What is thawing water and why is it useful?

The human body is formed by 80% water. To be healthy and comfortable, it is necessary to consume at least 2 liters of liquid a day. Ideally, it is special drinking water.

But even after purifying it, impurities remain in it. And boil her kills all her nutrients and makes her “dead.”So what kind of water is it better to drink? The alternative is melted water.

What is melted water?

The liquid that first freezes and then melts is melted water. This process can be seen both in nature (for example, when snow or ice melts) and at home, when the water freezes and then defrices. It is believed that this action guarantees the elimination of liquid salts.

In addition, scientists have discovered that defrosting water has a structure similar to the content of a living human cell: plasma and nucleus. Therefore, it is considered the most appropriate not only for domestic use, but also as therapeutic elixir. However, if so simple, people would have treated with tap water or snow from the patio a long time ago. It is worth taking a close look at its composition, and also finding out if melted water is good or bad for our body.

The composition of thaw water

Tailment water is divided into the following types:

  • Natural: produced in natural conditions (snow fusion, ice, icebergs and reservoirs).
  • Artificial – derived from a frozen liquid.

Scientists have discovered that defrosted water has a pH (acidity), optimal salinity and hardness.

The salts are 300 mg per liter
Ca 30 mg per liter
Mg 10 mg per liter
The sulfates 90 mg per liter
Hydrocarbonates 100 mg per liter
Chlorides 70 mg per liter

On the positive side, it is free of sulfuric anions (H₂SO₄) and carbonic (H2CO3) and active chlorine.

Fusion water properties

Due to the similar structure of water to the protoplasm of human cells, the liquid is absorbed in them naturally and free; All vital processes cannot take place without their participation.

In addition, thaw water has a rejuvenating effect, because the enzymes responsible for renewal are active in a humid environment. Therefore, cell division is activated when there is enough liquid. As is known, with age moisture in cells becomes less, and can only affect the human body: there is a loss of elasticity of tissues, wrinkles, but by using revived water it can slow the process.

Fusion water is also able to pass freely through cells. The molecules of this liquid are smaller than the pores of cell membranes, and therefore can easily enter the intercellular fluid, which helps accelerate metabolism in the body. Internal actions take place gently and calmly, due to which more energy occurs; One feels alert and leads an active life.

Defrosting liquid also lacks deuterium, the isotope of hydrogen that creates “heavy” water; It is found in tap water. It has a negative effect on cell activity. During the freezing-disgusting process, the isotope disappears. Like other harmful chemical compounds.

Medicinal benefits and properties

Many scientists talk about the almost miraculous properties of molten liquid. The water prepared or collected can improve many important vital processes:

  • release harmful substances from the organism and accelerate metabolism;
  • rejuvenate and renew body cells
  • strengthen the immune system
  • Improve hair structure and nails
  • fight against overweight
  • treat skin problems;
  • stabilize blood pressure at an adequate level
  • allergies
  • Control blood cholesterol
  • Improve the gastrointestinal and cardiac function;
  • Maintain a state of alert and performance for a long period of time
  • Improve sleep quality.

Damage and contraindications

Water can only cause damage if prepared inappropriately:

  • if the opaque parts and the surface are not drained during primary freezing (this is where salts and heavy metals accumulate);
  • If the deretted snow or the ice of the street or the river water are taken as a source (they contain a large number of bacteria and other harmful and potentially mortal substances);
  • Do not filter the water taken from the tap;
  • If you do not drink in 12 hours, it becomes unusable;
  • If cold drinks are contraindicated
  • If thawing water is considered as a panacea for all diseases.

How to prepare thaw water at home

Tailment water has the power to clean blood cells, which also leads to the renewal of the organism as a whole. However, so that its therapeutic properties have full effect, it is necessary to follow some preparation rules.

The essence of the preparation of “correct” thaw water is as follows. Pour the pure water filtered in a bowl and put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Then, take it out, remove the superficial ice scab and put it in the cold for 9-10 hours. Once the time has elapsed, take out the frozen water, rinse the opaque layer under hot water; Let the rest melt in the natural environment. Then it can only be applied. Drink at least 1 glass a day to get the effect.

There is another way to freeze water well.

Heat the liquid to +94-95 ° C. Next, it must be cooled quickly at room temperature by placing the container with water in a palangana with ice. Once the water has cooled, it is placed in the freezer and freezes completely. During the defrosting process, a piece of ice that has not melted and that contains all harmful substances will be in the center. It must be withdrawn and the rest can be used.

How to take water correctly

Water healing properties vary depending on whether it is taken internally or externally.


In general, there are no special indications for ingestion. It is very simple:

  • It is possible and even better drink immediately after defrosting;
  • Drink small sips;
  • Take with an empty stomach: before breakfast or at night, an hour after the last meal;
  • In the first shot, a couple of small sips are enough. It is necessary to gradually harden the throat and not drink liters, to avoid the risk of falling ill.

By volume: Use the amount of liquid at a rate of 1 kg of weight for every 30 ml of water. Use for at least 1 month, or preferably up to 3 months.

But another question arises: can everyone drink thaw water? As for adults, each one decides for himself whether it is worth it or not. If there are no contraindications by a doctor, it is justified to drink this type of water.

Another thing is children. Opinions vary. The renowned pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky considers inadmissible the use of melted tap water for young children, and recommends giving the child only bottled mineral water. Defrosting water is not bad if it is prepared properly.

A separate category is pregnant and lactating women. It is believed that if the technology of preparation of such a liquid is not broken, then the use of melt water will have a positive effect not only for the future mother or nursing mother, but also for her baby.

External use

The use of melt water in cosmetology is very popular, thanks to its low hardness. It is used to wash, rinse, wash the hair and clean the skin. Washing with melt water makes the skin appear smoother and firmer. It is also ideal for fighting swelling.

Tones, hydrates and gives a sensation of freshness. It is good to wash with such water and add ice cubes to harden the skin and the whole body. This liquid should be used at least twice a day. For additional vitamin nutrition it is recommended to add decoction of herbs: chamomile, nettle, succession, mint and others.

It is possible to use non-frozen water in the form of ice cubes to rub the skin. Herbal teas can also be used for this purpose if they are frozen together beforehand.

It is also useful to rinse the hair with thawed water while washing. Rinse immediately after shampooing. It is believed that after this the hair will become shiny, silky and healthy.


Having analyzed many special sites and forums with reviews about the benefits and harms of meltwater, we can find that

  • It is willingly used in cases of gastritis in the initial stage, and notice an improvement in health;
  • It is considered a great remedy to preserve the complexion, especially after sleepless nights.
  • it has helped many girls with acne;
  • it has even been noted to soothe sore throats.

But everyone can experience the benefits of water for themselves. There are no particular difficulties in using this liquid, the main thing is to observe the preparation technique. Then the elixir of youth will be within everyone’s reach.

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