What is good for achicoria tea for the body, preparation of coffee substitute drinks

Many people know the taste of chicory tea as a coffee substitute. However, chicory drinks have medicinal properties in addition to their coffee flavor. Learn more about the health tea benefits in this article.

What is achicoria?

According to botanical descriptions, achicoria is a biennial plant pollinated by bees that has adapted to the temperate climate. It is a weed of up to 1. 5 meters high. It has been used with medicinal purposes for a long time: decoctions, lotions and compresses are prepared. The plant leaves are used as food – to prepare salads, and for healthy drinks the root is processed.

In order for achicoria to be beneficial for the body, it is necessary to respect the raw material collection calendar. Harvest the roots before the first outbreaks appear, when the concentration of vitamins, macroelements and microelements is maximum.

In addition to the roots and achicoria leaves, the flowers are also good for the body. Due to their high tannin content, they have an astringent effect. In popular medicine, they are used externally in the form of decoctions and compresses for gout, pruritus, psoriasis, furunculosis.

What uses does achicoria have for the organism?

What are the benefits of the plant? What components of its composition are unique and are contained in sufficient quantities so that achicoria tea is beneficial?

The biochemical composition of raw root includes many useful components, being the most important

  • Inulina,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Potassium,
  • manganese.

Inulin is a natural polysaccharide. It is found in more than 3000 plants, mainly in roots and tubers. Thanks to its high inulin content, Achicoria has a coffee flavor with a slight creamy note.

The inulin formula is similar to that of the fiber. Therefore, inulin is only partially decomposed in the intestines and does not need to expose itself to the acid gastric juice. The part of the inulin that decomposes in the intestine forms a nutritional medium for beneficial bacteria. The rest goes through the intestine, catching and eliminating toxins, cholesterol and radionuclides.

Inulin content explains the high hepatoprotective properties of achicoria. The benefit of the chicory for the liver is to stimulate the repair of damaged liver cells, so the drink must be used when hepatitis B and C.

Inulin helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals.

The high vitamin B6 content of the achicoria root increases the resistance of the nervous system, reinforces the immune system and contributes to the normal red blood cell formation.

Chicory tea has health benefits benefits:

  1. Due to its high potassium content, the drink reduces blood pressure and reinforces the walls of blood vessels;
  2. Increases appetite;
  3. Regulates the nervous system, eliminating unnecessary excitement;
  4. Decreases blood sugar level;
  5. Beneficial for heart muscle work;
  6. It is a natural energizer, tone gently, refines work.

The benefits of achicoria for hypertension.

Due to its strong coffee flavor, achicoria tea can be a great alternative to coffee for people with hypertension. Its usefulness is that it does not raise blood pressure. It helps improve sleep quality, deal with stress and emotional overload.

Can chicory drinks be consumed during pregnancy?

A moderate consumption of drinks and infusions of achicoria during pregnancy will benefit the organism of the future mother. Often, pregnant women cannot give up coffee. Obstetricians and gynecologists do not recommend drinking coffee during pregnancy and breastfeeding. An Achicoria drink can help meet the coffee needs of the future mother.

In addition, the benefits of achicoria during pregnancy include

  • The elimination of edema, by normalizing the output of lymph
  • the reduction of tension and stress
  • the production of the hormone “joy” serotonin;
  • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract: reduces the probability of constipation, increases the growth of beneficial bacteria, improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism;
  • Reduction of anemia risk: achicoria stimulates the formation of red blood cells, and these, in turn, participate in the transport of oxygen to tissues and organs;
  • fight nausea and stomach burning.

Despite all the benefits of the drink, we must not consume it in large quantities. With 2 cups a day is enough. Since achicoria is a medicinal plant, it can increase the risk of allergies.

Can chicory drinks be given to children?

Pediatricians allow to include chicory drinks in the diet of children from 1 year. In many nurseries they are part of the menu. Since achicoria can cause allergies, the child should be offered gradually and with caution. It is necessary to observe the baby’s state, in the absence of side effects, the drink can become an integral part of the diet.

Achicoria to lose weight

Golos can consume chicory drinks without danger. They have a sweet taste due to the inulin they contain, so they satisfy the need for sweet without damaging the body. Why does this plant serve to lose weight?

  1. Improves the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, and accelerates metabolism. Thanks to this, the volume of fat deposits decreases, and fat reserves are depleted faster.
  2. Reduces blood cholesterol.
  3. The organism is satisfied more quickly, the satiety hormone occurs and food intake is reduced.
  4. Colon cleaning.

How to take achicoria to lose weight?

Inulin, contained in the roots, influences the reduction of fat volume. To achieve a lasting weight effect, it is necessary to consume at least 10 grams of inulin per day. In terms of dry dust – it is 100 grams. A soup tablespoon contains 15 grams of dry dust. Consequently, about 7 tablespoons of instantaneous chicory powder per day – about 3-4 drinks of drinks will be required. To set the first stable result, the drink must be used for 2-3 months a day.

Diabetes benefits

Diabetes mellitus – A metabolic disease, which is manifested by high levels of blood sugar. Therefore, diabetics must follow a diet that regulates their blood sugar level. Chicory tea is beneficial for diabetes thanks to its properties:

  • Reduce blood sugar levels, thanks to the inulin of its composition. Normalizes glucose peaks;
  • Diabetic patients are prone to obesity: accelerates metabolism, helps reduce weight and brake appetite;
  • High levels of vitamins B and C increase the resistance of the body to diseases, has a reconstituent effect;
  • Normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the benefits of chicory tea, it is not a panacea. Patients should follow the doctor’s advice and take the prescribed medication. Drinks only serve as a measure of support and prevention.

How to have chicory tea for diabetes?

The drinking standard is no more than 1 cup a day, replacing a cup of coffee. The dust can be added to juices and salads.


The moderate consumption of achicoria tea will only provide benefits. Since it is a medicinal plant, at first it must be used with caution, monitoring the reaction of the body. For some categories of people, achicoria tea can have contraindications. They include:

  • HypotensionPeople with low blood pressure can feel weak and lethargades when drinking drinks;
  • Allergic. People prone to allergic reactions must drink it with caution or avoid it completely;
  • In acute gastrointestinal conditions such as: peptic ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis;
  • Gallbladder diseases.

Where to buy Achicoria Tea? Which is better?

Chicory can be purchased at any grocery store. The most common is to find it in the Diabetic or Tea and Coffee Products section. There are several types available without recipe: ground dust, granulated and liquid extract.

When buying it, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product; You should only contain achicoria. Formulas with artificial aromas should be avoided. Some manufacturers include natural additives: skirmishes, spino berries, ginger, etc. Such drinks can be purchased for a variety depending on their own preferences.

The highest concentration of nutrients is preserved in the soli d-powdered insoluble achicoria, followed by liquid extract. The granulated snapshot achicoria is the least useful.

Achicultoria drink recipes

Chicory infusion is a complete product. It can be complemented with various additives like any other drink. Or create a new equal tasty. Additives that are going well with the achicoria

  • Milk and cream: they soften the bitter taste and enhance the creaminess of the drink. They should not be added to tea when weight is being lost.
  • Cinnamon. Perfectly complements the taste of achicoria with warm and spicy notes. Accelerates metabolism and favors weight loss.
  • Ginger. Calm the feeling of hunger, accelerates metabolism.
  • Lemon. Makes chicory tea refreshing and tonic.

It is not necessary to add sweet additives such as honey or sugar. It has a sweet flavor and does not need any additional sweeteners.

If it is difficult to immediately move from coffee to achicoria, you can gradually reduce the proportion of coffee. Mix it with achicoria. Achicoria will enhance the taste of coffee, reducing the negative effects on the body.

If you wish, you can create a completely new drink. Here are some recipes.

Chicory milkshake

We will need

2 glasses of milk,

2 tablespoons of achicoria,

cinnamon, nutmeg to taste.

You can add sugar if desired.


Crush the banana in a blender. Heat the milk, add the spices and the achicoria. To incorporate. Mix banana puree with milk and pour into vessels. It can be served both hot and cold.

Hot chocolate with achicoria

We will need

A teaspoon of cocoa;

A teaspoon condensed milk;

2 teaspoons of grated chocolate;

A tablespoon of chicory.


Heat the milk. Add the rest of the ingredients to hot milk and remove.

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