What is the nutmeg for?

The nutmeg, whose benefits and damages depend on the dose, causes poisoning if used incorrectly. In medicine cases with fatal outcome are known.

In fact, it is not a dry fruit like hazelnut or the pistachio, but a culinary spice, and not precisely simple. Let’s see how and what is used in the food industry and medicine. What are the useful properties and contraindications of dry fruit for women and men. What a daily dose is safe.

What is the nutmeg and what does it look like?

Gray nutmeg is the fruit of a perennial leaf tree that belongs to the Moscatine family. It also is called Muristics, the nutmeg tree. It is originally from the Molucas Islands, in Indonesia. There are plantations in India, Brazil, Granada, Sri Lanka, the tropical countries of East Africa and South America.

Its great fruits seem apricotons or peaches. When they mature, the pulp is split in half, exposing the bone. The bone core is nutmeg. The seed is a kind of apricot bone.

It is collected 3-4 times a year, dries, soaked in sea water and coral milk and peel. After a series of processes that last up to 4 months, the peeled fruits, oval and a length of 2-3 cm are obtained. By the way: Rounds have a more intense flavor.

Vitamin of nutmeg

The seed of nutmeg fruit contains a substance complex necessary for human life. The table calculates the composition for 100 grams of product.

A (Retinol) B9 (folic acid) B6 (pyridoxin) C (ascorbic acid) B3 (Niacina) B1 (thiamine) B2 (Riboflavina)
40 micrograms 75 µg 0, 19 mg 22 mg 1. 3 mg 0. 31 mg 0. 4 mg
Selenium match Potassium Calcium Iron Magnesium Copper Manganese Zinc Sodium
2. 8 µg 111 mg 462 mg 250 mg 14 mg 164 mg 2. 4 mg 1. 6 mg 2. 2 mg 79 mg

The chemical composition is completed with miristicine, safrol, elemicine, essential oil and pectins. Many of the components induce an intoxicating effect. Dietary fiber and mono and disaccharides are present.

Calories and IG

The nutmeg is a kind. In 100 grams of product there are nutritional ingredients

  • Proteins – 5. 88 gr;
  • Fats – 36. 32 gr;
  • Carbohydrates – 49. 20 gr;
  • saturated fatty acids – 26 g
  • Dietary fiber 21 g.

Proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: 4%/62%/38%.

Although the caloric value of the nut is quite high and amounts to 552 kcal, it does not matter for the figure, because it is not calculated depending on the weight of the person.

Properties of nutmeg for the human body

The benefits of the spice are not measured in calories or percentages. Although it contains many vitamins and trace elements, the benefits of the product are not related to them. It is not possible to consume the spice in quantities such that they compensate the deficiencies of the organism.

The medicinal qualities of the grains are determined by biologically active substances that, even in minute amounts, have an effect on the body.

  • myristicin;
  • safrole;
  • saponins;
  • pinene;
  • elemicin;
  • linalool;
  • eugenol;
  • trimyristin;
  • camphene.

The unique combination of its ingredients makes it a panacea for human health. The beneficial properties of nutmeg

  • cheer up
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases appetite;
  • improves the functioning of the digestive organs
  • cures nervous disorders;
  • accelerates recovery from serious illnesses;
  • strengthens the plates of the hair and nails;
  • increases libido and impotence.

The included miramistin inhibits monoamine oxidase, which increases the production of the joy hormone, serotonin. The result is an increase in the person’s mood. This property is used to treat depression.

Its utility

The fruit has been used medicinally since ancient Rome and Greece. It was used as a remedy or food additive. It was used as a cure for toothache and muscle pain. It was used as a treatment for nervous disorders.

Modern doctors in the famous clinics of Israel and Germany also use nutmeg and other plants together with pharmacological remedies. They are used for the treatment of women and men. According to experts, the walnut in combination with garlic prevents cancer.

Grains help to cope with depression, chronic fatigue. Useful to stimulate the brain activity of people with intellectual work.

For the women

Nutmeg is used in the treatment of mastitis in women. With your help in Israel treat varicose veins and tuberculosis. The powder eliminates digestive disorders – constipation or diarrhea. To get rid of abdominal pain, mix 2-4 grams of the spice with a banana.

The composition is especially useful for irritable bowel syndrome. The spice shows beneficial properties when eating gas-forming foods – cabbage, beans, peas. Walnut eliminates flatulence, promotes digestion in women who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

For men

The nutmeg helps fight baldness. The saponins that contain stimulate the production of the male sexual hormone testosterone. This directly increases erectile and libido function. The ancient doctors used it as a remedy against early ejaculation.

Traditional Chinese medicine still uses grains today to eliminate muscle and articular pains of men who practice sports or perform physical work. To do this, a little ground spice is heated in a pan with sesame oil.

For children

Possible damage

The fruit of the nutmeg plant contains miristicine, a substance that has strong psychoactive effects. If 10 grams of the spice are consumed at the same time, symptoms of overdose occur:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness;
  • feeling of oppression in the stomach and chest area;
  • Spastic abdominal pain;
  • thirst feeling.

Toxicologists consider that a dose of 30 grams is poisonous and has serious consequences. Signs of poisoning:

  • palpitations;
  • hallucinations;
  • double vision;
  • euphoria;
  • confusion;
  • disorientation in space and time.


Due to the complex composition of nutmeg, it should be used with great caution. In large quantities it has narcotic effects. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account contraindications for some people

  • infant mothers;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental diseases;
  • schoo l-age children;
  • epilepsy.

Do not take if you are allergic to the protein of dry or intolerant fruit to the product and its components. In pregnant women it can cause premature birth.

What is it for sale, how to choose

For Russians, the product is on sale in the form of entire nuts, powder or in oil. It is better to choose large fruits in a rounded way. The larger the size, the more refined and strong its flavor will be. When choosing, pay attention to the surface of brown nuts to be impeccable and without mold remains.

It makes no sense to buy ground nuts. The spice loses its aroma too fast. The best solution is to buy a game. The jar contains several nuts and a special grater. So you will always have the right amount of newly prepared spices. The grater must be used just before consumption.

How to peel the nutmeg

To obtain dust, you can peel and grate in two ways:

  • Method 1. Crush the peel with the flat part of a strong knife, placing the nut on a cutting table. Method 2. Grow in a special nutmeg.
  • Method 2. Use a miniature grinder designed for nutmeg. They are sold in supermarkets.

The most appropriate is to keep the nutmeg started in the grim, covered with its lid. It is practical to grate it and use it as a fresh batch is needed.

How much nutmeg can be eaten up without harming health

Two to four grams per food. No more than one grain should be consumed. Once the dose has passed, nutmeg is detrimental. Nausea, vomiting and headache appear. From a large amount you can alter the liver, affect the stomach and intestines.

Particularities of use

The useful properties of nutmeg are known by man since ancient times. It was used in medicine, it was added to food and aromatized the air. Nowadays it is used in the cosmetic, tobacco and food industry. It is used in aromatherapy.

For culinary use

The nutmeg is better known for its culinary use. It has a peculiar spicy aroma and an acre flavor that gives the dishes a subtle acidity.

In the supermarket you can find many spices around the world. But not everyone knows what kind of spice the nutmeg is. Ground powder is added to various dishes:

  • It is used in the food industry to make cookies, buns, cakes, cakes;
  • It is used in sausage, canned fish;
  • It is put into homemade jams and marinates, canned mushrooms and vegetables;
  • The spice is added to coffee, milk, hot wine, mounted cream, chocolate drinks and ice cream;
  • Popular sweets, chocolates and cocoa can also be made without it;
  • The nut is combined with tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, and is used in ketchups and commercial tomato juices.

In homemade cuisine, spice is used with a lot of moderation.

In popular medicine

In the Middle Ages, the fruit of the tree was used exclusively as medicine. The nutmeg is still used today in traditional medicine. There are many useful recipes to treat various ailments.

To improve male power

The musk grains are a powerful aphrodisiac. In ancient times, people noticed that the sexual desire of men and women increased after eating it. Foods that contain this spice cause an erection for 6 hours.

To achieve the effect, the spice can be added to food or taken as an erotic drink. To prepare it, a pinch of a mixture of lavender, ginger, cloves and te a-shaped pink petals in a glass of water is prepared. Finally, 2 grams of ground nutmeg are added.

For neuralgia

A paste is prepared to relieve musculoskeletal pain. The nut dust is heated with vegetable oil until the consistency of an ointment is obtained. The mixture is used for neuralgic pains in the lumbar area, arthritis, myositis and osteochondrosis. The paste is applied at the painful point, covered with a bandage and covered with cellophane. The application is left for 20 minutes.

For diseases of the upper respiratory tract

Colds can be treated with a drink to heat the throat. Mix warm boiled milk with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 gram of ground nutmeg. The remedy has an ant i-inflammatory effect, reinforces the immune system and accelerates healing.

For varicose veins

To maintain the tone of the veins, a friendly is used. As a base, 10 ml of flaxseed or olive oil are used. 5 drops of nutmegic cosmetic oil are added. The mixture must be rubbed in the dilated vessels with circular massage movements. After treatment, swelling is reduced and inflammation of the lower extremities is relieved.

In cosmetology

The beneficial properties of nutmeg essential oil have found application in beauty salons.

Young skin cream

A facial mask can be prepared at home as a natural ant i-aging remedy. Mix 1 teaspoon of yogurt and honey, add 1 drop of cosmetic nutmeg essential oil. Apply twice a week for 10 minutes. Clarify with warm water.

The oil can be added to its usual cream. A drop in 1 teaspoon of the base is sufficient. Apply it as a mask for 20 minutes and then tonskn it with a paper towel. More appropriate to keep the youth of the skin off.

Hair mask

Apply an oil mask to strengthen the roots and improve hair structure. Add 5 drops of the elixir prepared 25 ml of bardana or olive oil. Massage the roots with the mixture. Clarify after an hour. After application, it improves hair growth by stimulating blood circulation.

Is nuts good for pregnant women and infant mothers?

The fruit of the tree contains biologically active substances that stimulate psyche. The slightest excessive dose has hallucinogenic properties.


The fruit of the intact nutmeg in its peel can be stored for 9 years in a dry and fresh place. After breaking the peel, the nutrients remain in the grains no more than 3 years. With grated grains, useful life is reduced to 12 months or less. Keep the dry nuts in a glass jar with the lid well closed.

The nutmeg is an exquisite spice and a useful medicine. If used incorrectly it becomes a dangerous poison that can lead to death. The main thing is not to exceed its amount and not use it with a narcotic effect.

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