What benefits do almonds provide to women?

There are two types of almond trees in nature. The bitter fruits of wild shrubs are used in medicine and cosmetology. When used as food, they cause intoxications in humans.

The benefits and damages of sweet almonds for women depend largely on the quantity consumed. Let’s find out everyone’s favorite candy composition. What is the value of nuts, how much to take without damaging the body.

Chemical composition and calories

Almonds are considered an exquisite delicacy, known since the time of ancient Egypt, Turkey, Persia. Nuts are valued not only for their delicate flavor, but also for their health benefits. Nature itself has endowed this fruit of a unique composition. Almonds are a source of vitamins and trace elements.

Contained in 100 grams of almonds
Vitamins Minerals
B1 0. 24 mg Potassium 750 mg
B2 0. 68 mg Match 478 mg
B5 0. 05 mg of phosphorus Iron 4 mg
B6 0. 31 mg Magnesium 235 mg
B9 38. 8 mcg Zinc 2. 14 mg
Betacarotene 0. 03 mg Fluorine 90 mcg
A 3 mcg Selenium 2. 3 micrograms
E 24. 8 mg Iodine 2 micrograms
Hill (B4) 52 mg Sodium 2. 8 mg
PP (Niacina) 3. 8 mg Sulfur 175 mg
C (ascorbic acid) 24. 5 mg Manganese 1. 9 mg
Calcium 172 mg
Chlorine 35 mg of chlorine
Copper 138 mg

Nutritional value of almonds per 100 grams of product

  • 18. 8 g of proteins;
  • 57. 5 g of fats;
  • 12. 8 g of carbohydrates;
  • 4 g of water;
  • 7. 1 g of starch;
  • 7. 3 g of food fiber;

Almonds are a substantial candy. Its caloric value varies depending on how they prepare. 100 grams of raw nuts contribute to the lover of the delicatessen 575 kcal, while the toasts contribute 640 kcal. Fats influence the nutritional value. But almonds also contain as many proteins as beef.

Almonds contain an essential oil that determines its unique aroma. This property is exploited by expert women and cooks in their creations. Nuts include 2 important ocular antioxidants, zeaxantine and lutein. They also contain necessary pigments for vision – carotenoids, lycopene. Another useful component of the fruit – arginine. Blood sugar is regulated, it affects the production of female and male sex hormones.

Almond properties for women

The benefits of almonds for the female body is due to the single complex of active ingredients. Its rich composition has a beneficial effect on the functioning of vital organs. The use of nuts has many therapeutic effects

  • anticonvulsive;
  • Colerético;
  • Strengthening of the heart and blood vessels;
  • ant i-inflammatory;
  • slightly diuretic;
  • immunostimulant;
  • analgesic;
  • rejuvenating;
  • antiesclerotic;
  • vision enhancer;
  • anticancer;
  • pain relieving.

Almonds are ideal as snack. The proteins and fats that contain hunger for a long time. Nutritionists recommend including almonds in the diet of vegetarians with protein deficit. A little handful of nuts will contribute proteins to athletes, who consume them quickly during physical activity.

The benefits of almonds for diabetics are due to their low glycemic index (25 IU) and the presence of minerals. In addition, almonds increase the sensitivity of insulin hormone.

Lutein and zeaxantin from almonds protect the retinal eye from the degeneration associated with age, which causes blindness in women and elderly men.

The benefits of

Nuts have unique properties for their rich content in beneficial substances: amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids.

The benefits and damages of almonds for women after 50 years are determined by the amount of product consumed. During menopause, the body lacks catastrophicly vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants, which has just saturate the nuts. But excessive almond consumption leads to weight gain.

The fruit is prescribed for diets with reduced sodium content. Nuts have medicinal and preventive effects on the vital systems of the human being.

For the heart and blood vessels

Given its high content of potassium and magnesium, it can be said that almonds are a product for women suffering from heart disease. The high concentration of beneficial substances is concentrated in the shell. The fruit strengthens myocardium and reduces blood pressure.

The dry fruit contains the essential amino acids isoleucine, tryptophan, methodin and valine. In combination with healthy fatty acids, they reduce harmful cholesterol, protect the walls of blood vessels from the accumulation of plates, prevent the formation of blood clots. This prevents myocardial infarctions and strokes.

Low blood pressure.

Women who frequently bleed during menstrual cycles can benefit from inclusion in their sweet almond diet. High iron levels help increase blood hemoglobin. Doctors recommend consuming 20 nuts in case of anemia. In addition, the designed almonds have the best properties.

For the nervous system

Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps to cope with insomnia, stress and relieve irritability. Nutritionists recommend almonds for autumn and postpartum depression in women.

For the brain

Its high vitamins content of group B stimulates brain activity. Increase intellectual performance, it improves memory. Phosphorus and magnesium nourish nerve cells, help relieve the mental stress of business women and researchers.

L-carnitine amino acid favors the formation of new neuronal connections in the brain, increasing its activity, which increases the productivity of intellectual activity. A data. Studies have established the ability of almonds to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

For stomach and intestines

Almonds have demonstrated their effectiveness for women in case of digestive diseases. And much more effective is almond milk, which has coating properties. It can be easily prepared at home from almonds and water. The product in liquid form is assimilated well due to the absence of lactose. In addition, it brings potassium to the organism. It can be used for acidity, diarrhea and intestinal inflammatory diseases.

For teeth and bones

Sweet almonds contain calcium, which is the main component of bone tissue. Phosphorus and calcium strengthen teeth and prevent osteoporosis. Women especially need these micronutrients during menopause. Menopause reduces the level of sex hormones, which is directly related to a decrease in bone calcium.

Doctors recommend taking almonds against decay. Nuts actively fight mouth inflammation: gingivitis, stomatitis.

Skin health

Almonds are a dry fruit of beauty. After all, they hold the record for their content in vitamin A and E. They also contain antioxidants – unsaturated fats that can protect the skin from premature aging.

Its rejuvenating and nutritious properties are used to elaborate facial care cosmetics. Almond oil favors hair growth and eyelashes, clean and moisturizes the skin.

To lose weight

The caloric value and the rich composition of the almonds allow nutritionists to use them in thinning diets. Wel l-used, fiber and unsaturated fats help get rid of the extra kilos. The grains quickly satiate hunger, avoid eating excessively and saturate the nutrient organism. The present amino acid, arginine, regulates the weight.

Possible damages and contraindications

Like any fruit, almonds, apart from their beneficial properties, have some contraindications. They can be allergenic for sensitive people. Attention! Almonds are prohibited in case of individual intolerance. Signs of an unusual reaction to almond protein

  • nasal congestion
  • cough;
  • Vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • diarrhea;
  • abdominal pain.

Allergics should eat 2-3 nuts for the first time and observe the organism’s reaction. Excessive consumption of caloric almonds can harm people prone to weight gain. Important: women with great body weight should not eat more than 10 almonds per day.

For a person of any complex, it is harmful to eat salty and fried nuts frequently. Do not eat almonds in case of acute intestinal and pancreatic diseases. The amines and salicylates present in them cause diarrhea and stomach burning. Taking 60 grams a day is a risk to digestive organs.

How to choose when buying

Only quality almonds are good for the body. The peeled fruit is judged externally according to several criteria:

  • The grains have no strange smell;
  • The skin is brown, without spots or mold;
  • The nuts are straight and without cracks.

If you buy almonds with shell, pay attention to the integrity of the shell. There must be almonds of the same size in the same lot.

How to toast the almonds

The nuts are tuned in the oven or in a pan. First you have to peel them. Hot water can easily perform this simple task. Let them soak for a few minutes and then subjugate them in cold water and remove the peel. Put the almonds on a tray to dry. Now cook them using one of the cooking methods:

  1. Extend the nuts in a fine layer on the tray and introduce them into the preheated oven at 180 ° C. Remove periodically for 10-15 minutes. After removing them, transfer the almonds to another baking sheet.
  2. To toast them on the plate, throw the almonds in a pan in a single row. Remove until the color changes from gold to beige. Keep in mind that the nuts will darken by cooling after taking them out of the stove.

Where to add and with what to combine to obtain the maximum benefits

Almonds are used a lot in oriental cuisine. The grains are used to bake cakes, cookies and muffins. In Turkey they are added to ice cream such as nougat, pishmanya and ice cream. Whole almonds are used to make “chocolat e-covered almonds.”

Wife fruits combine well with milk and cottage cheese. They are added to Macedonias and combined with other nuts in the samples.

European use grains to bite meat and fish dishes, especially trout. Of the many sweets, the mazapan, a mixture of sugar syrup and crushed grain almonds, is the most common in Europe.

The women of India use it together with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Indonesians and Chinese put it in meat and rice plates. The taste of the Italian Licor Amaretto is known by the addition of almonds.

How many almonds can be eaten up to date

This caloric dry fruit must be consumed by people of all ages. How healthy are almonds for women and how many per day they can eat are determined by the dose established by nutritionists. The daily norm of health nuts is 30 grams or 15-20 pieces.

Consumption characteristics

In order not to damage the body, you have to follow the advice of doctors:

  • The consumption of salted and sweet nuts entails an increase in blood pressure and the appearance of edema.
  • The caloric product must be eaten in the first half of the day, so that it has time to digest and consume during female activity.
  • Almond shells contain harmful phytic acid, which slows the absorption of iron, magnesium and calcium. It is advisable to soak nuts to obtain micronutrients.

The daily ration of nuts varies for some categories of people. Women who take care of their figure should not eat more than 10-15 pieces or 20 grams a day.

During pregnancy

It is useful to introduce almonds in the diet during pregnancy. There are many reasons for that:

  • Vitamin and present in grains and skin prevents the risk of premature delivery.
  • Folic acid included favors the correct development of the child and guarantees the normal development of the entire gestation period.
  • The fiber present in the composition eliminates constipation and diarrhea, typical of pregnant women, helps normalize depositions.
  • High levels of vitamins, combined with protein and carbohydrates, help to nurture the fetus skeleton.

Almonds relieve the tension and anxiety of the future mother.

With breastfeeding

Nuts improve the quality of breast milk. They prevent the risk of postpartum depression. They guarantee a healthy dream for women and the baby. High levels of protein, vitamins and minerals help recover the energy of a tired mother. Almonds are a good chocolate substitute, which is prohibited during breastfeeding.

How to keep them correctly and how long

Dry fruits with shell can be kept up to one year in a dry and fresh place. The expiration of the grains bought in sachets is indicated by an indelible inscription. After opening the bag, pour the product in a glass or porcelain fountain.

Almendra fruits retain their useful qualities between 6 and 9 months in the refrigerator. But storage time in a cellophane bag is reduced to 3 months. If the grains acquire a rancid flavor or a young appearance during prolonged storage, you without regrets.

Almonds are good for every woman if daily ration is respected, if there are no contraindications. Frequent ingestion of salted and roasted nuts is harmful. It is better to take raw grains soaked for health reasons.

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