What is the Kissel de Alforfón Kissel?

Saracen wheat is a very popular product in our country. It is used to prepare a whole series of dishes: soups, porridge, pudies, chops. The saddlebon is an indispensable ingredient in many types of bakery and pastry products.

They can also use gluten intolerant people. The saddlebon simply has no gluten, so it is considered a dietary product. These grains can also be used to prepare drinks, one of which is the saddlebon kissel.

Not many people have heard of him. Normally, these types of drinks are prepared with berries. Therefore, the citizen on foot may be interested in the Kissel de Alforfón, the benefits and damages of this drink.

Chemical composition and calories of the Kissel de Alforfón

The Sarracene wheat kissel is a product similar to liquid jelly, made with whole flakes or whole grains of Sarracene wheat. It is difficult to say exactly what its caloric value is, because the exact amount of ingredients can vary when preparing it at home.

If concentrated is purchased, the caloric value is about 75 kilocalories per 100 grams. It can also contain food additives that can be harmful. On the other hand, homemade Sarracene wheat bran contains the following substances

  1. Organic acids.
  2. Group B vitamins.
  3. Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium.
  4. Phosphorus, calcium and iron.

As well as many other micro and macronutrients. Strength bait is a treasure of useful substances.

High School Properties

The substances contained in the drink have a positive effect on the nervous, immune, cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems. Tiamine, potassium and sodium positively influence the functioning of the central nervous system. Riboflavin is responsible for the functioning of the immune system.

Lecitin and Metionine normalize the production of cholesterol, which protects people from heart attacks, brain spills and coronary / brain diseases. Pantotenic acid helps the mucous membranes recover more rapidly. In addition, drink normalizes insulin levels and stomach acid-alcaline balance.

What is it for?

The saddlebon kissel has the same health benefits as a drink made with other ingredients. It is good to eliminate toxins and adsorb heavy metals and other harmful substances. And the clean drink fiber the intestines of no n-digested food waste. Saracen wheat also has the following beneficial effects:

  1. Reduction of blood glucose release.
  2. Deletion of the organism’s cholesterol.
  3. The elimination of toxins. Including those that cause cancer.
  4. The creation of favorable conditions for the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms that, by competing with the harmful ones, prevent their multiplication.
  5. Prevention of acidity and swelling.
  6. Energy boost.

Saracen wheat has a high routine content. This substance, together with the phalling, keeps the cardiovascular system in tune. They perform the prevention of vascular fragility, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, and as a consequence, infarctions and cerebral spills.

Lecitin, which is part of the drink, not only normalizes cholesterol levels, but also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and strengthens the liver. Folic acid protects the organism from bacteria, viruses, toxins and radiation, and also directly intervenes in hematopoicing processes. The organism also uses it for the formation of the fetus, so the Sarracene wheat kissel is useful for pregnant women.

In addition, Saracen wheat stimulates dopamine production, a neurotransmitter that increases motivation and normalizes motor activity. Strength Kissel is a source of antioxidants, substances that destroy free radicals, which in turn accelerate the aging of the organism. That is why life can prolong, although not much.

In addition, the substances contained in the saddlebon bran can increase the resistance of a person to stress. Today it is an extremely important quality, and its foundation lies in nutrition. Kissel of slimming saddlebone is also used.

The effect is achieved thanks to the high content of slow carbohydrates. In addition, Saracen wheat contains many proteins, and this is good for athletes. And the fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time, so the feeling of hunger arises much less frequently.

Consequently, you eat less. And one of the reasons for excessive eating is that the body digests food quickly. There is still no real need for food, but the body thinks that it needs to urgently replenish provisions. Digestion standardization has a positive effect on metabolism, so that consumed foods are digested more efficiently.

Possible damage

Even healthiest foods can cause damage if consumed inadequately. Eating too much Saracen wheat can cause allergic reactions, digestive disorders, high blood sugar levels and aggravation of chronic diseases.

Therefore, the consumption of saddlebon Kissel to diabetic or renal insufficiency is not recommended.

Saracen wheat is also harmful to people who follow monodietas. On the Internet you can find harmful tips such as: Eat Sarracene wheat for a week and you will lose weight and recover health. That’s not true. No product can only contribute to the body all the necessary macro and micronutrients. Consequently, problems may arise.

It is not recommended to eat Sarracene wheat kissel to people with hypertension. The fact is that routine increases the lumen of blood vessels, which can cause an increase in blood pressure.

Sometimes, the high content of Sarracene wheat starch is considered harmful. But if steamed instead of boiling, it is not very harmful to the body. The Sarracene wheat kissel contains much less starch than the classical version.

However, some of its benefits may be annulled by the harmful effects of the starch if the drink is consumed inappropriately:

  1. An increase in blood insulin levels. Starch is a complex carbohydrate that requires many body resources to be processed.
  2. Development of atherosclerosis.
  3. Landwearly of the walls of the blood vessels.
  4. Meteorism and other gastrointestinal tract disorders.
  5. MORAL MORT, DEPRESSION. The organism uses these enzymes to process starch, which help fight negative mental states.
  6. Increased cancer risk.
  7. Obesity.

All these harmful effects are only possible in theory. In practice, they are avoided thanks to the beneficial effects of other ingredients of Sarracene wheat. Saracen wheat does not contain such a large amount of polysaccharides that it can have harmful effects. The Sarracene wheat kissel is less dense than other types of this drink due to its lower starch content. If you have any questions about it, do not add yourself.


The assignment described above of the categories that is not recommended to eat Sarraceno wheat is only conditional. This cereal is considered a dietary food. Therefore, everyone can eat it. Only allergic people, with kidney failure, cardiovascular system problems and diabetes should be more careful.

How is the saddlebone kissel?

Strength Kissel is not difficult to prepare. There are many interesting recipes for Sarracene wheat. The benefits and contraindications of the drink also differ depending on the specific preparation method. Here are some recipes:

  1. They heat 4-5 tablespoons in a pan. Next, the Sarracene wheat is moved with a coffee grinder. The mixture is diluted in cold water. It puts on a saucepan in which a liter of water is poured. When the first boiling signs appear, the intensity of the fire is reduced and the mixture previously created is poured into the pot. This must be done slowly, stirring the future Kissel. The Sarracene wheat saucepan is boiled for 5-10 minutes. In the end, olive oil is added, and the drink can be removed from the pot. Next, you have to keep the drink covered during the same time to infuse better.
  2. For this recipe, it is necessary to buy kefir. The following mixture should be created: kefir (preferably il l-denied), one hundred grams of flakes and two hundred grams of puree. Watch it in a jar and cover it with a gauze (clean). Then he insisted for two days in a hot room. Before using, the mixture is filtered through gauze, poured into a liter pot with water and boiled. Kissel saddlebon ready.
  3. A coffee grinder is taken and the preheated grands are added. Then comes fresh milk and two glasses of purified water. Mix and boil for twenty minutes.
  4. A very refined recipe. You have to take five glasses of skim milk, one hundred grams of sarracene wheat flakes, 40 grams of butter, 40 grams of sultane raisins. Also take three tablespoons of cocoa. Nuts, pumpkin and vanilla pipes can be added. A lemon zest (a spoonful and a half) will give flavor. Crush the flakes of Sarracene wheat and mix them with cocoa powder. First bring the milk to boil and add the rest of the ingredients. Let the mixture boil for five minutes. Next, the mixture of saddlebag and cocoa flour is thrown, and it is allowed to cook another three minutes.
  5. To begin with, the usual sarracene wheat porridge are prepared with milk (or the steamed grains with hot milk are cooked). Two more glasses of milk, fruit and berries are added. The starch is added when the water begins to boil. The resulting mixture should boil for 5-10 minutes. It is removed continuously to prevent the mixture from forming lumps. To taste, vanilla is added and poured into bowls. Such Kissel resembles more porridge, but this does not deny its useful properties and does not worsen its flavor.

All these recipes allow to prepare several rations at the same time, enough for several days.

If the product is not thick enough, nothing happens. The Sarracene wheat contains much less starch that would be added to a normal cake. So if thicker a little, it’s good.

What is the best way to eat Kissel?

The Sarraceno Wheat Kissel must be taken before meals. One portion – three quarters of glass. It is necessary to accept the drink twice a day: in the morning and at night. The duration of the course is two months. After that, a pause is paused for 30 days. But if your health allows it, you can repeat the course before.

It is not necessary to prepare a ration once for several times. You can prepare Kissel every morning. To prepare a single ration, boil 150 ml of water and add the adequate amount of ingredients for a ration. In the case of the classic recipe, you have to add a tablespoon of Sarracene wheat. The whole mixture is boiled in the pot until it thickens slightly.

The taste of drink is not overwhelming, but it is very healthy. If you want to improve its flavor, you can add honey, syrup and berries.

It is important to remember that Sarracene wheat porridge are not the panacea for all evils. Many websites present it as a universal cure for all evils. Of course, people like magical pills. But it is necessary to adopt a complex approach to strengthen the general health of the agency. Most of its benefits can be enhanced by combining it with other foods. It is also important to exercise.

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