What is silicon water for?

Silicon water is increasingly popular in modern popular medicine. It has been talking about its healing and beneficial properties for years.

Not surprisingly, already in the Middle Ages people actively used the flint to purify the water, sprinkle the wounds and do frames around the wells. The stone is called flint. It is easy to obtain, since it is a widespread mineral.

Chemical composition of flint water

The stone to purify the water is extracted from the silica, which is widespread. The stone is not fully composed of silicon, although it is the most abundant element. The trace elements are contributed to the liquid from the mineral during the infusion process. Therefore, silicon water has the following composition

  • silicon (28% of the total);
  • magnesium;
  • calcium
  • match;
  • strontium;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • zinc.

Silicon water properties

The utility and contraindications of silicon water properties have not been scientifically demonstrated. However, it is worth listening to the opinion of experts.


The beneficial properties of this water are irreplaceable. It has a healing effect on the human body. In particular, help with the following problems

  1. Help with nasal congestion and sore throat. Its disinfectant properties strengthen the walls of the mouth and gums.
  2. Reduces the risk of dental bacterial infections.
  3. Reduces itching due to diasis, helps eliminate skin rashes.
  4. Improves immunity, prevents colds and accelerates the recovery of acute respiratory infections.
  5. Restore the microflora of the intestine, improve digestion.
  6. Accelerates the process of regeneration of bruises and wounds.
  7. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood.
  8. Reduce glucose and blood cholesterol.
  9. Stimulates the kidneys.
  10. Reduces arterial hypertension.
  11. It helps to soften skin wrinkles.

The popular remedy practically has no contraindications. However, doctors identify a group of people for whom silicon water is prohibited.

Damage and contraindications

In certain organism conditions, it is forbidden to drink silicon water. They include:

  • heart disease and insufficiencies;
  • Benign and malignant tumors
  • predisposition to cancer;
  • pulmonary silicosis;
  • Individual intolerance to the chemical element4
  • Allergic reactions.

Before starting the treatment, it is advisable to go to the doctor to find out if there are contraindications. If there are no, it is possible to start a recovery treatment. It should be understood that silicon water is not a medication. It is used as a biological complement.

How to correctly drink silicon water

There are no exact instructions to take the Herbal remedy. However, depending on the disease, experts establish restrictions. Silica water is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Its properties are described below.

In medicine

Doctors do not deny the beneficial effects of silicon on the human body. On the contrary, many of them recommend silica water for prevention and as a complementary treatment of certain diseases.

Atherosclerosis Prevention

Everyone has atherosclerotic plates. They are small fat deposits on the walls of the blood vessels. Over time, its number increases and the total level of blood cholesterol as well. Silica water helps partially get rid of them. Doctors recommend this popular remedy as a preventive measure. Just drink 2 glasses a day to start the purification process.


Hypertension is caused by blood coagulation and the constriction of blood vessels. The person experiences a strong headache, palpitations and difficulty breathing. The greater age, the more these attacks occur. The disease can lead to a hypertensive crisis and the breakage of the blood vessels of the brain, and a stroke can occur.

Silica infused water helps dilate blood vessels and dilute blood. Reduce the number of brain infarctions. It is recommended to drink a glass before meals three times a day.


An incorrect diet, renal problems and salt content of food cause urine accumulation. Start with sand in the kidneys and later becomes stones. This causes lumbar pain and makes urination difficult.

The silica enters the body, interacts with the particles of the calculations and gradually eliminates them. In this case, the additional liquid contributes to this process. It is allowed to drink 2-3 glasses of water with silica per day if this disease occurs.

Skin anomalies

It is known that silica has a disinfectant effect. If the cutaneous eruption appeared in the form of diasis, urticaria, pustules, then a silica infusion will help accelerate the healing process. In doing so, the solution accelerates the process of regeneration of human skin.

Just spread the damaged areas 3-4 times a day with the remedy. After a few days, the result will appear.

Mellitus diabetes

Diabetic people have many contraindications. Glucose levels rise periodically, which makes the person feel worse. Silica infusion helps reduce blood sugar levels. The solution will serve as an excellent prophylactic of the disease, and will also prevent glucose rising to high levels.

However, doctors insist on a previous consultation to clearly determine the allowed dose for the patient. On average, for diabetic people, 1 glass of the solution a day in the morning is allowed.


Oncological diseases are among the contraindications to drink this liquid. Silicon ions contained in the liquid can cause the growth of abnormal cells or stimulate cancer development.

In case of tumors, the use of any popular remedy should be consulted with a doctor. Since not all chemical elements are compatible with prescribed treatment and health status.

Infectious diseases

Silicon infusion stimulates the immune system. Just drink 2 glasses a day to notice its effects. It helps fight infectious diseases of viral and bacterial nature.

In addition to reinforcing the immune system, silicon ions have disinfectant properties. They help the organism to destroy foreign bacteria and viruses. This accelerates healing.

Varicose veins

Varices are due to the obstruction of blood vessels. The blood flow is maintained at the usual level, but the vein narrows. The body adapts and the vein dilates. Little by little it becomes too big and the problem can be solved surgically.

The person constantly experiences fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Doctors recommend drinking some glasses of flint water per day and rub the legs with the liquid. The solution helps to keep the vascular wall toned.

Nervous and mental diseases

Stress and nervous system disorders are increasingly frequent among young people and mediu m-sized people. It contributes to this unstable situation at work, in the family. Flint’s solution stimulates nerve impulses, helps reduce the increase in neurons activity.

To maintain nerve health, doctors advise drinking 2-3 vessels of silica infusion per day. After 3-4 days it improves its status.

In cosmetology

It is well known that the greatest amount of silicon in the human body is found in hair and nails. This chemical element in liquid form is widely used in cosmetology. Useful properties:

  1. Clean the sebum face.
  2. It stimulates collagen production.
  3. It helps soften wrinkles and cool off the skin.
  4. It effectively combats microfisures and microlesions, favors healing, thanks to its regenerative properties.
  5. Restore brittle hair and game.
  6. It helps completely eliminate dandruff.
  7. Strengthens hair roots, prevents its fall and stimulates its growth.

Nowadays, many products containing silica water can be found on store shelves:

  • hair shampoos
  • Facial cream;
  • body-gel body;
  • revitalizing capillary and facial masks;
  • Hands and nails creams;
  • facial foams.

In domestic chemical stores, already prepared cosmetic products are sold. However, when silicon infusion is used in its pure form, the effect is greatly enhanced. To strengthen hair, just wash it several times a week with such a liquid.

For the face, you can have a separate bottle with the remedy and use it daily in the morning and at night. Skin saturation with the chemical element occurs rapidly.

How to prepare and conserve

To prepare the healing solution, you must get silica stones. You can try to find them on the street, but it requires some knowledge. There are several colors and shapes and it is easy to mix them.

The stones already prepared are sold in pharmacies, specialized health stores, online stores and water purification companies. How to choose the right ones:

  1. Choose stones with the indication “to purify water”.
  2. The color of the mineral should be light brown, grayish brown or dark gray.
  3. The surface is smooth on the shipyard stones and there may be white veins inside.
  4. The color of the stone must be intense, without a patina.

The preparation method is quite simple. It does not require any special effort. The main thing is to know the exact dosage of the stone for water. Preparation:

  1. 40 g of stone, preferably crushed in small pieces of 5-6 g.
  2. They are placed at the bottom of a 3-liter jug.
  3. Current water is delayed one day.
  4. Pour the mineral with water.
  5. Cover with a lid.
  6. Leave in a luminous room, without direct sunlight.
  7. Leave infusion for 5-6 days.
  8. The drink is ready.

The solution is stored between +3 0 and +50 0. Healing properties last up to several years. The water remains fresh, clean and does not spoil for a long time. The stones last several years. If the mineral surface begins to form a white and dense plate, it is time to replace it with a new one.

Doctors’ opinions

Arkady Ivanovich, 50, doctor

The properties of silicon water heard from my youth. Many patients have come and told me about their properties. But I didn’t believe them, because I found no scientific evidence. Then I decided to try it myself, to treat a cold. I was surprised that it really worked. Now I constantly advise my patients, as a complement to basic treatment.

Valentina Nikolaevna, 43, phlebologist.

Many patients went to me with varying complaints. The treatment scheme was always the same and I wanted to try something new. I read in an article that silicon helps strengthen the walls of the vessels. A young woman went to me in the initial phases of the disease. I recommended that you drink flint water for a month and rub your feet with it. After 30 days he went to me happy and healthy.

Tamara Nikolaevna, 40, cardiologist

Lately many young people with hypertension problems come. It is well known that medications are addictive and their effect on people is not good. I have decided to recommend to a group of my patients the flint water for the prevention and elimination of attacks. I liked the effect a lot. I’m glad I have not to wake the youth of pills.

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