What is mare milk good?

3, 000 years ago, mare milk was considered a sacred product in ancient China. Today is recognized worldwide. It is much appreciated by the Asian and Eastern peoples. It is produced in Australia.

Let’s find out the good for a mare milk. Who is especially recommended. In which cases they must refrain from consuming the product. How it is used in kitchen, cosmetology, popular medicine.

The singularity of mare milk

The drink differs from the milk of domestic and wild animals by its bluish color and its specific sweet flavor.

Yegua milk helps with diarrhea young children, because it is absorbed and diges quickly. It is also used in babies that suffer intolerance to milk proteins. The baby’s body easily digests the healthy fatty acids it contains. These ingredients are necessary for the brain and mental development of the child.

Yegua milk is a key ingredient in the production of children’s formulas adapted for healthy babies and for those whose organism does not tolerate cow’s milk proteins. Its use makes it possible for infants to receive a natural substitute for breast milk.

Calories and chemical composition

Yegua milk is a mixture of substances dissolved in water, essential for nutrition and development of both foals and human beings. Its composition differs considerably from that of cows and other wild and domestic animals. The energy and nutritional value of 100 grams of this liquid is represented by the following components

  • 2. 1 g of protein;
  • 1 g of fats;
  • 5. 9 g of carbohydrates;
  • 0. 5 g ashes;
  • water 89. 6 g.
Amount in 100 grams of liquid product
Vitamins Minerals
A (Retinol) 0. 02 mg Magnesium 8. 9 mg
Betacarotene 0. 29 mg Potassium 65 mg
B1 (thiamine) 0. 29 mg Calcium 90 mg
B2 (Riboflavina) 0. 38 mg Match 53 mg
B4 (hill) 23. 2 mg Sodium 28 mg of sodium
B5 (Pantotenic acid) 0. 23 mg Iron 0. 7 mg of iron
B6 (pyridoxin) 0. 29 mg Manganese 0. 03 mg
B9 (folic acid) 1mcg Copper 21 mg
B12 (cyanocobalamin) 0. 33 mg Zinc 0. 20 mg
H (biotin) 0. 9 micrograms Cobalt 1. 2 µg
C (ascorbic acid) 9. 2 mg Aluminum 55 micrograms
PP (nicotinic acid) 0. 5 mg
E (Tocoferol) 0. 07 mg
Niacina 0. 1 г

The mare milk contains 1. 5 times less lactose and proteins than cow’s milk. The proportion of albumin is greater and that of minor casein. Therefore, the liquid is easy to digest and diges quickly.

The mare milk has a low fat content, and which consists of the essential linoleic and linolenic, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids can oxidize rapidly, acquiring bactericidal properties. By inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, they have medicinal properties.

Carbohydrates constituted by lactose are of great value for the human organism. They are better absorbed and less likely to cause fermentations in the human intestine. The mare milk contains enzymes and amino acids. They improve digestion, avoid stomach malfunction and intestines.

What is useful for the agency of men and women

The combination of mare milk ingredients meet the daily needs of vital substances of children and adults. That is why drinking is gaining popularity among people who lead a healthy lifestyle in Russia and Europe. Beneficial properties of mare milk for the human being:

  • Its low caloric value allows it to classify it as a dietary product, which is used in thinning diets.
  • The thiamine contained in its composition favors the activity of nerve cells of the brain and peripheral blood vessels. Reinforce memory, improve learning capacity.
  • Vitamin E as antioxidant fights atherosclerosis, reduces blood cholesterol. Freen premature aging.
  • It is used as a prophylactic during seasonal outbreaks of infectious diseases. Ascorbic acid reinforces the immune system.
  • The intake of mare milk against cancer and metabolism alterations is recommended.
  • It is used in stomach diseases in remission.
  • Its property to cure tuberculosis has been known for a long time.
  • Doctors know the benefits of mare milk for women well. Vitamin B12 is closely related to hematopoyesis. Its intake supplies the lack of this substance in the body, which is experienced by physiological blood losses. It is used in case of anemia and to prevent it. Healthy girls are recommended to prepare to be mothers.
  • Useful use of mare milk for pregnant women. The lack of folic acid, which usually occurs during pregnancy, causes anomalies in the child’s nervous system. The daily intake of 250 ml of dairy drink completely replenishes the folate levels in the female body.
  • Obvious benefits of mare milk for infant mothers. Its high calcium content reinforces the bone system of women and the child. A complete range of vitamins stimulates metabolism. Magnesium and potassium favor the development of a healthy baby.

The benefits of mare milk for man are no less known. This healing liquid improves erectile function thanks to its unsaturated acid content combined with a rich vitamin-minine complex. Accelerate the regeneration of the genitals. Even more important for men is Koumiss. This drink with nuts and honey increases the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Special uses

In kitchen

The mare milk has been used since ancient times by nomadic peoples. At that time of civilization, it was the most accessible food product. Nature itself endowed this drink of healing properties.

In our day, mare milk can significantly improve human health. The consumption of steamed mare milk, called Saumal, improves immunity, helps to resist disease. Fresh milk contains many more nutrients. It is recommended to drink it no later than three hours after milking.

Those who do not have this option, can drink freshly frozen milk. Defrosting cubes are taken according to the daily amount.

Yegua milk is used for food production. It is used to make cheese. But the manufacturing process is difficult. There is little casein in mare milk, which forms flakes instead of a clot.

Therefore, people prefer to take it as kefir or fermented drink diluted with water. The most famous of drinks is Koumiss. This healing liquid is obtained by fermenting milk with the help of a mother dough ferment. The Koumiss is widely used in Asian spas for the treatment of tuberculosis and the diseases of the digestive system.

Unlike milk, Koumiss has contraindications for consumption. This is because during the elaboration process there is between 2 and 5% ethyl alcohol. Therefore, it is considered a low alcoholic dairy product.

Traditional medicine

Home healers use mare milk as an application for skin with problems. It is applied to boils, eczematous eruptions, purulent wounds. At home, it is used as a remedy for alcoholic poisoning.

The peoples of Kyrgyzista, Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan call it “the living drink”. People go to the horse breeding farms of these republics in spring with their whole family. Taking a therapeutic course of steamed milk and Koumiss preserve their health throughout the year.

To lose weight

Yegua milk is used to lose weight. It has a gentle laxative effect and normalizes metabolic processes.

Women use it to lose the kilos of more thanks to their low caloric content. During the diet, a glass of Koumiss per day provides energy until the next meal, which reduces the desire to eat caloric foods. By the way: It is recommended to drink milk to lose weight 5 times a day, with a 2-3 hour interval. The treatment lasts 10 days.

In cosmetology

The ingredients of mare milk have the property of stimulating regeneration processes. Thus they help maintain skin youth. Reduce tissue inflammation. Its miraculous qualities are used in the cosmetological industry. Yegua milk is used in the production of creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels and natural dyes.

The myth that Queen Cleopatra bathed in mare milk, saffron and honey is known. Today it is used in the creation of European cosmetics. It is also used in elite spas.

For the hair

Mil k-based masks of mare nourish the hair follicles. The mare milk shampoo with arginine and biotin restores the structure of dry and brittle hair, and eliminates open tips.

There is a range of champagos of foreign and national manufacturers based on mare milk. Many of them are enriched with plant extracts that enhance the effect of milk. Of variable composition, they relieve itching, eliminate dandruff and accelerate hair growth.

For face

Modern cosmetological research has shown that the acid-alkaline balance of mare milk approaches the pH of the skin and head. Due to this property, cosmetics based on it are used to take care of dry and sensitive skin. Cosmetic milk properties:

  • The enzymes and amino acids contained in the milk hydrate and perfectly nourish the deep layers of the skin;
  • Collagen and elastin are responsible for the resistance and regeneration of the epidermis;
  • Ascorbic acid, group B vitamins and silicon stimulate the regeneration of the cellular cell structure and accelerate healing;
  • The antioxidants present gently protect the skin from inflammation, pigment spots and prevent wrinkles.

The unique composition of milk creates favorable conditions for the elimination of problematic epidermis. The cosmetic remedies based on it are effective in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

How to store it correctly

Unfortunately, mare milk cannot be kept more than 1-2 days. A large part of medicinal substances are already diminished after 2-3 hours of milking.

There is another method of maintaining valuable ingredients in their composition in the form of created capsules, which are sold in pharmacies.

Damage and contraindications

Eastern connoisseurs and health professionals have studied in practice the benefits and damages of mare milk. The main obstacle to the consumption of valuable product is lactose intolerance. If after drinking milk the pain and swelling in the abdomen begin, the condition worsens, it must be stopped drinking. Irritation symptoms disappear by themselves after a few hours of abstinence.

People who take Koumiss should know that the product contains alcohols derived from milk fermentation. They increase the secretion of the gastric glands. Therefore, people with hyperacidity should take it in moderation. It is also worth refraining from the valuable drink in the exacerbations of the peptic ulcer disease, chronic pancreatitis, hyperacid gastritis.

Koumiss is harmful to pregnant children and women. Due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in its composition, it is contraindicated for people in alcoholism treatment.

Yegua milk is an excellent food and curative remedy at the same time. It is digested easily and quickly, unlike your cow counterpart, and has less side effects. That is why it is used in child and sports food. It is used in Sanatorium of Asian republics for disease treatment and prevention.

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