What is hydrogen water for?

Hydrogen water is nothing more than pure water enriched with hydrogen atoms. What makes it special? Water, whose chemical formula is H2Or, it is formed by molecules; Each molecule contains 1 oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms linked to it.

But the human body cannot absorb hydrogen of ordinary water with such effectiveness, because it is attached to oxygen. Separate hydrogen, “released” from oxygen by electrolysis, has a beneficial effect for the body. Let’s find out why hydrogenated water is useful and in what health problems it helps.

What is hydrogenated water

To be precise, the correct name is not hydrogenated water, but water enriched with hydrogen. Of course, it is not a liquid with Formula H4Or or something similar. It is ordinary water that contains more hydrogen in a gaseous state. Today, there are several devices that help produce it, even at home. At the moment, most attention is paid to this liquid in Japan.

Chemical composition

Drinking water, according to current legislation, is a harmless liquid, which does not cause disease, health disorders, even after drinking it regularly, due to the absence of microorganisms or substances with acute, chronic or late effects on human health.

The hygiene and purity requirements of drinking water are established by hygienic limits of microbiological, biological, physical, chemical and organoleptic parameters. These limits are regulated by the legal regulations in force, approved or determined by the competent public health authority.

Some important indicators of the quality of drinking water are iron and manganese content. The percentage of these elements in the water supplied by all water treatment plants must not exceed the established limits (0. 2 and 0. 05 mg/l, respectively).

The following components are calcium and magnesium salts that predetermine water hardness. Both elements are part of the natural waters and their content can be artificially increased by the dissolution of dolomitic limestone. The recommended water hardness value (CA + mg) is located in the 2-3. 5 mmol/l interval.

Hydrogen water properties

After drinking hydrogen water there is a massive neutralization of the free radicals of the organism. This drink should become an integral part of the diet as a way to prevent many diseases. Hydrogen molecules are so small that they quickly penetrate cell tissues, where they take effect. Its usefulness lies in the union of free radicals and their elimination of the human body.

The lack of neutralization of harmful molecules prevents the creation of healthy cells. If this occurs, they will mutate (they will change their shape and structure). This gradually leads to the massive cloning of infected cells, to the consequent serious changes in the vital functions of the organs and stimulates the appearance of malignant tumors. In this regard, the useful aspect of hydrogen water consumption is the prevention of these pathological processes.

Hydrogen is a strong antioxidant, easily penetrates cell structures, neutralizes cytotoxic oxygen radicals, protecting DNA, RNA, oxidative stress proteins. By neutralizing radicals, it produces water that does not weigh in the body, unlike other antioxidants. This fluid selectively neutralizes only bad free radicals. It is not toxic and there is no risk of overdose when consumed.

Active hydrogen water favors the formation of other antioxidant enzymes (for example, glutathione, overoxide dysmutase, catalase, etc.), proteins that protect cells (cytoprotective proteins). Molecular hydrogen is a new signaling molecule capable of altering cell metabolism, gene expression, causing ant i-inflammatory, antiallergic effects.

The beneficial properties of the curative fluid, confirmed by doctors:

  • Detoxification of cells and the entire organism;
  • prevention of damage caused by free radicals in the body
  • rapid recovery of fatigue;
  • Reduction of allergic skin manifestations
  • Reduction of blood cholesterol levels
  • Improved blood circulation
  • reduction in asthma symptoms;
  • Reduction of uric acid levels (important for drop)
  • Decrease in glucose and HBAC levels in blood (important in diabetes mellitus);
  • Decrease in blood pressure (important for hypertension);
  • Improvement in angina peak, myocardial infarction;
  • Improvement in autoimmune diseases, rheumatism, collage n-related diseases;
  • Improvement of the function, of the general state of the liver in diseases (cirrhosis, hepatitis)
  • improvement of renal function;
  • Support for the treatment of gastrodenal ulcers, prevention of disease recurrence;
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene;
  • Improvement in the s o-called specific diseases: Behcet Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Kawasaki’s disease, ulcerative colitis;
  • Improvement of intestinal problems (chronic diarrhea, stomach discomfort, constipation);
  • Prevention of osteoporosis, maintenance of a healthy bone density;
  • Help against AIDS by reducing saturated fat levels;
  • Accelerate disease recovery;
  • Help to concentration;
  • Slow down aging, maintain a youthful appearance;
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite;
  • Regulation of body temperature, reduction of physical weakness due to thermal imbalance.


As already mentioned, hydrogenated water works according to the principle of suppression of free radicals. Its antioxidant capacity is extremely high, it is one of the most effective antioxidants (176 times stronger than vitamin C, 863 times stronger than coenzyme Q10).

Drinking water regularly reduces fatigue, accelerates the recovery of the organism after a long disease, favors muscle relaxation after sports activities and has many other positive effects on the body.

Benefits of hydrogenated water (according to experts):

  1. The use of hydrogenated water gives the body invaluable health benefits. Anyone can consume it, regardless of their age. It is suitable for athletes, pregnant women, young children.
  2. People living in ecologically vulnerable zones, in contaminated industrial areas, where pollutants are deposited to a greater extent in the human body, contributing to the appearance of civilization diseases, will be the most benefited. Water enriched with molecular hydrogen effectively neutralizes pathogens, thus preventing the development of serious diseases, particularly cancer.
  3. This unique drink benefits people who lead an unstable lifestyle. It is above all about people who suffer chronic fatigue, depression and apathy. Hydrogen water is also recommended by doctors for patients with mental disorders, since its composition restores mental balance.
  4. Useful liquid helps people with chronic liver disease. Clean the toxic substances organ, accelerate bile secretion and restore damaged cells.
  5. Hydrogenated water is useful for allergic ones: it eliminates hypersensitivity to allergens and creates immunity against them.
  6. This natural drink helps people who are usually sick. Hydrogena water reinforces the organism’s defenses more than citrus and vitamin supplements. It is recommended to drink it during a trip abroad, on vacation, during the flu season.
  7. This healing liquid relieves patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Clean the blood of cholesterol, helps with the lack of blood irrigation to organs and tissues (ischemia), reduces blood sugar levels.

Damage and contraindications

Hydrogen water has no contraindications. The drink is suitable for all age groups and is not harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding women. There is also no risk of overdose, so it cannot cause damage after use.

How to prepare it at home

Hydrogen water can be bought as already prepared bottled water or you can do it yourself with the s o-called hydrogen water generator. It is obtained from running water in a few minutes just by pressing a button of the device.

There are many generators in the market: from the big ones, suitable for the home or office, to the laptops that can be carried out to produce hydrogen water literally anywhere. Among the current market devices are the following generators.

“Fin H2 Water.”

This device is characterized by working in 3 stages:

  1. Purification. The water is purified, passes through UV filters, is supplied to containers where it cools and heats up.
  2. Cooling. After purification, the liquid is pumped to a container divided into two parts (cooling + maintenance at room temperature). After filling the cooling tank, the liquid passes to the heating compartment.
  3. Hydrogen enrichment. After passing through the early stages of electrolysis – water saturation with hydrogen occurs.

“Crows Bottle.”

The ideal device for people with an active lifestyle. The ideal solution for people with an active lifestyle can also be carried out, so that they can always stay in shape and healthy drinking healthy liquids.

The generator has 2 modes: 3 minutes (14 cycles) and 6 minutes (7 cycles).

“Hydrogen generating water”, E1

This device works similarly to the previous one. The peculiarity is the patented system: electrolysis is done with a platinum and titanium electrode.

The correct way to use it

From all of the above it follows that hydrogenated water is a useful drink, literally for everyone. But it is demonstrated that it is the most beneficial for certain conditions. What are we talking about?

When exercising

Drinking hydrogen water is immediate relief for athletes. During intense sports activity, lactic acid accumulates in muscles, causing temporary stiffness and pain. This can be avoided effectively drinking hydrogen water during exercise.

A person loses 2. 5 liters of liquid through breathing and perspiration, which is typical during intense sports activities. Therefore, to avoid dehydration of the organism it is necessary to consume it in sufficient amounts. At the same time as an adequate fluid intake, it is important to consume electrolytes, which are part of the metabolic processes.

Hoping to feel thirst during exercise is a wrong action. In this case, the body may already be dehydrated by approximately 2%. This condition also negatively affects sports performance, which decreases by approximately 1/5, not to mention the increase in fatigue.


In weight loss, hydrogen peroxide activates the “lazy intestine.”It helps fight obesity and accelerates metabolism. It is also suitable for people who want to maintain a slender figure and feel fit. Bébalo during the day to favor weight loss and avoid excessive weight gain.

For metabolic disorders

Hydrogenated water increases energy conversion, controls the balance of fats, helps increase muscle mass, ensures that carbohydrate intake becomes energy instead of fat. These factors are useful in metabolic disorders. To improve the condition, consume the beneficial drink as in weight loss – throughout the day.

The opinion of the doctors

As for hydrogen water (benefits and damages) doctors are unanimous: it is good for health. Hydrogen molecules function as antioxidants, fighting free radicals. Free radicals are a natural part of the human body. However, unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of sleep, bad habits of alcohol consumption and inadequate quality of food, contribute significantly to their development, all of which has a negative effect on health.

Free radicals also enter the body from the environment; Its excess causes the accelerated aging of cells and, in extreme cases, even the development of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease. Antioxidants reduce the effects of these radicals, thus contributing to maintaining the vitality of the human body.

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