What benefits does dried mango have for the human body?

Dried mango is a naturally dried fruit made from the ripe mango fruit. Dried mango slices are sweet and nutritious. This delicacy is excellent as a snack or dessert. Due to its rich chemical composition, dried mango can be very beneficial for the body.

Chemical composition and caloric content of dried mangoes:

caloric value 319 calories
proteins 2. 45 g
fats 1. 18 g
carbohydrates 76. 18 g
Dietary fiber 2. 4g
Water 16. 6 g
Ash 1. 19 g
trace elements 10. 53 g
iron, faith 0. 23mg
Manganese, Mn 10mg
copper, copper 300 mcg
selenium, se 2. 1 mcg
Zinc, Zn 0. 3mg
macronutrients 511mg
Potassium, K 279mg
Magnesium, Mg 20mg
Sodium, Na 162mg
Phosphorus, P 50mg
Saturated fatty acids 0. 287g
12:0 lauric 0. 004g
14:0 myristic 0. 039 g
16:0 palmitic 0. 226g
18:0 stearic 0. 013g

Interesting Mango Facts

  • According to Indian beliefs, the mango tree is capable of granting wishes.
  • The leaves of the plant are very dangerous. They contain a poisonous sap and when steamed they produce toxic fumes. That is why they should not be eaten or burned. Interestingly, in Asian countries on the wedding day, the guests, in order to wish the newlyweds that they have children, sprinkle them with mango leaves. If it is a child, the same leaves are used to decorate the house.
  • Due to its chemical composition, the mango, from the fruit to the leaf, has been used in traditional medicine.
  • Before consuming the mango fruit, the skin must be peeled as it contains toxic compounds.
  • The mango is native to the jungle regions of Myanmar and the Indian state of Assam, where it has been cultivated for more than 4, 000 years. However, in India and Pakistan, the mango is considered a national plant.
  • The mango’s closest relatives are cashews and pistachios.
  • The largest tree reaches a height of 45 meters.

Benefits and harms of dried mango for the body

Useful properties:

for the woman

The benefits of dried mango for the body of women:

  • Its calming effect helps to cope with insomnia.
  • The vitamin composition of candied mango can slow down the aging process and strengthen the immune system.
  • The dried fruit eliminates unwanted liquids from the body, improving the quality of the blood.
  • Reduces the symptoms of menopause.
  • Reduces bleeding during menstruation.

In pregnancy.

It replenishes important micro and macronutrients, and contributes to the correct development of the fetus. The content of folic acid helps to normalize the organs, eliminate swelling, reduce toxicity.

For men

  • Dry mango slices have a soothing effect on the nervous system.
  • Dry mango improves the urinary system normalizing the composition of the blood and eliminating the toxins of the organism.
  • Regular consumption of confited mango is good for the prostate and the reproductive system of men.
  • The product contains magnesium, which strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle and helps fight the effects of diseases.

For children

  • Improves vision thanks to its high content of “beta-cerotene”.
  • Improves memory and concentration, it favors brain function. All this thanks to vitamin B6 and glutamic acid.
  • Reinforce the immune system, reduce the symptoms of colds.
  • Improves digestion thanks to its fiber content.
  • It helps eliminate vitamin lack signs.
  • Teenagers will benefit from a soothing effect. This is due to the vegetable content of folic acid, which normalizes the production of hormones in the body.

It is important to know that during breastfeeding dry mango can go from being a useful fruit to becoming an allergen. Doctors recommend refraining from consuming it during breastfeeding.

Slim down

The dried fruit is adequate as a substitute for the sweetener. The fruit contains a lot of natural sugar and is quite caloric. A few slices will satisfy their appetite and increase the production of the hormone burning leptin. In addition, the vegetable fiber content of the nuts will improve digestion. It will help your body to get rid of toxins and accelerate your metabolism. Your workouts will be more effective if you include dry mango in your diet.

Dangerous contraindications and properties

This fruit is very rich in nutrients and too caloric. Nutritionists advise to limit it to two or three slices a day. If you abuse the dry fruit, run the risk of losing the line, especially if it consumes dried mangoes confined or with unnatural sweeteners.

Frequent consumption of mangoes can cause colic and digestive discomfort. Chronic esophagus diseases can be aggravated. Confited mangoes can irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and increase gases.

In case of diabetes

The glycemic index of the dehydrated mango is 60. The product is very caloric. This means that diabetic people are advised to refrain from eating this delicacy. However, not everything is so unique. Each body is different. If you decide to introduce the handle confited in your diet, do not take drastic measures. Start with small portions and observe the reaction of your body.

How to choose and keep it?

When choosing a dehydrated mango, it is convenient to look immediately at the color. It must be pale or pale golden orange and look natural.

Live orange and/or yellow slices alive should not be consumed often. Most likely they contain the preservative sulfur dioxide (E200), which prevents deterioration and protects the product from pests. However, this compound is toxic to the body. You will not notice the effects if you consume dry mangoes with the preservative most often. However, if consumed regularly, sulfur dioxide causes throat discomfort and airways. Intoxication with a high dose can cause asphyxiation or pulmonary edema.

Save the dry mango in a dark place, far from food with strong odors. It can be put in a basement or a pantry. The storage temperature should not exceed 22 ° C.

Manufacturing technology, how to dry mangoes for sale

Mature mangoes are cut into fine strips and bonely, then placed in a desiccator to eliminate excess moisture. Then the dried fruit is covered with rice oil or other preservative. This describes the process of elaboration of the “king” dry mango of Vietnam. Some processors also cover it with syrup. The mango itself is a very sweet, but confused fruit can be classified as sweet.

The confit process differs in the fact that the fruit is immediately cut with its skin.

It is not difficult to prepare this delicacy at home. You can put the slices in an electric dryer at 50 ° C for 12-14 hours or in an oven at 80 ° C for 2 hours.

Culinary applications

Dry mango is usually used as an independent dish. It can be served as dessert or as a snack.

Dehydrated fruit can be used to make a cake or other pastry, jam, or as an ingredient of a second dish or salad.

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