What does the black Mora compote contain?

Chokeberry is popularly known as black blackberry and is used in many popular recipes. Particularly dear is a bit sour to the taste of the berries. It is worth understanding why the compote is useful Chokeberry Black.

Chemical composition of the Black Espino Bayas Compote

The flavor of the Silvestre Serbal Bayas compote due to the composition of the berries. Purple black berries, which mature in mi d-autumn, have unique properties due to their high content of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of preparing dishes with choke default.

Chokeberry contains

  • Vitamins of Group B, E, C, P, K. This berry is a leader in its vitamin P content its quantity exceeds routine content in currants;
  • Betacarotene, iron, fluorine, manganese, iodine, boron, copper. Aronia is a leader in iodine content;
  • Natural sugars, tannins, nicotinic acid and folic acid. Due to these substances, the berries have an unusual sour-taste taste.

Black Espino berries are a dietary food, with only 50 kcal per 100 grams. Despite its relatively high sugar content, black thorn berries can be consumed even with diabetes. These berries

Useful properties for the agency

All beneficial substances contained in the Black Chokeberry berries are fully transferred to the dishes prepared from this product. The miraculous properties of drinking are used to treat many diseases, both in the recipes of popular medicine and in those of traditional medicine. The benefits of the tasty and fragrant compote of Mora de Choke have been demonstrated by science and practice.

The main advantage of Choke’s default is that it grows in the average belt of Russia and is available to almost everyone. For its growth it is not necessary to use chemical preparations, the development of berries is produced naturally. This guarantees that the product is completely safe and respectful of the environment.


Black Chokeberry’s compote is useful for women. The flavonoids contained in the berries, which support the production of collagen. This is the main component that allows the woman’s skin to remain beautiful, young, firm and hydrated.

In combination with vitamin C, compote of blackberries with lemon – the best remedy to keep the blood vessels in order. These substances strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent skin aging, prevent pigmentation formation and wrinkles.

The Black Aronia compote is especially recommended for pregnant women. It is a vitamin treasure that can replace multivitamin complexes. Women’s health benefits are as follows:

  • Thanks to the high content of useful substances in the drink, compote during pregnancy helps protect the fetus and guarantees the healthy development of the child in the mother’s womb;
  • During pregnancy, the use of compote relieves toxicity symptoms, this contributes to the content of the vitamin C drink;
  • During breastfeeding, berries help improve breastfeeding, increase hemoglobin and restore the immune system;
  • Kompot contains flavonoids, reduce the symptoms of menopause, help eliminate unpleasant symptoms.


Be benefit from the use of Black Serbal Bays compote for children. This berry is a growth stimulant, helps strengthen children’s body. The berry itself in its fresh form has a peculiar flavor, and many children do not like. But the dishes that prepare with it are a great way to fill the body with vitamins.

Aronia’s compote is an excellent way to fight colds and infectious and viral diseases. This is a great way to cope with diarrhea in children, drink helps and gently eliminate unpleasant symptoms, set stool. It helps to deal with inflammation, with a strong chest cough.


For men, Chokeberry’s compote is useful for the antioxidant content of berries. Regular use of this drink can protect blood vessels and heart, which significantly reduces the risk of circulatory system diseases.

Kompot allows you to improve immunity, clean the body of harmful compounds that cause tissue inflammation. It is an excellent disease prevention of the prostate, the urinary and digestive system.

The berries have an excellent diuretic, they contain tannins and anthocyanins, which contribute to the recovery of the important male organs. In short, it helps increase power.

How to prepare the compote

People, especially children, do not like the sour taste of the serbas, so varied berries are often used to prepare compotes. A rapid classic compote black recipe is as follows:

  • 0. 5 kg of berries;
  • 0. 5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • ½ lemon juice;
  • 2 liters of water.

This recipe is suitable for making a winter average. Process the berries, rinses and put them in sterilized jars. Add a slice of lemon to each jar. Pour sugar into the water and take it to boil.

The mixture must boil for 5 minutes for the sand to dissolve completely. Pour the syrup in the preparations, wrap them and wrap them into a blanket. The list of list must mature, for this the jar must be placed in a dark place.

Similarly, cook the compote with an assortment of berries and fruits. The following ingredients are the ones that best combine with black default:

  1. Step apples and pears, in proportion 2: 2: 1 with the berries. The combination of acid, sweet and sour flavors is unusual and many like.
  2. YellowThis combination is recommended to pregnant women and during breastfeeding. With 3 parts of yellow thorn and 2 parts of Serbal, a healthy and pleasant taste is obtained.
  3. Cherry and cherry leaves. Add freshly squeezed cherry juice and a few dry leaves to the Serbal compote to obtain a harmonious flavor. The leaves are collected in spring.
  4. Black currency. This drink has double benefits for the body. Crowds and blueberries are taken in proportion 2: 1.
  5. Lemon and mint. A great combination that provides extraordinary benefits in low season. For 0. 5 kg of blueberries, 0. 5 lemon and some twigs of fresh or dry mint.
  6. PlumsThe best are the bittersweet red berries. You can use frozen plums in 1: 1 proportion with serbas.
  7. Antonovka. Acid apples ripen in autumn, just like serbas. It is a good combination of aroma, flavor and health benefits. Peel and cut the fruit in slices and add lemon juice.

How to consume them correctly

Black Espino berries and prepared dishes are an excellent means to prevent and treat many diseases. The compote of a black chokeberry helps clean the body of toxins, normalize the characteristics of the blood, cholesterol levels. It is beneficial in thyroid gland, rheumatoid arthritis.

The use of serbal drinks helps with eye diseases, reduces the risk of cataracts, visual disability related to age, protects against ultraviolet light. It has a positive effect on the body on neurological diseases, helps fight cancer.

In case of arterial hypertension

The black chokeberry has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It is an indispensable product for hypertensive people. The berries normalizes blood pressure, helps in blood coagulation disorders and bleeding, reinforces immunity and affects the endocrine system. It also balances intraocular pressure.


The Black Chokeberry compote is an excellent means to normalize the pressure. This applies not only to hypertensive people. The interesting thing is that this unique berry is also effective for hypotension. As a universal remedy, compote allows normalizing blood pressure. There are practically no contraindications for use. No side effect has been identified.

With anemia and hypovitaminosis

Black chokeberry helps with anemia and hypovitaminosis. It is worth using a regular berry and drinking them in the low season. A good effect has a black Chokeberry compote with skirmish and black currency. You can also add ascorbic acid.

Diminished immunity

Frequent stress, depression, fatigue and high stress contribute to weakening immunity. The berries, with their unique composition, go to your rescue. Black Aronian drinks help him calm down, increase their resistance to seasonal diseases and improve cognitive function.

For atherosclerosis

Black cranberry drinks are a good remedy for the prevention of atherosclerosis. In addition, it is recommended to use products rich in vitamin C – skirmishes, black currants.

For digestion

Black Chokeberry compote – a great way to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. This berry has a positive effect on the stomach, increases the secretion of enzymes and gastric juice, increases the activity of biliary secretion. With their help, pathogenic bacteria are eliminated from the body.

Damage and some contraindications

The black chokeberry and drinks made from this berry can cause damage to the body, mainly due to inappropriate use. There are diseases in which the use of berries and compote is strictly contraindicated. They include:

  • Increased blood coagulation and tendency to formation of thrombocytes;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases, peptic ulcer, gastritis, especially during exacerbation;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • Persistent low blood pressure;
  • Bladder calculations.

It is important to observe the ration when drinking. No more than 300 ml of this delicious drink a day should be taken. The berries are practically not allergenic. However, if there is any reaction that you do not understand, you should consult your doctor before continuing to drink this drink.

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