What do apples benefit from the female organism?

Apples are a popular and accessible fruit. Due to their health benefits number, they have no rival. Not surprisingly, the old fairy tales suggested to taste rejuvenating apples to preserve beauty, youth and health.

Indeed, the consumption of these fruits reinforces the immune system, improves the figure and has a rejuvenating effect. That is why this fruit is so popular among the weakest half of humanity.

The vitamin composition of apples

As for its structure, an apple consists of almost 90 percent of water. It has about 1 percent fiber, an average of 10 percent of sugar, there is pectin, starch and carotene. Fresh apple is a vitamin treasure:

  • Vitamin A. An apple contains twice as an orange. It is known that vitamin A improves view, protects the viral infections agency.
  • The Vitamins B group (B1, В2, В3, В6and b9). These vitamins keep the nervous system in good condition, stimulate growth and ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Vitamin C. Media Fruit per day eliminates anemia, avitaminosis, provides the regulation of blood composition, the elasticity of blood vessels, protection against infections and poisoning, restores strength. For the female body, vitamin is important because it participates in collagen synthesis. And that is healthy skin and absence of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E. favors muscle tissue and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin H. prevents dryness and peeling of the skin.
  • Vitamin RR. It favors purification, eliminates toxins and improves the composition of the blood.

Among the micronutrients are almost all necessary for the human being.

  • Iron contained in the fruit, absorbed by the body as a whole.
  • Because of the amount of apples are in second place after shellfish.
  • The fruit is rich in pectin, which helps fight excess cholesterol.
  • Due to the presence of folic acid, which suppresses hunger, apples are a means to stay fit.

IMPORTANT: The longer the fruit is stored, the less useful substances it contains.

Healthy apples properties for women

In addition to the tonic effect, they have components that have a positive impact on the state of the female organism. They affect the wel l-being and beauty of weak sex.

Especially pleasant is that apples are also tasty. Your scented and juicy pulp can help you improve your mood.

What are its benefits

The usefulness of apples for women is specified in the following:

  • Its regular consumption strengthens nails and hair;
  • The complexion improves and cheeks are blushed;
  • The skin is tense, improves its elasticity and small wrinkles are smoothed;
  • Apple diets allow the silhouette and get rid of problematic areas;
  • The nervous system becomes more stable and stress resistant;
  • Reduces the risk of malignant tumors in female organs;
  • Apples provide micronutrients and essential vitamins to pregnant women and their babies;
  • During menopause, fruit can favor the health of women and protect it against osteoporosis;
  • Apple pulp is an excellent complement to cosmetic masks.


Fresh apples are the most beneficial. It is important to choose the right variety. The healthiest varieties are those that grow wild. The utility of fruit depends on the color of the cortex. The three large groups – red, green and yellow – have different effects on women.

  • The green ones. They are considered totally hypoallergenic. They have the highest concentration of vitamin C, high content of organic acids and few carbohydrates. They are the most appropriate for thinning diets.
  • Las Rojas. They have the sweetest flavor. Due to its high sugar content, its caloric value is greater. This variety helps improve the functioning of the heart. Red apples can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Yellow apples. They rarely cause allergies. Its iron content is slightly lower than the green variety. In the case of the yellow variety, individual intolerance can lead to respiratory problems.


Dry fruits contain a minimum amount of liquid. Vitamin C evaporates with it. But all other useful substances are preserved. They have a high concentration of iodine and a lot of pectin.

Dry fruits are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. In this way, apples are great to make compotes.


The vitamin content of the baked fruit is lower. But micronutrients are preserved in the same composition as in fresh. The pectins of the baked fruit are absorbed very well. The fiber acts in the gastrointestinal tract more softly.

In this way, the fruit is indicated for those who have stomach upset problems. They restore microflora and have a soothing effect on the intestines.

Soaked fruit

To obtain pickled fruit, it must be fermented. The fruit is fermented with cranberries, lingonberries, raspberries, currants and cherries and honey. The result is a delicious product that has all the health benefits of fresh fruit, but saturated with flavor additives. At the same time, its beneficial properties are enhanced.

The soaked fruit is indicated for those who suffer from digestive disorders, and the bactericidal properties contribute to normalizing the microflora. The consumption of dried fruit improves metabolism, improves the immune system, helps to solve problems with joints and inflammation of bone tissues.

Harms and contraindications for use

Inadequate consumption and individual contraindications can have adverse effects on these beneficial fruits.

  • The sweet varieties can be dangerous for tooth enamel.
  • Apple peels contain a concentration of healthy ingredients. At the same time, they can accumulate other harmful ones: chemicals and pesticides used in the cultivation and storage of the fruit. Therefore, it is better to peel the fruit.
  • In case of gastritis and peptic ulcer, the rough fibers of the fruit and its high acid content can cause exacerbations.
  • Seed apple lovers should be careful with the hydrocyanic acid they contain. Poisoning may occur.
  • Spoiled fruit should not be eaten. The poison mytoxin can enter the organism along with the rot. That can cause damage to internal organs and lead to malignant tumors.

daily quota

Instead of being good, excessive consumption of apples can be harmful. This is especially important for women. Excessive accumulation of vitamins and minerals can interfere with the absorption of other useful substances.

To determine the daily quota, you have to decide if it is more important to get enough vitamin C, folic acid or glucose. In order not to harm, the fruit must be present in the diet in the following quantities:

  • up to three a day is enough;
  • it is preferable that it be varied;
  • different varieties can be used in the diet: fresh, roasted, dried or soaked.

Interesting! The daily rate of fresh fruit can be replaced by three glasses of juice.

When is it better to eat: fasting or at bedtime?

The best time to eat an apple is in the morning. If an apple is eaten with an empty stomach in the morning, the digestive process will be more active and the nutrients will be absorbed throughout its extension. Immediately after eating the fruit should not be ingested. The fermentation process can begin and the stomach will swell. After eating you have to wait for at least an hour and a half.

You can’t eat fruit at night. Nutritionists are unanimous in this. Pectin and vegetable fibers fill the intestines, which causes discomfort when sleeping. Eating them at bedtime causes an increase in acidity, which can cause night acidity and that gastric juice rushes to the upper stomach.

Some particularities of use

People who follow the principles of a healthy diet should eat apples in the first half of the day. The maximum that can be allowed in the afternoon is one in any way for the snack. It is also possible to diet days with apples.

Download days:

  • no more than 1. 5 kg of fruit per day;
  • Do not consume more than twice a week.

In case of pregnancy

The usefulness of this delicious fruit for pregnant women is undeniable. But more than one piece a day is not recommended for the future mother. The soaked fruit is contraindicated for pregnant women. It is better if it is green, fresh or roasted fruit.

Apple consumption helps improve the metabolic process, protect the mother and baby from external negative influences.

During breastfeeding

Infant mothers can eat apples from the first month after the baby’s birth. It is preferable to start with green varieties, not sugary but soft. They are hypoallergenic and safe during breastfeeding. The useful substances of breast milk reach the baby and contribute to their full development.

Apples help the mother recover the physical shape after childbirth. The fruit should be introduced into the diet of the nursing mother in baked. This can prevent the baby from suffering cramps and flatulence.

It is important to observe how the baby reacts. Eat an apple and rest a couple of days to see how the baby reacts to the new product. If there are no problems, you can eat a piece a day without problems.

Important: red and yellow fruits can be eaten, but without the skin.

Gastritis and ulcers

Apples can help restore acidity in those who suffer from it. People suffering from gastric diseases have the walls of the thinned stomach. Therefore, they are advised to take cooked fruit, juice or fragrance. In this way, the fiber will affect the stomach walls more softly.

Many nutritionists claim that you have to forget about apples when hyperacidity is suffered. However, apples are still allowed in dietary recipes:

  • They are not allowed more than two per day;
  • Sweet apples must only be chosen.
  • Apples must peel.

In case of acute disease, apple puree can be used or add crushed fruit to the porridge. You always have to monitor the organism’s reaction. Stomach acidity, any discomfort is a reason to give up apples.

Mellitus diabetes

Endocrine allow diabetics to eat only a sweet fruit. This fruit is apples.

The arguments of nutritionists and endocrine are the following:

  • The maximum glycemic index for diabetes is 55 units. Apples have an index of 35 units.
  • The ability to control cholesterol is another positive quality beneficial for diabetics.
  • The presence of plant fibers reduces the absorption speed of carbohydrates, stabilizes this process and slows the entry of glucose into the bloodstream.

Important: Diabetics must choose suga r-free apples varieties and respect intake standards.

With pancreatitis

Apples are strictly prohibited during the exacerbation of the disease.

  • In remission, green apples of sweet varieties can be eaten. Red and yellow fruits are preferably roasted.
  • It is better to introduce apples in the diet gradually. Start with freshly made natural juice, diluted with water.
  • Whole apples can only be eaten after one week.
  • Apple consumption must be dosing strictly. Two apples maximum. Otherwise, it can cause an aggravation of the disease.
  • The best varieties are White Ripe, Saffron, Grusovka and Sererenko.
  • Antonovka and other similar varieties are not recommended.

Important! It is necessary to peel the fruit for pancreatitis!

There is no doubt that apples are good for women’s body. These fruits contribute to the rejuvenation of the body, keep it in good shape, maintain health. The fruit is one of the most accessible. But they should not be consumed without control. You have to remember the simple wisdom of life that the benefits are in small doses and the proper consumption.

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