What do dates to female health contribute?

The dates are a very sweet fruit that grows in the datile palm trees of the Middle East and Africa. This product is mentioned in the sacred writings: the Quran and the Bible. In Islam, the value of this fruit is difficult to overestimate and is the starting point of meals during Lent. In desert conditions, dry dates can sometimes be the only source of food. According to the Qur’an, even the prophet Muhammad worshiped them.

You can survive several years eating only these fruits and water, since they contain many components necessary for the human being. Now, even with the huge supply of food, dates do not occupy a small place in people’s diet.

Vitamin composition of dates

The dates are extremely rich in vitamins, a description of its main activities can be seen in the table:

Vitamin name Action
Group A vitamins Useful for strengthening sight and bones, teeth, it is essential for the growth of healthy cells, all of which helps maintain youth. It intervenes in the immune system and metabolic processes. Eliminates harmful bacteria, heals wounds.
B Group B1 ensures the operation of the nervous system. Prevents rapid aging of cells.
“B2” participates in the blood circulation process, brings iron to cells.
“B9” stimulates the formation of brain substances responsible for the transport of nerve impulses.
“B6” favors calm, good rest.
C Strong antioxidant, reinforces the immune system, protects against viruses, favors wound healing, synthesizes some hormones, collagen, participates in hematopoiesis.
E Organize brain activity and favor skin elasticity.
РР It favors the formation of liver enzymes, helps protein absorption, improves memory, favors calm.

Datiles contain other vitamins and elements, as well as a lot of fiber, which helps improve digestion.

Caloric content of dates

Carbohydrates constitute a great proportion of the fruit (around 64%, some varieties contain more). The proportion of product of the product is very low (less than 1%), proteins represent about 30%.

This proportion is achieved thanks to the content of natural sugars in dates; fructose and glucose. At the rate of 250-290 kcal per 100 grams of fruit, the caloric value of a fruit is 20-29 kcal. Therefore, fruit can be a source of food and energy for a long time. Eating 2-3 fruits is enough to satisfy hunger.

The fruit contains many elements: cadmium, copper, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, sulfur, potassium, proteins, calcium, aluminum, cobalt, boron, iron, oil; More than 20 different amino acids. Such composition makes dates a useful and even medicinal product.

Properties of dates for women’s health

Women are the ones who can benefit most from dates, although they are beneficial for all people.


This fruit has such beneficial effects for the organism that

  • They provide essential substances to internal organs;
  • Strengthen bones, nails and hair;
  • Reduce the appearance of depressions, especially in the postpartum;
  • Increase the amount of milk during breastfeeding;
  • They help reduce toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • They strengthen the uterine muscles and help their contraction, which favors the delivery process;
  • They are antimicrobial;
  • They also improve appetite;
  • The tryptophan, which is found in the product, favors brain functions; This amino acid also delays aging
  • Glutamic acid prevents stomach acidity
  • Selenium reinforces the immune system, protects the heart;
  • quickly satisfies hunger and keeps satiated for a long time;
  • They eliminate excess liquid from the organism, preventing edemas;

By consuming any product, remember to be careful not to exceed the dose.

Damage and contraindications of use

These fruits should not be used in the following cases

  • If there are diabetes mellitus;
  • If there is open stomach ulcer;
  • Urinary calculations disease is a contraindication;
  • People who suffer from obesity should not eat dates
  • If they are intolerant to glucose.

Some peculiarities of dates consumption

  • Diarrhea may occur if they are eaten together with milk;
  • After eating dates, it is better to brush your teeth to avoid decay.

If you have no contraindications, you can consume these fruits without danger, but without violating the dose.

Daily dose

When consuming dates, it is necessary to follow the general rules of consumption and not exceed the daily dose. Experts have revealed that you should not eat more than ten fruits in one day.

In this case, there will be no negative consequences after use. In addition, it must take into account that 2 to 6 fruits will be enough for a child, depending on age, and not all adults must eat 10 fruits. You can eat 1 to 3 dates at the same time, sometimes it is enough for one day.

To use fruit for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to know some details about the intake.

Characteristics of its consumption

Apart from being delicious and nutritious, it has been discovered that dates have beneficial effects on certain conditions.

In popular medicine

In popular medicine and homemade cosmetology, dates are widespread and there are many simple recipes in the form of tinctures and decoctions to stabilize the State in certain diseases.

Dates for stomach and intestine swelling

In Arab countries, they mix dates with black cumin seeds and consume them several times a day.

Colon pain

To reduce pain, it is recommended to eat 7 fruits, preferably pressed, fasting. It is advisable to eat a spoonful of honey before.

Dates for dystrophy

The healers advise using a decoction of dates with rice for dystrophy. To prepare the broth, a liter of water is poured over 5 fruits and boiled for 15 minutes. When the liquid cools, you have to remove the seeds, spray the pulp and pour 50 ml. of broth. Boil the rice separately and mix it with the dates pulp. Take it together with the Congee during the day.

Apart from this, do not stop consulting a doctor and do not give up traditional medicine.

Dates for migraine

To prevent the appearance of migraine, you can eat a few dates every day. If an attack has already occurred, it is better to take special medications.

Dates for nerve conditions

It helps to calm the dotile consumption, drink them with milk, and you can also prepare a decoction of the fruit with milk. To prepare the broth you need to fill 7 fruits with 250 ml. Of milk and bring to a boil, after cooling the broth is ready, the fruit of the drink can be eaten.

Dates for emaciation

To eliminate emaciation you have to use more often fresh or dry fruits, or you can also crush and mix with nuts and eat this dough.

Important: In case of emaciation, we must not forget traditional medicine.

General tonic

For the use of fruit as a general tonic, you can eat a few fruits per day or you can prepare different salads with them.

To prepare a salad, mix chopped apples (3 pieces) and dates (200 g), add chopped nuts (50 g), pour the resulting mixture with lemon juice and yogurt.


The dates extract is used a lot in cosmetics, makes the skin softer, silky, rejuvenates. A mask like this can be prepared at home:

Crush 6 fruits without nuggets, mix with olive oil (20 ml), remove and apply on the skin for 20-25 minutes. If you make a mask of this type periodically, you will definitely realize that the skin becomes softer, softer, your color has improved.

Dates to improve the growth of eyelashes

To grow the eyelashes better, you can try this remedy: it burns a few pressed dates and uses the resulting “coal.”

How are the dates of dates?

The healers use pepitas decoctions to prevent the appearance of renal calculations. To make such a drink, grind 6 grains, pour water (0. 5 l.) Boil, after cooling, straining, drinking newly prepared composition 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals for fifteen days.

Important: Always consult a doctor when you suspect the appearance of calculations and to consult the possibility of using this remedy.

Seed powder helps cure wounds and diarrhea.

Calendar and basic conservation standards

Fruit storage peculiarities:

  • Fresh dates can be kept about 2 months in the refrigerator by placing them in a container or wrapping them on paper;
  • For prolonged storage, the varieties Ar Rusanna and Sharka are adequate;
  • Dry and dehydrated fruit can be kept in a dark and fresh place, and must be stored in a glass jar;
  • Frozen fruit can last about 5 years
  • pressed fruit must be kept at room temperature;
  • If stored for a long time, the fruit must be constantly checked and check;
  • The fruit can be stored in the form of pasta.

Datiles are good to prevent many diseases, but they are not a panacea. When using these fruits for medicinal purposes it is necessary to consult a doctor and take into account the contraindications. If you enjoy good health, dates are a great dessert and also a general tonic.

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