What is the millet in the human body good

The millet is the grain of millet, a plant considered one of the oldest crops. Formerly the “golden cereal” was called, although it is not only yellow, but also white, gray and even red. The millet has always been at the table of many countries and nations, especially the Eastern Slavs.

It differs from other cereals due to its high fat content and helps eliminate chemicals from the body. That is why it is advisable to consume it during and after an antibiotic treatment. It is worth understanding in more detail what millet is, whose benefits and damages everyone should know.

Composition and caloric content of the millet

In addition, it contains 18 essential amino acids for the body. If we talk about micro and macronutrients, the product is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, manganese and selenium. Chumbo fig is the source of other nutrients, such as the antioxidant flavonoid proantocyanidine and quercetin. Among the vitamins include B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, B9, E and K, all of them essential for the proper functioning of the organism.

Properties of Mijo Gachas

The millet has many useful properties and contraindications. The main thing is that the former exceed the second. Its consumption is advised to absolutely everyone, regardless of their age. There are many cooking variants, which makes it an indispensable dish in the diet.

The benefits of

If we talk about the benefits of millet porridge for the human body, these

  • Reinforces the immune system;
  • It has a reconstituent effect, so it is recommended to all, regardless of age. Especially for people suffering from chronic diseases;
  • Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, hypertensive people are prescribed;
  • clean the blood vessels and regulate cholesterol levels;
  • Good influence on the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion;
  • It is good for pancreas and liver diseases;
  • Doctors recommend it for diabetics;
  • Eliminates all toxins and impurities from the body. Therefore, if a person lives in an area contaminated by the environment, it is an indispensable porridge;
  • Vitamin B, present in Las Gachas, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • Wheat affects the general appearance: nails, teeth, hair and skin become much healthier;
  • Prevents fat deposition;
  • It is essential for those who perform strenuous physical work.

For men and women

The product also has a beneficial effect on men. Gachas help improve power. Even eating it 2-3 times a week, it will have much less problems.

As for women, the magnesium of composition relieves premenstrual syndrome. Half a glass of porridge contains 50 mg of magnesium. Of course, it is not a daily norm, but it will also help to be less irritable, sad and relieve the monthly emotional overload of women.

For older people

All papillas, except those of rice, are recommended for older people. They help the functioning of the entire organism and provide essential vitamins and minerals. And are very necessary in adulthood.

For children

Proteins and amino acids favor normal muscle development; Fiber protects against constipation. Gachas are also recommended when antibiotics are taken.

The porridge are responsible for eliminating excess body fluids, such as sweat, urine and hydropesia. If there are pancreas problems in a child, the product must be in the diet at least once a day. Also in case of fractures and cracks. Since the papillas eliminate irritability, they are essential for restless babies. It is also worth mentioning that the appetite increases.

Damages and contraindications

Wheat porridge are advised in case of flatulence, low stomach acidity and in the postoperative period. People should not take it with the rare diagnosis of celiacy. With him, no cereals must be in the diet. It is also prohibited in case of gastritis with low acidity. The diet must be balanced; Do not abuse these porridge.

How to prepare porridge

Before cooking, it is necessary to learn all the secrets of adequate cooking. There are several, but if you follow them, the porridge will be incredibly tasty.

  1. In the cereal there is a lot of dust and oil, which is what unites the product by boiling it. First, you have to get rid of this dust and oil. To do this, rinse the granons with hot water or, better yet, with okrop. Take the same amount of water per glass of porridge. Bring to boil and clarify with cold water.
  2. Cook only in 1: 2 proportion, with more water.
  3. Add oil a couple of minutes before you are ready.
  4. Once cooked, leave half an hour more covered.

Milk gachas

To cook the porridge of oats per liter of milk will need

  • 2 cups of granons;
  • salt to taste;
  • 2 large tablespoons of butter.

The dish will take 30 minutes to cook. Peel the semolina and rinse. Do it several times for the water to get completely clear.

Boil the milk in a thick bottom saucepan, stirring so that it does not stick. As soon as there is foam, remove from heat. Then add the millet and salt. If you like sweet porridge, add some sugar to taste. Put back to the fire and bring to a boil. Make sure the flame is not too strong. Then, cover with a lid, slowly put over heat for half an hour, stirring. Serve with butter, hot.

Millet with water

To prepare porridge with water, you have to take the products with the following calculation

  • 2 cups of granons;
  • 4 cups of water;
  • 50 grams of butter;
  • salt.

As in the previous recipe, select and wash the porridge. Put them into a saucepan, pour water and cook over high heat. When the porridge boil, lower the heat to a minimum, add the butter and cook over low heat for a quarter of an hour. It can take longer, according to grinding and variety.

Can you lose weight with millet?

The millet diet is suitable for everyone. And even for those who suffer from chronic diseases during and after the diet. They feel very good! Already after 1 course, you will feel that your skin is much firmer. Its blood pressure is normalized, improves appetite, digestive difficulties disappear.

You will not feel hungry during the diet. On the contrary, it will feel light and free. The exchange of elements will improve considerably, so the whole body will be filled with energy and strength.

The diet is quite simple, its duration does not exceed one week. However, during this period, at least 3 kilograms can be lost. A little later, after a month or so, the course can be repeated, but it is better to include the millet in its daily menu and the beneficial qualities of the cereals will do the trick!

Mij o-based thre e-day diet

The thre e-day diet consists of discharge days. The next day, the product is cooked in water or steamed at night. You can take 100 grams of millet and half a liter of water, cover it with a blanket and leave it about 7-9 hours.

You can add nuts, nuts and pumpkin to give flavor. You cannot add grapes, bananas, pears or melons (only for breakfast). These are foods that have an incredible amount of sugar in their composition.

An example of dietary menu consists of four meals, each of which includes

  1. Gachas with egg whites cooked or with yogurt and a banana.
  2. Mijo with vegetable salad, stew or vegetable soup.
  3. Raw or fruit vegetables.

7 days millet diet

People who have tried this diet say they can easily lose between 8 and 10 kilos. But it is harmful to the organism, it is very stressful. The secret is to change the types of cereals that are eaten daily. To be effective, it is necessary to eat according to this scheme. Note that all cereals must be cooked in water, without the addition of other products.

  1. MONDAY – Oatmeal.
  2. Tuesday – Saracen wheat.
  3. Wednesday – Mijo.
  4. Thursday-Arroz.
  5. Friday – Lentils.
  6. Saturday – Mijo.
  7. Sunday-avena.

Mijo porridge download day.

The s o-called “weekend” for the intestinal tract, rather, a day of discharge based on mijo gachas, has become extremely common at this time precisely because of this type of advertising.

Although, as the investigation suggests, to reduce the weight of download days, they do not conduct, although to the usual cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract – for this purpose, it must be 3 days not to eat a gram.

An abnormally executed “Intestinal download day” only causes additional stress and, on the contrary, it can instruct the body to store “fat” for another “rainy day”.

If we discard the nonsense of marketing that “the application of such free days will be appropriate for absolutely everyone, regardless of age and the presence or absence of overweight,” it is possible to point out the specific advantages of downloading from porridge:

  1. Realization of discharge days using cereals has very few contraindications, of which individual product intolerance and the presence of constipation.
  2. This is a very good way to lose weight and clean through the use of a lo w-calorie product, light and with a unique chemical composition.
  3. Cereals are long digestion in the body and therefore it is possible to eliminate the sensation of hunger and food stress.

A cleaning from millet would be more or less like this:

  • Of liquids, only water, kefir and green tea can be used;
  • Boil 100 grams of the product, divide it into four parts and consume one into each meal.

You cannot lose weight in this way. To lose excess weight, you must also give up the kefir and green tea.

It is allowed to have a discharge day only once a week, with little physical activity, and drink 2 liters of clean water. The day after the cleaning day you should not pounce on the hedgehog, otherwise the result will be the opposite.

The special use of millet in traditional medicine

In addition to its culinary use, it is also used in traditional medicine. It serves to deflate the kidneys, strengthen hair and clean the skin.

It is used as a remedy to clean the body. Soak 2 tablespoons of the product in water during the night. In the morning, on an empty stomach, eat half of the mixture. Do not eat later for half an hour. The rest of the mixture should be consumed before dinner. The minimum treatment is 7 days. At the same time you can eat only fruits and vegetables.

When conjunctivitis two tablespoons of cereal well washed pour a glass of boiling and boil water for 5 minutes. Cool the broth and wash your eyes with him twice a day.

A decoction of a cup of granal and four parts of boiled water for 5 minutes shines to the hair. Cool and clarify the hair after washing it.

To get rid of acne, a wel l-concentrated decoction is needed. Boil it in a proportion of 1:10, where the second number is water. Boil so that cereals are completely cooked. Strain the boiled cereal and use it to clean the skin.

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