What is avocado good?

This is the result of the fruit of a perennial tree of the laurel family. It is a very uncommon fruit and has a thick, oily and very creamy pulp, with a “herbaceous” flavor and aroma characteristic.

The fruit is usually rounded or pea r-shaped, usually with a dark green cortex, in some cases almost black. Many of the fruits are bright, while others are slightly lumpy. The weight of the fruit varies considerably, from small avocados of 200-250 g to giants of more than one kilo.

Composition and calories

  • Calories, Kcal: 312
  • Proteins, Gr: 3. 0
  • Fats, Gr: 40. 0
  • Carbohydrates, Gr: 8. 0

The caloric value of the fruit is usually about 416 kcal per 100 g, depending on the fatty content of the avocado, which in turn is determined by the species and the place of culture.

Vitamin content

The fruit is considered a valuable crop for its composition and wealth of properties. The value of the fruit is quite high. At the same time, all energy value is due to adequate elements, since avocados are practically exempt from harmful and glucose fats.

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The composition of the fruit includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in addition to nutritional fibers, minerals, bioactive elements and water. Among the minerals are potassium, more present than in bananas and apricots, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese and iron. Ascorbic acid, vitamins B, A and PP are vitamins of this fruit. Particularly high content in the vitamin E fruit, which helps saturate oxygen cells.

Another important component in avocado – oleic acid, which can help decompose harmful cholesterol in the blood, prevents the formation of plates and the obstruction of blood vessels.

Fruit properties

The fruit is used both in the kitchen and for health purposes, as well as in cosmetology. Because of its composition, it is a preventive food of various pathologies. For more information, see below.

The benefits of

Avocado has many benefits for the entire organism. It is used in joint diseases, heart, blood vessels, nervous system, eyes, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, urinary system, skin, immunity and men.

For the joints

The fruit is able to relieve the course of arthritis.

There are several types of arthritis, but often the inflammation of the joints is a persistent problem against which a person has to fight for a long time. Studies have discovered that avocado extracts can relieve the symptoms of bone arthritis (osteoarthritis), including pulling pain, enlargement of joints and bone growth.

For the heart and blood vessels

Scientific studies have revealed that this fruit contains “good” monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These types of fats, despite their important caloric content, can really help reduce cholesterol and reduce the threat of cardiovascular diseases. This fruit is considered one of the most essential for heart health.

For nerves

The fruit has the effect of increasing work capacity and stabilizing the nervous system. Avocados can help control depression, stress and fatigue.

For eyes

The fruit increases the absorption of antioxidants of other foods and is rich in antioxidants. In particular, it includes elements such as lutein and carotenoids, crucial for ocular health. It has been suggested that these carotenoid pigments are related to a lower risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, two conditions that usually appear during old age.

For the bronchi

PROD is effectively used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. For bronchial cleaning, it can be consumed raw or prepared in various popular remedies.

For intestines

The fruit fiber content of the fruit (4. 76 mg in 150 g) indicates that its consumption can help normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and restore deposits in cases of constipation.

For diabetics

Stabilize the degree of glucose in the blood. For diabetics, it is important to keep their blood sugar level stable. A patient can overcome this problem eating avocado without any supplement. It would be better if people try to use the fruit of the fruit grains. This can help balance blood glucose.

Replacement of the main food. For people diagnosed with diabetes, nutritionists often advise that it is necessary to reduce carbohydrate intake. For the diet to be more correct, you can replace the intake of direct carbohydrates by avocados.

Elimination of diabetic neuropathy. Avocados include fat, which is good for wel l-being. With other vitamins contained in fruit, real avocados can strengthen the nervous system to eliminate diabetic neuropathy.

Relieves diabetes. Not only is it good for diabetics, but eating this fruit is also highly recommended for those who want to avoid diabetes.

For the liver

Japanese doctors insist that if the avocado fruit is eaten, a liver protection can be formed against the negative effects of a series of toxic elements. Specifically, they have studied with laboratory rats. They fed rodents with 20 different fruits, in order to determine their level of impact on the liver.

At the same time, they also administered small doses of the galactosamine element, considered toxic. It turned out that rodents whose diet included the fruit were the ones who suffered less damage to the liver.

For kidneys and bladder

It turns out that, by its own composition, the bone is superior to the grass used. The avocado seed is extremely rich in potassium and phosphorus, recognized for its antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Seed saponins have a positive effect on the metabolism of the elements and reduce cholesterol.

It can be used to get rid of kidney and bladder calculations. Doctors recommend using it as a preventive measure against cancer, but do not forget their poisonous properties. To make the most of it, you have to know how to process it successfully.

First, you have to strip the bone of your brown skin and dehydrate it. Then you have to grate it and put it in the oven slightly hot for 2 hours, so that the seed content is gathered and acquires an amber red color.

For libido

This greenish fruit, which is lately used so actively in the kitchen, includes proteins, potassium and vitamin A. All these necessary elements have miraculous qualities. Avocado has a positive effect on libido. And its use combined with prawns will work even better.

For the skin

For attractive, clear, bright and firm skin, avocados are essential. They contain essential vitamins A and E that protect free radical cells and maintain hydrolypid balance, preventing signs of premature aging.

Hollywood doctor Joanna Vargas, for example, advises her clients to add a fruit shake, an apple, and leafy greens to their menu two weeks before the big action. According to her, the chlorophyll found in fruits and green leafy vegetables can help saturate the skin with absolutely all the elements that are important to it, thus cleaning it. In addition, this way you can lose a couple of kilos by changing your dinner for a glass of this type of shake.

Fruit fats are mega good for your skin. The oils of this fruit help to maintain the unity of the shell around the skin cell. The fats are primed to reduce inflammation. For this reason, dermatologists often prescribe this fruit to their own clients with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. However, in the mentioned cases, it should continue to be eaten and not applied to the skin.

Avocado improves skin tone and density. Prevents wrinkles and protects the skin from dryness at any time of the year. Without the fat in the avocado, vitamins A and E could not be inside the cell, where they are most needed. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is necessary for the body to make new cells.

If the body acquires it in sufficient quantities, the skin looks young and fresh.

for immunity

A high content of essential elements and natural antioxidants strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation. This is very important for those who put stress on their body.

Possible harm and contraindications

The fruit is dangerous for those allergic to citrus fruits, latex and those with personal intolerances. The seeds should not be consumed internally in any case because they contain toxic substances that can harm the body.

No person should abuse the fruit for its allergenicity and its nutritional value.

How to choose the fruit?

The fruit is one of the few that do not ripen on the plant, the fruit is always plucked slightly immature. In order for the fruit to ripen whole, it should be stored in a dark, dry place, perhaps wrapped in paper (newspaper is fine). When picking up fruit from the counter, be sure to pick it up with your hands and squeeze it lightly.

A good fruit is firm, but it squeezes a little when pressing it. If the fruit is “stiff”, it is better to refrain from buying it, since it has been collected very soon and it is unlikely to mature. You should also avoid buying soft fruit with dark spots on the skin; The softness indicates that the fruit is too mature and has completely lost its flavor.

How to peel and eat it correctly?

Take the fruit and be sure to rinse the bark. Limpial and prepare to cut it. With a sharp knife, cut the pulp around the circumference of the fruit (it is better to cut along). When you find a hard bone, don’t try to separate it.

When you have cut the entire circumference, hold the two halves and slightly turn the palms of your hands; The pulp will separate without tightening from the bone. Carefully remove the halves bone, take a spoon and scrape simply the cortex pulp, cutting it previously into dice or slices. In some cases, expert buyers first cut the pieces with a knife (so that then they are identically the same) and then scrape the pulp with a spoon.

According to experts, it is not allowed to eat more than half a avocado a day. Of course, he is rich in nutrients. But this fruit causes weight gain.

How to keep it?

If you do not want to use the entire fruit, leave the half to which the bone has not been removed. The upper part of the pulp will resent, but below there is a new pulp, which can be consumed. To prevent it from getting black, moisten the halves or chopped pulp with lemon juice, soy sauce or vegetable oil.

It is probably the most important fruit for wel l-being: it has more fats and vitamins than any other plant. The fruit is easy to eat, since it can be consumed raw and also used in the kitchen.

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