What is cow’s milk for, what does and how to take it correctly

Milk is a wonderful food whose popularity increases every year. And no wonder. It is delicious, combines with many other foods and appears in cooking recipes. And the benefits of raw milk are undeniable. This article will answer the following questions:

  • How does milk affect the body of an adult?
  • Is it safe to drink it after 50 years?
  • What are the benefits and damages for the adult agency?
  • What tell us the results of scientific studies?

How does milk affect the body of an adult?

It has many effects, for example

  • Nourishes cells with essential substances
  • strengthens organs and tissues
  • relieves
  • stabilize blood pressure
  • protects against many diseases;
  • Help in the treatment of many diseases.

The beneficial effects are due to its rich composition.

Chemical composition

The composition of the product is not constant. Changes throughout the breastfeeding period. Many factors also influence the composition, such as the race and age of the cow, diet, health status and living conditions.

The caloric value is 60 kcal.

Ingredients Quantity (per 100 g)
Water 88. 4 ml
Protein 2. 9 г
Fats 3. 2 г
Carbohydrates 4. 7 г
Ashes 0. 7 г
Macronutrients Quantity (per 100 g)
Potassium 146 mg
Calcium 120 mg of calcium
Chlorine 110 mg of chlorine
Match 90 mg of phosphorus
Sodium 50 mg of sodium
Sulfur 29 mg of sulfur
Magnesium 14 mg
OLIGOEMENTS Quantity (per 100 g)
Zinc 0. 37 mg
Iron 0. 03 mg
Copper 0. 025 mg
Manganese 0. 004 mg
Selenium 0. 0037 mg
Vitamins Quantity (per 100 g) Vitamins Quantity (per 100 g)
А 0. 046 mg D (Calciferol) 0. 00001 mg
B1 (thiamine) 0. 046 mg D3 (Coleciferol) 0. 00001 mg
B2 (Riboflavina) 0. 169 mg E (Alfa Tocoferol) 0. 07 mg
B4 (hill) 14. 3 mg K (philoquinone) 0. 00003 mg
B5 (Pantotenic acid) 0. 373 mg РР 0. 089 mg
B6 (pyridoxin) 0. 036 mg Retinol 0. 045 mg
B9 (folic acid) 0. 005 mg Betacarotene 0. 07 mg
B12 (cobalamin) 0. 0045 mg Betaine 0. 6 mg
Essential amino acids Quantity (per 100 g) Essential amino acids Quantity (per 100 g)
Arginine 0. 09 г Lysine 0. 264 г
Valina 0. 206 г Metionine 0. 083 г
Histidine 0. 095 г Treonina 0. 134 г
Isoleucine 0. 163 г Tryptophan 0. 04 г
Leucine 0. 299 г Phenylalanine 0. 163 г
Substitutable amino acids Quantity (per 100 g) Substitutable amino acids Quantity (per 100 g)
To the girl 0. 107 г Proline 0. 311 г
Aspartic acid 0. 27 г Serine 0. 19 г
Glycina 0. 062 г Tyrosine 0. 159 г
0. 708 g glutamic acid 0. 708 г Cysteine 0. 019 г

Can I drink milk as an adult after 50 years?

It is recommended to consume the product if the body absorbs it normally. And if you wish, you can drink moderate amounts every day (1-2 glasses a day). You should only have caution if you have diagnosed atherosclerosis. The product can worsen the condition, as well as cause a metabolic disorder.

Milk properties for the adult organism

There are enough useful properties. Consider the benefits for a specific area of the body.

For the immune system

It is an excellent protective agent for many organs and systems of our body. If consumed regularly, the body is much more capable of resisting viruses, infections and diseases, especially colds.

Doctors recommend drinking hot milk with additives such as honey to cure many ailments. For example, during the flu, thanks to such medicine

  • the low fever;
  • the sore throat, ears;
  • General wel l-being and mood improve considerably
  • improves sleep;
  • Recovery accelerates considerably.

For the heart and blood vessels

Milk is very useful for the health of the main muscle of our body, as well as for blood circulation. It contains potassium, necessary for normal heart activity. In addition, this element increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

According to scientific research, people who consume milk regularly

  • They have less risk of myocardial infarctions and stroke;
  • They are less likely to suffer cardiovascular diseases such as ischemia, angina peer;
  • They are less likely to complain about high blood pressure.

For the nervous system

Milk is a wel l-known remedy to reassure and create a positive mood. Homemade natural products with honey or jam are especially useful. Insomnia also disappears with its consumption and sleep improves considerably.

In addition, this product protects the body against diseases of the central nervous system. And in stress situations, a glass of milk helps to calm down more quickly, organize thoughts and not succumb to negative emotions.

For the gastrointestinal tract

Milk is the “homemade doctor par excellence” for stomach burning. In some cases it helps very quickly. The main thing is to drink it to little sips.

  • Improves stomach activity, intestines and duodenum;
  • Improves digestion
  • normalizes the level of acidity;
  • Significantly improves the state in gastritis and ulcers.

Other benefits

With regular use

  • strengthens bones, teeth and other hard parts of the body;
  • Also relieves osteoporosis;
  • The body is protected against insidious cancers;
  • The increase in muscle mass is accelerated;
  • Improves the appearance of the skin, nails and hair.

Damage and contraindications

Unfortunately, there are several contraindications. For example, it should not be taken

  • if he suffers a lactase enzyme deficiency;
  • If you have kidney calculations
  • If calcium salts are deposited on the walls of the blood vessels.

Frequent signs of dairy allergy:

  • urticaria;
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal cramps;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • Ronca cough;
  • Vomiting;
  • runny nose;
  • Facial eruption in the area of La Boca
  • general discomfort;
  • dizziness

If these symptoms occur, medical attention should be sought immediately, perform clinical analysis, confirm the diagnosis and obtain advice on treatment. Dairy products should not be consumed in the future.

Hormones in cow’s milk. What should I know?

The issue of hormones in dairy products worries many people who care about their health. What to know about them? And what damage can they do to a person’s health?


This hormone is found in fresh and natural milk. Estrogen can cause damage, but only if a person drinks more than double (more than two liters in a few hours).

Growth hormone

It is a synthetic bovine hormone that is injected with animals. Stimulates the production of more milk. The hormone itself is not harmful to the human being because it has no biological activity in the body.

Antibiotics, pesticides and toxins in raw cow’s milk

The product can contain strange substances such as antibiotics, radioactive substances, pesticides, mycotoxins, nitrites, nitrates and others. Undoubtedly, each of them can harm human health, for example weakening the immune system, affecting metabolism, provoking diseases.

To avoid this, it is important to buy in a responsible way and look good on the information about the supplier, composition and product quality.

How to choose milk when buying?

  1. Buy only trusted vendors and suppliers with good reputation. You should not buy dairy products, including cheese, to people you don’t trust.
  2. Pay attention to the expiration date and product composition.
  3. Make sure the product container is intact.
  4. Decide the type of product.

There are four types of milk:

  1. Pasteurized.
  2. Ultrapasteurized.
  3. Sterilized.
  4. Molten

1) Pasteurized milk is ideal for daily consumption. It retains all useful substances and destroys the harmful thanks to the pasteurization procedure (thermal treatment).

2) Ultrapasteurized milk undergoes rapid heat treatment at a temperature of about 150 degrees.

3) Sterilized milk undergoes high temperature treatment that eliminates harmful bacteria. It is a very popular product.

4) Cured milk is heated additionally (stewed) at a temperature between 85 and 99 degrees Celsius. It differs from pasteurized milk in color, flavor and composition. Cooked milk retains more calcium, iron and vitamin A.

particularities of use

In popular medicine

Milk is a very effective remedy for the treatment of many diseases. Aldeanos use it especially active. Has many therapeutic actions, for example

  • tonic
  • ant i-inflammatory;
  • pain relieving;
  • and protection against various ailments.

For diabetes mellitus

Many diabetics ask questions: can I drink milk? And is it safe? Only your doctor can give you the exact answers. In most cases, doctors allow it to take it, but with caution. Is allowed:

  • Buy only milk with a minimum percentage of fat (steamed milk is categorically prohibited);
  • Do not drink more than 0. 5 liters per day.

With pancreatitis

Milk can be consumed, but with a lot of caution and other foods. For example, it can be added to tea, cooking in milk and porridge soups. The optimal amount is 1 glass a day.

If only milk is taken, it is possible

  • swelling;
  • diarrhea
  • nausea;
  • headache.

For gastritis

The product can be consumed when the disease is mild and there are no exacerbations. The best time to drink milk is before bedtime. A glass of hot liquid helps to calm down and relax, improves sleep quality and normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.


Hot milk is usually part of cold treatment. Thanks to it, recovery is largely accelerated, improves health, normalizes body temperature, passing body pain, cough and other symptoms. It is especially useful if honey, butter, onion, garlic and ginger are added to the hot product. It is important that the patient’s condition is controlled by a doctor.

For cough

Doctors often recommend drinking milk for different types of cough. That’s right. It helps clear the airways and has analgesic effect. The most popular remedy is hot milk (1 glass) with honey (1 tablespoon). You can drink small sips.

If you have a throat pain

The doctor should prescribe milk as treatment for angina. It is essential to know the type of sore throat and other diseases and peculiarities of the organism. But, in any case, it is worth following the recommendations:

  • consume the product with a minimum percentage of fat;
  • Do not drink more than 0. 5 liters per day.

For laryngitis.

The product is used very often to treat laryngitis. But it is strongly recommended to do so under medical supervision. The simplest and most effective recipe. In boiled milk (1 cup) it is necessary to add sodium bicarbonate (half teaspoon), mix well. It is better to drink the remedy before bedtime. The drink will cause strong perspiration, which will significantly accelerate recovery.

For bronchitis

There are many homemade remedies for milk bronchitis. For example, 4 figs can be taken, pour a glass of milk and boil for 3 minutes. Then you have to strain and cool the liquid. The remedy relieves the condition in a few hours.

With chronic rhinorrhea

Why is milk harmful in chronic rhinitis for a particular person? The question is very interesting. Only a doctor can give a precise answer after an exam. It is known that milk produces a large amount of mucus in the body, which greatly complicates the state in chronic rhinitis. Therefore, in most rhinitis cases, it is not recommended to drink milk.

In cosmetology

Milk is one of the favorite natural cosmetic products of many women. Thanks to her

  • The skin is quickly saturated with the necessary minerals and vitamins;
  • The color improves;
  • Cutaneous disorders relieve more rapidly;
  • The skin youth is extended.

Milk can be used in different ways. For example, it can be added to the bath water. It is also usually added to homemade care products, such as masks and creams. And the easiest way to take care of the skin is simply cleaning it with milk.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Milk is a fairly popular product in the diet of a pregnant woman and breastfeeding. That’s right. The product enriches the organism with many essential substances and vitamins, favors good health and good humor. It also contributes to the right and timely development of the baby.

The best thing is that you consult with your doctor the rules of dairy products.

To lose weight

The product is recommended to lose weight. The main thing is to drink in moderation (no more than two glasses a day). In diets, the intake of substances from other foods can be limited. Milk perfectly compensates for the lack of minerals, vitamins and acids.

How and how long do you have to keep it?

Pasteurized milk should be kept in the refrigerator (3-6 grades). It is preserved between 3 and 10 days. The exact duration is determined by the manufacturer. Ultrapasteurized milk is preserved at room temperature in a closed container for 180 days. Once the container is opened, it is recommended to consume the product in 24 hours.

Sterilized milk can be kept without refrigeration up to 12 months. Derretted milk can be kept in the refrigerator up to 7 days.

It’s time to summarize!

Milk occupies a place of honor in the diet. The benefits and damages for the adult body are very important issues that must be studied very carefully.

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