What is utility of silver water?

Did you know that silver is not only used as a fashion accessory, but also as a healing agent? His name is colloidal silver. Can silver water (whose health and benefits have been discussed for a long time in scientific circles) help with health problems, or is it just a myth of the past?

What is silver water?

It is a liquid that is obtained by dispersing (in the chemical sense, by atomization) silver microparticles in distilled water with the help of special devices. The silver of the prepared solution is in solid concentration in the form of microparticles. Colloidal solutions are characterized by great absorption capacity.

They usually have a 1-10 nm size (1 0-9 or millmillonieth part of one meter). The size of these particles is important for the nature of the expected effect, since colloidal silver microparticles are smaller than the viruses themselves (15 – 150 nm; bacteria are greater). Therefore, these particles are able to penetrate the virus core and destroy it.

Silver water can be divided into 3 groups

  1. Weak silver water. It has a silver ion concentration up to 1 mg/l. Some countries specify that the concentration of silver in drinking water (tap) should not exceed 0. 01 mg/liter. This type of silver water can be drink in large quantities (up to 1-1. 5 liters per day) for a longer time.
  2. Moderately silver water (the usual concentration of silver ions in it is 5-10 mg/l). It is used for the treatment of gastric ulcers and 12 duodenal, chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach mucosa), enteritis (inflammation of the thin intestine), inflammation of the gallbladder, diseases of the endocrine glands, diabetes, fever, infections, etc.. It is an ideal ant i-inflammatory and anesthetic.
  3. Strong silver water (the concentration of silver ions in it is usually 20-35 mg/l). It is intended exclusively to external use: for tampons, gargarisms, etc. It effectively treats different types of burns, heals wounds, viral, fungal, atopic dermatitis, dental problems, periodontitis, purulent angina, allergic rhinitis, etc.

An example of the effect of silver water on E. coli, bacilliform bacteria that cause gastrointestinal diseases:

  • At a 1 mg/l silver concentration, bacteria die in 3 minutes;
  • at a concentration of 0. 5 mg/l, in 20 minutes;
  • at a concentration of 0. 2 mg/l – for 50 minutes;
  • at 0. 005 mg/l – in 2 hours.

Interestingly, the beginning (trigger) of the antimicrobial effect of silver water also depends on its concentration. When the silver ion concentration is 1 mg/l, the effect is immediate, at a concentration of 0. 05 mg/l the effect begins after 5 minutes.

Silver Water Composition

The composition of silver water is simple: it contains a certain concentration of colloidal silver, expressed in PPM. Therefore, a 10 ppm concentration means that there are 10 µg of silver particles per 1000000 µg of water. Similarly, 30 ppm indicates 30 µg of silver in 1 liter of solution.

The correct concentration is based on body weight. In general, higher concentrations are recommended for adults and lower for children and domestic animals.

The useful liquid does not contain

  • preservatives (they are not necessary)
  • dyes (transparent liquid)
  • alcohol
  • free radicals;
  • phenolic substances;
  • oxidants

Water Properties with Silver

This liquid is known as disinfectant, but its principle of action is different. Block the SH groups of bacterial dehydrogenses, preventing them from multiplying. This process is called the disinfection of water, where the statement on the disinfectant effect of the silver solution is also derived.

The following effect is support to the immune system. The liquid favors the maturation of the T-system T cells (a type of white blood cells of the lymphocyte series). Therefore, it can be considered a means to reinforce the immunity of the organism, strengthen defenses against current diseases and be a good preventive of diseases.

Another application is the acceleration of wound healing. Silver ions are used, in particular, in medical plasters. They are used to cover wounds at risk of infection, for example, postoperative wounds. These patches contain a special layer from which silver ions are detached after moistening. They have a bactericidal effect, reducing the risk of possible infections.

Curative benefits and properties

Silver water properties are

  • disinfection;
  • Cleaning, rapid healing of wounds;
  • absence of toxicity;
  • treatment of skin problems, acne;
  • Treatment of colds, constipation, gynecological problems;
  • Support to the digestive system.

Most bacteria cannot develop a defense mechanism against the beneficial liquid. Destroy fungi, viruses, has a strong antibacterial, antiseptic action.

Today it is used for the following problems

  • respiratory, ocular, inflammatory diseases;
  • low immunity, fatigue;
  • arthritis;
  • ulcers;
  • Cancer, other serious diseases.

Water is also suitable for plants, animals (slight wound treatment, ears and eyes).

Damage and contraindications

On the Internet you can find recommendations on the benefits of silver water for pregnant women. But studies show that silver particles can damage genetic information. You can also find a recommended erroneous dose: 30 ml of a solution with a 10 ppm concentration 2 times a day, which is almost double the correct dose.

It has not been shown that internal use is harmful, but prolonged internal administration can cause side effects such as brain disorders, liver failure.

The best known damage is argirosis, a condition that consists of the blue color of the skin. This change is permanent and irreversible.

Sporadically, a Herxheimer reaction is produced. It occurs due to cleaning the body of accumulated toxins. When released in the bloodstream, they can cause shor t-term problems such as:

  • fatigue;
  • weakness;
  • Mild diarrhea (in this case it is useful to replace intestinal bacteria taking yogurt, acidophilic milk).

If side effects occur, the dose should be reduced by half.

The silver solution is harmful to pregnant and infant women, people with hypersensitivity and silver metal allergies. People with silver hypersensitivity can experience swelling, cutaneous eruption, tear and rhinitis.

How to prepare water at home

You can prepare your own silver water. Of course, its therapeutic effect is not comparable to that of the liquid created by electrolysis in the laboratory. It should also be borne in mind that the preparation process is relatively complicated.

With the help of silver objects

This water is prepared by infusion or boiling. For the infusion, pour the necessary amount of water in an opaque container (let the chlorinated water rest for about 3 days), introduce some silver objects (cutlery, jewels without stones, etc.). Leave it in the dark for a few days.

To prepare the curative liquid by boiling, boil the water with the silver object until 50%is reduced.

Use a silver ionizer

Prepare distilled water, an adequate glass container and an ionizer to prepare a healthy liquid. Use water bought in a pharmacy, commercial distilled water is not adequate. The height of the container must be equal to or slightly higher than the length of the ionizer electrode.

  1. Pour distilled water in the container (take it about 5 mm below the edge).
  2. The electrodes must be at least 1 cm from the bottom of the container.
  3. Connect the contact adapter contact to the generator.
  4. Take the instrument and place it in a boat full of distilled water.
  5. Connect the current adapter to an electrical outlet.
  6. The generator turns on and turns off when the current adapter connects to an electrical outlet; The switching status is indicated by the LED of the side panel.
  7. On the side of the generator there is a button that activates the laser diode. When the button is pressed, the laser diode turns on, directing the beam into the vessel.
  8. After about 20 minutes of operation of the generator, “clouds” of silver particles dispersed in the solution begin to appear.
  9. Remove the solution every 15 minutes.
  10. Sometimes the generation takes 1 hour, sometimes up to 2 hours, exceptionally more.
  11. Unplug the adapter of the power outlet.
  12. Clean the electrodes with a paper scarf. The cloth can show gray to black remains caused by the oxidation of silver.
  13. If there are visible particles on the surface or at the bottom of the bottle, the liquid can be filtered through a paper towel, for example.
  14. Pour the water into dark bottles, preferably brown.

How to choose when buying

Today, many manufacturers offer a product already prepared in different price ranges. But, unfortunately, most of them do not have the necessary certification to sell it. The water obtained by the standard method, that is, by electrolysis, should not show signs of discoloration or contain deposits. It should be sold in dark containers, preferably glass.

Silver water can be stored in transparent containers, but only to a concentration of 5 ppm or in complete darkness.

How to correctly take silver water (children, men and women)

The daily dose of silver water, which cannot be exceeded when it is used by an adult with a body weight of 72 kg, is 1. 09 mg, that is, about 100 ml of silver water marked as 10 ppm.

Dose for an adult

  • Profilactically: up to 1 teaspoon a day (about 5 ml);
  • In case of colds, infections, flu: 1 teaspoon 4 times a day (4×5 ml);
  • In case of prolonged diseases: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day (2×5 ml);
  • to increase defenses: 6 teaspoons a day (up to 30 ml);
  • as a digestive: 1. 5 ml before meals.

For children, ½ adult dose is recommended.

Internal use instructions

When taken internally, silver water should be left in the mouth for about 3 minutes and only then swallowed. The oral mucosa absorbs most of the silver, so the particles immediately pass into the bloodstream. Gastric hydrochloric acid destroys up to 60% of the particles, converting the active principle into silver chloride, much less effective.

Direct inhalation through inhalers is recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The aerosol thus created is inhaled into the bronchi, the alveoli, where it acts against the disease for the duration of the application.

external application

For external treatment (psoriasis, shingles, various skin infections, inflammations, rashes) it is better to apply it with a nebulizer on the affected areas. For irrigation (vagina, rectum) apply with an enema or spray.


It is advisable to keep silver water in the dark, at a constant temperature (10-25°C), but not in the fridge. It must be kept out of the reach of electric and magnetic fields (do not place the liquid near electrical appliances, microwave ovens, speakers, PCs, televisions, mobile phones, etc.).

The ideal container for storage is dark glass bottles. Beware of poor quality bottles: glass can release carbon, calcium, sodium, silicon and other elements that react with silver to form undesirable salts.

Plastic bottles can, in turn, release a number of organic substances.


The treatments and tips described below are personal experiences with the use of silver water.

Elena, 35 years old:

“3 days of high temperature, around 39°C, cough with phlegm, sore throat. I applied silver water with a syringe in the direction of my tonsils. On the third day the temperature dropped to 36. 9°C. Drowsiness, the fatigue, everything subsided, I felt almost normal”.

Anna, 27 years old:

“Nasal congestion, pain in the upper cavities, rapid fatigue… All this kept me up at night. Pharmacy drops only helped temporarily. I started putting silver water drops in my nose. On the third day it was overthe suffering The silverware worked!

In conclusion – a supposed development

The properties of silver water, its benefits and damages, and reviews on their positive health effects are the factors that promote a series of studies. Nanotechnology, the ability to produce silver in a nanocrystalline structure, greatly increases its biological value. It is likely that these advances in Crystallochemistry have a significant impact on microbiology, wound care and inflammation.

Experts work intensely in this problem, as demonstrated by a series of preparations, products created from silver nanoparticles. Its use is popular in the textile industry, where threads impregnated with nanoparticles are used. The tissue antibacterial socks with this type of threads are excellent to eliminate the characteristic smell, have an antifungal effect and have a positive impact on the healing of minor wounds.

In health, its application is especially wide: curtains, bandages, surgical garments, ointments … Samsung uses silver nanoparticles on refrigerator plastic surfaces and microwave ovens to avoid the proliferation of mold and bacteria. The range of your applications is very wide. In view of the new investigations, it is expected to expand even more.

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