What is the oatmeal broth good?

Conventional medicine skeptics discuss protein and micronutrient levels. Oatmeal can only cause laughter. But it is not necessary to be a nutritional nutritionist to demonstrate the benefits of oats, because with this the usual horse is enough. This strong and tall animal has not seen a single chicken breast in its feeder in its life. Oatmeal is enough to endure the effort and win the sports races.

Nature is wise, and it is worth paying attention. The benefits of oatmeal have been known for centuries, and many of its properties can be used for the benefit of human health.

In the ancient popular herbalists the oatmeal broth occupied a place of honor, with it many health problems were treated in the human being. Its main properties are to normalize blood pressure, to clean the body and strengthen the immune system, while getting rid of inflammation.

Chemical composition of oats

Oat decoction is the simplest remedy that can be prepared both quickly and becoming an infusion. It will not be less effective due to the decent content of valuable substances for the body:

  • amino acids – the basic components of proteins;
  • The fiber collects all harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, acting as absorbent. In addition, fiber is a prebiotic, that is, a culture broth for beneficial bacteria;
  • Oat starch, which when absorbed slowly becomes glucose and favors energy storage in the body;
  • vitamins, especially of group B, but also the important e and to fa t-soluble, as well as the K, which controls blood;
  • macronutrients and trace elements: from iron and zinc to silicon and phosphorus and a complex of mineral salts;

As a result, oatmeal contains almost all vital elements in optimal combination to support strength and implement regenerative processes.

Broth properties

All the value of the raw grains with which it is made will stop to the broth. Even the nutrients of the peel end up in the broth.

Curative benefits and properties

The decoction contributes to the treatment of many diseases. The main effect is the following

  • Eliminates swelling thanks to its soft diuretic action;
  • It helps to initiate regeneration processes, restores damaged tissues;
  • Keep sugar levels under control
  • beneficial effects on nerve cells;
  • Reduces the probability of vascular spasms;
  • Support the liver, an effective supplement for hepatitis;
  • valuable effects on gastrointestinal organs;

Damage and contraindications

When you decide to introduce oats in your diet, it is advisable to hear your doctor’s opinion. Contraindications are the following

  • Individual intolerance;
  • Inflammation of the gallbladder, calculations;
  • Gluten intolerance;

How to prepare the oatme

The preparation of oat decoction is quite simple. The objective is that all nutrients enter the liquid and are available for digestion. The only task is not to spoil them preparing the wrong drink.

It is often advised to grind the oatmeal grains, but this turns the starch into glue and the decoction will look like audin. In addition, it will be difficult to remove all oatmecs from such a mixture.

For the simplest recipe you will need

  • Raw oats – 50 grams
  • water;
  • a thermos of a liter;

You have to wash the grains to take away the dust and dirt, then put them in a thermos and pour over them boiling water. In 12-15 hours an already prepared infusion will be obtained, which can be eaten.

But there are more complicated recipes, some of which are considered classic, tested hundreds of years before our generation, others invented later.

Classic decoction recipe

The classic decoction recipe was originally destined to clean the liver, this drink is the most effective.

  • A glass of oatmeal with shell;
  • A liter of clean and fresh water;

Before cooking, oatmeal is thoroughly washed several times, then poured over a liter of clean and cold water and left for 12 hours. Next, the grains are carried out directly with the water in which they have been infused and maintained for half an hour over low heat under a heavy lid. Then the fire goes out, the decoction is covered and another 12 hours is allowed to be infusion.

Ready to drink strain, store in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

No n-conventional recipe decoction

For family skeptical members, you can prepare an unusual drink with Rosa Mosqueta or put kvas: the fashion of Zhizni recipes is winning impulse.

  1. Rosa Mosqueta’s decoction contains an extra contribution of vitamin C. to prepare it, take a tablespoon of oatmeal and another of dry skames, ground in the blender or the coffee grinder. Pour a liter of boiling water soak for noon. Past 12 hours, strain the infusion with gauze and drink a glass before meals.
  2. Ausa kvas is superior to the Kvas de Pan for its health benefits. Put half a kilo of pure oatmeal and 4 tablespoons of sugar per thre e-liter jug to obtain a refreshing drink. Fill the jug with cold water and let it infuse for 3-4 days at normal room temperature. This drink is especially good for diabetics: during fermentation, sugar is processed by lactic bacteria. When the liquid has come to an end, water is added to the jar, sugar is added and the oat ferment will work for several months.

Both recipes quickly restore vitamins and strengthen dental enamel.

For gastrointestinal treatment

Almost all recipes are suitable for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, but must be made with ground oatmeal. Their enveloping action protects the walls and allows them to restore their own integrity more rapidly.

To rejuvenate

The beneficial effects of oats also have an impact on the physical aspect: health has always been associated with a youth attraction. The excess cake of the preparation of the decoction, as a byproduct in large quantities, can be used as an body exfoliant or facial mask.

The soft effect of oatmeal makes the skin shine and alisa. The effect can be intensified with ingredients according to the skin type: add egg white to reduce pores or kefir to soften the relief.

To clean blood vessels

An oat and pine infusion can help blood circulate naturally. The treatment must be planned for 4 months, the decoction per day will need a liter and a half.

2 tablespoons of crushed will be needed:

  • onion peels;
  • oatmeal;
  • needles;

Pour the mixture with the decoction of Rosa Mosqueta or add it to the mixture in the same amount. Insist all night in a thermos.

Use characteristics

The benefits of oatmeal are recognized for a long time for official medicine, it is being investigated how to use this soft remedy for the treatment of child renal failure. Ausa infusions are prescribed for fatigue and recovery therapy.

In popular medicine

Recipes that are preserved in popular herbalists are conceived to cure or relieve multitude of ailments. Interestingly, similar formulations appear in all places where oatmeal was grown: in Germanic lands, in Russian principalities and even in Asian countries where this crop could penetrate.

Herbalists are not limited to recommending oral applications. Poultry and oatmeal baselines were used to wrap the painful knees in osteoarthritis, to reduce sweating and even to wash the hair and stay fresh for a longer time.

For the liver

The following decoction taking regime according to the classical recipe will help the liver to get rid of accumulated deposits and start actively working:

  1. The decoction is taken on an empty stomach 18-20 minutes before food;
  2. The intake rate is every time of half a glass or 100 grams;
  3. The decoction is taken three times a day;
  4. After 2 months of daily intake, pause a month and continue again, drink oats for a whole year.

For the stomach

If gastritis is worrisome or there are more serious problems, a decoction of oats will have to be prepared from ground grains. Taking oats of oats or very liquid gachas will not only nurture the organism with essential substances, but will also protect the stomach walls. To obtain a soft enveloping effect, oatmeal grains are laundered directly with the peel, dry and ground in a coffee grinder or in a blender.

Half a cup of this dust for half a liter of water is needed. Take the broth slowly to boil and also over low heat for half an hour. Do not separate from fire, can boil and escape, like milk. The mixture cools, filters through caps of gauze of the shells and is returned to its original volume by adding boiling water.

The daily norm is half a liter, which is divided into three parts and drinks on an empty stomach half an hour before meals.

For the respiratory system

Sweet and saturated with useful substances decoction patients agree to drink, even if there is no appetite at all. Things will improve quickly with this type of medicine:

Two tablespoons of oatmeal and sultane raisins will be needed. They are added to a liter and a half of water and are boiled over low heat until half. Next, a tablespoon of honey is added and some sips are given every time possible, when the cough begins to havoc.

Cough medication (for children)

The grandmothers in childhood did not drink milk with honey, it was a great help for persistent cough. Children do not realize the wonderful coating properties and the expectorant effect of the mixture, it seems unpleasant. But adding oatmeal, you can balance the taste of the mixture, and in this way the milk and oat broth is enjoyed by the children.

A glass of descascarillada oatmeal is boiled over low heat in a liter of milk for an hour. Then butter and honey are added and drink a little every time throughout the day instead of other drinks. It is not possible to keep the decoction hot, because it smells quickly.

For pancreatitis

For those who suffer from pancreas, a classic oat decoction with distilled water is necessary. 150 grams must be taken three times a day on an empty stomach.

For the kidneys

The course of the kidney treatment is a month and a half, and after a month and a half pause.

Ausa drool is considered a remedy to eliminate stones and is even used in official medicine.

To lose weight

Those who wish to lose weight are advised to drink the decoction three times a day with a full glass. It is prepared saturated: a glass of grains is taken by a liter of water, after half a day it is boiled for half an hour, it is completed with a liter of water and boil again.

The decoction replenishes the lack of necessary substances, satisfies hunger and helps to endure until the expected food without chopping.

How to prepare oatmeal

In modern times, reaping oatmeal can be quite complicated. Oatmeal is located everywhere and is sown on a plowed and paid ground. The moment of planting is quite early, and it takes three months to mature.

Mature stems are cut by hand, are tied in sheaves and dry. When the stems are dry, they must be trillad.

The culture of cereal planting has been lost in the field, but people concerned about their health distrust, rightly, buy low quality oats. But the difficulties associated with crop, care and harvest do not compensate. It can be found quality oats

  • In ecological stores, online health stores. Packages labeled as ecological or bio are available at an affordable price;
  • The tested method is to buy oats in animal stores. There they offer them for some cents, and are of sufficient quality;
  • For those who need a lot of oatmeal, it is best to go to a nearby farm or look for it on the Internet. These farms will gladly send an oat sack, without having to pay more to a network of intermediaries.

Who has doubts about the benefits of oatmeal, try it. This centenary, profitable and healthy remedy will like everyone.

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