What is the birch sap, advantages and disadvantages of drinking it

The birch sap is the liquid that leaves the trunk of a tree and its branches bent by the pressure of the roots. It is collected by special metal or plastic drinking fountains inserted in the trunk with a certain angle from early spring to mi d-April.

The sap transports soil nutrients through the roots to the tree branches, so it is extremely important not to let it dry: for this, the incision is covered with a wax stamp. From a single mature birch, about three liters of liquid can be collected. How to correctly consume the birch sap, what is the usefulness of this natural drink and how to store it correctly?

Caloric value of the sap

Birch juice is often compared with ordinary water, but its composition is much more interesting and rich. It does not contain fats or proteins, but it is rich in carbohydrates. A liter of juice contains approximately 40% carbohydrates, which gives it a caloric value of 25 kcal.

The properties of the birch sap

Abylm sap contains vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, plant hormones, polysaccharides and other substances very useful for human health. Its rich composition gives the drink beneficial and therapeutic properties. Doctors recommend drinking birch juice in the following cases

  • To stabilize blood pressure and work of the cardiovascular system in general;
  • During the exacerbations of chronic kidney and liver diseases, as well as for the prevention of inflammation of these organs;
  • For the relief of gout, rheumatism and sciatica;
  • For gastrointestinal stabilization and weight loss;
  • For cosmetics purposes.

Beverage Benefits

First, birch juice is useful for women who want to lose weight. Clean the organism, eliminates toxins and at the same time saturate the useful substances, minerals and vitamins. The beneficial properties of the Apedul sap help pregnant women: it effectively faces swelling, saturation of magnesium and potassium to both the mother and the baby.

It is worth drinking fresh birch drink frequently sick children. Its beneficial property to help quickly face temporary colds and chronic diseases, eliminate the mucus of the body and strengthen the immune system – indispensable in the low season.

Birch extract is a great health help at the beginning of spring, when the body is exhausted by the long winter, especially if during that time there was a significant deterioration of mood, activity, disability or other signsof depression

Both men and women are advised to drink birch sap in chronic diseases of the urogenital apparatus or acute inflammatory processes: to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on power and libido.

Damages and contraindications

In some cases, it is better to avoid birch juice or consult the doctor before using it:

  • Ulcer processes in the stomach and other gastrointestinal organs;
  • Acute allergy to plants, especially birch pollen;
  • presence of large renal or vesical calculations;
  • Appearance of reactions after the first juice taking (rashes, itching and other unpleasant signals).

How and where to get it

To collect birch extract, it is necessary to go out to forests, which are far from the roads: trees strongly absorb the harmful contaminated gas. The rules to pick it up are quite simple:

  • The main sign that the time has come to go for the sap are the swollen yolks of birch;
  • You never have to use an ax, it will be enough with a drill with a small drill or a strong knife with a little labor;
  • The incisions must be of little surface and not deep (the sap flows between the bark and the wood, so it is convenient to try to make a hole that can be closed soon)
  • The collection must be done during the day, between 12. 00 and 5:00 p. m. or 18. 00;
  • It is not advisable to collect more than a liter of single tree sap;
  • It is important to collect only mature trees not to kill young trees;
  • After the collection, cover the wound in the bark with moss, cork or wax so that the birch can heal more quickly.

Specific uses

For a normal person, the birch sap is beneficial and harmful, depending on the amount that can be drink from the medical point of view.

Doctors do not recommend drinking more than 1. 5-2 liters of birch juice per day, especially if you also drink a lot of water. The ideal consumption guideline is as follows: a glass shortly before meals, three times a day. You will notice any effect on your health immediately (a reduction in swelling when you have nasal drip or a change from dry cough to wet), but the complex effect of juice will be noticed after two weeks.

In diseases

Diabetics, it is absolutely sure to drink it, but in portions of no more than 150 ml and half an hour before a meal, so that the body can correctly absorb all substances. In this case, a sufficiently acidic drink will not cause a blood glucose peak.

Those who suffer from pancreatitis are advised to increase the ration at 500 ml and drink it three times a day before meals.

For blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, frequent headaches and migraines, take ½ cup on an empty stomach to normalize nervous and circulatory systems.

It is recommended to take 50 ml of drink, diluted with water in a proportion of 2: 1, three times a day for gastrointestinal problems: from swelling and difficulties to defecate to exacerbations of chronic diseases and gastritis (only with low acidity). A therapeutic drink with the same recipe is also suitable for those who suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, varicose veins and other vascular diseases.

If you have doubts about whether you should take birch sap, or if you feel negative effects with a small amount, it is better to coordinate the process with your doctor, or reject the drink completely.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the first quarter, birch extract can help with toxicosis and facilitate the process of changing the organism as a whole. In the second and third quarter, it is excellent for normalizing blood pressure, reducing swelling and humor changes. To do this, it is recommended to drink the juice course – at least 2-3 weeks, 3 glasses a day.

Birch drink is indispensable for breastfeeding: it will help reduce some pain in the young mother, normalize milk production and give the child a cocktail of beneficial substances. An infant woman does not need to drink much, 100 ml before a meal will be enough. The main thing is to make sure not to be allergic to birch pollen so as not to harm the baby.

To lose weight

Birch juice is good for eliminating toxins, improves metabolism and has a diuretic effect, which makes it one of the means that are potentially advised to drink to lose weight. However, it is important to remember that without an adequate diet, activity during the day and exercise, you cannot lose weight, except harming the body. If you follow all the advice of doctors and nutritionists – Apedul Excerpt will help on the way to the desired parameters.

In homemade cosmetology

Birch sap can be used for cosmetic purposes: to improve skin status, hair, gums and even intimate hygiene. Its chemical composition combines well with all the bases to create hand cosmetics.

To treat acne

For acne, it is recommended to rub daily a frozen juice cube on the face. You can also make a mask with cosmetic clay mixing the ingredients until you get the consistency of a thick cream – this calms, moisturizes and saturates the skin at the same time.

To strengthen hair

For a healthier, strong and bright hair, apply birch sap instead of conditioner or click it as a broth after washing. Another great way to enhance hair growth and recover its strength is to mix boldness extract with bardana oil in a proportion of 3: 1. Apply the mixture on the hair, wrap it into a plastic hat or transparent film and leave it in a hot towel for 20 minutes, then wash it.


To prepare a seborrhea of the scalp, it is necessary to mix a glass of vodka with 2 tablespoons of birch juice and add a spoonful of honey and table salt, remove well. Next, the mixture must be kept for 10 days in a dark and dry place.

Apply the scalp lotion an hour and a half before washing it, wrapping the hair with a hat and a towel.

Cosmetic ice with birch sap

To make cosmetic ice, you will need a practical mold to freeze the liquid and a sufficient amount of sap. It can be freezed immediately after picking it up or, in addition, heating it at 80 ° and cooling it. Other herbal solutions or essential oils can be added to birch ice based on the preferences and needs of your skin.

In the kitchen

If you have abundant birch sap, you can also use it for culinary purposes. For example, you can prepare a very tasty and healthy KVAS.

To do this, take a large and manageable jug, pour the juice into it, add a handful of sultane raisins and a black bread bark. You can add some sugar so that the fermentation reaction is better. After a few days in a dark place, the liquid will ferment and you will have a refreshing drink, which will be well kept in the fridge for a few months.

How to keep your benefits

It is best to drink the birch sap at 48 hours after its collection, keeping the liquid in a cool and dark place. But if this is not possible, it is worth keeping the drink for the future or freezing it, since all useful substances will be preserved.

In the first case, the liquid must be heated to 80 degrees and pour it into sterilized jars, closing them well with metal tapas. After the jars must be maintained 15-20 minutes in hot water (85 °). Jars with the drink stored in a cool place at room temperature for several years.

Frozen birch extract can be as large bars, which later defrosted as a drink, or small pieces for cosmetic purposes. To do this, you will need a practical freezer and ice molds of the right size, in which the juice is poured. It can be kept frozen for a long time.

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