What is pear juice good?

Pear is one of the favorite fruits of the Chinese and a symbol of longevity. Unlike most fruit trees, the life of a pear is quite long. In Russia, this fruit is no less popular, largely due to its medicinal properties.

However, some people prefer the entire fruit to the newly squeezed juice. In this case, it is better to know in advance what is the usefulness of pear juice, as well as its possible harmful properties, to avoid subsequent complications.

Caloric content of juice

Pear juice is a low calorie product. A glass of the drink contains only 92 calories, respectively, in 100 grams of pear juice – 46 kcal.

Pear juice properties

  1. It contains vitamins such as sodium, iodine, nickel, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper. Therefore, a glass of pear juice, thanks to the useful substances it contains, replaces a whole vitamin complex. Despite their relatively high content in carbohydrates, pears are known for their ability to reduce blood sugar.
  2. This fruit owes its wonderful aroma to essential oils and organic acids it contains. The latter have a beneficial effect on the immune system in times of disease.
  3. It is one of the favorite products of nutritionists for their ability to quickly suppress hunger. Pear juice is also good to detoxify the intestines thanks to their antioxidant properties.
  4. Another ingredient of pear juice that has a beneficial effect on the human body is organic zinc. It is much more present in this drink than in the apricot, peaches, plums or strawberries.
  5. The newly collected pears drink contains a lot of manganese. The latest fruits juice is rich in iron.

The benefits of

Its main benefits:

  • Pear juice has an antibacterial effect. It also has ant i-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. It is recommended to take the freshly squeezed pear drink together with antibiotics for cystitis, neuritis.
  • Thanks to it, the fever is reduced and the immune system is reinforced.
  • Often dentists recommend it for stomatitis due to its bactericidal effect.
  • As noted above, pear juice normalizes blood sugar levels, so it is prescribed for diabetics.
  • The drink contains pictures, which makes it an excellent help in the fight against constipation.
  • The canned juice harvested in autumn will be indispensable in the fight against fever during winter. This product will not only strengthen its immunity, but also reduce its susceptibility to cold.
  • The freshly squeezed juice is also a natural analgesic. If applied to a cut, it can significantly reduce pain and accelerate healing.
  • Pear juice is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against gastritis. Gastroenterologists recommend drinking a glass every morning. Thanks to pear juice, you can forget for a long time of stomach pains and hated stomach burning. The freshly made fruit juice is recommended to hypertensive people to reduce blood pressure.

Damage and contraindications

Much has already been said about the benefits of pears drink. However, it should be remembered that pear juice can contribute not only benefits, but also important damages to human health.

Its main disadvantages:

  • Possible allergic reactions if consumed in large quantities.
  • Acute and persistent pain in the abdominal zone.
  • Intense diarrhea. Therefore, children should only drink the supervision of an adult.
  • Among the contraindications for its use are pregnancy and breastfeeding due to possible allergic reactions and digestive disorders of the infant.

How to prepare it at home

Pear juice can be found on the shelves of any food store. But we must remember that in this product many useful substances will be missing. Therefore, it is better to prepare this drink at home. Everything you need for this is a squeezer, grater or chopper. So that in cooked juice to retain all useful trace elements, it is necessary to pay attention to the hard fruit.

A classic juice recipe

Cut several hard pears into small pieces. Place them in the polishing and turn on the device. Your fruit juice is ready to consume. The juice can be served with any other fruit. It is a good accompaniment for snack or breakfast.

Recipe in the polishing

Most hostesses for the preparation of a sweet beverage for winter use a special apparatus called a signs. The latter greatly facilitates the preparation process, and the volume of the finished drink at the exit is much greater than after using a squeezer.

To prepare this product, only two ingredients are needed

  • pears;
  • sugar.

Rinse the pears well, cut them into small pieces and enter them carefully in the perforated drawer. Fill the lower compartment with water and place a juice collector. In the upper part, place a row with chopped pears. Place a deep plate under the tube for the dripping liquid.

Place the polishing in the kitchen over medium heat. After about 20 minutes, the juice will begin to accumulate. At the end of cooking time, remove the fireplay from the fire. Pour the drink finished in a saucepan, put it in the pot and take it to boil. Then add the sugar to taste and wait for the drink to boil again. Frise the juice, see it in jars and place them under a hot blanket until it has cooled completely.

With apple

Apple and pear drink is one of the children’s favorites. It can also be prepared in the polishing. Pear and apple juice is very beneficial for the body. It can only harm the allergic ones.

For drinking, we will need 3 kg of pears and the same amount of apples. The preparation process in this case will not differ from the previous one. Only together with the pears in a bowl container also put the apples.

With Serbal

The Black Chokeberry has always been famous for its unusual and exquisite flavor. To prepare this drink you will need 1 kg of pears, the same amount of serbas, 250 g of beets and 1 tablespoon of sugar.

You have to cut all these ingredients into small dice and chop them with a meat chopper. The resulting dough is mixed well, poured into a saucepan and put on the fire. It is boiled for 5 minutes, cools and poured into jars. Put the jars with the juice in a warm place, cover with a blanket and save until it cools.

With cucumber

To prepare a pear drink with cucumber, you have to buy 1 kg of cucumbers, the same amount of pears, 100 gr. of ginger root, 4-5 ginger stems.

Cut the fruit and vegetable into small dice and softens with a meat chopper. Unlike the previous one, this type of juice does not need to boil. Pour the drink in jars, cite them tightly and keep them in the refrigerator. Pear juice with cucumber is designed for shor t-term use.

Particularities of its use

Pears drink can be taken on an empty stomach or used as dessert for snack or breakfast. For cystitis it can be combined with honey. In this case, you drink 3 times a day with 1 cup.

In case of sore throat, the juice must be heated previously to slow heat.

How and how much to save

The freshly squeezed juice should be preferably consumed the same day, since it does not contain useful substances for the next day.

Endrino juice can be kept in the refrigerator for a week. But the canned drink, extracted from the winery, can drink all winter.

How to keep them for winter

To be able to enjoy your pear juice in the cold winter with its beautiful summer flavor, you must make sure you have jars in advance. Crystal jars must carefully sterilize before filling them.

Give them well and keep them hot until they have cooled. Then place the jars in the cold. The best place to keep preserves is, of course, the winery. There they can endure a long time and keep the drink intact. freshly squeezed juice should be preferably consumed the same day, since it does not contain useful substances for the next day.

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