What is blueberry juice during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, as we know, immunity decreases sharply, there is a deficit of vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to help the body giving what he needs.

The blueberry juice during pregnancy is very useful, because it is a treasure of useful substances. But that he brought his usefulness, what he needs to know how much and when he can drink, as well as the way of cooking the right bite itself. We are going to talk about this.

What is a bite

The bite is a traditional refreshing drink of Russian cuisine. Its distinctive characteristic of others is that the juice of berries or fruits is not boiled, and therefore retains its vitamin composition. The most useful is the Morsel of red blueberries.

Blueberry juice is a drink of our childhood. Prepared with love for my mother, it has always been a delight for its flavor and aroma. Natural, without diverse additives, it is a low calorie drink:

Calories 26 kcal
Protein 0 g
Fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 5-6 g
Dietary fiber 0. 1 g

Table of calories and nutritional values per 100 ml

It is especially valuable for its chemical composition of vitamins and minerals:

Vitamins (per 100 ml of product) Minerals (per 100 ml)
B Group 1. 15 mg Potassium 10. 4 mg
С 1. 3 mg Calcium 5. 3 mg
Е 0. 86 mg Magnesium 2. 2 mg
РР 0. 026 mg Chlorine 1. 1 mg
Н 52 mg Sodium 1 mg
А 0. 02 mg Sulfur 0. 9 mg
Match 0. 8 mg
Iron 0. 08 mg
  • Catechins (organic substance with antioxidant and ant i-inflammatory properties)
  • flavonoids (plant substances that activate enzymes)
  • Anthocyanins (plant pigment with ant i-inflammatory effect)
  • Fitocidas (substances that can destroy and inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi).

The glycemic index of the product is 50 units.

Can pregnant women take blueberry juice?

During pregnancy, the body of the future mother experiences strong hormonal changes. There are things as unpleasant as toxemia, edema and digestive disorders. The useful substances of the berries help deal with these problems. And, thanks to its composition in vitamins and minerals, they contribute to the correct formation of the embryo.

So can pregnant women take blueberry juice? Doctors recommend their consumption to women in a state of gestation. But also in this case everything must be in moderation.

At the beginning of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, this drink helps the mother’s health to deal with hormonal disorders that accompany her and reinforce the weakened immune system. Drinking at least one glass a day helps to replace the missing elements in the body.

  1. It is an excellent prevention against flu and acute respiratory viral infections, especially in autumn and spring.
  2. The acidic flavor of the berries helps to deal with nausea and vomiting, which appear in the early stages.
  3. Reinforces vascular walls and, therefore, improves embryo fixation.
  4. It favors the flow of nutrients to the fetus.
  5. Flavonoids prevent the lack of oxygen.
  6. The iron of the drink prevents the appearance of anemia (lack of iron).
  7. Ascorbic acid prevents inflammation.

Late pregnancy

Doctors also advise not to avoid red blueberry during the last stages of pregnancy.

  1. Red blueberries have a diuretic effect, so they improve the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.
  2. Prevents infections and pathogens thanks to its antiseptic properties.
  3. Prevents varicose veins and thrombosis, improves blood circulation.
  4. The red blueberry helps prevent uterine hypertension.
  5. It has bactericidal and healing effect.

The damages of blueberry juice for pregnant women: use contraindications

However, despite all positive qualities, the red blueberry bite not only provides benefits, but also damages during pregnancy. And in some cases, it is generally contraindicated, since it can endanger the health of both the future mother and the fetus.

  1. Due to the greater acidity of the berry, it should not take it pregnant with gastrointestinal problems (gastritis, duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis, peptic ulcer).
  2. Due to its red color, red blueberries can cause an allergic reaction.
  3. Due to its diuretic effect, drink, like the berry itself, is contraindicated in women with low blood pressure.
  4. As for dental sensitivity, it is also prudent to avoid taking too many snacks, since ascorbic acid causes more damage to teeth.

How to prepare it at home

If there are no contraindications, blueberry drink can be drunk even every day, you just have to get carried away. Of course, it can now be found on the shelves of the stores of snacks for any bag, but the most therapeutic and tasty drink, prepared at home. It can be done quickly and easily. To do this, both fresh and frozen berries are used.

With fresh berries

Rinse and peel the blueberries, crush them with a spoon and strain the juice. Pour hot water on crushed blueberries, add the sugar, remove and put on the fire. Bring to boil and book for 15-20 minutes. When it has cooled, you have to strain and mix it with the blueberry juice squeezed at the beginning.

If you do not have time, you can use an accelerated version of the preparation: pour boiling water on the berries, add sugar or honey if you wish, and infuse a while. Cuélala and it’s ready to drink.

Frozen berries

Of course, a drink made with fresh blueberries is useful, but frozen berries are equally good. Freezing kills many bacteria. In addition, if blueberries are frozen, the acidity of the product is reduced, which allows it to consume it and those that have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

To prepare the drink, defrost the blueberries and chop them with a blender. Combine the resulting pulp with water, add sugar or honey.

How to use

As already said, blueberry juice can and should be consumed during pregnancy. But the question remains, in which quantities is allowed to drink it? There are a number of rules to include it in the diet:

  • You never drink it with an empty stomach;
  • If you are wrong, stop taking it;
  • If you drink it for 10-14 days, pause one or two weeks.

Thus, in the first quarter, when the body is subject to hormonal stress, red blueberry drink is able to relieve toxicity symptoms and increase the organism’s resistance to harmful influences. During this period, up to 0. 5 liters of the drink per day can be consumed.

In the second quarter it is necessary to save the uterus of hypertonicity, and to get rid of swelling and stomach burning. You can take up to 0. 8-1 liters of snacks per day.

In the third quarter, on the contrary, the number of intakes decreases, and two weeks before the planned date of the delivery of snacks must be reduced to a minimum or interrupted until delivery. Blueberries can dilute blood, which can cause severe abortion.

Once the baby was born, the drink can be r e-took again, since it helps the body to recover more quickly.

How to keep the prepared blueberry juice

To take advantage of all the vitamins of the drink, it must be consumed immediately after its preparation. However, this is not always possible. It can be kept in the refrigerator up to two days. If desired, you can keep more time, but then you have to sterilize it. Only in this case is it worth talking about the conservation of vitamins. Also blueberry juice can freeze.

The red blueberry juice is good for the health of the future mother and the fetus. The drink can be taken from the first weeks of pregnancy, but only after consulting the doctor.

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