What is the apple compote for?

Fresh apple compote is part of the daily human diet. It is usually prepared especially in summer, when the fruit content reaches its peak. Homemade drink not only has a refreshing effect, but also becomes a source of vitamins, micro and macronutrients.

Chemical composition and calories

If the apple compote is useful, it can be judged by its chemical composition. If you prepare with a minimum heat treatment, it retains the useful properties of mature apples.

Chemical composition of the apple compote

Useful substances Short description
Ascorbic acid (or vitamin C) It improves general health and increases the body’s immune state.
Vitamin A (retinol) A powerful natural antioxidant. It helps prevent infections into the body.
Vitamin B It has a positive effect on the nervous system.
Vitamin RR Stabilize the endocrine system.
Vitamin E It gives the skin a velvety tone, strengthens nails and hair.
Iron A high percentage of this tracement allows to use drink as a prophylactic of ferropenic anemia.
Potassium It helps eliminate toxins by diuretic action. Stabilize heart muscle.
Fiber It prevents the development of dysbiosis, causes the growth of the useful microflora of the intestine. Accelerate the elimination of toxins from the organism.
Folic acid Eliminates the feeling of hunger, and a positive effect on the development of the fetus during pregnancy.
Magnesium Stabilizes the psycho-emotional state, increasing stress resistance.

The properties of

The statement that the compote fresh apples is not only beneficial for the body, but also harmful, sounds incorrect. There are simply a number of diseases, when its use is undesirable. The most common limitations are stomach and intestinal diseases.

Useful qualities

The apple compote is not only a pleasant drink, but also a therapeutic composition to prevent the development of various pathologies. In the systematic use of their positive qualities, the following are indicated:

  1. For diabetes. The drink will be beneficial if it is prepared without sugar from green apples.
  2. Positive effect on heart muscle and blood vessels. It reduces the percentage of harmful cholesterol in the blood (prevention of atherosclerosis) and normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Prevents seasonal vitamin deficiency and reduces the risk of colds in unfavorable epidemiological conditions.
  4. Improves liver function. The ducts are cleared of stagnant bile.
  5. Improves intestinal peristalsis thanks to the coarse fiber. Its ability to absorb toxins decreases the risk of malignancy.
  6. A slight diuretic effect improves the glomerular filtration of the kidneys, thus preventing the formation of concretions (stones).
  7. Its low caloric content allows the use of homemade compote, as a product for dietary meals.
  8. Promotes rapid recovery in case of great and prolonged physical efforts.


Homemade apple drink can be harmful to health, if used in diseases of the stomach with high acidity (gastritis). It is also contraindicated in cases of ulcerative intestinal disease, heartburn and pancreatitis. The reason is the presence of fruity acid, which irritates the mucous epithelium of the stomach and intestinal tract.


The recipe for making homemade compote is quite simple and does not require any special culinary skills. The main thing is to avoid overcooking the apple slices, which reduces the healthiness of the drink. To make the compote, follow the sequence of steps below:

  1. Apples (1 kilogram) are washed well under running water. They are cut into small slices.
  2. Water (3 liters) is poured into a container. Place in a pot and bring to a boil.
  3. Add the chopped apples to the boiling water and cook for 3 to 10 minutes (depending on the variety).
  4. Sugar is added to taste (one and a half cups of granulated sugar per 3 liters).
  5. In order for the taste to saturate after cooking, the compote must stand for 3-5 hours.

culinary specialties

The benefits of apple compote allow its use in cooking and in the formulation of folk medicine. The drink can be made with fresh, frozen or dried fruit.

Application in traditional healing recipes

Apple drink can be used as a complementary therapy for various ailments. It is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out any harmful effects on the body, since in rare cases it can cause allergic reactions.

Frequently used folk medicine recipes:

  1. To prevent ferropenic anemia, drink this drink every day instead of morning coffee for 30 days. Boiled slices can also become puree, rich in gross fiber.
  2. To reduce bad breath, the compote is taken as dessert after eating and dinner.
  3. For cough, a beverage based on fresh fruit and apple leaves is prepared. It is consumed as hot drink in colds.
  4. For hypertension a composition based on apple peels is used. A tablespoon of dried shells pour a glass of hot water. After 10 minutes of infusion, the drink is drink in sips during the day.
  5. The classic recipe is used for urolitiasis, for which it is used internally. Boiled or soaked apple slices are used to treat drop in the form of compresses.

In kitchen

In addition to the usual apples drink in the kitchen, there are many recipes to make popular compotes among the gourmets. They are elaborated as follows

  1. Apple compote with added spices. About 3 kg of apples are used, each peeled from the heart and cut into 8 pieces. They immerse themselves in boiling syrup (1 kg of sugar, 2 pinch of vanilla, 3 clove shoots) and they are slowly cooked 5 to 7 minutes. Place the pieces in jars on the shoulders and pour the syrup on the jars, then sterilize them.
  2. Roasted apple compote. At first, the heart of the peduncle is removed. Sugar is poured into the cavity and cooked in the oven until they are soft. Then, apples are placed in jars and poured into the prepared syrup, which is made in the proportion of 400 grams of sugar by 0. 6 liters of water. The sterilization process for 15 minutes allows you to preserve preserves throughout the winter.
  3. Apple drink with strawberries or strawberries The recipe requires 1 kg of apples and 350 g of strawberries or strawberries. The syrup is prepared at a rate of 200 grams of sugar per liter of water. In the preparation process, follow the following algorithm:
  • Finely chopped apple slices are placed alternately with berries in glass containers;
  • They are poured with sugar syrup and incubated for 8 hours;
  • They are sterilized at a temperature of 85 degrees for 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of the jar).

Use characteristics

If apple compote is used for therapeutic purposes, it should be systematically consumed. It is best to use the classic recipe without additional ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Consumption in the different trimesters of pregnancy and during breastfeeding

The systematic consumption of apple compote will allow pregnant women to compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the full development of the fetus. In addition, it will have the following positive effects:

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, it will be fought from the manifestations of early toxicosis (nausea and vomiting);
  • stabilize the organism’s metabolic processes
  • Restore stomach functionality and intestines;
  • Reduce the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the blood, at the same time accelerating the elimination of toxic substances from the organism.

During the period in which the woman is breastfeeding her baby, apple compote is allowed to take three weeks. Initially, it is recommended to drink half a glass of the drink. In the absence of negative reactions, the dose can be increased to 3 cups (after breakfast, food and dinner).

During the breastfeeding period, this drink will help normalize the intestinal function, improve immunity and help stabilize the nervous system.

To lose weight

Losing weight should not be done at the expense of health. Therefore, you must pay attention to the contraindications of the apple compote. In addition, it should not contain sugar. For this reason, you should not use products bought in the store when diet.

You have to add honey or arce syrup to improve the flavor. However, they have many kilocalories and should be avoided. The optimal would be to add sultane raisins or apricot. Nutritionists claim that adding spices such as cinnamon, vanilla or mint improves the quality of the drink.

Apple diet

The apple diets are cheap and affordable. Its use allows losing a few kilos in a minimum number of days, but the person should not have stomach abnormalities and intestines.

The most common diet is two days. You can eat a maximum of 4 kg of apples in two days. Sufficient fluid intake (at least 2. 5 liters per day) is a prerequisite. Two or three days before losing weight, a soft transition to plant foods is necessary. This rule should be followed after leaving the diet. The full hard weight loss cycle from 6 to 7 days. During this time, a person can lose up to 7 kilos. In some cases, fresh cooked fruit can be used in the oven.

Kéfir and apple diet

The effectiveness of this diet is due to the beneficial interaction between apples and fermented dairy drink. Due to this combination, the following processes are improved in the body:

  • Intestinal microflora is normalized, which improves the digestive process;
  • The liver and gallbladder is stabilized;
  • Slists and toxic compounds are eliminated from the organism.

The duration of the diet should not exceed 9 days. It is possible to lose 4 to 7 kg during this period without harming health. For dietotherapy, ketotherapy is used with a 1% fat content (1. 5 liters) and 5 mediu m-sized apples (in one day).

For the divided version, it alternates the consumption of kefir with that of apples (on alternate days). Between meals, drink water, green tea or herbal prepared.

The following rules apply to a 9-day diet:

  • During the first 3 days you only drink kefir, no more than 1. 5 liters per day;
  • During the next three days apples are consumed (no more than 1. 5 kg per day)
  • The last thre e-day period is similar to the first (with kefir).

If all diet therapy rules are followed, it is possible to get rid of 7 kilos more in 9 days. It is allowed to replace the kefir with skim clock to suppress hunger.

Free days

Dehydrations can be performed every 10 days. In this case, apple compote or fresh fruit can be used. The drink is consumed 5 times throughout the day, a glass every time.

A good alternative is to use apples on download days (no more than 2 kg).

Conditions of conservation

The cooked compote according to the classic recipe without the sterilization process must be preserved in the refrigerator. In this case, it does not lose its nutritional value for a maximum of 3 days.

The homemade can with sterilization can keep the product to spring (up to one year). It can be kept in a room or pantry at normal temperature. Homemade canned should not be exposed to sunlight or placed near heating.

Although the apple compote undergoes a heat treatment, it does not lose its usefulness and becomes a pleasant dessert for both adults and children. Thanks to its vitamin composition, it is a complement in the prevention of various diseases.

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