What is utility does ozonized water?

Today we live in such a situation that fresh water can only be used to drink or cook if it is disinfected.

This is usually desirable with manganese or chlorine. But for some decades ozonization has been used. But many people care about the advantages and inconveniences of this method.

What is ozonized water?

Ozone is an oxygen compound formed by three atoms of the element. It has no peculiar smell and in its normal state it has a slight blue dye. In small quantities it is not harmful to the human body, but in large doses it can be dangerous.

Its strong oxidizing power allows to use gas for the treatment and disinfection of water. Water ozonization is a way to purify it harmlessly, preparing it for human consumption. This method guarantees the elimination of all metals, viruses and bacteria present in the liquid.

It is done with the help of a special ozonizer. After this procedure, the water remains purified for a certain time. The ozonization process implies the saturation of the fluid with atomic oxygen, as a result of which the liquid is negatively charged. It takes a short time and does not require additional elements or materials.

In the organism, this water helps normalize electrolytic balance. At the same time, it is recommended to consume such water at a few hours after its preparation. Exactly in this period all useful properties are preserved.

In general, the ozonization process applies to water from underground or superficial sources for subsequent human consumption. Companies that produce bottled drinking water use this method. This water becomes unusable, in addition to crystalline, transparent and without smells or strange flavors.

Ozonized water properties

Ozonized water to drink has the following significant advantages

  • It is totally decontaminated, keeping its useful qualities
  • enriched with oxygen;
  • The process can be done at home.

But this method has its inconveniences. The first thing to point out is that this method does not eliminate phenolic compounds. The cost of the ozonizer is quite high. You have to take security precautions when using the equipment.


Not everyone is aware of the benefits of ozonized water, apart from the fact that it is free of bacteria and germs. Ozonized water has many beneficial properties:

  1. It is free of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it can be used to drink without fear of infections.
  2. Water is free of strange and unpleasant smells and flavors. Unlike normal tap water.
  3. The useful properties of the liquid are not affected by ozone treatment, they all remain intact. The structure of the water is not altered, it remains in its original form.
  4. The consumption of this water enriches the tissues with oxygen. As ozone begins to decompose in oxygen molecules after 20 minutes, the consumption of this liquid contributes to enriching the body with this important element.

Ozonized water improves performance and wel l-being. The gardeners and lovers of indoor flowers often use it to take care of their plants, stating that it improves their growth and appearance.

Damages and contraindications

The beneficial qualities of ozonized water are weight, but there are inconveniences:

  • Gas does not destroy phenolic compounds, so the resulting liquid cannot be described as absolutely safe. Such situations require additional water treatment;
  • Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, so it is dangerous if the allowed dose is exceeded. Prolonged ozone abuse can cause pathological changes in the respiratory system. Therefore, care must be taken when coming into contact with gas;
  • The effect is short duration. Water disinfected by this method is indicated for the first hours. For longer storage, the liquid must be addressed additionally to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Ozonized water should not drink immediately. The liquid that has gone through a coal filter can be used immediately. However, after ozone treatment, it must be allowed to stand for half an hour. This is to allow ozone to become oxygen. It is then that the body will benefit from it;
  • The room where the ozonizer will install must have a good air circulation. This is because breathing large amounts of ozone is harmful;
  • Consumers highlight among the negative aspects the high cost of ozone filters. Excessively contaminated water will take longer to purify.

When to use it (indications)

Water ozonization is one of the most powerful, effective and harmless ways to treat water. The strong oxidizing power of this gas allows you to destroy harmful metals, germs and harmful infections for the body. Doctors recommend it to those who suffer from the following diseases

  • Mellitus diabetes
  • various allergic reactions
  • low blood hemoglobin content;
  • gastrointestinal diseases, including chronicles
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • weakness, apathy.

This water can also be used during the postoperative period. It is not necessary to follow any regime or scheme when drinking this water.

In the presence of inflammatory diseases, infections of various types, it is recommended to use this water for vaginal irrigations and showers. The continuous intake of this water stabilizes metabolism, supplies the tissue the necessary amount of oxygen and helps to get rid of toxins.

How to correctly use ozonized water

There are no strict standards on the use of ozonized water, but the quantity and proportions of the elements must be strictly respected. It is allowed to drink said liquid in the required doses. It is recommended to drink a glass of water ozonized in the morning before meals and an hour after each meal.

It is important to remember that the useful properties of ozonized liquid evaporate in a short time. Therefore, it must be consumed within those few hours in which their medicinal qualities are preserved.

Peculiarities of homemade ozonization

To saturate water with ozone at home it is necessary to acquire a special equipment: an ozonizer. It must be taken into account that at the moment it is a very expensive device. The ozone liquid enrichment procedure is not complicated, but should not be abandoned to your fate. Continuous supervision of the process is required.

It is important to ventilate the house well during the water purification process. Ozonizer filters must be changed regularly. There are some operating peculiarities of such a valuable team:

  1. To purify 10 liters of common water of the impurities tap, germs, bacteria, at least 20 minutes are needed.
  2. Ozonization should be done in a glass container. Plastic and metal are susceptible to oxidation.
  3. There is a huge variety of ozonator models on the market. There are devices that allow you to clean and sanitize not only liquids, but also household appliances, clothing and furniture. This is very relevant, since bacteria and pathogenic microflora accumulate predominantly in these places.
  4. Modern ozone treatment equipment is fully automated. Therefore, a person does not need to do any additional manipulations. Just turn on the device. But it is important not to leave it unattended and observe the work. Because if, for example, liquid gets in, it will fail. This is another point for which it is not advisable to treat very large volumes of liquid at one time.
  5. When buying an ozonator, you must take into account that the room has adequate ventilation. Do not forget that this gas is very harmful in large quantities.
  6. Safety precautions are of the utmost importance if there are children at home with the ozonation equipment. Before bathing a child in gas-saturated water, it is necessary to ventilate the room before and after.

Opinions of doctors

Ozonated water and its benefits or harms cause controversy among specialists, the opinions of doctors are generally positive. But widespread treatment with ozonated water seriously worries doctors. Doctors warn that this liquid is not a panacea and cannot replace therapy with medical preparations. Of course, ozone treatment destroys pathogenic microflora, disinfects and disinfects, but it is not a cure.

The use of the ozonator is justified as a complement to the basic treatment of certain diseases. For example: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis, chronic fatigue. The use of ozone-enriched liquid is also indicated to treat wounds, burns and herpes.

The use of such devices is not recognized by official medicine, but doctors do not deny the benefits of the device. Thus, experts confirm that the use of this equipment contributes to the destruction of germs. At the same time, unlike the usual chemicals, they do not harm people.

According to doctors, ozonated water contributes to skin recovery, wound healing, and getting rid of herpes. However, it is stipulated that it is necessary to consult a specialist before taking this liquid. Not everyone can benefit from it. And some people may even find it harmful.

Using an ozonator to purify tap water helps to purify and enrich it. But do not forget that phenolic compounds remain, so you will have to resort to other methods. When working with the device, it is important to follow all regulations. It is mandatory to ensure ventilation when the appliance is turned on. Observance of all the recommendations will allow you to benefit from ozonated water and will not cause any harm to your body.

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