What is cranberry juice good for?

Most packaged fruit juices and drinks found in stores and supermarkets are not beneficial to health. They contain dyes, flavor enhancers, and many other harmful ingredients.

Therefore, it is best to prepare natural fruit and berry snacks at home. Especially helpful would be lingonberry bites.

Calories and vitamin content

The usefulness of the cranberry snack for the body is explained by its vitamin composition.

Substances contained in cranberry morsels.

Ingredients main effect
Phytoncides They neutralize the effect of bacterial pathogens.
calcium and phosphorus Strengthens bone tissue and improves the enamel surface.
Retinol acetate (vitamin A) Improves skin condition and increases visual acuity. Promotes rapid cell regeneration, thus accelerating the wound healing process.
Vitamin E (tocopherol) Strengthens the body’s immune system.
B vitamin complex Beneficial effects on the nervous system and digestive organs.
Organic acids Benzoic acid favors the excretion of toxic substances. Improves joint mobility under the influence of salicylic acid. Ursolic acid acts as a sedative.
fructose and sucrose Natural source of energy for the body.
Manganese Protects liver cells from lipids. Improves insulin synthesis.
Chrome Normalizes the work of the myocardium.

Properties and benefits

Many people wonder why cranberry juice is useful. Vitamin composition and a large mineral content is good not only for adults, but also has a positive effect on children. In the child’s appetite improves, as well as this drink is used to prevent seasonal vitamin deficiency. For pregnant women, the cranberry snack helps to alleviate the negative symptoms of toxicity (eliminates nausea and prevents vomiting).

The benefits of

The benefits of lingonberry snacks are the manifestation of the following positive qualities:

  1. The high content of ascorbic acid makes the drink tonic, capable of increasing the body’s defenses. This is relevant during the period of highest incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections.
  2. The improvement of the stomach and intestinal function is due to the tannins and the pectin of the drink. This accelerates food processing and increases intestinal motility. This minimizes the risk of intestinal disorders, reduces gases and normalizes depositions.
  3. The moderate diuretic and laxative effect helps eliminate toxins and waste products from the organism.
  4. Optimal combination of benefits beneficial for heart muscle, as well as to prevent the development of blood clots and avoid voltage increases.
  5. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen bone and dental tissues.
  6. The red blueberry drink restores the functionality of the kidneys and liver.
  7. Prevents the development of diabetes, and in case of confirmation of its diagnosis, the course of the disease relieves.
  8. The combined effect of B and iron vitamins increases the hemoglobin index, which increases blood oxygen saturation. Therefore, snacks are ideal for the prevention of ferropenic anemia.
  9. Its low caloric content and its ability to increase the metabolic rate are two qualities that contribute to weight loss. Therefore, red blueberry juice is used in diets to eliminate excess weight.


The red blueberry juice sometimes not only provides benefits, but also damages. This is especially true for those people for whom the red blueberry is allergenic. In this case, an eruption of the type of urticaria may appear with itching and red spots on the skin. You should also avoid drinking in the following cases

  • if a person is diagnosed hypotension;
  • The drink is harmful to patients with stomach problems (if they suffer from hyperacidity)
  • when there are erosions or ulcers in the intestines;
  • Its frequent consumption causes clinical signs of dehydration (due to diuretic and laxative effects);
  • Children under 1 year should not be administered.


The red blueberry juice is a refreshing drink with a slight sour taste. With different recipes can be made sweet or acid. It can also be concentrated and, therefore, more aromatic. It is also recommended to add other fruits, berries or honey to enhance its flavor.

Bite of fresh berry

To prepare the drink with fresh berries, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. A kilo of blueberries is washed under the tap and dries slightly. The berries are poured on a towel to drain the water.
  2. The berries pass through a sieve or a squeezer. The resulting juice is collected in a separate bowl, and the cake is poured with 2 liters of water.
  3. The resulting liquid is boiled over low heat for 2 hours. You can also use a multicooker in the “stew” or “soup” mode.
  4. Then, the sponge cake is squeezed and sugar is added to the hot water. Its amount depends on taste preferences (the desire for an acidic or sweet drink). The bite will improve its therapeutic qualities if honey is added instead of sugar. The drink should not be hot, because honey would lose its therapeutic properties.
  5. The previously squeezed red blueberry juice is added to the made compote and then you can drink or conserve.

Frozen fruit recipe

Frozed dry fruits can be kept for a long time. They do not lose their healthy properties, which makes them appropriate to make snacks. He in a cold time will be a half of cold prevention.

The drink recipe is to follow the step by step instructions:

  • The frozen berries (500 grams) are passed through a meat chopper or a blender;
  • 3 liters of boiled water are poured on the resulting mixture;
  • After resting, the drink sneaks through a gauze or a kitchen strainer.

Lemon or orange zest, mint or cinnamon leaves is added to give more flavor.

Without boiling

The advantage of this recipe is the absence of thermal treatment, which retains all the healing properties of red blueberry drink. Boil snacks are prepared as follows:

  • 600 grams of berries are washed and hit (they extend on a paper towel);
  • To extract the juice, the berries pass through a strainer or polishing;
  • 0. 5 liters of boiled water are added to the resulting puree and let stand for an hour;
  • The red blueberry juice is added to the filtered water of red blueberry;
  • To enhance the taste, lemon or honey juice can be used.

Direct use

It is recommended to consume the red blueberry bite in both adults and children. But we must not forget that the high concentration of organic acids combined with a diuretic effect can harm the glomerular filtration function of the kidneys. Therefore, its active use should not be extended for more than three weeks.

Consumption in children

Nutritionists and pediatricians do not agree on the age at which it is allowed to take red blueberry juice. The introduction of red blueberry snacks as a dietary supplement is individual in each case. It is usually at the age of 1 year.

Although red blueberries are hypoallergenic products, snacks begin to give 1-2 teaspoons a day. If there are no allergic symptoms, the dose is gradually increased to 100 ml. This portion is administered 1 or 2 times per week.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

When a woman is pregnant or in breastfeeding period, many medications are prohibited. Therefore, the use of red blueberry drink is especially relevant. Minimizes the possibility of flu and viral infection, acting as an immunomodulator. In addition, it relieves the feeling of irritation and fatigue, and restores a repair dream. It is usually taken 20 minutes after food. The recommended dose is 200 ml. If a woman is prone to develop allergies, the dose should not exceed 100 ml. For colds, and in order to prevent them from red blueberry drink, drink twice a day at 50 ml.

In addition, the bite is recommended in the first quarter of pregnancy for the following problems

  • Relieve the symptoms of early toxicosis
  • eliminate avitaminosis symptoms;
  • Relieve swelling of any part of the body.

For women in any trimester of pregnancy red blueberry juice will help stabilize blood pressure, the presence of keratin in it will contribute to the proper development of the brain of the future child.

But in some situations, the drink has contraindications during pregnancy. It cannot be used by women with severe signs of hypotension, in the presence of concretions (stones) in the kidneys, as well as with the inflammatory processes in the stomach, which are accompanied by increased acidity.

To lose weight

A diuretic and laxative effect combined with a tonic effect on intestines and the acceleration of metabolism are the properties of red blueberry juice, which allow it to avoid the recruitment of more kilos. This drink eliminates the feeling of hunger, and provides a quick satiety of food. It can be made with mature berries, with or without cooking. But unlike classic recipes, no sugar is added to the drink.

Following the red blueberry diet and kefir, good results are obtained against overweight. The diet should not last more than three days. Kéfir cocktails with snacks are allowed. They complement each other perfectly, because the kefir prevents the irritation of the mucous epithelium of the stomach, and the red blueberry bite suppresses hunger.

Storage conditions

Frozen berries, and not snacks, can be stored in optimal conditions. When necessary, they can be used to prepare a drink, which due to their therapeutic properties will be much higher than the canned composition.

In order for homemade can last much longer, it is convenient to observe the following standards:

  1. Keep your hands and utensils as clean as possible. Be sure to rinse the berries several times.
  2. As sugar is a natural preservative, it is better to prepare a concentrated drink and dilute it with water before drinking it.
  3. Pay special attention to the pasteurization of the dishes. They must be glass.

The observance of these recommendations will retain all the useful qualities of the snacks for 2 years.

Boca bite has a lot of positive qualities, but at the same time we must not forget that it has harmful properties. Before drinking it, you should consult a doctor to rule out possible contraindications.

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