What does the spelled contribute to the human body

Espelta is a very old variety of cereal that is grown in many countries of the world. His popularity declined during the nineteenth century, but today he is reappearing in the diets of consumers concerned with their health.

Ancient cereal varieties, among which are the spelled, are considered healthier and more nutritious than modern. Let’s find out what the spelled, its beneficial properties and its contraindications is.

What is the spelled

What is the spelled? The benefits and damages of this cereal approach the properties of wheat, but there are still differences. His scientific name is Triticum Spelta.

Chemical composition and calories of the spelled per 100 grams

Espelta contains calcium, selenium and vitamins (complex B, E). As most cereals, their chemical composition is rich in carbohydrates, is an excellent source of food fiber (fiber) and a series of micronutrients.

In terms of nutritional value, spelled is very similar to wheat. But a more detailed comparison shows that it contains slightly more zinc and proteins. About 80% of the proteins it contains are represented by gluten.

Nutritional value (100 g):

  • KJ – 525
  • Kcal – 125;
  • Proteins – 6. 2 g; Carbohydrates – 24 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 24 g; Fat – 0. 75 g;
  • Fat – 0. 75 g; fiber – 4. 2 g;
  • fiber – 4. 2 g;
  • Water – 63 g.

Table of contents of the main vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin Quantity (mg/100 g) Mineral (mg/100 g)
А 6 me Iron 2,1
В1 0. 15 Calcium 13
В3 2,9 Magnesium 55
В6 0,2 Zinc 1,8
Е 0,5 Match 147
Folic acid 0. 016 Selenium 0. 05

Properties for the human body

Benefits of Espelta for Human Health

  • Support for the immune system, protection against civilization diseases, cancer;
  • antiseptic effects;
  • Support and acceleration of digestion, removal of flatulence, improvement of intestinal transit;
  • satiety, helps digestion, also for weight loss;
  • Support for bone formation and elasticity of bones, joints, skin improvement, hair and nails;
  • Prevention of osteoporosis, anemia;
  • Support for nervous system health, migraine prevention;
  • Reduction of high cholesterol levels;
  • Correction of blood pressure;
  • Prevention of vascular and cardiac disorders;
  • Standardization of glycemic levels, gradual glucose release.

The benefits of

What makes spelled special? In addition to its typical nut flavor, it has the greatest amount of protein of all cereals. It has a low percentage of fat, mainly represented by unsaturated fatty acids. The cereal is rich in minerals, especially magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins of group B.

It has a positive effect on the immune system. Its high fiber content helps normalize digestion. That is why nutritionists advise eating thickness in case of gastrointestinal problems. Betacarotene and Tiocyanate favor cell regeneration and protect against infections. According to some experts, it even has ant i-cancer effects. The superficial layers of the grain contain a series of plant estrogens. These can be useful in hormo n-dependent cancer types.

Normalizes cholesterol and sugar levels

In addition to improving digestion, fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This means that it helps eliminate LDL bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol levels, and prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the foods that are ingested.

Although simple sugars and carbohydrates are dangerous for diabetics, the high fiber content of the spelled can eliminate these effects, helping to regulate, release and break down simple sugars in glucose. By regulating the release of insulin and glucose in the body, this cereal helps to better control the disease, while it is an excellent way to prevent it.

Fight overweight

Despite being relatively high in calories, spelled flour is more nutritious than classical white flour, since it contains a series of essential nutrients. Therefore, it is preferable to traditional white flour during weight loss. During weight loss, breakfast 1 slice of bread (50-60 g) with ham, cheese or homemade sauce and vegetables.

Stabilize the digestive system

1 cup of spelled flour contains 16 g of fiber and 1 sliced bread 2. 5 g. Fiber is important for the digestive system, favoring your health. The recommended daily dose of fiber for women is 25 g, and for men of 38 g.

Stimulation of the production of male sex hormones

Testosterone production normally decreases with age. When testosterone production falls sharply below normal levels, you can experience a series of unpleasant symptoms.

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body. It is the main male sex hormone, but in women it also occurs in small quantities.

This hormone affects masculine appearance and sexual development. Stimulate sperm production and also helps increase muscle and bone mass.

One of the simplest ways to significantly increase the natural production of testosterone is to supply essential vitamins and minerals. Niacin is one of the essential vitamins found in spelled. This substance plays a key role in the adrenal glands, especially in the production of sex hormones.

Increase stress resistance

When stressed, you have to increase vitamins of group B. Its lack of diet has a negative effect on the skin, nails and hair. In turn, a lack of magnesium can cause muscle cramps and blood pressure problems. Before running to the pharmacy for a supplement, try the spelled. Its rich content of antiestrés vitamins and minerals makes this excellent cereal a really ideal food for those who go through stressful situations.

Strengthens bones

The spelled contains an impressive variety of essential minerals for bone health. These minerals favor bone development and actively prevent osteoporosis and other ag e-related diseases caused by bone weakness.

Side effects and contraindications

Although integral cereals are beneficial to human health, some people may be harmed by spelled consumption. For example, due to its gluten content, among the contraindications to include it in the diet are celiacism, gluten hypersensitivity and irritable intestine syndrome.

For celiacs, gluten causes an autoimmune reaction that manifests itself in the form of inflammation of the small intestine. This serious disease can only be cured following a glute n-free diet for life.

Gluten sensitivity can also experience other unpleasant symptoms. The most common manifestation is digestive discomfort.

Allergic reactions in people with allergy to cereals can also occur with spelled. The allergy is triggered by the induction of an immune response to the proteins contained in wheat or wheat flour.

Espelta consumption specialties

If you want to try the spelled, it is not necessary to immediately discard white flour. The spelled has a stronger flavor than the wheat to which it is accustomed. At first, it is advisable to mix 1/3 of spelled flour with 2/3 white flour. Gradually increase the amount of spelled flour. If you use pastry flour, it will be darker and the dough will be more rigid. Use 10-20% more yeast and ledant agent than is accustomed.

When cooking spelled paste, don’t pour the water. Use it as a basis for a nutritious vegetable soup.

In the kitchen

The spelled can be included in the diet, either as a whole grain or as flour. If whole grains are used, you have to wash them well before cooking and letting them soak all night.

Subsequently, it can be used as a substitute for other dishes rich in carbohydrates (for example, rice or potatoes).

When preparing dishes containing normal wheat flour, it can be replaced by spelled flour, since its properties are very similar.

How to cook species flour

As already mentioned, the grain can be used as a universal dietary garnish. The granal washed in soak all night and then boil until they are tender. It can be used to make risotto or porridge, or serve with vegetables or meat.

Another option is to pour boiling water on the granons and leave the pot covered under a comforter, so that they are cooked naturally. In an hour, the grain will be swollen and cracked, that is, ready for consumption or for its subsequent transformation.

The spelled is also used to make coffee: with it you can prepare a healthy drink with a pleasant nut and without caffeine flavor.

At what age can children be given to the children?

It is recommended to introduce gluten foods from 6 months of age, to reduce the risk of allergy.

The first porridge should not contain gluten at all, or only a small amount, so that they do not cause a clash in the child’s digestive system. In no case should you start with the famous semolina. It contains a large dose of gluten, which can cause the baby strong stomach pains or other symptoms at half an hour to consume it. For this reason, the spelled, preferably in the form of pasta, is the most suitable basic cereal for the first porridge.

With what to mix it

The boiled cereal is suitable for Budines, chops. The cereal is used in the form of healthy porridge. They combine well with vegetables, fruit (sweet porridge), meat.

The flou r-lisa and thick- has universal uses in the kitchen, especially to bake.

For medicinal purposes

It is said that Santa Hildegarda de Bingen once said: “If a man cannot eat anything, nothing helps him for his illness, the spelled will stand up.”Modern medicine attributes to the grain the effects of stimulating the immune system. At the same time, it is easy to digest and has much lower toxicity for allergic ones. Therefore, people allergic to wheat can use it as a substitute.

Cough mixture

The onion soup with spelled can help against cough.

To prepare it, you will need

  • 30 g of boiled spelled;
  • 4 medium onions;
  • Sesame oil;
  • a handful of peeled almonds;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • bun;
  • 1 l of vegetable broth;
  • grated cheese;
  • parsley.

Fry the chopped onion in ½ cup of oil until golden brown, add the chopped almonds, salt, pour the broth. Bring to boil, sprinkle with green parsley. Fry the buns cut into dice in the other half of the oil, put them into a fountain and pour the soup above. Finally, add 1 tablespoon of grated cheese to each ration.

Gachas with honey for diarrhea

A delicious recipe for diarrhea are porridge with vanilla and strawberries.

  • 50 g of gachas;
  • 200 ml of almond milk;
  • vanilla;
  • 100 g of strawberries;
  • 20 g of sultanas raisins;
  • 10g of almonds;
  • Honey.

Boil the spelled in the milk, add the vanilla and the sultane raisins. Once the porridge thickened, put it in a bowl, decorate with strawberries, rolled almonds, pour over honey.

In homemade cosmetics

The spelled can be used in ointments and creams to make excellent facial and body care products. To clean and rejuvenate the skin, ground grains can be used without any additive: it is a good natural exfoliant.

Facial masks

There are several ways to prepare a facial mask. Masks applied for 20 minutes, wash with warm water.

  • Variant №1: Moler 50 grains, mix with egg white, ½ tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 drop of chip or chamomile oil.
  • VARIANT 2. MOLER 50 GR. Cereals, mix with chamomile decoction until you get a thick porridge.

Facial and body exfoliant

The spelled exfoliant is easy to prepare. Grind the spelled in a coffee grinder, add 1: 1 of ground coffee and honey to make a paste. Use as a normal exfoliant.

How to choose and conserve spelled

If the spelled, whose benefits and losses we have already spoken, is not cultivated at home in spikes, give preference to the integral varieties when buying it. The most useful flour is also made of whole grain, thanks to which it does not lose its valuable shell when processing it. The peeled and industrially prosecuted spelled causes an increase in blood glucose, similar to classical wheat flour.

Keep the spelled in a dry and dark place, in a closed container or in a bag. The maximum storage time is about 6 months. With longer storage gradually loses its useful properties and flavor.

It is not advisable to store the grain along with products that have a characteristic smell: it is good to absorb strange odors, becoming inadequate for consumption.

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