What effect does black blackberry have on blood pressure?

The first mention of the plant was in North America. The aborigines used the bush berries to make flour. Chokeberry was cool for the first time powdered after drieding it. In ancient times its medicinal virtues had not yet been discovered, although Serbal juice was already used to treat burns.

Entted in Europe by the Dutch, the Endrino was considered an ornamental plant by its white flowers and the unusual crimson color of its leaves in autumn. Thanks to the genetic improvement of Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin, the Chokeberry variety was developed in Russia, which was called its author.

The new variety also received the name of Liquor Rowania for the sweetness of the berries. The berries had a more intense flavor than their American predecessor and a size of 8 to 10 mm. The variety was distinguished by its resistance to frost, its productivity and attractive appearance.

In the 1960s, the Black Chokeberry was officially appointed medicinal plant after discovering its numerous therapeutic properties. The gardeners continue to cultivate it as an ornamental bush.

Black Chokeberry is popular by its little demanding nature, since the plant adapts quickly to almost all soils. The bush gives the first harvest in two or three years after planting, it is not subject to garden diseases, in spring attracts bees to the garden because of their abundant flowering. The regular and abundant harvest allows not only to use fresh berries in summer, but also use them in autumn for various preparations.

They mature in early autumn, but the collection is usually delayed until after the first frost. That is when Chokeberry becomes sweeter and more juicy. The collection of aromatic tea leaves must be done in summer. Black Chokeberry leaves are collected after flowering, when a long time ago. The cortex is collected after the harvest of berries or early spring.

How does black blackberry affect blood pressure (increase or decrease)?

Most have the wrong idea that black blueberry is used only as phytopharmaceutical hypotensor. Blood voltage not only decreases, but also normalized after the treatment with tail default. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications, this plant can be used by both hypertensive and hypotensive.

It is difficult to overestimate the positive effects of the serba in the state of blood vessels. The black serba prevents harmful cholesterol deposition. Strengthens its walls and increases its elasticity. This improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

Black Chokeberry Properties

Curative benefits and properties

The black chokeberry is a vitamin treasure. The Silvestre Chokeberry contains A, B, C, E, Rare K and P. The high content of oligoelements, folic acid and pectin allows this crop to occupy the first place among medicinal plants for the prevention of vascular diseases, the normalization of thePa and immunity.

Aronia has a healing effect on many vital functions of the organism:

  • strengthens the heart;
  • Aronia normalizes the status of blood vessels
  • normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Improve endocrine function
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • Activate the immune system.

The most effective use of black chokeberry at the beginning of hypertension. This herb is used successfully in the treatment of rheumatism, allergic reactions. Chokeberry has diuretic properties and eliminates body bile.

This kind of Serbal is a human nurse. Chokeberry helps to eliminate the “bad” pathogenic bacteria and cholesterol from the organism, but also metals, radioactive elements and other effects of radioactive radiation.

Black thorn is prescribed for serious diseases such as radiation disease, diabetes, toxic goitre and even cancer. Some European researchers have placed the black thorn as the most effective cure cure against cancer.

The consumption of products based on Black Aronia is recommended to improve the view, the tendency to chronic bronchitis and low stomach acidity. Low calorie berries can be used as a dietary supplement during the fight against obesity.

Possible damage

Even the healthiest berries can be harmful if it abuses it. This is directly related to the black chokeberry. When used as a medicine, it is necessary to follow the recommended doses and regime.

The berry has a strong therapeutic effect on the body. Its overdose can cause hypertensive crises, exacerbations of gastritis and stomach ulcers, as well as the formation of blood clots.

How to take Serbal to normalize blood pressure and strengthen the heart


The collection must be done after the first temperatures below zero, when the berries are full of sweetness and fragrance. Mature fruit can be taken 2 to 3 times a day with half a glass to reduce PA.

When mixing the fresh chokeberry with grated beet, a medicinal mixture is obtained to raise hemoglobin.

It can grind the serbas with a meat chopper, mix them equally with sugar and use them in case of allergies and low immunity. This mixture will be kept in the refrigerator for a long time.

Bay and leave tea

The berries and leaves can dry in an oven or in a special dryer. The temperature should not exceed 60 ° C. You can also dry the herbs naturally, but then it will take much more. Rinse the berries before drying them.

It is necessary to take 50 g of dried leaves and 50 g of dry berries, pour the mixture into a previously scalded kettle, pour boiling water and infusion for at least half an hour. Drinking this tea should be before a meal at 150 – 200 grams.

Attention! When beer is made, tea leaves only, finished drink has antiseptic properties and is suitable for external use. After straining it, it is used to wash wounds and cuts.

Two varieties of Serbal drink

The drink can be prepared with both fresh and dry berries. The entire fruit is boiled in boiling water and boiled for 10-12 minutes. You have to grind in a mortar 6 – 8 tablespoons of the dry mixture, pour hot water and boil for 8 – 10 minutes. Then you have to wrap and infuse the drink for 4 – 5 hours. Strain and drink cold.

IMPORTANT: The addition of Serbal Red enhances the antiseptic and laxative qualities of the Chokeberry Aronia.

Drink with red blueberry

An excellent prophylactic is a drink prepared similarly from the black chokeberry with the addition of red blueberry. You can add lemon, thyme or honey to create a new flavor. The drink must be left in infusion for a few hours after boiling it and then filtering through a few layers of gauze.


The decoction is prepared with dried berries and leaves. 5 – 6 tablespoons are boiled in a pot or boiled with boiling water in a thermos. It is recommended to leave the decoction for at least one day. The decoction differs from drinking with a greater concentration, which is achieved by long infusion.

Then it is necessary to strain the decoction. Saving such a drink is better in the refrigerator. Take it three times a day, half a glass before meals.


Put 1 kg of pure berries in 1 liter of boiling water. During the boiling, you can add some cherry leaves, which are then removed from syrup. After the water with the berries has boiled a few minutes, 2 cups of sugar and 20 grams of citric acid are added.

Once the granulated sugar is dissolved, let the syrup cool and rest for a few hours. Then it is put on the fire, it is boiled, sneaks and poured with care in jars. After packing it with iron tapas, the syrup is stored in the winery for a long time. Take 1 tablespoon of syrup several times a day before meals.

Mix with honey

To prepare the healing mixture for 100 g of berries they need 2 tablespoons of honey. Parsley, wash and grind the berries in a blender. Then mix with honey and take 2 – 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon. I pure ground can be stored in the refrigerator or frozen in cubes in the freezer.

Rowan Bayas Decoction

Wild roses, raspberries or strawberries can be added to vary and enhance the therapeutic effects of the decoction of ash berries. As long as the decoction is not squeezed after preparing it, boiled berries can be taken several times a day along with the cooking.

Chokeberry juice

Black chokeberry berries prepared in the usual way, it is necessary to grind with a blender and then rub the dough through a sieve or gauze. It is easier and faster to juice with a polishing. Next, water is poured over the cake, it is heated at a temperature of 60 ° C, it is left infusion a few hours, the resulting infusion is mixed with the juice.

Note Been! It is not recommended to prepare a large volume of juice at once, since it loses its healing properties during storage.

The exception is to freeze fresh juice in molds or ice bags. It is worth taking 50g. 3 times a day before meals.

Tincture with rosemate leaves

Various therapeutic tinctures are prepared by adding vodka to the Serbal berries. Any additional ingredient used can increase the improper and reconstitutional effects of tincture.

Important: Add skirmish to tincture allows you to use this medication in hypotensive people.

The black chokeberry berries, the leaves and the skirmish are crushed in a blender. Next, the mixture is introduced into a liter bottle, filling it halfway, and 0. 5 liters of vodka are poured. Insist two weeks, avoiding direct sunlight. Tincture must be stored in the refrigerator and take 30 – 40 drops after meals.

Tincture with oak bark

The addition of oak bark to tincture neutralizes the laxative effect of the chokeberry and confers the drink a color and aroma similar to those of the brandy. Before mixing it with the berries, grind the oak bark in a mortar or grinder.

IMPORTANT: During the two weeks of preparation, it agitates tincture periodically. This procedure must be carried out every 3 or 4 days.

Clove tincture

Nails add a specific flavor to berry tincture. Add 4 to 5 nails per 0. 5 liters of vodka. 1 tablespoon of honey is added and left in a dark place for 2 or 3 months. The drink can be taken 2 times a day, 25 – 30 drops after meals.

Jam .

Aronia’s jam should be taken as a medicine and not as treat. You have to boil 1 kg of berries in water for a few minutes. Then pass the berries to another container, add half a kilo of sugar and cook over low heat until the first signs of boiling appear. The jam should be hot in sterilized glass jars and seal with iron tapas.


3 tablespoons of dried Serbal berries are poured into a thermos and boiling water is poured. Infusion can last from a few hours to one day. It is recommended to take 80-100 grams before a meal.

Possible contraindications

To understand the contraindications of the use of black chokeberry, it is necessary to remember its properties. The berry increases acidity, so people suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis should not consume it.

Chokeberry’s ability to affect blood pressure makes it dangerous for patients with arterial hypertension, hypotension and low blood pressure.

Warning. Take remedies on the basis of Chokeberry can only be after consulting your doctor.

In thrombophlebitis diseases, Chokeberry varicose veins is contraindicated for use. The laxative properties of the berry lead to the prohibition of people prone to stomach disorders.


The application of Chokeberry Black remedies, it should be remembered that any phyto treatment has a slight effect on the body. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to use the lon g-term product. While treatment with pills lasts one or two weeks, a treatment based on last months.

A treatment with a decoction or tincture usually lasts a month. Then, after a te n-day break, he continues for another month. In the absence of contraindications and with visible results, phyto treatment can be continued for several years.

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