What is healthier than orange or tangerine

The health benefits of orange and tangerine do not end their vitamin C. Thanks to these citrus fruits, the immune system is reinforced, skin cells are regenerated and mood is even improved. It has also been scientifically demonstrated that oranges and tangerines are good for the digestive system, reduce cholesterol levels and inhibit the development of cancer cells.

But these citrus, despite their great similarities, have different compositions. What are the special characteristics of each and what is healthier: a large and juicy orange or his little brother? Keep reading.

Vitamin composition of orange and tangerine

Vitamins Orange Tangerine
С 66% 29. 7%
К 7. 9% 8%
D 6. 7% 7%
Hill 1. 7%
А 0. 9% 1. 5%
РР 1. 5% 3%
В5 4. 5% 5%
Е 0. 8% 1. 3%

Mandarins and oranges are very useful and essential fruits for the human body. They contain bioflavonoids, which help slow down the aging process, as well as potassium and folic acid, which have a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels and intestines.

Thanks to their rich composition in vitamins and minerals, it can be said that citrus fruits have many beneficial properties. In particular, its regular use in food contributes to ant i-inflammatory and tonic effects.

The fruit acts as a good bactericidal agent, repeatedly improves appetite and also normalizes metabolism.

Due to their chemical composition, both citrus fruits have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, in addition to improving digestion and calming the central nervous system. There are even some antidepressant treatments that propose oranges and tangerines as main ingredients.

What is the difference between a tangerine and an orange in terms of composition?

Orange Tangerine
Less sugar More sugar, therefore sweeter than orange
It has more organic acids Less organic acids
More vitamin C. Less Vitamin C.
More allergenic Less allergenic
More beneficial for the human body Less beneficial for the human body
It does not contain senifrin It contains a lot of senifrine
More caloric than mandarin Less caloric than orange

Orange benefits for the human body

  1. The inosine substance, which is part of the orange, helps the human brain to function much faster and effectively, in addition to strengthening the heart.
  2. Orange serves as an excellent preventive against many viruses and colds.
  3. It is a great source of potassium and folic acid.
  4. It has broad antioxidant effects (orange has anthocyanins, which help reduce the risks of diseases such as cataracts, cardiovascular ailments and hypoxia in cells).
  5. Orange juice acts as an antibacterial agent and is also preventive of colds.
  6. In diabetes mellitus, orange skin (specifically its tincture) acts as a medicine.
  7. It has a reducing effect of blood pressure.
  8. Nutritionists recommend it for anemia and lack of vitamins.
  9. In popular medicine, orange and its peel with cough are also used, with various colds.
  10. Very useful for the agency in general and for the digestive system in particular, the recently squeezed juice.
  11. This citrus is also used often in the kitchen: dishes are cooked with meat, add it to salads, jams, drinks, fruit peel is used to bake cookies and pastels.

As you can see, orange has many beneficial properties for the human body, and is widely used in all spheres.

Let’s look at the benefits of human body tangerine

  1. Mandarins are indicated for heart, liver diseases, bronchitis, tracheitis, and are also used to improve mental performance.
  2. Mandarins as prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases have in their senifrine composition, with which the lungs of mucus are cleaned (useful for smokers).
  3. Asmatic people should take mandarin juice in the morning, which is very good to relieve the respiratory system.
  4. Mandarins, unlike oranges, cause less allergies. You can give children.
  5. Mandin contributes to good humor and gives energy for the whole day.
  6. It is also convenient to eat this fruit for varicose veins.
  7. It helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  8. For fecal disorders, infusions and decoctions of the shell of this fruit can be taken.
  9. Mandarins are used as an antipyretic in popular medicine.
  10. Mandarinas are also very requested by culinary experts, and are used in different dishes (salads, meat plates, to make sauces, to fill cakes and make all kinds of sweets).

Without a doubt, both fruits are extremely useful. And it is not possible to consider which one is better from a single point of view. The right thing is to compare the vitamin composition of orange and tangerine. Depending on the predominance of certain micronutrients in their composition, experts judge the greatest usefulness of one citrus.

Orange is better than tangerine

In summary, the peculiar fruits duel can be won by the orange, since it contains twice vitamin C, and also has more thick fibers. The latter are very useful for the body, since they are poorly digested by the intestine, so they accumulate and eliminate accumulated toxins.

But mandarins will be useful for eating when there is a clear lack of vitamin A. This component is good for sight and is also responsible for collagen production, which makes human skin more tense, firm and young. That is why many refer to mandarin as the fruit of youth and beauty, advising their daily fresh consumption.

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