What is Mother’s for humans?

A long time ago, there was a family in Japan. Two twin girls grew in the family. They had unusual names. Gold and silver flower. When girls were seventeen, one of the sisters fell ill. The twin refused to leave her sister and both died. In the place where they were buried, a Bush of Madreselva grew. Later, the same disease affected the twins of another family. The parents of the sick children prepared a decoction with the flowers of the bush and saved their twins.

Legends and stories have been counted on Mother. Almost all owners have a Brush of Madeselva. The Mother’s bush is not very demanding, occupies little space and requires very few care. The Mother spoils the first berries of the season. Bright, richly colored berries, with sour or bitter touches, depends on the variety, will please many.

Chemical composition of the Mother

There is no secret ingredient in the fruit. Water, carbohydrates and acids, iron. Rich in vitamins and macronutrients. The berries are great for those who want to lose weight, their caloric value is only 41. 2 kcal.

What vitamins do they contain?

  1. Vitamin A. One of the most important vitamins. Participate in most of the functions of the human body. It favors and reinforces the immune system. It favors a better vision. It makes the skin firmer and elastic.
  2. 2. Betacarotene. Vitamin called the Fuente de la Juventud. It is prophylactic against many diseases, including cancer.
  3. 3. Vitamin B1. It stimulates brain activity. It establishes the work of the intestine, stomach, cardiovascular, nervous system.
  4. 4. Vitamin B2. Help carbohydrate conversion, fats into energy. The body helps in the absorption of useful substances.
  5. 5. Vitamin C. The famous ascorbic acid. Reinforces the immune system. Help eliminate toxins. Restore the elasticity of blood vessels.
  6. 6. Vitamin K. favors skin regeneration. Improves coagulation of the circulatory system. Regulate blood sugar. Restore bone tissue.

Mother’s Properties

Without a doubt, the Bush of the Mother has many qualities. But if everyone can use it unconditionally as food, it is an unknown.


Because of its quantity of vitamins and benefits beneficial, dark berries, almost black, are revealed as a very necessary plant. After a long winter, the body is exhausted, yearning for fruits, berries and vegetables. The early of the berries in maturing, has no competition among other cultivated plants. Some varieties continue to bear fruit to autumn.

Madresolova’s bushes are popular in Russia, the east and postsoviet countries. They are used as a garden ornament, source of vitamins and simply because they are very tasty.

It is used for treatment and prophylaxis:


A handful of them a day is used as a prophylactic measure against diseases, especially virals and those related to cold. Improves mood in case of anemia. Useful in cardiovascular system diseases.

Dry or freshly collected berries in the form of tincture help lower fever, improve digestion and even reduce migraine pain. The symptoms of anemia will decrease, send avitaminosis and not fear colds. Reducing blood pressure without medication, alleviating head pain, reducing fever in high fever is easy, taking the fruit of the hostelva practically in any way.


A decoction can be prepared with the stem of Madresolva to relieve stomach pain. With conjunctivitis, especially common in kindergarten children help lotions with molelva flowers.

You will need hot water and dry flowers. Pour a tablespoon of ground flowers in very hot water and boil for about twenty minutes. Infusion, strain the tincture and apply the soaked lotions two or three times a day.

When a cold, especially a cough as a medicinal effect, beer has dried and made beer flowers of the bush.(It was probably this remedy that saved Japanese children from death).

The Mother’s Cortex is unusual. The thin twigs seem to be wrapped in peeled threads. The brownish and squamous cortex facilitates its collection for its texture.

Important: The cortex is collected in spring, before the flowering begins. Dry the cortex in a well ventilated place, extending it in fine layers to dry better. The very dry raw material can be stored in a dark place to the next spring.

The decoction of the cortex is an excellent help for hydropesia, thanks to its ability to eliminate excess humidity from the body.

Important: recipe for a decoction for hydropesia. You will need crushed cortex, cold water, an enamel saucepan. In a proportion of one to ten cortex pouring the water and stewed over low heat for approximately half an hour. Tell me. Half a glass three times a day before meals.

Leaves .

Bush leaves to be collected before flowering, when the shoots are already formed, but have not yet flourished. After collecting the raw material, it must be dried well in an ventilated place and in the shade. They can be stored during the winter until next collection season.

Important: people suffering from kidney disease can help decoction of shrubs, which have a diuretic effect, helping to relieve load on the kidneys.

Damage and contraindications

PrecautionsDiabetics must use Motherwester decoctions with caution. Especially sweet varieties, which can contain a lot of sugar.

Remember that each person is different and has a different organism. Therefore, the possibility of an allergic reaction should not rule out. Matorral fruits are rich in ascorbic acid, those who suffer from acidity problems, gastritis should not be abused.

Moderation in everything, including the use of Derivatives of the Madreselva bush. Excessive consumption can cause cramps, swelling, diarrhea or constipation, as well as causing allergies. In children, eating in excess can cause diasis.

Characteristics of the use of Mother

From the Mother’s bush you can take advantage of everything. For nutrition, healing, beauty. The inhabitants of the Celeste Empire, probably better than others, know a lot about medicinal plants, so the use of Mother began since ancient times.

In popular medicine

This type of berries has found wide use in popular medicine. All bush components come into action. From the cortex, the leaves, the flowers and directly the berries themselves are made all types of medications. Not only medicinal effects but also cosmetics can boast this bush. Not surprisingly, official medicine adopted the secrets of popular medicine and now actively uses the hostelva in the manufacture of creams, tinctures, shampoos and much more.

For skin problems

For skin problems, such as Eczema, Madreselva’s juice is a good help. The area affected by psoriasis, eczema, ulcers is generously smeared with recently squeezed juice of blue berries. These lotions reduce discomfort and help accelerate healing.

For liver diseases

For the problems of liver and gallbladder, you can and should consume berries of Madreselva. The berry relieves pain and calms spasmodic pain attacks. Both berries and dry leaves can help relieve the condition.

For hypertension treatment

Leaf and cortex tinctures can be used for hypertension, as well as berries and juice. With continued use, these remedies help normalize pressure, but of course they are not a panacea. Such remedies should be used without fanaticism, otherwise it is possible to cause low blood pressure.

For peptic ulcers

The peptic ulcer can be treated with berries only if it feels good and in small quantities. It is better to be advised by your doctor. Mother contains acid and can cause stomach discomfort and worsen the state in the acute period of the disease.

Leaf, cortex and flower decoctions can be consumed, which are beneficial for stomach ulcers.

In case of cold

Caprifolium, as the Mother is also called, is excellent to deal with the symptoms of colds. There are a large number of dyeing recipes, decoctions that relieve the condition of patients. The fruit itself reinforces the immune system, increasing the resistance of the organism to viruses.

In cosmetology

Madreselva’s flowers produce small amount, which is then actively used to manufacture all kinds of creams, masks and oils. Madresolva flower oil tones the skin, reduces inflammation, redness. Prepare flower oil can be done at home. To do this, it is enough to pour flowers with oil and infuse about 30 days in a dark place.

Harvesting and storage of Mother

Let’s see in more detail what you can and should be harvested from the Mother. The most frequently harvest berry is the winter. First, for its flavor. Most people do not even realize the good preserves that are eaten during the cold station.

The jam

An advert. If you make jam, you better collect the berries when time is dry or, otherwise, they will be watery. The berries are very soft and get rid of the hands, so you have to collect them carefully.

There are many ways to make jam. There are many recipes. The two most common variants are to throw sugar on the berries without cooking them and boil them a little.

To make raw jam, we will need maker, sugar and citric acid. You have to twist the berries with sugar, add citric acid, put them in a hermetic glass container and store the jam in a cold place.

For boiled jam, you have to take the same berries, sugar and water. Mix all ingredients. Boil stirring, after boiling between five and seven minutes, remove from heat. Pour into jars. The dessert is ready.


The berries can also be frozen. In this way the maximum number of useful substances is preserved. You can eat them frozen, turn them into jam, compote or bite. Leaves, twigs and bark. They are collected in spring. The superfluous branches are cut. They dry and then bite, the further the better. Then they can be stored throughout the year dry and, if necessary, they can be prepared in infusion. Motherwester flowers are stored dry in a wel l-closed bottle.

During the war, especially the great homeland, there was a great shortage of medicines. The medicinal plants, including the Mother, went to the rescue. Decoctions and lotions for bandages relieved suffering and had a healing effect, as well as remedies for dysentery, which had gained many lives. The Mother, whose branches, leaves and berries have saved many lives, provided all this.

Today, society seeks a healthy lifestyle, natural products and hygiene products. There comes a time when the medicinal plant is again in the peak. Madresolva’s bushes will be very popular among lovers of everything natural.

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