What is the good Ryazhenka for women

Milk and dairy products should be part of a varied and healthy diet. Especially valuable are fermented dairy products, including Ryazhenka.

Not only for its delicious flavor, but also for its benefits for the body. Let’s look at the benefits of boiled fermented milk for women and how to prepare and consume it.

Caloric content and composition of the Ryazhenka

The Ryazhenka is a fermented dairy product that is made by adding dairy crops. It must contain at least 1 million bacteria per 1 g.

100 г 1 ration, 400 g Percentage of recommended daily intake
Energy 45 kcal (190 kj) 182 Kcal (760 kj) 2
Proteins 3. 3 г 13. 2 г 5
Carbohydrates 4 г 16 г 4
Of which sugar 4 г 16 г
Fats 1. 6 г 6. 4 г 2
saturated 1 г 4 г

What is boiled fermented milk good?

Dairy products, including Ryazhenka, are made by fermentation, during which lactose (milk sugar) is broken down to form useful lactic acid. The resulting products have an acid taste, contain less milk sugar and digest more easily than conventional milk. Therefore, people with milk intolerance can consume Ryazhenka.

The benefits of Ryazhenka for women are also represented by their antidepressant effects. Studies have shown that the fermentation of milk protein releases the tryptophan amino acid, which acts as an antidepressant that improves mood. This is because the microflora of dairy products has a positive effect on the physiological processes of the organism.

Does not cause digestive problems

Dairy products are made from milk and are processed by special bacteria. Lactose, a milk sugar, is fermented during the fermentation process. Due to its small content, most products are well tolerated by people with lactose intolerance, to which milk sugar causes unpleasant digestive problems.

It contains many nutrients

Ryazhenka is an excellent source of many nutrients that the human body needs to work properly. It is rich in calcium, is full of proteins, vitamins D, A, B2 and many other biologically active components that have a positive health effect. For women who do not like raw milk, this fermented product is a complete substitute.

Help digestion, normalize cholesterol

Ryazhenka belongs to the important group of products that contain probiotic microorganisms. It has a series of health benefits:

  • favors the growth of the beneficial microflora of the digestive system
  • suppresses the development of harmful bacteria
  • facilitates digestion
  • regulates emptying;
  • Help in case of diarrhea or constipation;
  • positively influences blood cholesterol levels
  • reinforces the immune system.

How to choose when buying Ryazhenka

Of course, the main criterion of choice is personal taste. But to obtain the maximum benefits it is also important to monitor the fat and sugar content. In store products (especially in the aromatized) these indicators are usually high.

The products labeled as “bio”, which contain bifidoculture, are the ones that have the best preventive effect on the female organism. Dietary products with a mixture of bacteria are always preferable to foods that only contain a beneficial type of microorganism. The fresher the product is, the better.

How to choose Ryazhenka of good quality:

  • To maximize the health benefits of Ryazhenka, follow the motto: sometimes less is better (this applies to composition).
  • The best option is a pure product, with a minimum of ingredients and without added sugars.
  • As for calories, you can opt for fatty or low Ryazhenka.

How to make your own Ryazhenka at home

The main raw materials to elaborate Ryazhenka are the milk and bacteria of lactic acid. The elaboration process consists of 3 steps.

Milk selection

Milk should be of good quality, without inhibitory substances (substances with antimicrobial effects) such as antibiotics that prevent the growth of lactic bacteria. In addition, milk must contain the least possible number of microorganisms, since they can affect the growth and activity of lactic bacteria.

Milk cooking

In this phase, the milk is cooked in the oven (the Ryazhenka is a complete food made with cooked milk).

Bacteria injection

To the cooked milk the appropriate lactic bacteria are added: it is “acidified”. Fermentation takes place for a certain period of time at a certain temperature.

Thus, we proceed to elaborate Ryazhenka Casero.

First you have to prepare the base:

  • Pour the milk into an adequate container (the molds are ideal) to ¾ of the volume.
  • Put it in the oven and light it at 200ºC.
  • When it is boiling, lower the temperature to 100ºC and let the milk over low heat for 1. 5 hours.
  • When it is broken to boil, turn off the oven and let the milk cool without taking it out. It must be cooled at about 40ºC.

Now introduce the product in fermentation:

  • Add the sour cream (5 l / 1 l).
  • Cover the pot with a clean cloth folded.
  • Let it stand at normal room temperature.

Lactic acid bacteria will begin to act and in a few days you will have Ryazhenka Homemade List. How will you know if you are ready? Simply try it. It will usually be ready in 3 or 4 days. Put the Ryazhenka boat in the refrigerator, where you can keep it for a few days.

Special uses

To make the most of the benefits of Ryazhenka for the woman’s body, the effect of lactic bacteria in the body, it is recommended to consume it in an amount of at least 100 ml every day.

During pregnancy

The Ryazhenka brings calcium to the body, extracted by the fetus of the mother’s body. Regular consumption is also recommended to prevent constipation. But only Ryazhenka is useful that contains live crops.

A sem i-raw product with fresh fruit slices, seeds, nuts or flakes is a good breakfast, snack and sweet substitute. Lactic bacteria favor the proper functioning of the intestine, key organ of the immune system.

During breastfeeding

During complete breastfeeding, food consumed by the mother passes to the baby. Therefore, diet composition requires special attention. Do not forget dairy products, in particular the Ryazhenka. It is an iron source, a substance that is deficient after childbirth.

To lose weight.

Ryazhenka has several properties that help lose weight and maintain healthy body weight. On the one hand, it has a high protein content that, together with calcium, increase the hormones of satiety, particularly the YY and LPG-1 peptides.

In addition, some studies show that Ryazhenka’s consumption favors weight loss and fat deposits in the waist area.

The analysis of several studies has confirmed that its consumption helps reduce the incidence of obesity. This completely contradicts the previous beliefs about fat and obesity.

For some diseases

Bacterial crops have a positive effect on the composition of intestinal microflora, and are indispensable when there is an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive tract, for example after antibiotic treatment. These crops also help improve the absorption of minerals and some vitamins in the digestive system.

Reinforce a weakened immune system

Prolonged antibiotic treatment, stress and weather fluctuations can negatively affect the natural defenses of the female organism. The beneficial bacteria of the Ryazhenka contribute to reinforce it.

Treatment of fungal vaginal infections

The effects of beneficial bacteria on female genitals are similar to those of intestines. In case of frequent vaginal inflammations, Ryazhenka must be present in the diet as often as possible.

Reduction of high cholesterol levels

In case of borderline and slightly high blood cholesterol levels, regular consumption of Ryazhenka il l-denied can help.

Digestive problems

Certain probiotic bacteria crops, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilos, reduce the unpleasant symptoms of irritable intestine syndrome (SII), a common disease of the colon.

It has been shown that bifidobacteria improve digestive health, even in women who do not suffer from any diagnosed gastrointestinal disease. In addition, probiotics protect against constipation and antibiotic induced diarrhea.

How to use them at home

When preparing a healthy breakfast, know that Ryazhenka is ideal. It is good for the organism not only internally, but also externally, especially for the skin.


The dull skin can be revitalized with cold rye milk. A simple mask applied once or twice a week will soften, reaffirm and rejuvenate the skin. Apply it on the face and neckline for 10-15 minutes and then clarify.


Have you spent too long to the sun, causing the redness of your skin? Use a little natural milk to refresh and calm your skin. You can add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to intensify the refreshing effect.

Fight acne

Ryazhenka has antibacterial and antifungal properties. That is why women who want to get rid of acne can help. Apply it in the affected areas and let it act for 30 minutes. The regular application of a mask of this type can even get rid of lon g-term skin problems.

Reduction of pigment spots

Pigmentary spots appear during pregnancy, with age. The Ryazhenka, which has a soft bleaching effect, will help clarify them. Mix with lemon juice, leave on the skin for 30 minutes and clarify. Repeat 3 times a week.

Prevent premature aging

You think you are too young to apply ant i-agua products. You’re right. But wouldn’t it better prevent aging? A fermented milk mask prevents wrinkles naturally. Ryazhenka mix with olive oil and leave it on the face for 30 minutes.

Damages and possible contraindications

Although Ryazhenka is a healthy and tasty food for most people, it can have side effects. In particular, people with lactose intolerance (milk sugar), allergic to milk and dairy products should be caution. But in normal circumstances this product is rarely harmful to the digestive tract.

Lactose intolerance

It is a disease caused by a lactase enzyme deficiency, which unfolds lactose, a sugar that contains milk and dairy products. The deficiency of this enzyme causes a series of digestive problems (such as abdominal pain, diarrhea) after the consumption of dairy products.

Some people with lactose intolerance tolerate Ryazhenka’s consumption well, because part of lactose decomposes both during production and under the influence of probiotic bacteria, which facilitate their digestion.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance and do not know if you can tolerate fermented dairy products, try to consume a small amount. If you do not present the aforementioned digestive problems, you can gradually increase the dose.

Milk allergies

Dairy products contain casein, milk serum. These are proteins that some people are allergic. Allergy to milk proteins can cause very diverse symptoms, ranging from skin reactions (urticaria, edema, itching) to potentially mortal paintings (anaphylactic shock, respiratory distress, etc.).

For this reason, all products made with milk are contraindicated in case of milk allergy.

Added sugar

This is another harmful factor for fermented dairy products. Many varieties contain added sugars. This is especially true in the case of skim products, in which sugar is added to improve the flavor. Excessive sugar consumption is associated with a series of health problems, such as diabetes and obesity.

That is why it is important to read carefully the information about the content of the product that appears in the container and choose only foods that do not contain added sugars.

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