What benefits does the corn broth have?

The benefits of corn are well known. This product, rich in vitamins and fiber, is cultivated and consumed since time immemorial in many cultures. Few know that the great benefit lies in the decoction of corn cobs. The chemical composition of the broth and its properties will surprise anyone.

Chemical corn composition

If you are interested in the benefits and damages of corn decoction, here you will find all the information you need. The useful properties of the product reside in the main ingredient of the decoction: corn. In this plant you can find the following substances

  • Group B vitamins;
  • Vitamin PP;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • Vitamins E and K;
  • match;
  • manganese
  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • copper
  • iron;
  • And, of course, magnesium.

100 grams of the sweet cereal contain a significant amount of phosphorus (up to 92 mg), about 252 mg of potassium and almost 2 mg of calcium. Together with the vitamins listed above, these values exceed 10% the daily dose of vitamins and trace elements for the human being.

A simple decoction made of corn cobs, which contains many benefits, has a good chemical composition. In some aspects it is not lower than the complete plant, and in others it is even more useful than corn consumption. For example, the decoction is much softer to the stomach than the corn itself.

The useful composition of the plant and its decoction is a qualitative relationship of proteins, fats and ubiquitous carbohydrates. Thus, in 100 grams of corn there are 97 kcal. These calories contain 3. 3 g of vegetable proteins. It has 1. 4 g of fat and about 21 g of carbohydrates. There are also water (72 g) and 2. 7 g of fiber.

Corn grains have little fiber, but contain a lot of water and amino acids, which helps the product be easily assimilable by the human body. Boil corn for a short time retains most of its nutrients in the water and in the grains themselves.

The Aztecs, Maya and Incas already knew the useful properties of corn 7, 000 years ago. They used grains such as food, medicine and as an excellent raw material for flour production. The first corn fields were planted in Central America. Even today this continent produces more corn than the rest of the world. Thanks to the legends of the Sun and Columbus God, in Europe and in Russia this product has become as popular as the proverbial potato.

Can you use the decoction of corn cob?

The rich decoction of corn cobs can and should be used. It is able to saturate the human body with useful substances. This product also solves some health problems.

Corn infusion is used both internally and externally. It is used to drink, as a cosmetic, as tincture for therapeutic compresses.

To prepare the decoction only fresh corn is used. The canned product is not suitable for this purpose. A decoction with immature or too mature grains should not be prepared. In addition to the grains of the fruit, corn stigmas and other parts of the plant are added to the infusion.

If dry corn stigmas are simply soaked in boiling water, healing tincture should be properly boiled. Corn straw can be used to heal, lose weight and improve the appearance of the body. Thanks to the rich composition of the plant, the pulp can be used as a facial tonic.

The cob should rinse well before boiling it. Next, the cob is boiled in boiling water without salt or spices, if the decoction is scheduled to treat internal organs.

Corn decoction properties

Corn infusion is capable of many things. It can help remove dry skin and make the skin look more smooth. Infusion vitamins can help in case of vitamin lack. Corn is also used at home for minor burns as a compress. Rarely causes allergies. Scientists believe that regular corn consumption contributes to the destruction of cancer cells. Corn can delay aging due to the selenium it contains. Although corn has few contraindications, it has a lot of health benefits.

Corn is good for children and adults. Not without reason, corn pumps are introduced into the children’s diet as soon as possible. They are considered richer and more healthy than semolina or rice porridge. In difficult times, many children’s hospitals doctors used corn broth to hold the child’s body when he had been sick for a long time.

Useful and healing properties

Corn decoction should be taken in infusion in the following cases

  1. When the immune system is weak.
  2. In heart disease and blood vessels.
  3. Slowly from the organism.
  4. With high cholesterol.
  5. In case of hypertension.
  6. In case of frequent swelling.
  7. In case of bad digestion.
  8. In case of slow metabolism.
  9. In case of diabetes.
  10. In case of weight loss.
  11. In case of allergies.
  12. In case of vitamin deficiencies.

The wonderful tincture, so easy to prepare, can help in various cases. Corn infusion can even be used to prepare soups. And in them a great benefit will reside.

A very strong effect on the body has corn on enterocolitis. Infusion helps reduce gases in intestines. Reduces fermentation and rot in the rectum and colon.

Nervous system problems and epilepsy are cases in which corn infusion should be used in comprehensive therapy. Migraine and overwork are also indications for the use of corn.

Mild diarrhea can be treated with a drugstore remedy or with the stigmas of the plant infused as directed. A useful product helps against impotence. In case of kidney disease, corn infusion can act as a diuretic and choleretic.

The product can be used to reduce excessive pigmentation on the face. If you are going through menopause or a critical period, the corn decoction will eliminate excess water and alleviate the symptoms of ailments. Stimulate the “sleeping” reproductive system can be spurred with tincture of corn, if a course is taken.

Atherosclerosis, cholelithiasis and hepatitis are diseases in which corn is included in the diet of frequent consumption. The useful product reduces glucose and bilirubin in the blood. The anthelmintic effect of corn decoction has also been demonstrated.

The glutamic acid in the product can calm the most frazzled nerves. The product suppresses the feeling of hunger. That is why corn decoction is included in the diet for weight loss.

Glaucoma and pancreatitis are ailments in which corn decoction can improve the patient’s condition. Do not forget that you should consult your doctor before starting a treatment with the decoction. Corn is not capable of curing a person from serious diseases, if it is applied as an independent remedy. But in combination with drugs and procedures prescribed by the doctor, the patient’s condition improves.

Apart from its undeniable benefits, corn also has contraindications. Side effects are rare, but if they occur, it means that the corn infusion treatment should be cancelled. Do not joke with your health, you need to carefully listen to your body during treatment with folk remedies.

Harm and contraindications

Absolute harm to corn tincture brings with ulcer disease. The infusion is contraindicated and with increased blood coagulation. Corn is harmful for those people who are prone to blood clots.

It is not advisable to consume the product in large doses for pregnant women. During exacerbations of allergies, you should also refrain from treating the infusion.

Since the corn broth is very rich in vitamins and trace elements, it should not be drunk constantly, as an overabundance of these substances may occur.

People who are underweight or have a poor appetite should not eat too much corn. Curbing your appetite is a potent effect that corn has. This property of the product should not be neglected.

To benefit and not harm the decoction of corn, all the harmful effects of the product must be taken into account. When there are no direct contraindications for infusion, it is necessary to correctly calculate the dose of the decoction and prepare it properly. The information that appears below will help you in this task.

Use characteristics

The famous corn cob decoction, whose great benefits have been demonstrated by clinical trials, is not as difficult to prepare as it may seem at first glance.

A classic corn infusion is boiled from 2-3 mazorcas for 30 minutes over medium heat. The water of the pot or the saucepan must completely cover the cobs, climbing 3-5 cm above them.

The already prepared corn broth must be kept in the refrigerator. It can be consumed for 3 or 4 days. Remember that any product without preservatives or dyes loses its chemical value with each day of storage. Vitamins and amino acids are destroyed.

Standard Use corn broth: A hot infusion glass 30 minutes before food. In severe avitaminosis and chronic diseases, the infusion dose can be increased to 2 cups a day. It is better to distribute your reception time in the morning and afternoon.

Corn is a useful plant. Take a decoction of it can be courses. Between dish and dish you have to pause. Depending on how you feel, you can last 14 or 30 days. The course itself is 10-14 days. To the first negative symptoms, side effects, it is necessary to stop taking the infusion and consult a doctor.

When remedy, pay attention to water. The normal and hard tap water, and although the boiling procedure passes, but is not suitable for healing infusion. For infusion to use soft water. If this is not available in the tap, bottled water can be bought in the store. To prevent a large amount of chlorine from penetrating infusion, tap water should be left at rest for a day, and then boil the cobs.

Corn water is drinking in the morning on an empty stomach. Infusion helps deal with digestive system diseases. If you have swelling, you have to drink the infusion at night so that, when you wake up, the reflection in the mirror is really pleasant to the bearer.

Corn water is also used to make gachas. It is double healthy than the porridge we used to prepare for children with milk. In homemade cosmetology, the decoction of corn cob is an excellent base for facial masks. For example, the infusion with essential oils and sour cream can be mixed, and then pigmentation spots will not have any opportunity. Corn tincture can be used as a facial tonic. Apply the remedy to a cotton disk, clean your face with it and let it dry. Then, you can wash your face or leave the infusion on the face under the cream.

Corn water is good as an independent remedy. Although if nut partitions are added while boiling, the broth is even more useful. This simple recipe can be used to clean the kidneys and reduce bad cholesterol.

As corn is a versatile product, it constitutes an excellent oil. Only oil labeled as cold pressed can be used internally. This is the product that retains all its beneficial properties. In this method of production, lysine and tryptophan do not undergo thermal treatment, as well as vitamin E, and, therefore, they enter directly into the body with each tablespoon. To prevent atherosclerosis Take 70-80 grams of oil a day.

Few people know that hot decoction compresses help treat herpes and eczema. Another wonderful product protects the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the nervous system, relieves the pain of rheumatism.

The universality of corn is that the benefits for human beings are almost all parts of the plant. This gift of nature is a natural cure for many diseases and a nutritious food. Man cultivates corn for thousands of years for its unique properties. It is a remarkable fact that people have learned to use corn for their own good.

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