What benefits do the raisins contribute to the human body?

This grape variety is famous for not having seeds, which constitutes its main advantage. Most likely it is the result of a natural mutation. He later began to section and today has various varieties.

Popular varieties and their description

The Kishmish variety is very popular among people who grow grapes or simply plant them in their dacha. First in popularity is the “radiant grape”. Their berries when harvested are large to medium size. It produces a great harvest.

The ‘radiant grapes’ is a bit bugs in his care – he needs certain conditions to sprout comfortably and also has an average rating for diseases. The bad thing is that it is very common among the owners of Dachas and vineyards. That is why it does not have much demand in the market, because there is a lot of competition.

But cultivating radiant sultanines for oneself is a good idea. The next variety that was recorded is the Kishmish #342 (Hungarian). This variety has a good performance. Although it is ready for consumption very soon, berries have a soft and juicy flavor.

It is easy to take care of. Externally, it has a beautiful and exquisite appearance.”Veles” is another fairly popular variety of Sultanas. In this species, berries have a bright and musk flavor. It also has a beautiful appearance and its care is not especially demanding.”Attica” is another variety of sultanas raisins with dark fruits. The berries have a sweet taste, but not sugary.

“Aphrodite” is a sultana of Bulgarian origin. The berries are tasteless, with little sugar. But it should be noted that the fruits of this variety can be eaten a lot – fresh berries are not boring.


Grapes – A very useful product that contains useful substances and vitamins that are essential for our health. There are many varieties of sultanas raisins. Fruits of these varieties differ in berries and their color.

Sultan raisins are white (also green calls), red and black. The latter are especially valuable because they contain sufficient amounts of antioxidants. These are substances that help our skin not aging. The composition of the grapes varies slightly according to the variety. Therefore, vitamins present in grapes and their quantities vary.

What vitamins are there?

The main vitamins present in the sultanine raisins of any variety are vitamins A, PP, C and E.

  1. Vitamins A and C are only present in dry berries.
  2. Potassium. Due to the large amount of this substance in the product, sultanas raisins are recommended to people suffering from heart disease and hypertension.
  3. Folic acid, beneficial for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  4. Boron. It is mainly found in Sultanas raisins, so they are highly recommended for older people to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  5. Antioxidants are substances that slow down the aging process.
  6. Calcium and magnesium are good for the nervous system. In addition, they help the gastrointestinal tract and blood vessels in general.
  7. Pectin – The best assistant during an poisoning, which eliminates all toxins, thus reliabing the patient’s condition.

Calories and glycemic index

No one can give an exact figure of the caloric value of the Kishmish grapes. This is because the different varieties have their own caloric value. The variation of calories in the Kishmish grapes ranges between 43 and 75 kilocalories. The concrete figure already depends on the amount of sugar, fructose and sucrose (which grapes contain in quite important quantities).

It must also be taken into account that fresh sultanas raisins have less calories than the same variety in dry form (such as sultane raisins).

A data. Although Sultanas raisins are quite caloric, they are recommended for people to diet. Because they contain substances that improve metabolic processes.

As for the glycemic index, it is approximately 45-55 units.

Properties of Sultanas raisins

The grapes of this variety are very beneficial for human health and wel l-being in general. Sultan raisins are rich in vitamins and trace elements. All this has a positive effect on the human organism:

  • They improve cardiac function.
  • Reinforces defensive functions.
  • Strengthens the nervous system.
  • It reduces the probability of caries and inflammation of gums.
  • It helps the organism to recover more quickly from serious diseases.
  • It has properties against cough.
  • Regulates the work of the gallbladder.

What is its usefulness?

The grapes are useful both fresh and dry, in the form of sultane raisins. Sultanas raisins, in turn, are a unique product. They do not contain as much humidity as fresh berries. But they fully retain its useful components. It turns out that Sultanas raisins are a concentrate of useful vitamins and components.

A small handful of grapes will be enough: eating these raisins will immediately cheer us up, saturate the stomach and give us a burst of strength and energy.

For the women

Doctors strongly recommend the mandatory inclusion of these wine berries in the women’s diet. For the simple reason that women are more prone to emotional changes, depression and stress than men. The use of sultanas or sultanas from this type of grape will have a positive effect on the nervous system in general, and it will be possible to get rid of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Vitamin B, magnesium and potassium will strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. Therefore, sultanas are great for women who suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems.

For men

First of all, sultanas are recommended for men who suffer from heart problems. Also, due to their components, they have a beneficial effect on the well-being of men, especially on such a disease as metabolic syndrome.

Indian scientists claim that thanks to a substance like lycopene, which grapes contain, it is possible to cure male infertility.

Eating grapes in excess is not good. In this case, it can cause flatulence, diarrhea or abdominal discomfort.


  • People suffering from obesity or diabetes should exclude sultanas from their diet due to their high caloric and sugar content.
  • People with pancreatitis and peptic ulcers should be careful about consuming grapes.

How to choose the right sultanas

Of course, there is no clear rule for choosing a good bunch of grapes. The choice should be guided by the appearance of the bunch and by your opinion.

The first thing to do is shake the cluster. If only a couple of berries come out when you shake it, then the grapes are quite ripe and can be eaten without fear. Conversely, if a large number of berries have fallen, this indicates that the grapes have been in storage for quite some time.

Important: Please note that sultanas are treated with chemicals to extend their shelf life. Therefore, before enjoying the sweet taste of wine grapes, they must be washed well under running water.

The quality of the berries themselves must also be taken into account. Sultana raisins should be picked in whole bunches, not in bulk. The grapes should be firm and free of dents or other damage to the skin.

Main consumer standards

Nutritionists agree that 20-25 berries a day is enough. This amount is enough to enrich the organism with useful components.

Caution: It is not recommended to eat sultanas with milk. It is not recommended to eat sultanas with milk, because it can cause diarrhea.

Kishmish cannot only be eaten fresh or in the form of raisins. Sultanas from this grape variety are excellent for some types of pilaf and sweet pastries. They are also added to various dishes, such as kvass, cheesecakes, and salads.

Is it allowed to eat them with seeds?

Kishmish is famous for being seedless. But to be more exact, in some types of sultanas there are seeds, albeit small, but nonetheless.

Doctors assure that it is better to eat these berries with seeds. After all, in addition to the useful substances they contain, their consumption has a beneficial effect on the human stomach.

Can I eat them at night?

It is strongly recommended to eat these types of grapes in the first half of the day. But nothing bad will happen if a person eats a bunch of grapes at night. It is better to do it 3 hours before going to sleep.

At what age to give a child

Most pediatricians are convinced that acquaintance with grapes should be postponed until a later age, around 3 years. It is necessary to avoid adverse reactions of the children’s organism to the new product.

Can you eat thawed grapes?

So that the wine berries do not lose most of their useful components, they must be defrosted gradually after freezing. And do it naturally. For example, you need to put containers of frozen grapes from the freezer in the refrigerator and leave them for at least 10 hours.

If you need to thaw the grapes more quickly, cover them with room temperature water. But immediately use the sultanas thawed in this way.

Important: Defrosting sultanas in the microwave is not recommended. This thawing method loses almost all useful substances and components.

Can I eat grapes if I’m sick?

Grapes are rich in useful substances, vitamins and trace elements. And they are able to improve the well-being of people in a difficult period for him, and to correct his health. That is why it is believed that sultanas can replace some types of medicines and vitamins of synthetic origin.

for diabetes

Despite their abundant health benefits, grapes are the number one forbidden food for diabetics. This is because grapes have a high sugar content.

In case of gout

The use of sultane raisins in the drop is not only possible, but also necessary. The greatest effect will be grape juice, which will help in the fight against this disease. It is necessary to drink grape juice three times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach, at eating and at night 40 minutes before food.

Gastritis and pancreatitis

Doctors strongly advise the consumption of grapes in case of gastritis and pancreatitis. The reason is that sour grapes raise the acidity of the patient’s stomach. The danger is that gastritis or pancreatitis can get worse.

What kind is better: black or green

It is impossible to respond exactly what type of sultanas raisins is better. In the first place, it is convenient to take into account the preferences of the person and their state of health. If a person only wants to enjoy delicious wine berries, it is better to pay attention to black Sultanas. The fact is that these types of grapes have more useful, antioxidant and vitamins components.

But people prone to allergic reactions must prefer green varieties, since they are less allergic. As for caloric content, there are no particular differences between dark and green varieties. Of the Sultan raisins there are clearly more benefits than damages. That is why it is better to include these berries in the daily diet of a healthy person.

However, if a person has a health problem that prohibits the use of sultanas raisins, then it is better to avoid them completely.

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