What is garlic for and how to use it correctly?

Garlic is a herbaceous plant of the onion genus. His name comes from the verb “scratching” in ancient Russian and means “split an onion.”Everyone is probably familiar with the flavor and smell of this plant. However, not everyone knows the benefits of garlic for the human body. Let’s see why it is famous and valuable this vegetable.

A little history

Garlic is one of the oldest plants in the world. Archaeologists have shown that it is used since the new stone age, about 10, 000 years ago. It is believed that Central Asia is the homeland of garlic. There he was grown to make medicines, but he did not eat for his smell.

Hippocrates, philosopher and healer of ancient Greece, used garlic as part of its therapeutic regime, and often saved lives. Ancient Egypt, China, Rome and Babylon also used garlic as medicine. Garlic was used as food much later.

In mythology, garlic references are found as a means of protection against evil spirits and vampires. Garlic heads were hung on the doors and rubbed with their juice to scare away evil spirits. With the same purpose, the brides wove garlic in their braids. In ancient times, the Slavs believed in the miraculous power of the spice plant, of which even a snake cut in half can be whole.

In the twelfth century it was believed that garlic was an effective remedy against plague and smallpox. During World War I was widely used as antiseptic and antidiarrheal. In the nineteenth century, a French microbiologist confirmed the antimicrobial qualities of this plant.

In the modern world, garlic is an element of many dishes in different kitchens in the world. China, Korea, Bangladesh and Italy lead their consumption. According to statistics, each inhabitant of these countries uses an average of 12 teeth per day, even seasoning desserts with a spicy spice.

Composition and calories

The characteristic smell and flavor of garlic are due to essential oil that contains the active compounds of the group of sulphides, particularly allicin. This substance has strong bactericidal, fungicidal and antioxidant properties. However, there is no allicin in the fresh and whole fruit. It begins to form when garlic cells break mechanically.

The plant also contains other components:

  • Proteins
  • polysaccharides;
  • Group B vitamins;
  • vitamin C;
  • pyruvic acid;
  • Coffee acid;
  • chlorogenic acid;
  • oleanolic acid;
  • Cumarina;
  • routine;
  • saponins;
  • floroglucin;
  • Linalool;
  • large amounts of macro and micronutrients.

In total, this spicy vegetable contains more than 400 substances that have beneficial effects on the human body.

Caloric value of raw garlic (per 100 g):

total calories 149
Proteins, g 6,4
fats, g 0,5
Carbohydrates, g 31

Caloric value of cooked garlic (per 100 g)

total calories 14. 2
Proteins, g 0,7
fats, g 0,1
Carbohydrates, g 3

Garlic: benefits and harms for the body

To get the most out of garlic, mince it and let it rest for 15 minutes before eating or cooking, to allow allicin to form. A quick look at how garlic affects the body, both raw and cooked in different ways.


Raw garlic has the following properties:

  • Effectively fights infectious diseases: according to scientific research, its intake for 12 weeks reduces the risk of contracting the flu and acute respiratory infections by 63%;
  • reduces blood pressure by an average of 14% when taken regularly for 3 months;
  • strengthens immunity, saturates with vitamins and other nutrients;
  • cleans blood vessels of plaque, lowers cholesterol, improves heart function;
  • protects the brain from premature aging
  • removes toxins from cells;
  • eliminates parasites from the organism;
  • improves bone health;
  • prevents cancer;
  • cleanses the liver;
  • activates the digestive tract;
  • acts as an antibiotic and antioxidant;
  • prevents the development of thrombosis;
  • increases efficiency, relieves physical and mental fatigue.

Please note that garlic is an aggressive product. Do not consume it in large quantities and on an empty stomach: it irritates the mucous membranes. This vegetable is contraindicated in case of digestive ulcers, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, reflux.

Possible harms of garlic:

  • Overeating, obesity, since the spicy vegetable powerfully stimulates the appetite;
  • exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • bloating, diarrhea, nausea;
  • headache (if consumed in large quantities);
  • allergies (quite rare);
  • bad breath that can last a few days.


In the cooking process, this type of garlic retains almost all the useful nutrients and substances. Marinated garlic has all the qualities of raw garlic.


What is the usefulness of garlic for the human body after heat treatment? Heat destroys most vitamins and minerals, as well as allicin. At the same time, adenosine, a thrombosis inhibitor, is produced. For this reason, cooked garlic is recommended for people with blood clotting disorders.


Those who fear for the freshness of their breath can use roasted garlic: it has no acre flavor. For the rest, this treatment retains the same elements as boiled.


This cooking method retains more nutrients. In addition, oil is not used, so the caloric value of the product does not increase.


Dry garlic retains all its nutrients. In addition, its flavor and aroma are almost as good as fresh garlic.

Garlic peels

The shells contain a large number of natural antioxidants, so their decoction is used for the rejuvenation of the face and body. Garlic peels can restore metabolism, expel phlegm and cure inflammations. It is used in decoction: boiling water is poured, it is cooked in the water bath and left infusion for 30 minutes.

Can pregnant women and infants consume garlic?

Despite all the positive qualities of this vegetable, the usefulness of garlic is questionable for pregnant women. This product favors muscle tone, which can cause abortion or premature birth. In addition, garlic has an irritating effect and can cause acidity, stomach pain and allergies, which are already common in pregnant women.

However, at the beginning of pregnancy, when the immunity of the future mother is reduced, the protective properties of garlic can help. In addition, this vegetable saturates the woman’s body with a large number of beneficial elements, which are rich in them. Eating a piece of garlic is also good for toxicosis and lack of appetite.

As therapists recommend, pregnant women can eat garlic, but in minimum quantities and no more than 2-3 times per week. This vegetable should be avoided in case of uterine tension, threat of abortion, as well as in case of general contraindications for consumption. It must be completely eliminated from the diet before delivery, so as not to cause an increase in bleeding.

Garlic is a strong and persistent smell and taste that alters the taste of breast milk. For this reason, the baby can refuse to breastfeed. However, according to doctors, if a woman has eaten garlic during pregnancy, her flavor will be familiar to the baby. However, this vegetable must be introduced in the diet gradually, to see how the newborn body reacts before it.

At what age can children be given?

The parents’ desire to introduce the child in garlic as soon as possible is understandable: this herb can prevent colds, increase immunity, improve digestive tract, deal with cough and get rid of worms. However, this burning vegetable can also cause damage to the children’s body:

  • alter digestion, cause acidity, abdominal pain;
  • cause allergies;
  • increase body temperature;
  • increase appetite (undesirable if they are overweight).

Negative reactions can occur in a child not only after the ingestion of garlic, but also after the inhalation of their vapors and skin contact.

This vegetable can be introduced into the child’s diet from the year of age and only in thermally treated. The maximum dose is 1 small tooth per day. You can prove raw garlic to your child around 4 years.

If your child refuses to eat a new product for its penetrating smell, you can make some tricks. Garlic combines well with eggs, cheese and carrots, so you must first add it to the dishes containing these foods. It is a good idea to start introducing garlic in a child’s diet with a bark of panted pan with an aromatic tooth. Many children like this “dish.”

How much garlic can I eat a day and which is the best time?

The consumption of 2-4 teeth per day, in the absence of contraindications, will only provide benefits. Eating more can cause acidity, stomach pain, diarrhea and gastritis.

To make the most of the healing properties of garlic, it is better to eat raw. The beneficial components are better absorbed with an empty stomach. Experts recommend ingesting a whole tooth before breakfast or crushing a little piece in the mouth for 20 minutes. This will help minimize the aggressive effects of garlic on the walls of the digestive organs. Patients with digestive problems should not take garlic with an empty stomach.

Symptoms of garlic allergy

People with predisposition to allergies should eat garlic with caution. The body’s immune system can react to garlic allicin as a harmful health compound and activate the production of IgE antibodies to combat allergen. This causes an increase in the amount of histamine in the body and the symptoms of allergy appear.

They can be the following

  • Redness, eruptions in the body;
  • itching;
  • pain and discomfort in the intestines;
  • diarrhea;
  • nasal congestion, nasal drip;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • suffocation.

If these symptoms occur, you have to go to the doctor and call an ambulance immediately if there is suffocation or inflammation of throat.

The benefits of garlic in combination with other ingredients

The combination of the burning vegetable with some products may seem little familiar, but such compositions have great valuable qualities, in addition, they are easy to prepare at home.


Milk slightly neutralizes the strong smell of garlic and enhances its medicinal properties. Such a mixture is useful for insomnia, joint pain, helplessness, high cholesterol, reduced immunity, liver recovery.

With honey

The mixture of garlic and honey has high antiviral properties. It is recommended to combine these products for flu prevention, acute respiratory infections, constipation, frequent stress, emotional exhaustion.

With lemon

A mixture of garlic and lemon gives the body a large number of vitamins, clean the blood vessels of the plate, support the heart, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates headaches, restores energy. Lemon also helps get rid of the unpleasant smell of garlic in the mouth.

With kefir

With garlic and kefir you can prepare a salt sauce or cocktail that will help you vary your weight loss diet. The combined use of these products accelerates metabolism, improves stomach and intestinal function and, at the same time, satiates well.

Garlic applications

All the benefits of garlic for the human body are used in homemade medicine, cosmetics and kitchen.

In popular medicine

There is a lot of remedies to cook at home, whose main ingredient is raw garlic. In almost all homes there are additional ingredients, so the following recipes are available to everyone.

Of worms

10 teeth cut into pieces and pour a small amount of kefir or Ryazhenka. The remedy is taken with an empty stomach, better before going to bed. Clean the body in this way no more than once every six months.

Recommended for colds


Peel and wash a small nail, why chew it in the mouth for 15 minutes. It can be repeated up to 4 times a day until the symptoms of the cold disappear.

Recipe 2:

Grate 7 smell nails and mix them with 20 ml of liquid honey. Consume 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day before the first symptoms of an acute cold.

Chest angina treatment

Machar 4 nails, add 5 g of salt and pour a cup of hot water. After 20 minutes, when the mixture has become infused and cooled, make gargiles with the throat. Perform up to 6 times a day until the symptoms of throat pain disappear.

To clean the liver

Peel 3 garlic cloves. Cut and peel 4 lemons and remove the nuggets. Crush both ingredients with a meat chopper. Add a cup of olive oil and 800 g of honey. Remove the mixture and refrigerate it for a day. Take 1 teaspoon half an hour before breakfast, food and dinner. Use the entire mixture during a cleaning course.

For diabetes mellitus


The juice of a few nails is squeezed in a glass with water, is removed and consumed 30 minutes before the food. A glass should be enough for 3 meals.

Recipe 2:

A small garlic clutch is pee and crushed into a glass of sour milk. Leave it in infusion in the refrigerator for 12 hours. A glass room before food, 4 times a day.

For hypertension

Put 10 cloves, 200 ml of apple cider vinegar and a little honey in a blender, beat, put in the cold. After one day, start treatment: 2 tablespoons before breakfast for 5 days.

To reduce cholesterol

Peel a garlic head, crush it with a press. Pour a bottle (0. 7 ml.) Of red wine. Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Drink 1 teaspoon three times a day. The treatment course – 1 month.

Prostatitis treatment

Finely chop 1 kg of garlic without shell, put into a 3-liter jar and pour boiling water at room temperature. For a month, the content of the jar is removed occasionally. After 30 days, the remedy can be applied: 1 tablespoon diluted with the same amount of milk and drink before breakfast.

For atherosclerosis

Machar 200 grams of garlic in a mortar, then pour 200 ml of medicinal alcohol. Put in a cool place. After 2 weeks, strain the remedy and start taking: 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals at the beginning 1 drop, increasing the dose in a drop for each reception. On the eleventh day reach the maximum dose: 25 drops per shot.

Garlic in cosmetology

Clean garlic the tissues, protects them from infections, accelerates wound healing and renews cells. It is also used as an ant i-inflammatory and vitamin homemade masks for the growth and regeneration of skin and hair. Garli c-based products should be used in the afternoon so that the smell disappears during the night.

For face

Antiacné mask:

Crush 3 aspirin tablets to convert them into dust and mix them with 10 ml. of water and the juice of 3 garlic cloves. The resulting paste is applied only on the grains, letting it act 30 minutes, and then withdraws with a cloth soaked in water or hydrogen peroxide.

Toning mask:

Chop onion and garlic into 1 tablespoon of each vegetable. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 20 ml of almond or olive oil. Stir well, apply to face and cover with transparent film. Rinse with water in 10 minutes; nourish the skin with a nourishing cream.

For the hair

Moisturizing and Shining Oil:

Grate 3 garlic cloves, mix them with 60 ml. Of olive oil. Put in a jar and shake daily for 7 days. After a week, the oil can be applied: rub into the scalp and leave to act for 2 hours under a film, then wash with shampoo.

Against hair loss

Grate the garlic until you get a puree. Squeeze the juice from the bulbs. Prepare 5 tablespoons of onion and garlic mixture. Add an egg yolk and 2 drops of rosemary essential oil. Use this mixture on the roots and hair throughout the length of the hair. Allow hair to cure for an hour, then rinse with water and lemon juice.

To cook

Garlic is popular around the world as a seasoning for its pungent flavor. In some cuisines, such as the Mediterranean, it is found in most dishes. It combines well with seafood, meat, cheese, seasons first courses, salads and sandwiches. Garlic is popular in the preparation of various sauces, sausages.

The vegetable is consumed fresh, boiled and fried, salted, pickled, fermented, dried. The leaves of young plants are also eaten.

How to choose and preserve garlic at home

The right product retains its properties for a longer time, so you need to buy ripe and fresh heads, with a dry and hard surface, preferably small in size, but not too light in weight. A good quality vegetable has well-germinated cloves and without excessive skins. The sprouted heads are less useful and taste worse. Garlic does not have to be perfectly straight and white, but damaged garlic should also be avoided. You can buy a head to test it: if it has a metallic taste, it is not safe to use, since too many chemicals have been used during its cultivation.

If the garlic is from your own cultivation, do not wash it after picking it, but rather clean the soil by hand. It should then be dried in the open air (but not in direct sunlight) or on a balcony. Damaged, rotten and empty heads must be removed.

The garlic is preserved well for about 6 months at home. It is not advisable to save them in the refrigerator, since excess moisture can glow them. For the same reason, do not put the heads in plastic containers or in cellophane bags. The garlic is better preserved in a bag of salt with salt or onion peels. You can also put them in a mesh or box. It must be away from direct sunlight, the room must be maintained at a temperature of +20 ° C and a moisture of 50-70%.

Interesting data on garlic

For a long time to use this plant, people have learned many interesting things about it. For example:

  1. A head can contain 2 to 50 teeth.
  2. There is a whole garlic, which is not divided into teeth.
  3. In Russia 26 species of this plant are officially registered.
  4. Garlic is toxic to dogs and cats.
  5. There is fear of garlic. It is called aliophobia, and is manifested in the fact that it is afraid not only of the taste, but also of the appearance and smell of the plant.
  6. The garlic has agglutinating properties, which allows to paste glass with it.
  7. On April 19, National Garlic Day is celebrated in the United States.
  8. Muslims cannot go to the mosque after eating a garlic dish.
  9. The penetrating garlic smell attracts leeches.
  10. And repel the aphids. So you can fight them in your garden by sprinkling them with diluted garlic juice.

Regular use of garlic in food, its use for cosmetic and medicinal purposes will help prevent and even cure many diseases, rejuvenate, return vitality, improve quality of life. The benefits of garlic for the human body will be maximum if it does not abuse it and takes into account the contraindications.

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