What is the Ausa Kvas for?

The KVAS is a drink made by fermentation. It helps to restore normal intestinal flora. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other substances. It is an especially useful drink if it is made with oatmeal and honey.

Composition and calories of oats kvas

Since ancient times in Russia, oatmeal has been used as food. It was known above all in the form of Toloknok, from which gachas were prepared, bread was baked, kisamel were boiled and Kvas was made. Meals and drinks made with oatmeal have a rich chemical composition:

The properties of

Ausa drink has many effects on the body, all of them very beneficial. Let’s try to list only some of them:

  • Protection against harmful cholesterol. Oatmeal has a high fiber content, which helps neutralize and eliminate LDL (low density lipoproteins) of the organism. They are involved in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels, calculations in the biliary tract;
  • stress relief. Ausa kvas contains magnesium that has an antidepressant effect. It contains group B vitamins that also help strengthen the nervous system. In addition, oats contains tryptophan, which transforms into the hormone of “joy”, that is, serotonin;
  • Improves brain activity. Oats of oats are rich in hill and vitamins of group B that improve the function of memory, concentrate attention and increase mental productivity;
  • Help in the treatment of seborrhea. The drink contains zinc, which is extraordinarily useful for this condition;
  • prevention of brain accidents and myocardial infarcts. Ausa drink is rich in dietary fiber, which eliminates “bad” cholesterol, and also contains a lot of magnesium, which helps heart muscle. Vitamin PP, abundant in oatmeal, reinforces the cardiovascular system.

After drinking oats, digestion improves, and protei n-rich foods, such as meat and others, are digested and absorbed better. One of the properties of drink is to increase metabolism, including lipids. Ausa kvas also helps with some allergies.

The benefits of

Ausa kvas can be prepared at home. This drink not only provides nutritional benefits to the body, but also therapeutics or preventive. It can be used safely to treat many ailments such as cure or dietary product.

For skin and hair

For dermatological diseases, popular medicine recommends the use of drinks made with oatmeal and shells. KVAS is used for Duhring dermatitis, sclerodermia, alopecia, vitíligo, pyoderma, eczema, neurodermatitis, vesicular disease, congenital epidermolysis. The drink strengthens the hair follicles and improves the state of the faded skin, so it is often used in homemade cosmetology.

Kvas de Avena, taking into account the contraindications, you must take half a glass three times a day for 30-40 minutes before a meal. The treatment course is two months. Then it is necessary to pause for a month. And repeat the use of the drink.

For the heart and blood vessels

To prevent coronary heart disease, eliminate tachycardia and other heart disorders, it is good to drink regular oats. It contains substances necessary to strengthen heart muscle, clean and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, giving them elasticity. Take the drink as in the previous case: several times a day before meals.

Kvss for hepatitis C

Ausa kvas can help the organism with jaundice. It can drink before meals. You can drink in two ways

  • 3-4 times half a glass;
  • Twice, in the morning and at night, a whole glass.

In popular medicine, it is often recommended to take decoction of oatmeal grains in this disease. On the other hand, it is such a simplely successful way.

For normal digestion

Oat Kvas improves digestion and digestibility of food, saturates the intestinal tract with useful microflora. Therefore, drink is in principle useful for anyone who wants to have good digestion and feces. Oatmeal has a large amount of mucus in its composition, which covers the internal walls of the intestine, stomach, promotes the promotion of feces, cure of microfisures.

KVS for diabetes

The Avena Kvas for Diabetes must be consumed, but in strictly defined amounts. Oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates, which is known to have an active effect on blood glucose levels. In addition, the drink must be prepared without the usual sweeteners. Several sweeteners such as steviósido, succalose and others can replace them.

For the nervous system

Oatmeal is good for the nervous system. It contains all the necessary elements for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Not surprisingly, the British, famous for their devotion to this product, are known for their temperance and poise of character.

For the immune system

Oat Kvas is indispensable for the spring vitamin lack, since it contains a rich arsenal of essential substances. In addition, the drink has cleaning properties, as a result of which the body and immune system is strengthened. Taking oat decoctions (including Kvss, Kissel) can easily and quickly get rid of any cold.

People with gluten intolerance can develop an allergic reaction when taking oats. You have to immediately suspend the drink and drink antihistamines. Next, the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible to definitely neutralize the damages of taking oats.

In case of gastritis with increased gastric secretion, it is better to suppress or minimize KVAS intake. The fact is that the stomach is already too acid and taking kvas can only worsen the situation. Another thing is gastritis with digestive glands. In this case, KVAS will be a good assistant for digestion and subsequent food digestion.


However useful it is to eat oatmeal, it is not recommended to take homemade kvss made with it in certain cases. Let’s list them:

  • Ulcers, erosions of the digestive tract;
  • liver cirrhosis;
  • drop;
  • colitis;
  • enteritis;
  • pancreatitis

Due to its low alcoholic graduation, drinks are not recommended for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding or road drivers.

How to do it at home

Nowadays, oats is prepared shortly. But it is an exceptionally healthy drink. And it is not complicated. For your preparation you will need

  • oatmeal (without sieve);
  • water – 3 liters;
  • yeast – 20 grams.

Remove oatmeal in boiling water and put it in a warm place for half a day. Then sneak the mixture and add the yeast. Let stand at room temperature for another 24 hours. Only then will the KVAS be ready to be consumed.

When preparing rye beer you have to follow some simple rules:

  • Use boiled water to not start an oily fermentation;
  • Utensils to make KVAS must be glass or enameled, but not aluminum, which can oxidize;
  • Keep the finished product in the refrigerator to curb bacterial proliferation and also to freeze acid-vinegar fermentation. In addition, the drink will have a richer flavor due to the best dissolution of carbon dioxide, which is more active in the cold;
  • The KVAS must be made in small quantities, since after 3-4 days the drink begins to lose its useful properties;
  • rye beer should preferably be preserved in glass containers with hermetic tapas, although plastic containers can also be used;
  • Add honey to neutralize excessive acidity.

A sign that the KVAS has begun acid-vinagrosa fermentation is a fine film on the surface. This film indicates that the jars have not been washed correctly or that the temperature is too high.

Classic Kvas of Integral Oatmeal Recipe

  • Water – 4 liters
  • Integral oats (whole grains, not crushed) – 0. 35 kg;
  • sugar to taste.

First, make sure the products are correctly prepared. Examine oats in search of additional impurities. Then wash them into several waters and pour cold water, so that the trash remains, empty shells or spoiled grains float on the surface.

Put the mixture in a dry and clean jar. Add the granulated sugar and water, a few centimeters from the top. Cover the jar neck with a piece of gauze and hold it with an elastic rubber or a string.

Leave it at room temperature for three days. Then, tell it. Do not throw the poses, use them to cook the following rations. The mixture can be used a few more times, adding only sugar and water. Only these times will release all the taste of grains.

Ausas kvas recipe with sultanas raisins

  • oatmeal (integral) – 1 cup
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Sultanas raisins – 50 gr.

Wash the oats and soak raisins. Mix all the ingredients, indicated in the list (see above), in a container. You can use a thre e-liter standard jar. Cover the neck with a piece of gauze folded in half. Leave it in a warm place for four days. It can be the potter of a window of the kitchen in the sun or any other adequate place.

After that time, the rye beer sneaks into another clean container and is stored in a cold place. The remaining yeast can be used more than once, up to five times, adding sugar each time. With each additional addition, reduce the amount in 1 tablespoon.

Ausa kvas recipe with honey

  • oatmeal (grain) – 500 g
  • Sugar – 7 tablespoons
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons.

Rinse the oatmeal under the tap, – Remove the peels, the damaged seeds. Place in a jar, pour cold water on the top of the jar. Cover the opening with a clean and breathable cloth. After five days of infusion, you will have a ferment for the future drink.

Drain the jar, you don’t need it anymore, leave the oatmeal, pour water on it and add the rest of the ingredients. After one or two days, the kvas sneaks and is ready to drink. The more time you leave it in infusion, the stronger you will know. That is why you must stop fermentation before it becomes an alcoholic solution.

Kvas de Hercules recipe

  • Water – 4 liters
  • oat flakes (Hercules) – 0. 4 kg
  • Sugar – 0. 1 kg
  • yeast – 10 gr.

Mix oats with cold water, put in the pot and, from the moment it boils, keep over medium heat for a third of an hour. Remove all the time. Turn off the gas and let stand covered for an hour. Then strain the drink, add the sugar and yeast and remove. Leave the pot in a warm place for twenty hours.

How to drink oats correctly

Auside kvas must drink before meals. In this way it is better absorbed and has a greater reconstituent effect on the body. If the drink is mixed with other foods in the same stomach, the coefficient of its usefulness will be often lower. Most herbal remedies are taken only with an empty stomach, to increase their absorption by the body.


Olga Kush, 47, Khmelnitsky. Frankly speaking, oats is not the most delicious food. When I first tried it, the feeling was unpleasant. But I have gastritis, and oatmeal was recommended for a long time ago, fond of popular medicine. It has a coating, which allows you to eat a lot of gastritis, which in this disease is inadmissible.

Tkachuk Elena, 63, Penza. Oat Kvas favors cholesterol and protein metabolism. When he ceno meat, which until now I have not been able to give up for my age, not as without Kvas. I have also accustomed my husband. I prepare the drink every day, since it helps me a lot to maintain a good digestion.

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