What is the use of Sarracene wheat to women?

Saracen wheat has been known for a long time not only for its pleasant taste, but also for its health benefits. Not without reason it is called the queen of the choles. There is probably no disease in whose diet this product is not included, since its chemical composition contains a record number of vitamins and minerals.

Saracen wheat is especially beneficial for women, since it is used successfully to lose weight and for cosmetics purposes.

Chemical composition and caloric content of the Sarraceno Wheat

B1 (mg) 0,3
В2 0,4
В3 5,2
В4 54. 3
В5 1,3
В6 0,5
В9 42. 1
В12 0,1
Са 17. 1
iron 2,8
magnesium 222. 0
match 318. 1
potassium 320. 1
sodium 11. 1
zinc 2,3
copper 0,6
manganese 1,7
selenium 8,3

The chemical composition of the Sarracene wheat is extremely rich and varied and contains all the necessary substances. In addition to vitamins and minerals, Sarracene wheat contains amino acids, sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids involved in the most important chemical reactions of the body, aimed at providing a high degree vitality.

The caloric value of the Sarracene wheat is 313 kcal. Of these, the nutrient content corresponds to the following components

  • Proteins – 12. 7
  • Fats – 3. 2
  • Carbohydrates – 62. 2.


In terms of carbohydrates, the Sarracene wheat grain occupies the 329 position among all products. The caloric value per 100 grams is 313 calories. Saracen wheat contains healthy and difficult to digest carbohydrates that do not pose a load for the pancreas. This fact makes Sarracene wheat an ideal dietary product, which allows you to lose a few kilos in a relatively short period of time.

Interestingly, raw Saracen wheat contains 62. 2 g of carbohydrates, while boiling only 19 g. This is because part of carbohydrates are broken down during cooking. The low glycemic index makes Sarracene wheat useful for diabetics, as well as for people prone to obesity.


Saracen wheat is rich in fiber, a useful component for the human body with a powerful purifying effect. It is necessary for intestines to work properly and the body eliminates toxins. They help eliminate waste products and, thus, improve the circulation of nutrients, minerals and oxygen in cells.


Saracen wheat is part of a protein diet for athletes and for those who simply want to increase their muscle mass. It is an ideal product for a weakened body that can help you recover from an operation or a weakening disease in a short time.

Proteins are very satiating, so it is unlikely that many calories are provided. A special characteristic of Sarracene wheat protein is that it contains a huge amount of essential amino acids. This makes it an especially valuable product that competes with meat.

Interestingly: when the porridge are boiled, proteins are reduced by 2 and 3 times. But even boiled Saracen wheat is still a protein rich product that completely covers daily protein intake.


The useful properties of the Sarracene wheat are due to the presence of nutrients, orientin, quercetin, flavonoids, vitexin, routine. Routine and quercetin are the main benefits of Sarracene wheat. Routine strengthens the vascular system, so doctors strongly recommend the Sarracene wheat diet during the postoperative period to prevent bleeding and general rehabilitation. It is very important to consume Saracen wheat during pregnancy, since routine is a powerful prevention of intrauterine asphyxiation, hemorrhages and postpartum bleeding.

Quercetin clean and strengthens blood vessels. That is why Saracen wheat is an irreplaceable product in old age. Regular consumption of Sarracene wheat prevents prevents the risk of stroke up to 30%.

What is useful for you

  • Saracen wheat is a product that contains iron, and its regular consumption increases hemoglobin levels in a very short time.
  • Its antioxidant properties allow to include Sarracene wheat in the diet of cancer patients, as well as for their prevention.
  • Its high potassium content guarantees an optimal water-exit balance and strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Magnesium favors mental processes and has a positive effect on the nervous system. You can forget the insomnia, stress and lethargy having breakfast a bowl of Sarracene wheat.
  • The purification properties of the Sarracene wheat clean the liver. Regular consumption of Saracen wheat gachas prevents the risk of cirrhosis up to 25%.

Damages and contraindications

As such, there are no contraindications. Saracen wheat is equally beneficial for adults and children.

How to cook it and how to eat it

For the product to provide the maximum benefits, it is necessary to know how to cook it correctly. Cooking it for too long will kill vitamins and affect flavor.

The next cooking recipe is the correct classic:

  1. Take water to boil and season with salt. Put the rinsing calluses, a part of cereal and two of water.
  2. Take the semolina to boil, cover, lower the heat and simmer another 15 minutes.
  3. Once the porridge is cooked, cook over low heat for 10 minutes covered. It is not necessary to light the fire, but the pot must be hot.
  4. Add some butter to taste.

Saracen wheat can be eaten with any food that is liked. They are usually butter, meat, red fish, milk, vegetable salads, onions and eggs. Complementing Saracen wheat porridge with other products can diversify your menu and get a healthy and nutritious diet.

Can I eat Sarracene wheat porridge every day?

However, to the question “Is it possible to eat Sarracene wheat porridge every day?”, The nutritionists are more inclined to the negative answer. A permanent mono-diet can lead to such unpleasant consequences as:

  • Deterioration of renal function due to the intake of too much plant protein. This is especially true for people who already have kidney problems.
  • Reducing animal fats can cause hormonal imbalances.
  • Excessive consumption of plant protein can cause intestinal disorders.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the daily consumption of Sarracene wheat is not recommended.

Use characteristics

Although Sarracene wheat is a very simple product that does not require special techniques, there are some peculiarities of its application. For example, diabetics should avoid milk and butter. They can be advised to prepare sarracene wheat porridge with fish, green peas and herbs.

Those who want to lose weight should not even use salt, much less add other foods to their diet, such as meat, butter, sour cream, blue fish or eggs. The maximum that can be allowed in those days is a green salad. Otherwise, all efforts with the Sarracene wheat diet will be in vain.

In case of disease

In popular medicine, Sarracene wheat has long been established purely positively. Thus, in combination with other methods, Sarracene wheat can cure nerve disorders, deal with colds, act as a cosmetic. The treatment of anemia, cancer and other serious diseases is also accompanied by the diet of the Sarracene wheat and can be recommended as a complementary measure.

For anemia

For the treatment of anemia the following recipe is suggested.

At night two tablespoons of Sarracene wheat are poured with a glass of fresh kefir. The morning breakfast is ready! Important condition: Saracen wheat with kefir should chew well, to ensure a better assimilation of useful properties. The treatment course is one week.

In case of constipation

Sarracene wheat porridge with beets can help with constipation.

  1. To do this, the seeds of Sarracene wheat are boiled for 5 minutes.
  2. Then, a glass of fresh beet is rubbed on the porks and boiled as usual.
  3. This porridge is taken on an empty stomach, without adding other foods to the diet.

With diarrhea

For diarrhea, some slightly hard comprehensive sarracene pumps cooked in water are recommended. Butter, kefir and milk are advised.


Often, rheumatism is accompanied by swelling and acute pain in the joints. During seasonal exacerbations, doctors recommend a Sarracene wheat diet based on porridge and soups. It is also very useful to take a pinch of Sarracene wheat dust, ground in a coffee grinder, fasting. In especially acute cases, dust intake is increased three times a day.


It has already been shown that Sarraceno wheat cures oncology. The quercetin contained in the grains restores in the cancer cells the suppressed gene P53, capable of suppressing the cells of the malignant tumor and thus healing the organism.

The ant i-cancer diet according to Laskin’s method has already given officially confirmed positive results. Its main component – Saracen wheat grain, whose use is reduced to 3 receptions.

  1. Therefore, about half an hour before breakfast, drinking a glass of boiled water with 1 tablespoon of ground rose flour and a spoonful of honey.
  2. For breakfast, eat sarracene wheat porridge with water and a tablespoon of wheat bran, smeared with two tablespoons of olive oil.
  3. An hour later, a cup of green tea is drink with 6-7 sultanas raisins.
  4. Half an hour before eating, you drink a glass of water with pink and honey flour.
  5. For lunch, Sarracene wheat is cooked, identical to that of breakfast.
  6. An hour later, you drink green tea with 6-7 raisins.
  7. Dinner is identical to breakfast and food.
  8. An hour later, you drink green tea with sultane raisins.

In atherosclerosis

For atherosclerosis, nutritionists recommend the Kissel de Alforfón, which helps reduce cholesterol in a short time.

To do this, some tablespoons of semolina are shown in a coffee grinder and dissolve in 300 ml of water. The dough is put on the fire and boiled, not forgetting to remove. The Kissel is drink in a glass twice a day for two months.

In various skin diseases

The regular intake of granal thrigo graphons clean the skin, increases its elasticity and improves its appearance. In adolescence, the cleaning properties of Sarracene wheat help get rid of acne, so it is very useful to organize a Sarracene wheat cleaning at least once a week.

For diabetes

For diabetes, nutritionists recommend eating sarracene wheat without adding milk, nuts or butter. You can prepare the Saracen wheat in a thermos: pour boiling water on grain puree and let it stand for 5 hours.


Doctors recommend soaking Sarracene wheat in kefir for pancreatitis. Soak the granons in kefir at night and leave them there until the next morning. For breakfast, the dish is ready, you just have to remove it.


With gastritis the stomach is irritated, so in the acute period the thick porridge is not recommended. Saracen wheat soups in the form of cooked porridge in chicken broth are very useful.

To lose weight

If you want to lose weight, Sarracene wheat porridge are cooked without salt or milk. Simply pure pure saracen wheat in boiling water at a rate of 1: 2 and left for a few hours. No other foods should be ingested throughout the diet period. You just have to drink green water. The diet does not last more than 7 days.


In cosmetology, Sarracene wheat is used as a base for masks and peelings, since it has a whole series of beneficial vitamins and minerals, the epidermis restores and considerably slows down the aging process.

This type of peeling is very popular:

  1. The Sarracene wheat moves in a coffee grinder until it becomes powdered.
  2. Three tablespoons of sarracene wheat dust are mixed with 4 teaspoons of fresh cherry juice.
  3. The mixture is applied in the face and rubs, imitating the washing process.
  4. It is clarified with warm water, then with cold water and the day cream is applied to clean skin.

The result is a soft and clear skin, without black points. To revitalize the skin it is necessary to perform such exfoliation at least 2 times a week.

How to choose and store Sarracene wheat

  • Fresh and correctly stored grands always have a pleasant brown color and a subtle nut flavor.
  • Good quality granons have very few black grains, unprocessed and are free of garbage.
  • If the grands have been stored for a long time, there will be a residue – “dust” of saddlebon – in the bag. If there are more than 10% residue, the granons should not be used.
  • Save the Saracen wheat in a separate bowl with a lid so that it does not lose its flavor.

Saracen wheat can be kept at home between 10 and 12 months after buying it in the store.

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