What is Ghee and what are its benefits for the human body?

Of the ancient Slavs we have inherited many surprising and wonderful dishes and drinks. Many of them are not even known by foreigners. One of these interesting dishes of Eslava cuisine is the ghee. It is worth knowing and finding out if the ghee is useful, and how to cook it at home.

What is the ghee and how it prepares

To start, let’s see what the Ghee is. In essence, it is normal cow’s milk, but subject to a long cooking over low heat. Formerly, it was preserved in Russian furnaces. Now there are technical means that can make the product just as good. Acquire a caramel color and a more delicate and sweet flavor.

It can be used as a prepared drink, as a raw material to make dairy products such as Ryazhenka and Varenyts. It can also be used in the kitchen: for pancakes, muffins and cakes. In general, GHEE is a versatile product, such as normal milk.

Composition and calories

Despite thermal treatment, which causes the loss of some elements necessary for the body (in particular, the reduction of some vitamins B and C), the drink is still usable. Keep, and even multiply, other useful vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium – To strengthen bones
  • Iron – To prevent anemia
  • Casein protein – to maintain muscle tone and suppress appetite;
  • Vitamin B2 – For energy balance
  • folic acid, to reinforce the immune system.

As well as other vitamins and amino acids responsible for human beauty: hair, nails, complexion. During cooking over low heat, a lot of moisture evaporates. And in relation to this, the fat content of the product increases around 2-2. 5 times.


Like any other product, the GHEE has a series of beneficial properties. But in some cases it can be contraindicated.

The benefits The damages
High sugar content favors the development of atherosclerosis
cardiovascular diseases Low physical activity (can cause obesity)
gastrointestinal disorders lactose intolerance
Nervous system disorders (sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, stress, depression) causes acne appearance
During physical activity (increased muscle mass) Increases the risk of allergic reactions.

For men

GHEE has a positive effect on men who have power problems. It is a good thing for men with erectile dysfunction, but it should not be abused, because it is too much. However, in the absence of this problem, men should not abuse dairy sweets, because their overabundance can cause a decrease in sperm concentration.

For the women

Many vitamins and trace elements have a positive effect on the aspect of female sex, in particular improves the status of the skin and slows down the aging process. It also has a positive effect on the structure of the nails, strengthening the nail sheet and avoiding it. When diet, the GHEE supplies the lack of nutrients and also stabilizes hormones in women. However, it is not only used as beauty drink. It is also used in cosmetic masks to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Special mention deserves its effect on pregnant and infant women. The drink is good to compensate for the lack of calcium, which during pregnancy “gives” the baby. Other vitamins also have a positive effect on the general state of the mother and her baby. However, this type of milk should not be abused due to its high fat content, which can have a negative impact on the weight gain of the pregnant woman and in digestive problems of the newborn.

For children

As for children, milk is good for them, because of the calcium it contains, important for the growing body in bone tissue formation. It is also good to prevent rickets, since it contains the very important vitamin D.

However, the stew must be offered in small quantities. It is very possible that the child suffers lactase deficiency, which manifests with swelling, diarrhea or, on the contrary, constipation, and other possible discomfort.

What milk is healthier, normal or ghee?

When comparing milk and ghee, the question arises from which milk is healthier. First, we can detect a difference in the composition of the entire dairy product and that of cooked milk. In the heating process, most of the moisture is removed and becomes more fat. In addition, high temperatures destroy some vitamins. Specifically, vitamin C almost disappears and vitamin A becomes twice more scarce.

Despite its higher fat content, the stew is digested much better and has a positive effect on the digestive process. And thermal treatment kills all harmful microorganisms.

How to cook at home

Although the GHEE can be found on the shelves of any grocery store, it is much more pleasant and healthy to prepare it. Especially if you have modern kitchen appliances, it does not require much effort.

Recipe in the multicooker

Today, almost all families have a multicooker. It is very versatile and serves to cook many dishes. It is also adequate to stew milk. To do this, you need

  • Grease the bowl with butter;
  • Pour fresh milk;
  • Schedule the “stew” mode for 6 hours.
  • When time has elapsed, change to “heat” for 2 or 3 hours.

The milk is ready. Let cool slightly and will be ready to take.

Recipe in the oven

If you don’t have a multicooker in the kitchen, you can also cook the milk in the oven. The process, however, becomes a bit more laborious, but the result will be a delicacy, comparable in flavor only with the melted milk of the Russian oven. To get a healthy product it is necessary to do the following:

  • Pour the milk into a small bowl, preferably a clay casserole.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° C and place the containers there with the content.
  • When the liquid breaks to boil, reduce the temperature to 80 ° C until the surface is foamy.
  • Then lower the temperature at 50 ° C and cook over low heat for 6-7 hours.

Recipe in Thermos

For especially lazy or very busy fans of the melting delicacy there is another recipe to prepare a melted drink. For this method, you need to prepare milk and … a thermos.

  • The thermos is rinsed with boiling water (you can even keep water hot directly in it to heat the walls).
  • Pour the boiled milk into the heated container.
  • Cover well and let it infuse for 6-8 hours.
  • The drink is ready, it can be used.

Peculiarities of use in cosmetology

As already mentioned, the GHEE is often used as a facial and capillary mask. Not only is it an affordable product, but it is also a product of economic beauty.

For face

Milk is used in lotions, masks and facial lotions.


It takes: milk + calendula flowers (chamomile can be used). Mix the ingredients and put over low heat. As soon as he starts boiling, put out the fire. Apply the remedy on the face, put a napkin on top. After drying, clarify the face and cover with facial cream.

Refreshing mask

To refresh the complexion, you can mix milk with honey and add starch to create a dense texture. For a peeling effect, add a pinch of sea salt to the mask. Apply it with slight massages on clean skin. In 15-20 minutes, remove with warm water.

For the hair

Ghee is also known for its beneficial effects on the growth and beauty of hair. An egg yolk and any cosmetic oil can be added to milk. The mixture is applied to the scalp and hair with massage movements, is wrapped in a towel for 15-20 minutes and washed with warm water and shampoo.

If in this mask pieces of rye bread are added instead of egg yolk, and castor oil is taken, the hair will be strengthened and its fall will be reduced. Instead of bread you can use oats.

What to mix it and where to add it

Ahumada milk is used very often in the kitchen. In fact, you can add and use to make all the dishes that can be made with whole milk. It is also excellent as a mass ingredient for crepes, pancakes and cakes. It can also be used to prepare delicious mil k-based drinks, such as milkshakes and various dairy products; It can also be added to coffee and tea. Honey can be added and a very tasty and healthy drink is obtained. Meat and fish can stew in ghee.

“Ghee pancakes

  • GHEE – 400 ml;
  • Sugar – 2-2. 5 tablespoons
  • Flour – 8 tablespoons;
  • Chicken eggs – 2 units;
  • Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp.- 2 tbsp.
  • a pinch of salt

Heat the melted milk, but without boiling. Beat the sugar, eggs and salt. Add the milk while stirring and then mix the flour to prevent lumps from being formed. Add oil to the dough and fry in a pan.

“Guisado cod in ghee

  • Fish fillet – 500 gr;
  • GHEE – 0. 5 L;
  • Onion – 1 large onion or a pair of medium onions;
  • Rallado bread – 1-2 tablespoons;
  • Salt, pepper, spices – to taste

Peel and wash cod fillets and cut them into portions. Salpimentar and let marinate. Peel and cut the onion into hoops and fry it in a pan until it acquires a pale yellow color. Put on a clean plate. Back the fish seasoned in breadcrumbs and put it in a pan, fry it slightly on both sides until it is crispy. Put the fried onion above the fish, add the bay leaf, pepper and herbs to taste and pour hot milk above. Season with salt if necessary. Cover and cook over low heat for 12-15 minutes. Serve with any garrison.

Conservation characteristics

Although the GHEE is subjected to a long heat treatment, it belongs to dairy products, so it requires responsible storage. The ghee purchased in a wel l-closed container can be kept up to six months at temperatures between 0 and 20 ° C. However, in an open container it only lasts one day if it is preserved in the refrigerator. If not, it will have a sour taste and will develop pathogenic flora.

What can be replaced?

If Ghee milk is contraindicated, by an allergic reaction or lactase intolerance or any other reason, it can be replaced by other types of vegetable milk.

Almond milk

Considered one of the best plant s-based substitute options. It contains a high percentage of calcium, essential to strengthen bones and joints. It is considered low in calories (if the manufacturer does not exceed sugar).


The texture is similar to that of cow’s milk. The taste is delicate and pleasant, remember that of the beans. It helps recover muscle tone, improves physical activity. It is an excellent “energy reinforcement” for athletes.


A fairly sweet product, and its sweetness is natural. Not only is it good to consume it as a drink, but it is also excellent for cooking various dishes: porridge, pastry, desserts. Its benefits are undeniable: it improves digestion, stabilizes blood cholesterol levels, gives elasticity to the skin and slows down the aging process thanks to collagen production.


It is a nutritious food, which can replace sweets and provide a plus of energy. It contains many vitamins. It can be used as a drink itself or as part of a pastry.


A great dietary option. Its naturally sweet flavor and its delicate and soft texture make it indispensable in the fight against overweight. Adequate for the preparation of pastries and desserts. Its unforgettable flavor makes it a special drink.

Use tips

Before consuming molten milk, attention must be paid to the expiration date. It is advisable to take a product with recent manufacturing date. If you notice any unpleasant flavor, you must refrain from consuming the drink. Drinking large amounts of Ghee is advisable, since due to its high fat content, it has a negative effect on the digestive process. The optimal amount is a glass a day.

As you can see, GHEE is a versatile product. It is a source of strength and energy, an indispensable ingredient in many dishes and an effective cosmetic. And when preparing and stored properly, it becomes a pleasant, tasty and healthy drink for children and adults.

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