coconut water, we must know what it is.

What is coconut water

Many people mistakenly think that it is the same as coconut milk. Actually, they are different products. First, water is a natural product. It is extracted from the coconut. Most of the time, of the young fruit.

If you buy a coconut and agitas, there will be water splashing inside. It is the liquid. Coconut milk is created artificially. The coconut is pee, the pulp is scraped and crushed until fine chips. Then boiling water is used to separate the fatty fluid from the pulp. Water is less caloric than oil. Per 100 milliliters of product

Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories
0. 7 g 0. 2 g 2. 6 g 19 Kcal

In addition, the product contains 1. 1 grams of food fiber, which serves as construction material for the body.

Coconut water properties

The product is often consumed as food and is used in various recipes. For example, healthy drinks, salads, fruit soups, etc. In places where coconut grows, people know their benefits for a long time. In our latitudes, however, the information is relatively recent. The liquid itself began to sell in stores only a few years ago.

Coconut water benefits

Nutritionists and cosmetologists claim that this product has the following properties

  • normalizes the acid-alcalino balance;
  • I welcomed hunger, helps lose weight
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • saturates the vitamins and oligoelements organism
  • eliminates the toxic substances of the organism;
  • prevents premature aging;
  • The presence of acids has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Therefore, this liquid has become common among people who care about their health.

To rehydrate

Dehydration is the loss of large amounts of body fluid. Vigorous exercise, especially cardiovascular training, and spending time to the sun contribute to sweating. When sweat comes out of the body, liquids and salts are lost. Water releases various amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that must be replenished.

Water only welds thirst and does not replenish lost nutrients. When you are dehydrated, your body is weak, so you can get an infection or a virus.

Athletes use isotonic during training. This liquid saturates the person with all the necessary substances. The coconut juice has these properties. It is one of the best products to replace the balance of water and salt. You can drink pure or diluted in water.

Reduces blood pressure

Coconut juice helps tone blood vessels. The walls begin to contract uniformly. This ensures normal blood flow. Coconut water also contains high levels of potassium and magnesium. This eliminates excess salt, strengthens the muscles of the heart and prevents the formation of clots.

In addition, coconut juice is on the list of foods that reduce “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Makes blood more fluid. The heart does not have to contract and relax quickly to boost it more.

All these factors make coconut water useful for people suffering from hypertension. Its regular consumption normalizes blood pressure, prevents the development of diseases related to the passage of blood through blood vessels.


Coconut water favors the health of the cardiovascular system. It reduces the risk of serious diseases by decreasing cholesterol levels. It even prevents serious cases such as heart attacks. A study in rats showed that this substance helped them recover more quickly from side effects after a myocardial infarction.

In addition, another experiment showed that the presence of coconut water in the diet caused changes in the lipid metabolism of rats. Although they followed a diet rich in cholesterol, lipid levels in the liver, kidneys, heart and aorta decreased significantly after complementing their diet with coconut juice.

The addition of this product to the diet also increased L-arginine levels, a beneficial antioxidant for the cardiovascular system.

It relieves the hangover

There is a lot of information on the Internet about coconut water, which contains many different antioxidants. The main antioxidant of coconut water is L-arginine, as well as some essential substances for most plant life.

Why are antioxidants important to control the hangover? Since drinking alcohol causes oxidative stress in the organism and consumes antioxidants, the person needs to replace their levels. Basically, these elements prevent and repair damage to internal organs. Alcohol seriously damages almost all human body systems.

Once the person leaves the state of drunkenness, the body begins to repair. Brain cells are destroyed, and that’s why the head hurts. Alcoholic beverages also contain substances that damage the gastrointestinal tract. This causes nausea. The body uses antioxidants to repair. It is these elements that contain coconut water.

To lose weight

Who wants to lose a few extra kilos should try to drink coconut liquid regularly. It contains few calories and the liquid is easily absorbed by the body. The juice is full of bioactive enzymes that facilitate digestion. In addition, drinking coconut water regularly accelerates metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate, the more fat a person burns. Although coconut water has a very low concentration of carbohydrates, it continues to feel satiety. Drinking this liquid 3-4 times a day will help you lose excess weight.

Coconut water is more suitable for losing weight rapidly than fruit juices because it has a greater concentration of minerals. Studies have shown that fruit juices can cause blood sugar peaks. The coconut fluid contains less calories and less sugar.

You can drink during the day or at night, drinking coconut juice at certain times is more effective to burn adipose tissue. The best option is in the morning on an empty stomach. Coconut water contains immunostimulant acids. These substances stimulate metabolism and favor weight loss.

Heal the headaches.

Many people, tired of supporting migraines constants, turn to analgesics. For the headache it is worth drinking coconut water. Liquid magnesium stimulates blood circulation and increases the functioning of neurotransmitters (substances responsible for transferring information between neurons).

According to investigations, coconut water prevents migraine and relieves headaches. The liquid favors the production of analgesic hormones, tones blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.

Normalize the pH level.

The value of the pH is an important body parameter that must be monitored. Normal levels are important for the proper functioning of most body systems, from circulation to the kidneys. An imbalance causes abnormal biochemical reactions and diseases such as acidosis or alkalosis.

In the body there are substances with the properties of acids and alkalis. The pH scale is used to measure its levels. The normal acidity of the blood is 7. 3-7. 4, which is affected by diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and alcohol abuse.

Coconut water eliminates the organism toxins, balances alkaline and acidic substances.

Regulates the blood sugar level.

This product is good for diabetics, because it contains proteins and fiber. These substances are essential to maintain blood sugar levels. You need time to digest them. This is responsible for the glucose, which occurs gradually.

It is also an excellent substitute for sugary drinks, water with gas and other liquids that contain large amounts of refined sugar, harmful to the body and addictive.

Coconut water does not contain preservatives that are added to store products to increase its useful life. For diabetics, coconut water is useful because it contains potassium. This substance regulates renal function.

A natural diuretic

Diuretics or diuretics stimulate urine production in a person. They are used as a preventive measure or to improve the health of people with cardiovascular system problems. Doctors prescribe them to patients with kidney and liver problems. Diuretics also eliminate excess liquid from the body and eliminate edema.

Coconut water is a natural diuretic. It also has antibacterial and ant i-inflammatory properties. Drinking two or three glasses a day is enough to get rid of kidney disease.

Damages and some contraindications

Coconut water not only has beneficial properties, but also contraindications. Not a single study has shown that this liquid is harmful to the human being. The product has only one limitation: you should not consume it if you are intolerant to any substance.

Like any food, coconut juice can cause health problems to allergic people or with food intolerances.

How to choose the right when buying it

There is no general rule here. Here are some tips:

  1. Pay attention to the label, check if refined sugar, aromatizing or other juices has been added.
  2. The caloric value of the product is usually indicated in the bottle. The figure should not exceed 20 kcal.
  3. Choose known brand products, which are sold in a trusted store. It is better to look for manufacturer’s information on the Internet.
  4. Pay attention to the manufacturing date. The fresher the water is, the more beneficial properties it retains.

How to consume it correctly: consumption standards and amounts

Coconut water will be more effective for the body if you know how much you must drink up to date. Two to three 250 ml glasses a day is optimal.

A fasting glass will recharge the vitamins and mineral agency for the rest of the day. This will compensate for lost water during the night. You should also use this liquid during intensive training to replenish all substances that are eliminated with sweat. Training will be more effective.

Special storage

Save the coconut juice in a cool place. A fridge will serve, but not a freezer. In fact, it is about running water, so there are no strict standards. The main thing is that the product must be fresh.

Coconut juice can only harm people with individual intolerance, but for the rest it is recommended to drink it regularly, and then the benefits of coconut water will have a positive effect on health.

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