What is good for beet broth for health and how to drink it?

All housewife has beet in the vegetable basket of it, in addition to potatoes, cabbage and carrots. It is a traditional product, which is used in popular dishes, and can also be used alone in various salads and marinades. It is a very popular vegetable among the followers of a healthy lifestyle and diet, because it is low in calories and contains many vitamins and trace elements.

Beet is also called Betabel because of its characteristic dark brown color. This root vegetable is available all year, it is perfectly preserved in a fresh room, without losing its useful properties. Beet not only has culinary virtues, but also medicinal. The decoction of this root vegetable is used since ancient times in phytotherapy and in the treatment of many diseases.

Chemistry and calories

The borage contains a vitamin treasure (Group B, PP, C). Easy to absorb minerals necessary for the human body, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, copper and phosphorus, organic acids involved in the normalization of the digestive process. Scientists confirm the version that the dyes consumed in food, prevent the appearance of cancer cells in the body, and the growth of malignant tumors.

100 grams of the root vegetable contains:

Protein 1. 5 grams
Fats 0. 1 grams
Carbohydrates 8. 8 grams

Raw and boiled beets have different caloric values: the raw contains 40 kcal per 100 grams, while the boiled has a higher caloric value, 49 kcal. This vegetable does not lose its medicinal substances during thermal treatment.

The useful properties of this vegetable are known since the times of Paracelsus, which used it to cure ferropenic anemia and infectious skin diseases. Thanks to its vitamin B9 and iron content, beet is used for the prevention of cardiovascular and hemopoietic problems.


Beet decoction is like a boticario peak, which contains a large number of therapeutic properties:

  • Eliminates toxins and impurities;
  • It helps eliminate edema;
  • Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis;
  • Restores the action of clogged intestines;
  • Excellent diuretic;
  • Relieves nervous tension;
  • Normalizes the dream;
  • Clear your throat in case of tansilitis;
  • Eliminates the organism toxins;
  • If used regularly, reduce blood pressure.


For all the virtues of the borage, there is a series of warnings: the benefits of the decoction during the cleaning of the liver. The properties of the drink are such that the process is carried out gently, without damaging the body. The infusion has a rejuvenating effect, causing the cells to regenerate.

  • Because of its diuretic characteristics, beet prevents calcium absorption. In case of osteoporosis, loss of calcium is not acceptable.
  • This vegetable is not entirely safe for people suffering from diabetes, since it contains a high concentration of sugar,
  • It is not recommended in case of diarrhea or intestinal disorders, since it acts as a powerful laxative,
  • In case of hypotension, beet infusion should be avoided, since blood pressure drops.
  • Tincture for gastritis, low acidity and urolitiasis is contraindicated by the presence of oxalic acid.

How to cook it correctly at home

Well washed median vegetables, with the skin, put in a pot, pour three liters of cold water, bring to boil and cook over low heat for about two and a half hours. When the liquid evaporates to a liter, take out the root, cool, peel, grate in a medium grater and pour the remaining broth.

How to use

Put the pot to the fire and cook for another twenty minutes. Pass the infusion cooled by a strainer and ready the home remedy! Preparing the classic beet broth at home is quite simple.

In popular medicine

In popular medicine various types of decoctions have been used for a long time. Health defenders avoid mixtures, pills, powders, injections and drips whenever possible. It is more important to prevent disease in its early stages; The main thing is to listen to the body itself. Certain symptoms indicate that there is a malfunction in the body. The councilor’s council that takes centuries in the world comes to the rescue. Beet decoction helps prevent many health problems.

An indispensable product for chronic constipation

Beet contains fiber and organic acids. These stimulate the active process in the intestines, freeing them from harmful compounds. The decoction favors the multiplication of positive microorganisms that clean the walls of the stagnant plaque organ.

For atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension

It is advisable to consume the vegetable juice instead of the decoction. Nitrate compounds, when ingested, help reduce vascular spasms and edit the action of the heart muscles. GRABLIC AND Squeeze the beet and leave the juice in the fridge for 2 hours. It is recommended to mix the juice with other pressing, for example carrot, cabbage, tomato. If you don’t have other vegetables by hand, add a spoonful of honey. Take an hour before food.

The root vegetable has not been neglected in male health.

Due to sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking develops the symptoms of the most common disease among prostate adenoma men. Do not wait until the disease progresses to the chronic stage, and in the first signs, such as frequent urination and sexual decrease, take the means of traditional medicine. Once again, beet goes to the rescue!

Wash 5 kilos of beets, cut the stems and tips, pour water on them and simmer for 4 hours. Once cold, chop the vegetables and put them back into the same broth. Boil the dough for another hour and then pass it through a gauze or strain it. Use without interruption for 2-3 weeks, three times a day before meals. Repeat the procedure after half a month to consolidate the result.

Traditional decoction is an excellent assistant in prevention of women’s problems

When menopause arrives, the woman becomes very vulnerable. In some cases, the organism restructuring lasts up to ten years. During this period, irritability, distrust and even vulnerability appear. This behavior affects not only loved ones, but also coworkers, friends and, in general, the whole environment, including dependents and elevatorists. The use of a classical decoction will help mix things. Take 10 grams three times a day for half a month, until nervousness remit on its own. If desired, the treatment can be repeated.

If your stomach hurts

When you have stomach pain, gastritis or ulcers, it is better to refrain from taking not only the broth, but, in general, dishes made only with beets. This vegetable has high acidity, which can cause a peak of acidity and cause nausea. Its consumption is allowed in small amounts boiled and combined with other foods and vegetables.

A special infusion is prepared for those with gallstones

Boil 3-4 clean beets of medium size over medium heat for an hour. Then they cool, cut into pieces and place in a 3-liter container and fill with clean water. The wel l-closed container must be placed in a dark and cold place for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the content is removed well and is left infusion for another week. Decoction to take in the morning and at night at 100 grams.

In cosmetology

A wide range of decoction applications in cosmetology. In the cracked heels summer bring a lot of discomfort.

Baths with hot infusion of herbs

The bathrooms with hot infusion for 30 minutes will help heal wounds.

If your hair is rinsed after washing it, at least once a week, the effect will not take long to notice. Micronutrients will nurture the structure, strengthen it and shine to the hair. To get rid of excess fat, once a month you can rub on the scalp and rinse with a mixture that consists of:

  • Lemon
  • 10ml vodka,
  • beet decoction,
  • 20 gr. of aggramm and waters crushed,
  • 7gr. of honey,
  • 2 liters of water.

Pour the grass into the water, boil, cool and strain. Add the remaining parts and apply as indicated when it cools.

Facial mask

If the skin of the face is inflamed or acne has appeared, you can use a mask based on the infusion. In a bowl combine the decoction, flour and grated potatoes, mix well until a consistency of sour cream, apply on the face, neck and area of the neckline. Clarify in 10-15 minutes with warm water.

Refresh and bleach the spots face, unequal tan, a cold liquid on the basis of decoction and water, which are mixed in one by one. Rub the face with a cotton before bedtime. Repeat in the morning before washing.

Special use

Beet infusion treatment is especially indicated for older people. The infusion will correct many disorders, if used in 20 grams daily.

  • Decrease blood pressure;
  • Elimination of edema;
  • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Get rid of chronic constipation.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the decoction is a great addition to the diet not only of the mother, but also of the baby. Beet rarely causes allergies, but thanks to its diuretic properties, it eliminates the edema of the body, which is important in the last stages of pregnancy. With breast milk, the baby receives a natural laxative for an active intestinal transit.


Beauty and health are links of the same chain. Other ingredients intervene in the slimming potion. In addition to beet and a liter of water, the juice of a medium lemon and five grams of sugar are added.

The peeled root is scratched with a medium grater and the juice is squeezed. Boiling water is poured on the pulp and cooked for 25 minutes. At the end of cooking, sugar is added, beet juice and lemon juice are poured. Keep another three or four minutes boiling. Drink 4 times a day before meals in small portions for a week.

This way of thinning eliminates stress, naturally eliminates excess water from the body and makes the intestines work more. Nutritionists recommend a day of fasting once a month, only beet broth. Guarantees getting rid of a few kilos. Traditional decoction will help you get a beautiful and fresh complexion if you consume it only once a day.

How and how long to keep the decoction

A traditional decoction has its own conservation time. Ready composition is desirable to drink within seven days, so the usefulness of the mixture is lost. Anyway, Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison and everything is medicine, and only the dose makes a poison cure and vice versa.

Beet has the ability to accumulate nitrates, so for health programs it is better to use a natural product cultivated in the garden. If after using the decoction, discomfort appears, burning, unpleasant sensations, you should stop taking or consult your doctor.

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