What is the cucumber juice for?

Most people are used to the best use of cucumber is to make salads. However, cucumber juice is a unique product with many health benefits. Not only has a delicious taste, but it is also good for health. Cucumber juice can be helpful for those who want to improve their health.

Chemical composition and calories of cucumber juice

It has many nutrients:

  1. A, PP, C, E, Group Vitamins
  2. Oligoements: calcium, iron, iodine, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine.
  3. Organic acids, folic acid, tartronic acid, fiber, essential oils.

Most juice is made up of structured water, which has beneficial effects on the human organism.

Substances Amount in 100 g
fat 0,1
Proteins 0,8
Carbohydrates 2,5
fiber 0,1

This juice is a beneficial substance treasure for the body.

Cucumber juice properties for the body

The benefits of cucumber juice are detailed below. Cucumber juice has many health benefits. However, some people cannot consume it because it can cause damage.


This juice is beneficial for its virtues:

  1. It improves metabolism and makes it more balanced.
  2. The juice is a quality diuretic.
  3. Cucumber drink has a tonic effect.
  4. It can be taken to combat stomach acidity.
  5. It has an effective antimicrobial effect.
  6. It helps to supply magnesium and potassium to the organism.
  7. The juice contains few calories.
  8. It contains iodine, which has a healing effect on the thyroid gland.
  9. The drink has antibacterial properties, helping to cure angina and colds.

It should be noted that the diuretic effect is mild. Drinking juice in sufficient amounts helps eliminate harmful substances from the organism. Liquid elimination helps those who suffer from hypertension. The consumption of this drink relieves swollen skin.

Damages and contraindications

Cucumber juice has benefits and losses for the human body. Its use is not recommended in some cases:

  1. When a person is sick and one of the symptoms are vomiting.
  2. They should not take the infant mothers.
  3. In cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal system during exacerbations, this juice is harmful.
  4. After a cancer operation that affects the gastrointestinal system, in the postoperative period.
  5. They should not consume those who suffer from kidney calculations.
  6. Rarely, an intolerance to the product may occur.

People with endocrine disorders should consult a doctor before taking cucumber juice.

How to prepare it

It is recommended to use fresh cucumbers of local production to prepare juice. Vegetables should be washed before preparation. It is not advisable to peel them, since they contain a large number of nutrients. The easiest way is to grate them and squeeze them through gauze. A polishing is also a good way to do it.

Avoid using cucumbers cultivated in greenhouses or those whose crop has been actively used pesticides. The fruits must be fresh and not show signs of yellowing or rot.

Special uses

Cucumber juice has a powerful therapeutic effect on the human body.

In popular medicine

This juice has a strong healing effect in certain situations:

  1. If a spoonful of honey is mixed in a glass of the drink, it can help relieve cough when treatment is received for bronchitis.
  2. The level of immunity is important to combat colds. Drinking juice can help reduce the risk of these types of diseases.
  3. Fresh drink is effective in reducing the risk of cancer.
  4. Its use as a diuretic gives you the opportunity to clean your body of toxins and get rid of excess humidity in the body. This effect helps you treat diseases of urinary tract and kidneys. Help those who suffer from severe swelling. Unlike other urinary remedies, it does not favor the elimination of potassium and magnesium of the organism.

Here are some remedies recipes with cucumber juice:

  1. If you have cough, a honey drink can help you. Use a proportion of 2: 1. Drink 2 tablespoons every day after a meal.
  2. A mixture of cucumber juice, spinach and carrot helps eliminate the organism’s uric acid salts. Help in case of gout or rheumatism attacks.

The drink has a high vitamin A content, a natural antioxidant. Regular consumption of this juice reduces the rate of aging and decreases the probability of cancer cell formation. This vitamin is beneficial for sight.

For cardiovascular diseases.

This juice has a high potassium and sodium content. These substances are essential for the health of the human cardiovascular system. In particular, they help strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Pepine juice eliminates the organism’s cholesterol.

For gastrointestinal diseases

This juice drink helps to get rid of constipation. To reduce the risk of constipation, it is recommended to drink two glasses of juice twice a day. This method is effective and completely safe for the body. Pregnant women can use it without any risk.

For those who suffer from stomach acidity, the drink will help deal with it. To do this, you must drink 30 ml of juice a day. As a result, not only the acidity of the stomach will be reduced, but also improve the motility of the esophagus.

Remember that during the exacerbations of the peptic ulcer disease, this product should not be consumed, since it can be harmful.

In cosmetology

Cucumber juice is widely used for cosmetic purposes. It produces a revitalizing effect on the skin:

  1. It has a qualitative cleaning effect. Clean the fats of fat and impurities and helps fight the black points of the skin.
  2. It has a soft bleaching effect, giving the skin a uniform and beautiful tone.
  3. It helps to kill the skin and eliminates unhealthy brightness.
  4. It has a revitalizing and toning effect, which provides freshness and flexibility to the skin.

In cosmetology, the effect of juice on each type of skin is performed differently:

  1. Dry skin will benefit from a nutritious formulation. Olive oil and a bit of fresh cream is added to the liquid.
  2. For fatty skin, it is preferable to clean the skin and then use a cucumber pulp mask. It is applied to a previously prepared layer of egg white. This is done to reduce fat skin.
  3. You can take the juice of half cucumber and add some lemon juice. The mixture must cool. It is applied to cotton discs and applied to the skin from under the eyes for 25 minutes.
  4. A facial mask of cucumber juice and sour cream will help hydrate the skin. Mix them in equal proportions to prepare it.

A morning treatment based on frozen cupcake ice cubes has been popularized. They prepare freezing the juice in a special container in the freezer. The treatment leaves the skin toned, vitalized and flexible.

The smell of cucumber juice is used as aromatherapy. Its effects improve mood and tone. Cucumber consumption helps to concentrate better in mental work.

How to use

It is advisable to drink newly prepared juice before half an hour. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the necessary amount not to leave it stored.

You can aromatize the drink with a little salt, honey or spices. This juice can be mixed with others: combines well with spinach, lemon, col, apples, beets and many others. It can be diluted with apple juice.

It is advised not to drink more than a liter of juice per day. A ration is half a glass (100 ml).

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, cucumber juice brings important benefits to women’s health:

  1. This juice has a soft laxative effect. Help pregnant women with constipation.
  2. It provides vitamin K, which helps increase bone resistance.
  3. The antioxidant properties of cucumber juice help increase the body’s immune force.
  4. The juice helps to supply the organism, preventing anemia.

The consumption of juice by the variable does not cause problems, but provides them with many benefits. Sometimes there may be restrictions related to contraindications.

When weight is lost

The use of a metal grater is not recommended to make juices. Some of the nutrients can be lost in the pressing process.

The use of this weight to lose weight will help you in the following ways:

  1. Will perform a complete washing of the urinary ducts. It will help to expel the accumulated sand, if any.
  2. Cucumber juice is effective to clean the toxins and impurities organism.
  3. It helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  4. It helps saturate the nutrient body.

Fresh juice should be prepared just before consuming it. If it is stored in the refrigerator, it must be drink before 24 hours.

After 36 hours, it is not recommended to drink it, since by then its useful properties will have almost completely lost.

It is often prohibited from drinking fruit or vegetable juices during thinning diets. This is usually due to the presence of sugar in them. Cucumber juice does not have this inconvenience. It does not interfere in the diet due to its low caloric content (15 kilocalories per 100 grams).

If you consume a glass of cucumber juice before a meal, the appetite will be reduced accordingly. This effect is partly due to the dietary fiber content of the liquid.

Conservation characteristics

It is not recommended to store fresh cucumber juice and drink it immediately. The content of useful substances in the newly squeezed juice will be maximum. The juice can be kept in the refrigerator up to one day. If the drink has not been consumed in a day and a half, it will cease to be useful.

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