What is the usefulness of the Milenrama berry for the human body?

Today it is difficult to find a plot – a dacha – that does not have at least two interesting bushes, to which the owners affectionately call garden berries. This plant is the millenrama. During its maturation a true battle is fought: who will be the first to collect this incredibly tasty fruit, if the local people or birds, who know exactly where this delicacy grows.

This surprisingly beautiful plant is often used by gardeners as a dense “tasty” but ornamental. One of the virtues of this bush is its longevity. The fig lives, grows and bear fruit for more than 60 years.

What is a fig tree ber?

A fros t-resistant shrub, similar to a tree, perennial and unpretentious that produces an abundant annual berry harvest. The berries have a good taste. Lightly acidic and moderately sweet, they look somewhat like the Isabella grape variety.

If the berries dry in the sun, they know how the boneless dry grapes of the black variety, but with a smaller size. Therefore, in addition to “garden berry”, the plant has another name, “Sultanas del Norte”. The fruits of the raisins are actively used in the kitchen and medicine, especially by the healers.

Important: Apart from its usefulness, in some cases, berries can cause damage to the human body.

Chemical composition

In addition to the fact that the berry contains the entire known vitamin range, it is rich in trace elements, tannins and phytoncidos. Ascorbic acid and iron are incredibly high in this incredible berry. There are even more than in lemons and blackcases.

There are also organic acids and sterols/coumarins, pectin/routine/fiber and essential oils with phenolic compounds.

The properties of the spiny currants

Creeper has a series of health benefits that can help people get rid of a series of problems, often long duration. However, this berry can be individually intolerant for a person and even harmful. The berries are actively used in medicine, cosmetology and kitchen.

Useful and medicinal properties

The main benefits of berry are due to the large number of tannins that contain, good for digestive disorders of all kinds. Very often, blueberry flowers are used to prepare popular beauty products. The decoction of flowers is used to prepare healing masks that match and purify the skin, turning it flexible and at the same time gently velvety. The same decoction is used to treat brittle hair rubbing it in its roots.

Irrigation can be used to cure

  • Throat and mouth diseases, including gums and teeth,
  • Pustules with trophic ulcers,
  • Reduces blood pressure in cases of hypertension or suspected hypertension,
  • It is prophylactic against stroke/infarction/any neoplasia,
  • Improves vision in cases of existing or developing cataracts.

For the women

The benefits of eating berries for women of all ages deserve special mention, but above all from 60 years or if they are waiting for a baby. But in any case, consume the berry or culinary delights prepared with its use with caution. Especially pregnant and infant women, not to cause an allergic reaction in their baby.

For men

Both men and women benefit from this berry. When accumulating in the body, it nourishes it for a long time with the entire necessary complex of vitamins and minerals.

For children

Children who eat berries are advised only in the maturation time, after turning three. It is strictly forbidden to eat this berry with milk and dairy products.

Damage and contraindications

As expected, this berry is a powerful allergen. Before deciding to consume these berries frequently, you must decide whether you can eat them or use them for other purposes, for example, medicinal.

Milenrama is a unique plant, capable of accumulating all damage contained in the floor/water/air of the place where it grows. Milenrama should not be consumed with milk. It can cause serious diarrhea. Hypogens are strictly forbidden to eat Istrga in any of their forms. Do not eat it when they do work that requires a great concentration of attention, since this berry is a soothing for the human nervous system.

Particularities of the use of berries

The peculiarity of the fig is that all the useful properties of its berries are preserved in any form – fresh, frozen, canned and cooked. It is important not to eat it in large uncontrolled quantities, not put it “in reserve” in the body. The berries for future use should be prepared strictly following the rules. Leaves – Only when they are young and in May, trying to dry it in the bright sun. Bark – In autumn, at the end of October or early November. Bays – Only mature on its own plot and in season.

Important: You should not buy berries from strangers in the market. You must know exactly where they were grown and in which area by ecological conditions is the plant.

In popular medicine

The pulp juice of the berries cures several ailments. For example:

  • The lazy juice of the fig, using it to rinse the throat, can quickly and easily cure even a funicular throat pain;
  • The pulp of this berry can cure stomatitis, if regularly for a month a day for a quarter of an hour liberating it in places of inflammation of the gums. The mouth should not be rinsed after having extracted the berries;
  • A compress made with the pulp of the berries helps to heal purulent boards on the skin. Apply the berries on the pustule or boil and cover with a sterile gauze bandage. Keep the compress for at least two hours twice a day: in the morning and at night, before bedtime. You can expect a remarkable improvement after a week.

However, before using any of the popular remedies to cure the problem, based on the bush berries, you must consult with your doctor.

For vascular ailments

Milenrama is rich in vitamin PP, which gives elasticity and reinforces the walls of blood vessels. That is why it is recommended to eat grass to people who have problems with their fragility and who have been diagnosed with diseases: varicose veins with thrombophlebitis in the lower limbs. The healers recommend the method of carrying a pressure bandage made of soft fabric soaked in hot decoction of bark and leaves.

In diabetes

It is the berry itself that is important for diabetics, especially those of type 2.

The berries have a very low glycemic index, of 20, and a low caloric value, 15 kcal. If you eat about 50 grams of fresh berries every day, a diabetic will significantly improve your condition, becoming much more energetic and efficient. On the other hand, the necessary quality of the berries for these people in their ability to eliminate the bad cholesterol of the body must be indicated.

In addition, millenrama contributes to:

  • strengthen capillaries,
  • Relieve venous inflammation in the veins,
  • Prevents the formation of clots by reducing blood viscosity.
  • It increases the efficacy of the antidiabetic pills that the patient takes.
  • It helps correct the weight towards your reduction.

Some of the heal heal recipes for type 2 diabetics

Of high cholesterol. Pour 20 grams of fresh berries or 5 grams of nuts with a glass of boiling water. And drink instead of a single ration of tea.

For eye pain. Fresh Shadberry fresh berries about 3 grams pour 450 g of cold mineral water and insist in 8 hours. Then boil the infusion, strain through a fine and fresh strainer. Make lotions with cotton discs, putting them in your eyes for 10 minutes twice a day, in the morning and at night.

To quickly lower blood sugar, pour an equal amount of flowers and berries in a glass of boiling water. Insist for two hours. Also drink half a glass in the morning and at night.

Important: Thanks to the potential of berries in the normalization of sugar, a diabetic will never have a diabetic coma. But if he eats it every day for a few kilos, there is the possibility of disturbing metabolism and quickly gaining excessive weight, until obesity.

In gastrointestinal disorders.

Especially indicated by the infusion of dry berries in pancreatitis, often accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders. 10 g of dry leaves should be infused in a thermos with a glass of boiling water. Insist for three hours. Then strain and drink hot sips. It helps very quickly.

By the way, a similar infusion can cure small wounds and pus scratches.

For nerve disorders

If you are very nervous, regularly eat mature fresh berries, but only in very small quantities. Or take a gentle decoction of the bark.

In case of hypertension

An infusion of the flowers of the best is very indicated for hypertension and heart failure. This infusion is special. It works even better than many of the acquaintances and expensive medications prepared by reputed pharmacological industries.

The only condition. The flowers must be collected before “wake up” the Capullos, in May at dawn of a beautiful spring day. A handful of these flowers in half a liter of boiling water and infusion for two hours. Strain and drink 50 g three times a day at regular intervals.

In kitchen

Special mention deserves its flavor. The berry is sweet, tasty and slightly acidic, with a luxurious and incredibly fine flavor in the retroglling. Bays, leaves and young twigs can be used for culinary purposes. With all this splendor you can make kiss, tinctures, compotes, jams and stuffed with cakes. And they simply eat fresh.

They are very tasty jam and marshmallow made with raisins. In some cases, millenrama is added to berries and fruits salads. But this must be done in the time of maturation of the fruit. The same goes for fig juice, which is not only very tasty, but also healthy.

This berry retains its benefits and its unique flavor for a long time in a fresh and dry way. In addition, if consumed without thermal treatment immediately after defrosting them, the berries will be even more aromatic and sweet than fresh. The drying of the berries/leaves/cortex is better in the sun, but if not possible, it can be done in an oven or in a special dryer. The main thing is to remove the berries/leaves/cortex periodically.

You can make jams and masters, juices and compotes. The berries can be mashed and fresh or frozen for pastry or desserts. Bayas syrups combine well with ice cream and are usually the main ingredient of different sauces.

Important: especially popular are alcoholic tincture and wine made with the berry. They have a characteristic acidic taste, slightly acidic and very rich.

In homemade cosmetology

Lotions/creams/toni c-based tonic are especially recommended for people with fatty skin. They inhibit contraction when closing and purifying pores. The shampoos and rinses that contain berries as one of their ingredients can help restore and strengthen hair, giving it ancient strength even after multiple dyes.

To achieve a durable rejuvenating effect, it will be enough to clean your face and neck twice a day with a light and warm decoction made with the bark and the leaves of the fig tree. This beautiful herb, often only ornamental, is popular in many countries, and not only among gardeners. In addition to the names cited in this article, it has others. It has been called “Canadian NIise”, “Canela”, “Apple Celta” and “Pera de Roca”.

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