What is almond oil for?

Almond oil is rich in composition. That is why it is a basic ingredient in a large number of cosmetic products. It is rich in oleic acid. This substance nourishes, hydrates and improves the elasticity of the skin.

In addition, almond oil contains many important vitamins, minerals and valuable fatty acids. Its combination makes the skin soft, healthy and bright. The use of this oil increases cell regeneration and protects the dermis from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Almond oil is useful for body care, hair, cuticles and eyelashes. It helps fight wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite. Protects against light UV rays (ideal to use under the spring sun). Suitable for the care of all types of skins (even that of babies), since it is hypoallergenic.

Almond oil properties

Almonds are grown in two varieties: sweet and bitter. It should be noted that bitter almonds contain up to 8% tonsil. It is a very toxic substance. Its hydrolysis liberates hydrogen cyanide. Prevents cells from obtaining ATP molecules and interrupts oxygen metabolism. Therefore, bitter almond is only used in cosmetics, home products.

His walnut smell is more pronounced. Sometimes, producers add between 1% and 2% of this oil to a squeezing of sweet almonds to enhance its flavor. To reduce the amount of tonsil, almonds are tan before use.

Chemical and physical properties of almond oil
Aspect It varies from yellow to colorless depending on its quality.
Flavor Delicate, to nut, it changes a lot if the product is not stored correctly.
Smell Delicate, almost no n-existent, with vanilla nuances.
Melting point +2 ° с
Freezing -10 A-21 ° C
Solubility Little soluble in 96%ethanol, miscible with oil ether.


A intolerance to this product is rarely produced. In addition, it has many useful qualities. Therefore, it is actively used in the development of cosmetic products. Sweet almond oil properties

  • Deep hydration;
  • Nutrition;
  • Protection against UV rays
  • elimination of inflammation;
  • Relief of skin texture, increased skin elasticity, firmness;
  • Acne reduction.

It is also used in other areas. For example such as:

  • The eye drops base;
  • A cure for ears pain;
  • the main active ingredient of creams;
  • lubricant for watches, tools, weapons;
  • Oil to treat wood flutes.

It contains valuable ingredients. Thanks to them, this product is indispensable in the struggle for youth and beauty.

Composition of almond oil
Substances Benefit
Fats Similar structures are present in the cell walls. Therefore, fatty acids reinforce the barrier function of the dermis and strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.
Oleic Able to penetrate the basal layer of the skin and regenerate it from the inside.
Linoleic It occupies 20% of the total. It increases protection against the sun, favors hydroequilibrium, reinforces local immunity, relieves irritations.
Palmitic It forms a protective barrier that helps defend against environmental damages.
Retinol (a) Key ingredient in cell regeneration. Prevents DNA alterations.
Tocoferol (E) In 100 grams of 32 mg of vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant. Prevents aging. It helps retain moisture in cell structures.
Groups b It contributes to the absorption of other vitamins. Improves metabolic processes.
Д They favor the immune system.
Potassium Regulates blood pressure.
Magnesium Strengthens cell membranes.
Calcium Reinforces skin protection. As part of the oil, it helps people with solar allergies.

Damage and possible contraindications

Despite its abundant positive qualities, almond oil can be harmful to the appearance of the skin. It is contraindicated for women

  • With fatty scalp (as a hair product), since there is a risk of soaking the curls too much, turning the hair into carambans;
  • if they have a personal intolerance;
  • people with problematic skin;
  • prone to comedones, black points (clogged pores favor imperfections).

Be careful when buying cosmetics if the above applies to you. After all, almond oil in creams acts as an emollient. That is, a substance aimed at improving the texture of the product, to create a sensation of hydration. But together with the cream silicones, the oil is deposited only on the surface of the skin, it does not let it breathe and obstruct the pores.

Use of almond oil in cosmetology

Almond oil penetrates the skin well. That is why it is frequently added to skin care products. Sweet almond oil has very useful properties. Its use in cosmetology is widespread. It is used as:

  • Moisturizer for body skin;
  • massage oil
  • bath product;
  • Main ingredient in lip balms, creams, ointments;
  • Base ingredient in baby care products;
  • Nutrient for shampoos, conditioners, masks, indelible emulsions.

The daily makeup application, exposure to UV rays, constant muscular movement, city dust exposure and frozen air expose the face to many dangers. Premature aging is one of them.

Almond oil is ideal for the care of face skin. It has a light texture and good absorption. Thanks to its saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, it is ideal for nourishing dermis. It is multifunctional and very effective. Almond oil has the following properties and uses for the face:

  • Alisa wrinkles. A massage with this product relaxes the muscles, nourishes depressed areas, thus reducing the signs of aging.
  • UV protection. Linoleic oil of the oil creates a barrier that blocks the sun’s rays.
  • Deep nutrition in winter. The face suffers especially with the cold. Almond oil replenishes the essential substances of the skin and relieves the effects of temperature changes.
  • Replenish hydration. Restore the natural protective layer. Avoid evaporation of surface water.
  • Fight cracks and peeling. This natural elixir of youth stimulates the regeneration of the tissues and accelerates the healing of the microdaves.

Dry Skin

For the type of dehydrated skin, this peanut product is indispensable. Its effect is soft. Hydrates, protect against sabañones. Calm dry skin without causing dermatological problems. Cold pressed almond oil is preferred. Retains more substances.

Fat and problem skins

Be careful with excessive sebaceous activity and frequent appearance of eruptions. The oil can block the micr o-ranks of the dermis, causing the appearance of grains. Gasa skin girls should not apply the oil more than once a week.

Sensitive skin

Almond oil is a lifeguard for patients with sensitive skin. It does not contain allergens. The oil has a light consistency. It absorbs well. It doesn’t leave a movie.


The signs of aging in the face appear due to mimicry, destruction of cells and the loss of skin quality. The almond elixir replenishes the missing substances. Strengthens cell walls. Neutralize the oxidative processes of the tissues. Its regular application reduces wrinkles by 15-20%.


Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, the oil is excellent for removal. It supports the elimination of wate r-resistant cosmetics. At the same time, it does not load the skin with silicones, artificial fragrances, etc.

Already in ancient times, people valued this natural remedy. It was used for beauty and youth. Cleopatra bathed with a mixture of donkey milk and almond oil to increase its appeal and have a velvety body.

This product is excellent for night care and day. It is added to most creams. Improves the firmness and elasticity of the body. Doctors allow their use to:

  • Children;
  • Infants;
  • pregnant women;
  • seniors.

Skin care

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. You need adequate and regular care to maintain your beauty and youth for years. A daily skin care routine will help your body look more smooth and more attractive:

  1. Rub the problematic zones with a natural bristle brush. This improves microcirculation and eliminates keratinized particles.
  2. Contrast shower (5-10 minutes).
  3. Apply almond oil on the humid body. Seal the water inside the skin. Penetrates the deepest layers of the dermis through open microchannels.

The effect will be visible in a week.

Ant i-cellulite massage

Massages to eliminate cellulite can be performed with suction cups or hands. Almond oil is excellent in both cases. Tone the skin and activate the regeneration process. Cell metabolism accelerates thanks to the supply of nutrients. After a massage course, the skin is firmer and the percentage of subcutaneous tissue is reduced.”The orange skin disappears. The body is regenerated. The mental balance is stabilized.

For therapeutic treatments, most masseuses and physiotherapists prefer almond oil. This choice is not only due to its good healing properties. Its soft, relaxing and discreet aroma is highly appreciated by customers.


In the wrapping, almond oil is used as an additional ingredient. It is added to the main mixture or the essence to complete the treatment. It enhances the activity of the other ingredients. It also works on its own. Nourishes, softens the structure of the skin. The body is transformed and rejuvenated after almond oil wrap.

Nails and cuticles

Wash, clean, cast the cold, the cold has a negative effect on the state of the nails and cuticles. Almond oil can help keep your hands. Repair the damaged structure of the nails and hydrate the cuticles. It prevents the cold, wind and domestic chemicals from destroying the beauty of your fingers.

Eyelashes and eyebrows

This natural beauty product will help you get long eyelashes and populated eyebrows. Nourish the hair follicles better than the castor oil. It also makes the hair strong and bright.


Almond oil can tame those rebel hair of the beard. It has an emollient effect. The pleasant fragrance of the beard and its animated and well careful appearance are a welcome plus to a rigid faded beard.


There are many ways to use this herbal oil to enhance the beauty of the hair. It is used instead of

  • A mask
  • a conditioner without washing for the tips
  • hair growth enhancer;
  • color enhancer (1 teaspoon for every 60 grams of dye);
  • antistatic

Will make the curls

  • soft;
  • powerful;
  • long;
  • Bright.

For stretch marks

Stretch marks are formed in the body due to abnormally fast skin stretching. For example, during pregnancy. The body does not have time to produce enough collagen and elastin. That is why stretch marks appear in the body. Almond oil brings to cells the nutrition they lack. Regeneration processes are activated. The scar tissue is replaced by connective tissue. The stretch marks disappear.

Who can benefit from this product

  • Women during pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • Adolescents during growth, hormonal adaptation;
  • Athletes with a significant increase in muscle mass.

How to choose and keep almond oil

Quality almond oil:

  • You should not have a strong smell;
  • It has a faint yellow color;
  • It is sold in dark containers;
  • It can be kept up to 10 months.

A rancid flavor and smell means that the oil has spoiled and has lost its medicinal properties. To avoid this, keep it in a dark and fresh place for a maximum of 6 months after use.

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