What is the flawless seed kissel for?

Kissel of flax seeds is often used in dietary nutrition, therapeutic and preventive purposes, the benefits of which are undeniable. The main wealth of this product – the presence of essential amino acids (imported from abroad). Protein structures such as lysine, methionine, leucine and arginine are especially necessary for a growing organism.

Linen seeds contain large amounts of omega polyunsaturated fats. They stimulate the decomposition and excretion of cholesterol, preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Linoleic acid – Omega 6 – Activates brain cells, preventing the development of senile dementia.

Linaza carbohydrates belong to the high molecular weight group. That is, when they decompose, they supply energy to the body and do not deposit in the adipose tissue. The vitamin composition is high in V vitamins, PP, a complete line of B. Tocoferol (vitamin e) is present in small quantities, and vitamins D and A are totally absent. Among micronutrients, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium represent most. There are also iron, calcium, sodium, zinc and selenium.

Mother Mass Properties

When they are soaked, the seeds form a mucus. It gives the necessary consistency to the sauce, allowing cooking without starch, and provides the main therapeutic effect.

The benefits

The introduction of such a dish in the daily menu has beneficial effects for the entire organism:

  • normalizes the work of the digestive tract;
  • It acts as a sorbente, cleanses the intestines, increases peristalsism;
  • It restores intestinal microflora, which has a positive effect on skin and immunity;
  • Clean the blood vessels, minimizing the risk of heart attack;
  • activates metabolism;
  • Prevents supercharging and weight loss.


For the use of the Kissel linen seed, indications are mainly gastrointestinal tract diseases.

For the stomach

The secret mucus plays the role of antacid. Wraps the mucosa, protects it from the aggressive action of gastric acid, calms the inflammatory process, eliminates the symptoms of stomach acidity. Relief occurs after the first shot, in 15-20 minutes. In an exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer, name a te n-day course as a therapeutic diet.

To lose weight

The fiber, once in the intestine, swells and makes you feel full for a long time. In addition, the fiber passes through the intestine and collects toxins and waste products. The therapeutic effect of weight loss is achieved by:

  • appetite reduction
  • Soft cleaning;
  • Metabolism activation.

In this case, the body’s energy supply does not suffer.

When pancreatitis.

Kissel de Linaza has a low glucemic index, which reduces the load on the sick organ. Replenish vitamin losses during a strict diet. The beneficial effect on the pancreas is to reduce weight. But you have to remember that such treatment can only be applied during a period of remission.

Damages and contraindications

Despite its unique composition and many useful properties, the product is not equally beneficial for all.

  1. Peptic ulcer and acute pancreatitis;
  2. Choleloitiasis and urolithiasis;
  3. Stage 2 diabetes;
  4. diarrhea;
  5. allergic reactions.

In case of intestinal surgery, pregnancy and breastfeeding, moderation in the amount of product consumed should be observed. Excessive consumption can be harmful to the body.

How to prepare Kissel de Linaza

The flaxseed kissel can be served as dessert, combined with fruits and berries ingredients. Or consume as an independent dish, without sweetening. Take into account the most popular, easy and practical recipes, with ste p-b y-step instructions.

With fermented milk

Recipe used to improve intestinal peristalsism, gently relieve constipation, restore intestinal microflora. Kéfir is already prepared, but fermented milk made at home.

  1. Mix 4 tablespoons of kefir or sour cream in a liter of warm milk.
  2. Leave in a warm place for 8 hours: next to the radiator (gently turning the container), in a yogurtra, in a multicocin.
  3. Pour 30 g of linen seeds by 500 ml of boiling water and leave infusion for 8 hours, if possible in a thermos.
  4. Then the ingredients are mixed and allowed to infuse for 2 hours, which can be added to a meal or taken as a dish in itself.

With flaxseed flour

In the classical variant, the dish is prepared from seeds, which are poured into boiling water.

It has a different consistency from that of classic linseed porridge, but it is more beneficial.

  1. 1 cup of ground flour is poured into 200 ml of warm water and stir well.
  2. When the mixture has swollen, it is put on the fire and 300 ml of warm water are slowly poured, stirring continuously.
  3. When the sponge cake has come to a boil, bring it to it. Add honey, sugar or condensed milk if desired.

Fruit and berries Kissel

This fruit and berries kissel is caloric because it requires sugar and starch. Fill it with what you have by hand: apples, pears, currants, strawberries, cherries and raspberries.

  1. Mix 400 g of any berry or chopped fruit with 100 – 150 g of sugar.
  2. 1500 ml of water are added, it is taken to boil, it is boiled 5 minutes and sneaks.
  3. In the resulting broth it is added diluted in a separate container in cold water starch (2 tablespoons. Per 100 ml of water).
  4. The same is poured 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour, remove the pan from the heat, fresh.

Linen seeds with achicoria

Chicory can be used in this recipe as a hepatoprotective agent that cleanses the liver and restores its functions. It is better to take liquid achicoria for preparation and take the kissel for a 2-week course.

  1. Pour the seed flour into hot water at a rate of 3 tablespoons per liter of water and mix well.
  2. Put the mixture to the fire and, stirring, bring to a boil.
  3. Beat in the blender for 10 minutes and add 1 teaspoon of achicoria.

If desired, you can also add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Sour oat and linen cream.

It has a bactericidal, immunomodulatory effect, reduces blood glucose levels. It is prepared with raw oats and processed “Hercules” flakes.

  1. 300 g of flakes are poured into 500 g of boiling water and insists on heat for 8 hours.
  2. The infusion sneaks, the flakes are squeezed. In the resulting mixture, 1 tablespoon of linen flour is added.
  3. It puts the pot to the fire and sneaks until it thickens.
  4. Salt, sugar, honey, cinnamon and berries are added to taste.

Particularities of use

The unique composition of linen seeds, the presence of essential protein components – a direct indication for their inclusion in the children’s diet. It is possible to start complementary feed from 6 – 7 months, but in limited amounts.

Categorically contraindicated for pregnant and infant women, since it contains a greater amount of sugar, starch, dyes and preservatives. For infant women, the flaxseed kissel is essential, but it is important to exclude additives that cause allergies: red berries, fruit and honey.

Consider in detail the allowed age and the maximum amount of the product in the table.

Under 3 years – 500 ml a day;

How to keep correctly

Kissel’s useful life depends on the ingredients it contains. The freshly made Kissel is considered more useful, so it is not recommended to prepare this dish in advance.

The presence of sugar, natural berries and the use of integral ingredients prolong the life of the product. At room temperature, a maximum of 6 to 8 hours is preserved. In the refrigerator, the maximum expiration is 48 hours. If it is made with flour or ground cereals, expiration is reduced by half.

A product that contains milk retains its good flavor and utility in a cool place for 3 or 4 hours. The same goes for a mousse to which oatmeal has been added. The dishes made with food concentrates have a longer useful life, but they lose both their taste and their usefulness. The presence of sugar, natural berries and the use of integral ingredients prolong the product’s useful life. At room temperature, a maximum of 6 to 8 hours is preserved. In the refrigerator, the maximum expiration is 48 hours. If it is made with flour or ground cereals, expiration is reduced by half.

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