What is the Sweetie fruit, how is it eaten and why is it good for me?

Sometimes, when talking about citrus, several popular members of the species (lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and many others) are aligned before the eyes). The Colinabo, on the other hand, is not yet so known among citrus fruits, but its benefits are not lower than those of their relatives.

In the mi d-twentieth century, California scientists tried to create a sweet grapefruit but retain all their medicinal qualities. The experiments led to the identification of an Oroblanco, but later the switi was perfected by Israeli breeders.

Brief description of the citrus

Sweetie is also known with other names, one of which is Pomelit, which means “white gold” in Spanish. The name says it all, because its interior makes it a very appreciated fruit.

Sweetie is a green bush that grows high and has branched branches. It can reach between four and ten meters high when it grows in wild state. But when cultivated in the fields, it is not allowed to grow more than two and a half meters, since the heads are constantly cut.

During flowering, citrus bushes are covered with white and fragrant flowers in small clusters. After a certain time, the flowers become rounded fruits, light green and yellow pulp inside.

The Sweetie citrus and its flavor

Sweetie citrus is an exotic fruit with a unique composition and a very pleasant fragrance. Its flavor is sweet and juicy, but it has a slight acidity. The shape of the fruit is rounded, with a dough that ranges between three hundred grams and the kilo and a half. It is the result of the cross between a grapefruit and a grapefruit. From one citrus its size proceeds and from the other its chromatic qualities. Externally, the Sweetie resembles its alleged parent (grapefruit), sometimes evoking the association of an immature fruit.

But unlike other citrus fruits, the Sweetie totally lacks pepitas and has no bitter aftertaste; The rich aroma of the pulp with its excellent flavor and the presence of a complex of vitamins and macronutrients make it one of the most important and significant products of European countries.

In most cases, the switi is used fresh to conserve its vitamins and nutrients. The fruit has a very powerful shell and, when it is mature, it seems very heavy. Before it was believed that citrus was only grown in tropical conditions, but now it is grown in many European countries with warmer climates (Italy, Spain, Portugal). Even a simple seed planted on the ground in environmental conditions will produce fruits at any time of the year.

Composition of the fruit of the oroblanco and calories

Like all fruits, the Suiti is mostly composed of water, which in percentage equals eighty percent, this indicates that citrus is low in calories.

The fruit consists of:

  • fiber (2 percent);
  • ascorbic acid;
  • almost all vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6, B9);
  • small amounts of vitamin A, E;
  • Minerals (includes K, CA, Fe, Cu, F, P, Mg, Na);
  • essential oils;
  • enzymes that break down fats and cholesterol.

Combining useful enzymes, this fruit is capable of dissolving fats, carbohydrates, proteins, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helping a person losing weight, if you wish.

Due to its low caloric content, the fruit pulp is recommended to eat in the morning at breakfast, or at night, but combined with protei n-rich foods. An adequate diet and a daily physical activity can achieve excellent results in people who aspire to lose weight while maintaining a diet.

Benefits and damages

To understand the benefits of citrus, it is necessary to know their essence, that is, the action of enzymes that have more positive effects on the human body.

The fruit contains ascorbic acid, and is a strong antioxidant that contains substances that strengthen the immune system, if the weak gums, this fruit will eliminate its bleeding.

Group B vitamin complexes that activate metabolic processes, participate in the conception of enzymes, tone the central nervous system. Vitamins and B2 have an indispensable effect on the human visual organ, increasing the work of the visual muscles. Vitamin E serves to eliminate excess cholesterol, protecting the body from vascular diseases (atherosclerosis). That is not all, the list of its essential qualities is numerous.

The use of Oroblanco is highly recommended for people addicted to tobacco and who abuse alcohol, for pregnant women and in breastfeeding period, as well as to improve memory and patients with chronic diseases.

It is useful to know it is considered an indispensable product for diabetics, since it can reduce blood glucose levels.

For women, this fruit is a gift from heaven, because there is no better ingredient for nutritional, rejuvenating and revitalizing masks. The fruit contains special substances that have a positive effect on dry skin, making it tense and flexible.

Masks made on the basis of sweets, large to correct pale skin, as well as help with vitamin deficiency and perfectly eliminate acne and pimples. But, keep in mind that due to the large amount of vitamin C in this exotic product, allergies are probable:

  • allergies;
  • Headaches;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • dizziness

In addition, if you eat too much switi, you can cause sleep disorders, as well as blood problems (in this case, coagulation). Speaking of damages, the fruit will do rather than bad if the daily amount allowed for the human body is used. However, we must bear in mind that there is a certain list of contraindications that can aggravate the health of a person if they suffer from the following chronic diseases

  • gastritis;
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • Intestinal, renal diseases;
  • hepatitis;
  • enteritis;
  • cholecystitis, etc.

A point to take into account if a woman has not taken switi before pregnancy, should not take it during pregnancy, since allergic reactions can occur.

Criteria for assessing the suitability of the choice

A man always faces the choice of how and what to do to buy the fruit, and then not disappoint with it. It is not easy at first glance, but if the instructions are clearly followed, knowing which fruit is ripe, it is sweet and juicy, it will not be difficult to buy the product.

What qualities should have a ripe fruit? There are three main evaluation criteria (aspect, weight and smell) to determine if the fruit is suitable for consumption.

First, its appearance is important. The switi must have a bright green cortex, which even approaches the emerald color. You should not present scratches or damage, much less wrinkles.

You can feel the fruit to determine whether it has been frozen or not. If citrus fruits have been frozen, the bark will be soft and will be abolished when pressing it. By weight, the fruit must be heavy and thick, indicating that it is fresh, but if it is light, it means that the fruit has remained stored for a long time.

The smell of the product is also an important ingredient in the choice of fruit; If it is strong, rich and aromatic, it is an indication of maturity, hence its sweetness. Sometimes, the surface of citrus is very brilliant, an indication that it has been treated with wax.

Fact. The no n-pelar ooblanco can be kept in the refrigerator, or even at room temperature, up to a month.

Ways to peel the fruit

The peeled method, apparently simple, is available and is simple for all fruits, but we must not forget that each citrus is special in its own way, with its positive and negative sides. Remember that the skin of the colinabo is very thick, with a hard exterior shell. Therefore, in the first place you have to wash the fruit well with warm or hot running water. Because? If the fruit you have bought is covered with a thin layer of wax, it tends to get stuck in the pores of the skin. That is why you have to clarify it very well.

Next, a knife makes several cuts (4-6) from top to bottom in the hard skin of the citrus, it seems that it is cut into slices, but the cuts become shallow, so that the juice does not come out. Next, the peel must easily give in, and separate from the inner meat from the roll, but the content of the fruit contains a small amount of essential oils, so it has to be extremely careful not to leave a plate in the hands, andTherefore naturally fat spots on clothes.

There is another option to peel, and it is the easiest. The pomelit is also washed with water, split in half with a knife and the pulp is removed with a normal covered. Inside the grapefruit there is a white movie, and the citrus can be eaten with it, but sometimes it gives bitterness, so it is usually removed.

Preparation of salads, jams and juices

The fruit is consumed better fresh, although it can also be used to make jams, liquid juices, fresh salads and the sweet and fragrant pulp of the confined fruit and the jam are excellent for making topical masks ant i-aging with vitamin infusion.

The colinabo is not only used as dessert, but its inner pulp is also added to fish, meat, mushrooms and seafood. With the colinabo you can prepare simple and light salads: “summer”, “rejuvenateece”.

The products used for it are easy to find in any garden.

Salad number one: “summer”:

  • Switi,
  • large peppers,
  • tomato,
  • soft cheese (Bryndza or feta),
  • olive oil,
  • Spices (basil).

Ask everything and mix it with a splash of olive oil. Salad number two “rejuvenate”:

  • Switi – 2 fruit;
  • avocado – 1 fruit;
  • crimson ball (red onion) – half;
  • Leaf lettuce – 1 leaf;
  • nuts (cedar) – 50 gr;
  • honey – 15 ml;
  • Lima juice – 5 ml;
  • ground nutmeg.

Cut into dice in equal proportions, stir, season with oil and spices. For cocktail (fat burning) it is necessary to squeeze the juice of half of the ooblanco fruit, half cucumber, take 50 g of spinach and add 5 ml of honey. The prepared mixture must drink during the night.

The Suiti is a unique and exquisite citrus, it has a good conservation value if it is transported sufficiently and conveniently, which means that it can be preserved a lot of time and well. But because the regions where it grows are very far to Russia and many other countries, the fruit is collected when it is not mature. This, of course, affects the taste of fruit.

The true taste of the fruit can be tasted by collecting it from a tree. The switi does not spoil in ten or fifteen days if preserved inside 10-20 ° C with a relative humidity of 95%. Under these conditions, conservation time is six to eight weeks.

Great value

In short, you can talk about this fruit without stopping. This sweet and aromatic tropical fruit is not only a very beneficial nutrient treasure for the human organism as a whole. Consuming the fruit regularly, if all rules are followed, it will help improve general wel l-being, increase resistance and performance, avoid infectious and respiratory diseases, as well as prevent the development of mental, depressive and unstable states of the person.

By increasing the concentration of attention, the switi preserves the view of the people, especially those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer monitors. This unique fruit, which contains special substances, neutralizes the adverse effects of the negative elements that slow down the aging process.

However, we must remember that excessive citrus consumption can lead to irreversible processes. Therefore, it must take into account the limitations and possible side effects.

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