What is oat milk good for?

Oatmeal with milk is delicious, healthy and simple. It is a universal breakfast for children and adults, for the health conscious and for the sick, as well as for those who have very little time in the morning. However, the product has some contraindications.

In this article you will find answers to the following questions:

  • what the dish consists of, its energy value;
  • oatmeal with milk: benefits and harms for women, men, children, pregnant women;
  • cooking options;
  • in which diseases it is recommended.

Chemical composition and calories of oats (with milk)

Porridge with milk has the following calories per 100 grams of product: from 102 to 139 kcal, depending on the fat content of the milk. The chemical composition of oats is as follows.

Substance Amount in 100 grams of oatmeal with milk
carbohydrates 14. 2g.
fats 4. 1g
proteins 3. 2 gr.

The prepared dishes contain the following vital substances

  • vitamins: B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B7, B9, PP (nicotinic acid), E;
  • macronutrients: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, sodium;
  • trace elements: sulfur, manganese, iodine, iron, zinc, fluorine, aluminum, copper, nickel, silicon, molybdenum, cobalt.

Properties of oats with milk

The product is rich in essential vitamins and micro- and macroelements. In addition, oatmeal with milk has the following properties:

  1. 100 grams of porridge contains ¼ of the daily norm of fiber;
  2. The dish has the most optimal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber of all products;
  3. It is excellent for a healthy diet, but if you want to lose weight quickly, you should use skimmed milk or just water.

The benefits of

Oatmeal cooked with milk is useful for the following reasons.

  • The dietary fiber in oats helps eliminate cholesterol from the body.
  • Oatmeal is a real “beauty porridge”. Its high vitamin content strengthens hair and nails and rejuvenates the skin.
  • For the elderly, it prevents age-related joint pain, osteoporosis and tuberculosis.
  • Hercules is a natural antioxidant that can cleanse the body of toxins.
  • The dish is not forbidden to eat in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and with gastritis it even alleviates the condition.

For the body of women

Every woman strives to stay young, healthy and flourishing for years. This is not easy for the fragile female body, which ages faster than the masculine. Cooked oatmeal can be a faithful assistant in the struggle for beauty. There are at least five reasons why weak sex should include it in your diet.

  1. It has a high vitamin content, especially B and E. Vitamins B make your skin hydrated, soft and with a pleasant tone, and that your nervous system is more resistant. Vitamin E reinforces the reproductive system.
  2. The high magnesium content improves metabolism. This is especially true in the case of older women, when metabolism slows down and it is more difficult to maintain a normal weight.
  3. The presence of iron, very necessary after the loss of menstrual blood. The nervous system, skin, hair and nails also need this micronutrient.
  4. For thin women this porridge will do a good service – for a long time it will maintain a feeling of satiety. But in this case you must cook with low fat milk.
  5. In general, the large amount of fiber has a beneficial effect on the weak sex organism: digestion functions as a clock, toxins are quickly removed and the skin retains its tone.

For men

Men should also fall in love with this dish with all their hearts. Here are some good reasons.

  • The body of the strongest half of humanity especially needs vitamin E, which intervenes in the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone.
  • A large number of antioxidants protects the male organs of diseases.
  • Young people and men dedicated to bodybuilding respect oats with milk for their help in the construction of muscle mass.
  • Improves the quality of seminal fluid, sperm activity and, therefore, increases reproduction capacity.

For children

Scientists have shown that the regular consumption of oats of oats in the morning improves the performance of schoolchildren. A breakfast of this type ensures a slow flow of glucose to the brain, and this has a beneficial effect on the memory and attention of the child. Oatmeal is good for children for several more reasons.

  1. The large number of vitamins, macroelements and microelements that contain oats flakes reinforces the immune system and the resistance of the body of the smallest to diseases.
  2. Its rich iron content is an excellent preventive measure against anemia.
  3. It is an energy breakfast that will keep your son satiated and awake throughout the day before going to school.
  4. Milk porridge are rich in calcium, without which the child cannot grow or develop normally.

For pregnant women

It is very good that pregnant women eat this dish. Pregnant ones need a lot of iron and folic acid. Oatmeal is a real treasure of these elements. Here are some more “in favor” reasons of inclusion in the herring diet:

  • Less toxicity thanks to vitamin B6;
  • The large amount of fiber eliminates constipation, which usually disturbs pregnant women;
  • In an interesting situation, women sometimes have hair and nails worse, and oats will help deal with this problem.

If you eat herbs in moderate quantities during pregnancy, there are no contraindications. Sometimes women feel nausea for milk, so you should cook porridge with water.

Damage and contraindications

With moderate use – sometimes a week – oatmeals will not be harmful. However, there are some contraindications:

  • Gluten and cereal intolerance, which is quite rare;
  • If you are allergic to lactose, cook the porridge with water or use coconut milk;
  • Excessive consumption can cause the accumulation of phytic acid, which interferes with calcium absorption;
  • Children digest milk very well, but with age this capacity decreases, especially from the age of 40, and it is better to cook the pumps with water.

How to choose oatmeal

The more processed the oats is, the less valuable substances remain in it. That is why integral oats is the most useful. However, it has two disadvantages: the long cooking process (40-60 minutes) and the bad tolerance of children under 3 years.

If you don’t have time to bother you at breakfast, opt for cereals. But only those that require at least a minimum cooking. They retain most of their nutrients.

How to prepare oatmeal

It is not necessary to wash the oats or the flakes before cooking them. Some people may feel confused by the presence of white dust in a dry product. However, this dust is a valuable flour that, once boiled and consumed, gently covers the stomach walls. If there is a lot of peel, water can be poured over the dry oatmeal (proportion 1 cup of oats for 1. 5 of water), and then use a mop to eliminate floating particles.

Integral oatmeal pumps are prepared as follows. Soak the integral cereals in water for 4-5 hours. Once swollen, put them in a saucepan and pour cold water. Then they are boiled for 40-60 minutes over low heat. Next, milk, 1 pinch of sugar and 1 pinch of salt is added. After 2 minutes of boiling, the porridge are ready. Honey or fruit can be added instead of sugar after cooking.

The flakes are cooked much faster. Pour the milk (always in proportion 1: 2). Bring to boiling over medium heat. Once boiling, lower the heat. Cook cereals for 5 minutes by stirring frequently. At the end of cooking, add salt and sugar to taste.

From 7-8 months of age you can introduce complementary feed without cereals. But first, you always have to make sure there are no allergies: give the child the product at the tip of a spoon. If after a day there is no adverse reaction, then everything is going well.

The porridge must boil with water for children up to 1 year. It must be liquid and no lumps. The first time is given to the baby 1 tablespoon of porridge, and then the amount is gradually increased. When the child has 1 year, you can give it cooked oatmeal with water and milk (in the Lacto-Leche plant).

Salada porridge

SAL should not be added in the following cases

  • Children under 1 year;
  • In diseases such as hypertension, osteochondrosis, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases;
  • when strictly follows an adequate diet and nutrition.

The salt standard for a healthy person is 5-8 grams per day, that is, 1 teaspoon. You must take this nuance into account and add more than a small pinch of this substance.

Sweet porridge

Nutritionists recommend not consuming more than 60 grams of sugar a day. The “white death” is already contained in many prepared foods. So it is better not to malting food unnecessarily. Also in these cases you have to be careful:

  • If you are diabetic, you have high levels of sugar, overweight or diasis;
  • Excess sugar favors chronic diseases.

Honey and fruit are much healthier than refined sugar. They contain healthy, fructose glucose and give oatmeal a delicious taste.

Gachas with fruit

Complement with fruit increases the amount of vitamins and nutrients. Apples, bananas, peaches, cherries, oranges and kiwis can be used. Any of these ingredients is cut into small pieces and is introduced into the pumps ready for consumption. Some people love adding fruit puree.

Here is a simple recipe for oatmeal porridge with milk and bananas, apples and pears. The number of products is indicated for 1 ration.

Ingredient Amount
Oatmeal 5-6 tablespoons
Milk 0. 5 liters
Banana, pear, apple 1 of each
Sugar and salt To taste

Mix the milk with cereals in a saucepan. Bring to boiling over medium heat. Lower the heat and cook over 5 minutes. Add salt and sugar. Then place it on a plate. Put a good layer of banana, apple and chopped pear. Enjoy!

How oatmeal helps cure diseases

Oatmeal is not prohibited for most diseases. In some cases it is even beneficial. But most of the time it is recommended to eat this dish after treatment, and not during the exacerbation of the disease. It favors the elimination of organism toxins, including excess medication. Milk will boost the positive effects of cereals or flakes.

The body spends a lot of energy and strength to fight disease. Oats of oatmeal can compensate for it, and the person recovers more quickly.


Milk and oatmeal are very useful for intestinal disorders. It helps restore microflora, balances “bad” and “good” bacteria. If dysbacteriosis is accompanied by constipation or diarrhea, it is better to cook the porridge with water. Fresh fruit can include banana and sweet skin without skin.

For constipation

For constipation, oatmeals can be very useful, especially if they are left without cooking. But some things must be taken into account.

  • Yes to whole grains and not to the flakes. Integral cereals have a laxative effect, but the delicate liquid oats made with cereals can worsen the situation.
  • Cook only with water; No milk. Lactose is contraindicated in this disease.

For stomach ailments

Gastroenterologists doctors welcome oatmeal. After all, it has the ability to cover the damaged areas of the stomach. However, he needs the correct way to prepare it.

  • In case of ulcer and gastritis, oatmeal is indispensable, but necessarily without milk, oil or salt. You can also add some fat without fat or yogurt.
  • Prepared porridge must be liquid. The porridge must be made with cereals and not with cereal flakes.

In case of pancreatitis

If pancreatitis is in acute phase, the dish should not be consumed. After a treatment course, you can add oats to the diet, but first cooked in water, and after a week – in milk. The first time only ground cereal should be prepared.

For diabetes

Diabetics must take into account 2 important factors.

  • Cereals are composed of 67% carbohydrates. This high concentration is detrimental to diabetics.
  • At the same time, fiber reduces the absorption rate of carbohydrates, which helps control blood sugar.

Conclusion: Diabetics should not give up oats, but should not eat them more than 2-3 times per week.

For drop

The drop is accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms: alteration of metabolism, destruction of bone tissue, inflammation of the joints. Therefore, the main commandment of the therapeutic diet is not to worsen the situation. Oatmeal with milk in this case will be useful. The main thing is to boil it without salt. You can add nuts.

Atopic dermatitis

This skin disease is allergic. Patients are prescribed a therapeutic diet. Allergenic products, including milk, are excluded from the diet. If there is no oat reaction, you can eat porridge, and it is even necessary. But porridge must be boiled in water and without sugar.

Not in vain dietitians and doctors around the world sing oats. But everything is good in moderation. We hope that after reading the article you will not have doubts about the benefits and damages of this wonderful food. Be always young, healthy and beautiful! Gota is accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms: alteration of metabolism, destruction of bone tissue, inflammation of the joints. Therefore, the main commandment of the therapeutic diet is not to worsen the situation. Oatmeal with milk in this case will be useful. The main thing is to boil it without salt. You can add nuts.

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